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on June 19, 2013
I bought this unit to use as part of my laptop DJ setup: I route outputs 1/2 to the main speakers, and outputs 3/4 to my headphones for monitoring the mix; I use input 1 for a crappy un-powered microphone; and input 2 sits empty.

Having successfully played out with the 2i4 for four separate 5 hour-ish gigs, I'd like to share my thoughts on this product from the perspective of an in-the-club performer (rather than an in-the-studio producer or an on-the-stage musician).

1) The physical build quality on this thing is excellent. It feels good in the hands, sure, but the real test for me has been its performance on the road: on its second time out, I accidentally dropped it from about four feet off the ground. It survived that fall (with just a small ding on the metal casing) and proceeded to rock the house for the next several hours without a single hiccup. Oh, and it survived having half a beer spilled on it, too - though I wouldn't expect this kind of luck a second time.
2) This thing outputs plenty loud for almost any club environment you are likely to find yourself in. Also, I know some folks on here think the headphone output (the 1/4" jack in the front of the unit) isn't loud enough. Those folks are either noise junkies, have headphones with terrible isolation, or are suffering from some kind of hearing loss. Trust me: the headphone volumes are more than adequate for monitoring even in a loud club environment.
3) Not that my usual clientele (i.e. drunk dancers) really care or notice, but to my ear the sound quality seems pretty good. The lows come out punchy (not muddy) and the highs don't sound tinny, and that's really all I care about as far as my mixing is concerned.
4) Solid USB device drivers (I'm using a windows 7 machine): good latency, no audio stutters, and no dropouts. Enough said.

1) The large 'Monitor' dial on the front of the unit controls the output volume for lines 1/2 *ONLY IF* lines 1/2 are outputted via the balanced TRS (1/4") connectors on the back. If the the RCA connectors are used, the dial will do diddly squat. This is a limitation that is not well noted in the product description. (UPDATE: This is no longer an issue with the latest device drivers!)
2) The unit is a bit bulky/heavy for a traveling soundcard, but this is really just a personal quibble (I already have tons of kit to lug around). Heck - some might even think the larger size makes it look more "pro."

The 2i4 has met or exceeded all my needs as a DJ: it's sturdy, loud, and reliable. I can't speak to its value as a production tool (where the sound quality is the deciding factor), but as a performance tool I can't think of a better USB-based option on the market at this price point. Seriously, forget about those Native Instrument cards (s***ty drivers), and forget about those Numark cards (muddy dynamics) - just get the 2i4 and get on with the show.
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on July 17, 2016
I purchased this as a replacement for my M-Audio M Track (Piece of s***, don't get one) which had issues far too numerous to list here.

Out of the box it has a solid feel. The housing is made of brushed aluminum and looks very nice on the desk. The knobs feel solid and have just enough resistance for my taste. The pad and phantom voltage buttons illuminate red when activated and feel solid (notice a theme?)

The headphone amplifier is good enough to drive my 250ohm DT770 Pros with no additional amplification and no noticeable difference over a dedicated amp/dac. The live monitoring works well.

My AT-2020 sounds clear and crisp when plugged into the 2i4, noticeably clearer than the old M-Track.

Things to note:

This is NOT plug and play. You must install the drivers before windows will even acknowledge that it exists. That being said, I had no issues with the driver. I clicked install, it did its' thing and after a restart everything worked well with no further fiddling.


- Solid feeling construction and knobs
- Nice to look at
- Well functioning internals
- Clear inputs
- Quality headphone amplifier

- Not plug n' play
- uh, it won't make me sandwiches?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 30, 2016
(I purchased the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface a little over 2 months ago, as a gift for my husband - who has 30+ years experience as a professional musician. This review was written using testimony and comments he made in regards to his experience with the interface.)

