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Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon, Black
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$79.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 22, 2016
This is a beautiful, safe tank with powerful cleaning power and we love it. That is once you get past the first 48 hours of sheer panic as it whips your betta around as it swims itself near to exhaustion, hiding in his cave to escape the blast, with even that not protecting him enough as you consider returning him to the store to save him from the fluval pump. To skip the panic and the hours of internet searching for solutions and enjoy this right out of the box, Order this along with the tank: Fluval EDGE Pre-Filter Sponge. Put the sponge over the filter hose outlet in the tank (it fits perfectly see photo below) and it will calm the water jet right down and diffuse it and your betta will have peace and clean water (pictured below and see this simple video [...]). As for the betta seeming to get "stuck" to the filtration system intake as some here have mentioned, that has actually become a feature of the tank I like. They can detach themselves just fine (offer him some food and you'll see) and aren't actually stuck. Years of keeping bettas has taught me they need a leaf or rock close to the top to rest on. This little bit of suction through the filter is even better than that because it is right near the surface so my betta uses the little bit of suction on the intake filter to suspend himself so he can sleep without swimming.He prefers it to his betta hammock! It holds him up without him having to move a fin. When the lights go out he goes to sleep by swimming right to it and parking himself there just below the surface so he can easily breathe without having to expend energy swimming up for air while sleeping. When I leave for work in the middle of the night, he's always up there out cold. He literally sleeps there! He's been doing this for 6 months and his fins are just fine.
BUT, if you would prefer your betta not park himself there, THAT is an easy fix, too. Take one of the black bread ties that comes with the tank and thread it through the middle of the vent slots, hauling the filter sponge up to the waterline by the sponge handle. Then thread the tie through the handle too and twist, affixing it to the vent slot (see photo below). This will hoist the filter it up to the waterline, rather than letting it rest on the bottom (see photo).This will prevent your fish from parking there because it slows the suction so he can't use it. All of that takes less than 5 minutes and is well worth it to own this beautiful tank that keeps the water crystal clear and is a beautiful addition to my daughter's room. The fixes were worth it to own the tank and I'd buy it again.
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on December 11, 2016
My beautiful blue betta lived in a bowl for about a year. It was a pretty big bowl in my relatively warm bedroom and I conditioned the water and changed it every week, but the other night I came home and he was so lethargic I thought he was dead. Literally, I flipped him over and he didn't budge, and I went to get a net to scoop him out and everything, but when I walked back in the room he was up and swimming! I was thrilled, because I'm pretty fond of the little guy, but I was worried he might be sick. I mentioned this to my housemate, who asked if maybe he was hibernating or something since it was winter now, and so cold out. Having just stuck my hand in the bowl, I knew for a fact that the water was really cold, and it occurred to me for the first time that that was probably Not Right. So I did some research.

And I discovered that it's pretty much a myth that fish can live in bowls. There is essentially no species of fish that can live in captivity without a filter, a heater, and at least 2.5 gallons of space. Fish like bettas and goldfish are super hardy and they will SURVIVE for extended periods in room temperature, unfiltered bowls, but that doesn't mean they should, especially when the temperatures outside start dropping. Goldfish at the pet store even live in full tanks - the only reason the poor bettas don't get to is because they're too aggressive to live together. I also learned that bettas might like to hang out and rest in rice paddies, because they're shallow enough to be still and warm, and there's often food, but they get there from the rivers they live in, where they swim for miles and miles. They need space! Which is why they don't do well together.

Horrified at my unwitting Fish Abuse, I was on a mission to get my cold and cramped little buddy a whole new setup, but I had no aquarium experience. I had learned that Fluval was one of the more reputable and high-end aquarium brands, and since my space was limited, I wanted something no less than 3 gallons but no more than 5, with a slim profile, lights (for fun), and a built-in filter so it wouldn't look clunky. I was nervous, but damn did the Spec V deliver.

It's narrow, it's quiet, it's the perfect size, and it looks FANTASTIC. The built-in filter compartment keeps the design clean, and even has enough room to stick the heater in so it's hidden. The LEDs are a nice brightness, and the blue nighttime mode is really beautiful, while the tall, skinny shape makes it more fun to decorate. Plus the lid is thin plastic with the LEDs above it, so it's not some big ugly black thing like the hoods on most aquariums. I bought the Fluval EDGE Pre-Filter Sponge to go over the end of the filter, which I angled toward the glass, because it's a bit strong for a betta, the Marina C25 Compact Heater, and the Marina Floating Thermometer so I can keep an eye on things, and so far everything is working GREAT!

