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on February 8, 2012
I've been hunting for a leather Gladstone bag for a long time but had found one that was affordable. Then I came across these Floto duffle bags. At first, I was hesitant to buy it because I was sure that at this price point the bag had to be cheaply constructed and would probably not last the many years that I require for it to be a good value. Still, I was intrigued because of the consistently high reviews it was receiving from my fellow Amazon shoppers so I decided to roll the dice and ordered the bag.

Just in case there was a problem, I payed the extra $17 and ordered the bag that was being offered directly by Amazon instead of the independent seller with the lower price. The bag arrived two short days later. As previously noted by another reviewer, the bag arrived in a box that I felt was rather oddly shaped for an item of these dimensions. It was flat. Inside, I discovered the squished bag wrapped in a disposable plastic sack. My initial thought was that this had not been Amazon's best packing effort; but, as after removing the duffle from the plastic sack, I noted a small manufactures tag that explained that any folds resulting from the packing process would smooth out once the bag was unpacked and used for the first time. So I guess that is how the bag was sent to Amazon from Italy. I unpacked the bag 2 days ago and as promised, the folds are already gone.

The bag itself does not have the metal big mouth frame that I like in the Gladstone. Instead it follows the design of traditional Italian clam shell style duffles and has a zipper (that unfortunately is not brass) that essentially splits the bag into two halves lengthwise. The bag is larger than I had envisioned, which is a good thing. The interior is lined with a thick colorfully printed canvas that will surely stand up to years of use and there is one zippered pocket. The leather possesses a lighter feel than I had expected but still appears to be rugged enough to stand up to some abuse. The finish is waxy but smooth and the color consistent throughout. The brass buckles and leather handles appear well attached and sturdy.

The only flaw in workmanship that I noted was in the stitching on one side of the duffle. There is what appears to be an errant colored or stained thread that makes it look like they had missed a stitch when in fact they had not. Ultimately, this doesn't concern me because I fully expect the bag to become bruised and develop a healthy patina over the next several years of use. In my opinion, it arrived with a character mark.

Apart from the aforementioned blemish, the only thing that might be worrisome for some buyers is the extremely strong tanning off-gases that the bag releases when you first unpack it from its plastic wrapper. I had read about these from some of the other reviewers and frankly though they were just making much ado about nothing but I was wrong. The off-gases are very strong and required the bag to sit for two solid days on my balcony to become tolerable. Fortunately, after it was properly aired out, the bag was fine. I only mention this because you will definitely have to air the bag for a couple of days and should figure that into the equation prior to ordering if you will be using the bag soon after receiving it. In other words, don't order the bag with the expectation that you will be able to use it immediately with allowing it a few days to acclimate and air out.

All things considered, I am happy with my bag and feel like I made a good purchase. It may not be a Gladstone, but it is still a good buy.
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on July 10, 2015
I did an exhaustive review of carry-on bags in anticipation of my upcoming trip abroad. I ruled out bags well over the legal carry-on size and also the bags that were a much smaller (I've never groused about having brought too large a bag). I was looking for something classy I could take on a business trip or on a short vacation where I'd be going more upscale. There were a number of bags that were cheaper but after looking closely at some reviews I realized the reviewers were reviewing 30 to 40 leather bags and giving only 5 star reviews. This obvious pumping up of the rating of a product totally turned me off from the cheaper bags. There were other bags in the hundreds to nearly a thousand dollars. That's just way more than I wanted to, or could justify spending. On the reputation of Floto, I took the plunge. Wife and I got the bag today and couldn't be happier. The workmanship seems top rate, the bag neither flimsy, nor heavy as with thick cowhide. It's got a nice sheen to it but not too shiny like I'm some dandy. Seems to me, the Venezia is the perfect balance between rugged casual elegance, and refined, clean lines and style. At this price point I would have hoped for a metal zipper, but from what I've read, there haven't been any recurring issues with the plastic. The zipper pulls themselves are metal with the Floto label. This is a bag I'll be using on casual airport travel as well as using when I'm dressed to the nines. I'm glad I threw an extra hundred in the hat and treated myself to something really nice. For a few views not shown in the ad, check my own photos below.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 30, 2012
I purchased this duffel bag less than two months ago, and I was thrilled. It has beautiful leather, nice fabric on the inside, and it is a wonderful size for the kind of traveling that i do. However, after less than six uses, the shoulder strap has already broken. It did not break at the leather, but at the spring loaded clip that attaches it to the duffel bag. I am grateful that when it broke, my laptop was in the top of the duffle bag, because the entire bag dropped a good 3 feet to the floor with an almighty thud that alarmed not only myself, but my also my 5 month old niece who had only just fallen asleep for her nap. I am very disappointed that they would use such cheep hardware on such a otherwise nice bag.
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on September 10, 2012
I purchased this bag after searching high and low for a quality leather product NOT made in China. I recently put it through several trips, both weekend and longer term. After returning from a 10 day trip, here are my pros and cons.
PROs: 1. quality leather 2. deep color with shiny surface 3. sturdy handles 4. useful strap 5. authentic brass hardware
CONs: 1. brass pulls are minuscule!!!! 2. bottom is not stiff enough causing bag to sag 3. strap shoulder pad is too thin

The biggest irritant is the brass pulls (see picture 1). Seriously, no adult has fingers this small. I would challenge a child to comfortably pull these tiny pieces of brass! As far as the bottom of the bag, it performs its function. However, the material used as the base of the bag is not stiff enough with even a few items in the bag. Lastly, although the shoulder strap and pad are made of the same quality leather as the bag, that leather alone is too thin to provide any padding when using the strap to carry the bag. Either double up the leather for the pad, or add some sort of additional material on the underside (see picture 2).