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface has exceeded my expectations. The ease of set-up and use makes this interface stand apart from others I have used. The drivers were loaded on my PC in a matter of minutes, and I had audio in and audio out. It is so easy to operate and took me only about 15 minutes to become familiar enough with it to begin using it. It came bundled with Ableton Live9 and other scarlet utilities and plug ins. I had to go to the Ableton website and use the key code provided with the interface, but it was a simple, hassle-free process that only took a few minutes to download everything. The Scarlett 2i4 has greatly enhanced my home studio set up, allowing me to blend a multi track hard disk recorder to DAW software - increasing my 16-bit technology and blending it into 24-bit when mastering. Love the helpful prompt lights around the gain knobs; green indicates everything is OK, while orange/red warns that audio is too loud and the level control should be lowered. The unit features 48 volt phantom power for use with microphones that require phantom powering. All in all - for the price, the performance and capabilities of the 2i4 is amazing. The chassis is durable, the unit compact, attractive, and completely portable; it requires no power supply, as it is powered up via the USB). Couldn't be happier with the purchase!
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on September 14, 2015
Excellent USB audio-interface. Not sure what I can add that hasn't already been said. I thought the knobs were perfectly fine (for anyone that says they are cheap). Inputs are fine - XLR (mic) cable stays in perfectly well.

The only thing I can add that hasn't really been talked about (much) is that this also serves as an amazing external sound-card to play hi-resolution audio files. I listen to 96k/24-bit music and the clarity through the 2i4 is stunning with a good set of headphones. I am using Windows 10 and JRiver Media Center to play files. Works flawlessly. Was even watching "Hand of God" on Amazon Video the other night and the audio couldn't have been better.

I use Sennheiser 280 HD Pros as my cans - 64 ohm so perhaps if you have something that needs more juice your experience will be different. I doubt it, though. Just make sure you have the Direct Monitor dial set to playback.

I now use this as my exclusive sound-card. It is always plugged in!
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on April 3, 2016
I am an independent musician named "AlienHead", and I've been recording music for over 15 years and playing much longer. This pretty little electronic device is spectacular compared to a previous mixer I had been using to do my DAW recordings & live applications.

First of all, the Focusrite Scarlett preamps in this audio interface are by far superior to others in the same price range. This device has all the bells & whistles you could want, such as an input/playback ratio control knob, perfect for balancing latency while recording. It has a pad for your loud instruments and also provides 48V phantom power for your condensor mic. This Scarlett 2i4 has XLR, RCA, and MIDI ports. Not to mention, the shiny red colored, solid metal casing creates a much needed change in sight in what was a drab & bland recording environment.

Although I would prefer a normal AC adapter for power, the USB is perfectly adequate. If you are considering purchasing an audio device at around the same price, save your time and just purchase the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface. You won't be disappointed!! And YOU are going to sound phenomenal!
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on May 5, 2016
Wow! What a difference! So I do two things with music, listen out of my love for it, and write it although I'm fairly new to this latter thing!

My laptop is powerful, but the sound on it was always very bad. It could get loud, but it's kind of like when you buy that cheap sound system, and it would mess with the 'clarity' of your music, often leaving you with the 'thuddy & muddy' 'boomy' sound.

I finally started inquiring as to why I was having such a hard time getting a good, clear, and 'vibrant sound', and through the help of online forums, I was ultimately told I needed an external soundcard, and for the price range I was quoting, many of the people said this was an excellent choice!

Couldn't be happier! I got it today, registered and downloaded the driver which was super fast and easy, and I'm listening to music through headphones as I write this. AND I CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT IS!!!

So I write 'rock' and listen to many styles of music. But one of my favorite styles is a sub genre of house music known as 'Tech House'. But oh my God! The 'clarity' the 'vibrance' I'm hearing that I never heard before on the same mixes I've been listening to for a while now!

It's kind of like if you had eyes that were cloudy your whole life, and then all of a sudden you could see with clarity! I didn't realize until hearing and experiencing the difference!

I'm so excited to get back to writing now, as having this handle all sounds and music production is truly a 'night and day difference!' I'm even going to be recording a lot of my Tech House mixes, as now I now am able to hear how cloudy they were, and how much I was missing! I'm not exaggerating here! I'm listening to mixes where I thought I liked maybe a 'few of the tracks', track after track I'm going 'wow, this is another good one I'm gonna have to add to my mixes', because there's such a difference in what I'm able to hear!

If you want to write music and need an interface in the $200 range, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS ONE, and ! I just can't get over how much better and amazing the music coming through my studio headphones sound as I write this!

I would suggest just someone who enjoys listening to a lot of music on their computer invest a little in your theater system, buy this and ditch your on-board stuff, for if you're a 'picky ear', you're gonna love what it does for your entertainment system and just listening pleasure, even if you're not using it to write!