It's only been a few weeks, but little Dil is about 100x more active, he's eating way more, and his color and fins look better than they ever have. Plus he loves the filter! He hangs out in the current, he sleeps right next to the heater, he roots around in the rocks, and he swims all over! I feel such guilt that I didn't do this for him sooner, but I'm ecstatic that he's obviously so much happier, and the whole thing looks so sleek. I find myself just sitting and staring at it. Especially with an actual happy and active fish inside, it's truckloads more impressive than a bowl.

And one of these days, some other little critters might call it home.
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on March 29, 2017
I love this nano tank, it literally comes with everything to set up an aquarium right out of the box (tank, filter sponge, filter media, pump and tubing, lighting, and lid). I also prefer the dimensions of this nano tank (rectangular) vs a cube or square tank because it allows my stock more horizontal swim space. My stock are a male betta, a zebra nerite snail, and a large amano ghost shrimp. I'm using Seachem fluorite black as the substrate planted with anacharis, java fern, amazon sword, and 4 moss balls. For the media, I'm using the stock filter foam with the biomax rings on the bottom, and the active carbon on the top, both of which come with the tank kit. In the future, I plan to replace the stock foam media kit with a DIY media basket so I can add more media such as Seachem purigen and more biomax bags.

I sealed both auxiliary water flow slits with aquarium silicone sealant, and I'm using a Hydor 25W heater in the pump section in the back of the tank. For the outflow nozzle, I removed the attachment that came with the tank kit, and I built an underwater "spray bar" to help circulate water through the whole water column (see picture 4). I used parts from ZooMed which were inexpensive. However, I found there wasn't enough top water disturbance for my liking, so I put a small hole at the tip of the rubber elbow so that some water could jet up to the surface to create disturbance (see picture 5). This is a delicate balance because you don't want too much disturbance for your betta. When I used the stock outflow nozzle, the water flow was too much and my betta never swam near the surface for long. But since the modification, he hangs out a lot more near the top. If you're inclined to use the stock outflow nozzle, set the pump to the lowest setting. I also poked some holes in the tube that is attached to the pump because there was virtually zero circulation in the back part of the tank where the pump sits. The water became stagnant on the top and I could see a film growing back there. I would highly recommend putting at least 2 holes near the top of the tube to create some water circulation and disturbance back there. It also helps distribute the heated water since I put my heater in the same area.

I also want to recommend Fluval because their customer service is amazing. When I first set up my tank, the pump was making a pretty high pitched noise on medium setting, which definitely was not normal. I would have taken it back to the store, but it was the last one, and I really liked the set up so I contacted Hagen (Fluval) to see what my options were. I thought I'd simply have to send back the defective pump and they'd ship a new one, but I would be without a pump for a few days which would probably have been OK. I was surprised that as soon as I provided the proof of purchase and my address, they sent me a new pump right away. This tells me they really care that the customers needs are being met.
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on June 3, 2013
I didn't get this tank through Amazon, but the reviews on this site gave me the insight to make the purchase anyway, so I thought I should give back to the great customers who educated me.

I give this tank a 5 star rating, even considering the strong filter pump. The pump can be adjusted to a setting that is quite manageable when you adjust the swivel output nozzle to point towards the bottom and against the glass. There are quiet spots in the water, even in this 5.5 gallon aquarium, that my Half Moon Betta can hover in and look very peaceful. Plus, I put in a large piece of hollow driftwood to give my Betta a place to escape if need be. Actually, he seems to enjoy the water output (which is 1" from the top of the water line) as he often swims directly up into the stream all the way to the top of the tank. He'll do this three or four times, then pull over and rest. I imagine he's getting some fishy exercise. Reminds me of a dog hanging his head out the window of a moving car. In still water, Bettas tend to be calm swimmers, but this tank provides just enough room and water circulation to keep my Betta quite active. And he's not being pushed around, he's patrolling the tank like the Type A personality that Siamese Fighting Fish are know to be.

The construction is clear glass. I have 5 small live plants, a moss ball, smooth gravel and the driftwood. The underwater pump is the quietest I have ever had, and I've been maintaining aquariums for over 20 years. It's on my desk and I sit about 2 feet away. I hear the air conditioning, the refrigerator and conversations outdoors before I can hear this pump. Perfect for an office environment.