Overall, I really love this bag! It absolutely deserves a 4.5 star rating, but since Amazon doesn't allow for this, I had to knock a star off because of the CONs. If Floto were to address these few issues, even with a price increase I think the bag is superior to anything else I've found!
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on September 11, 2014
I researched a lot of leather bags that I could use as a weekender. Originally was planning on getting a Fossil leather bag that had metal wiring that kept the bag open while you're packing it. It also had large outside pockets which this bag is lacking.

Ultimately I decided on this bag because a) the many positive reviews and b) the overall quality of leather is much nicer. Also, c) the rich brown color is much nicer than I expected. Gives it an extremely classy look.

I like the shoulder strap it comes with as well. It's a bit thin and doesn't provide the most comfortable support on your shoulder, but overall it is functional.

Inside, the bag has ample room for a solid 3 day trip. I've used it for more, but you have to pack strategically. Usually I carry a small roll-on suitcase anyway (carry-on size), but this bag serves as a perfect complement for longer week long trips. I can usually fit two pairs of dress shoes, 3-4 pairs of pants/jeans, 3-4 t-shirts and a couple of dress shirts comfortably.

It also has an inside zipped pouch which is nice for small items like a toothbrush, headphones, whatever the case might be.

I didn't like the interior color and pattern when I saw it online, but in person it doesn't bother me that much. It just works.

Overall, very satisfied with this bag. It's sturdy, it looks and feels expensive, and it gets the job done.
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on March 22, 2014
I have been shopping for a good quality leather weekender bag for about a month. I was very, very close to purchasing one from Fossil for about $100 more. I'm glad I didn't. People have posted about wanting the bag to have an exterior pocket but I'm not concerned about it.

I'm 6'0 and 235 lbs. I wear XL shirts. I can tell you that I can pack for 4 days easily with this bag. Also I think the handles and the the hardware around them are superb.
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on February 1, 2013
Not at all happy and initiating a return. The bag I received had a scuff and what looked like the beginning of a tear on the side. There was a loop of thread from the stitching exposed on one seam and another seam looked like it was coming apart. Truly appeared to be a 2nd or something you'd find at a discount shop. Just as equally frustrating was the fact that the bag was jammed into a box for shipping that was way too small and it arrived all bent, contorted and wrinkled. Some of the wrinkles creased the leather. Just overall a bad experience and I will not buy again online. Going to a luggage store and even if I pay a bit more, I'd rather see an item like this before buying.
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on January 26, 2013
This is the first piece of luggage I've bought for myself but I had a sudden trip come up and I needed something to last me the weekend. I ordered this bag with 2 day shipping and it got to me a day early even!

As other reviews say, when you first get this bag you need to let it air out for a while. The fumes are horrible but I could see them sticking to your clothes. I left it on top of my book shelf for a 2 days and that was enough time.

I'm very happy with how the bag looks. The shine on it is not too much. I read somewhere that someone described it as mirror like and just obscenely shiny. That is not my experience at all. I'd say the picture the seller uses here shows it off pretty well. It may be a tad shinier in person but not by much.

The bag opens nice and wide and hold a ton of clothes. I was able to fit over a weeks worth of clothes in mine, although I took some out because at that point I was worried that the airport staff might have me check my bag! It was great when having to get stuff out of it though. A lot of people don't think about it but the worst thing about a suitcase isn't getting the clothes in, it's when you have to get something out and need to unpack all the stuff above it. I was able to easily navigate for items in my bag without needing to take everything out or disorganize it.

The strap for the back is also fairly nice. Unfortunately not as nice as the bag. It's only finished on one side and it is fairly thin. With that said though, mine held up fine and I had packed a lot of clothes and carried my bag a lot so I feel that if it was going to break it would have.

All in all I'm very happy. If and when I need to purchase a full sized piece of luggage I will definitely take a good look at Floto's other options.
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on March 31, 2014
So far so good. I have used this for several trips and have not had problems with the leather strap. All around a good value if you can get it on sale. The strap that some have worried about works just fine. Now, I think you can fill this with a lot of stuff so depending on how heavy you pack this I assume you could put stress on the pack since this will hold as much as a standard roller carry on piece of luggage.

It fits nicely in most US domestic overhead compartments when turned on its side and slid in. You don't have to be an overhead space hog with this bag. I remove the strap before putting it in the overhead compartment, and put the strap back on when I depart the plane. If I had to fill this to capacity with heavy items such as books or a laptop in addition to clothes I might use my standard roll on luggage but for a 2-3 day trip or even a light week long trip this bag did well and held everything I needed.
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on December 7, 2013
Very nice bag for the money. Large enough to carry all your gear for a weekend get away. The leather is a little hard, but I guess thats for durability, still I would have preferred a little softer leather. But in this price range what do you expect. Bags of this size and quality I have priced for over six hundred dollars! It looks great and seems to be very durable, I have already taken it on a half a dozen trips so far, and seems like it will last for many years. I took a star off because I wish it had more structure to the frame, will not stand up when empty, not a big deal, but just a pet peeve with me. And if you are carrying a heavy load through the air port the strap will really cut into your shoulder. I wish it had a little more padding in it. The optional one they offer is not rated very well and is quite expensive. But overall I would have to say that it is a nice bag for the money, and is a nice looking carry on bag, or great weekender to throw in the trunk of the convertible for a weekend get away!!
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