The filtration is biological and physical with the water running through a corse sponge, a small bag of charcoal and a bag of porous coral pellets. The pump is amazing. At full speed it could easily keep a salt water reef healthy. But by reducing the outflow and adjusting the nozzle, the surface of the water is so calm that my Betta can easily grab some air wherever he is in the tank. Remember to adjust the pump's output BEFORE you put it in the tank, because it sits on the bottom and you'll need a long stick or the handle of your net to push it down.

The LED light is pretty, but not strong enough for the plants I have, so I have the tank near a window to pick up some indirect sunlight throughout the day, and some direct sunshine for a few minutes in the early AM. Once my tank is biologically stable, I plan to add an African Dwarf frog and a couple of Rainbow Tetras. That's close to being overstocked, so I will probably have to do a 20% to 25% water change each week. We'll see how the water tests out.

To recap, this is perfect Betta tank with lots of room for his highness to roam and a little more space for some tank companions (especially when you consider the strength of the filtration system). But, from a name like Fluval, it had to be great, right?
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on January 15, 2018
Easy set up and very pretty to look up but the filtration is not so good. Water is supposed to flow thru the little grate, go thru the media while the pump pulls it up thru the tube and out the nozzle at the top. I never see any water flowing thru the grate. There is a small slit at the bottom where the water gets pulled in but not thru the filter media so much from that point. There is always a film over the top of the water...always! I wouldn't buy this again
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on December 20, 2016
We've had this for over a year and love the look and functionality of it. Low maintenance, we hardly have to scrub it as long as you change the filters as needed.
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on June 16, 2015
This aquarium is really nice. It is narrow, so you can see the fish really well. The lighting has worked for my low light plants and the filter system is excellent. I started out with just a betta and shrimp, but have since added 3 platies and they are all doing very well. I had a small established aquarium that I transferred all the water, rocks and plants from, so there was no "breaking in" period needed for the new aquarium. The new one has been up and running for a couple of months with no problems with algae growth. I use the lowest level of power on the filter and have added a "filter sleeve" of sorts to baffle the filter output because it was a bit much for my betta. All in all, I am very pleased.
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I’ve had it for almost a year now and I Love my tank, looks and preforms great! the only problem I have is there is not a big enough space in the filter section to place a heater without aggravation of keeping the hater from touching the filter tube and cord. it’s a pain in the butt. I defiantly will buy another fluvall tank and bigger:) The media sponge could use another cut out for a 3rd section of filter media to be added.. Over all a A-
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on December 6, 2013
The lights are super bright, and I love the nighttime lights. The pump is extremely silent and cleared up the mess I had pretty quickly. I could just barely fit my heater in the small pump compartment. The tank looks quite attractive however the hood arrived cracked and I will have the company send me a new one. Would definitely buy it again, not for the $80 however I got mine for $64 on Black Friday.
Update: the pump got a little loud so I tried to take it apart and clean it and found one of the blades was broken off before I bought it or during usage. I called fluval and they replaced the cracked lid and entire motor free. It is now completely silent sometimes I have to check to see if it is still working. I have also noticed if you play with the cord the light will flicker so just be aware of that. And I clean mine with a magnet and it will turn the light on/ off or blue near the switch. The water level is harder to maintain int he winter and maintence is a bit more of work you have to take the light off and the hood then put both back on, whereas with my other filter cover off filter out new filter in and lid back on but it is still pretty simple.
Bottom line this is a nice take but for the $80 they sometimes charge you have have a 20 gallon led kit at wal mart. If you really want this wait for it to go on sale on either amazon, petco or petsmart I have see it go for as low as $60 and I got mine for $64 happy fishing!
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on June 11, 2015
Love this aquarium! It is now home to a betta fish, 2 nerite snails and lots of plants (Java fern, Anubias, Water Sprite, Marimo balls and Micro swords). It is easy to clean and handle, and looks really neat, since all the filter stuff is hidden. I have a Hydor 25W heater in the filter compartment. I put a prefilter sponge on the outflow to limit the current. My betta swims fine in the whole aquarium. Probably the only thing I'm not pleased with is the lights, I think they might not be strong enough for some of my plants. The only thing that grows really well is the water sprite I have floating on the surface.

Would recommend this aquarium for everyone who has limited space, and only wishes to keep shrimp or betta fish. The dimensions are really good, I like this longer, thinner aquarium style.
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