Thanks Focusrite! You've definitely earned my business! Now I'm curious what else you guys make, as 'studio monitors' are going to be my next purchase. But I'm so glad that those on the forums suggested this card / interface when I was , and I couldn't be happier!

Bye bye p.o.s. on-board sound-card! You've just been replaced by something that I believe is 10 x better! Now time to go write some music! :)
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on November 1, 2014
A really great piece of recording equipments. I got it at an amazing price of $138 thanks to Amazon. I use it to play and record bass guitar into GarageBand and it sounded great it GarageBand. When you first plugged it, your computer may not immediately recognized it and you need to plug and unplug it for several times. I remember I did that before my Mac and Garageband finally recognized it properly. But that's just for the first time. The next time I plug and unplug the unit to my Mac, it immediately recognized i. There might be some sort of device recognition or firmware installation during initial plug that is why it took some time. But overall definitely not a big issue.

All knobs and controls work perfectly. Nothing flimsy at all. I am not sure why there are some people who encounter that but my unit works perfectly fine. Another great thing about it is that it works with USB only without any need of external power. It is a big thing for me because I have so many devices which need power source (computers, 3.5" ext HDD, game consoles, monitor) that I don't want to add another.

I also saw some reviews said that the device has input lag. It does not really happen to me. I am using Garageband as my DAW (Focusrite provide a DAW but I never use it because I am not used to it) and I don't really experience any sort of lag in most of my usage. One lag that I experience is when I do not shut down my Mac for a long time. I suspect there is a memory utilization problem that causing the lag to happen. To fix it, just restart Garageband and everything works normal again.

Overall I would recommend this whether you are a beginner or intermediate recording musician. The build quality is great, the scarlet color is eye-catching, and the sound is clean.
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on December 28, 2013
The product is relatively intuitive and easy to hook up. It played well with my Sonar X3 software in Windows 8.1. I was able to get a ~10-13ms return trip latency depending on sample rate. The monitor has no effects that can be applied but that is normal for this price range. The pre-amps are far superior than other units in a similar price range. I'm upgrading from a Line6 UX2 and it provides better dynamic range for my guitar input. My main use for this is to function on the go with my laptop. I may have to upgrade to the 6i6 for an extra headphone out in case I need to record someone else with me as the engineer. If you are going to just record yourself this unit is quite a bargain.

Update I am returning the 2i4 and purchased Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 6 In/6 Out USB 2.0 Audio Interface With Two Focusrite Mic Preamps. This was due to the lack of routing of the zero latency monitoring. I record guitar through an effect processor, feeding the Scarlett a wet (effected) line and a dry (pass through) in to inputs one and two respectively. All I want to hear is the effected line through the zero latency and mute the dry so that it is recorded but not heard. This allows me to take the raw input and run it through a virtual amp (POD Farm 2.5) in my DAW. The 6i6 allows this where as the 2i4 does not. This is a specialized implementation. This limitation is documented and I did not match my requirement appropriately. If you do not need monitor routing then this device is still amazing for the price.
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on October 11, 2015
Nice little box. I really only needed one XLR and one 1/4" input, but really wanted MIDI IO for the future. This was the lowest priced unit in the Scarlett lineup that included MIDI, though it came at a $200 price point and the extra ins. No real complaints - it's a good price for what you get, but it would be cool to see something like the Scarlett Solo with a MIDI IO option on it at a different price point.

Does not come with software discs - you must register the unit at the manf website using the unit serial and a voucher code which will create an account for you and then provide you with download links + activation codes for all the software that comes with it. The process was pretty painless and only took a couple of minutes.

Unit itself feels heftier than you might think for being in a light aluminum housing and being powered purely off a USB line from the PC - it feels pretty solidly made. After setup it does produce a nice clean / noise free dry signal, was picked up just fine in my DAW (Reaper), and after lowering the default latency for the device through DAW settings, had terrific low latency on a decent PC (Win 7 Pro 64 bit, i7 processor, lotso RAM). And you don't have to worry about another wall wart to plug in.

Only con: Both of the combo XLR / quarter inch jacks refused to let go of a 1/4" plug inserted into them without a great deal of force. XLR cable plugged into the same inputs inserted and released just fine, but the 1/4" required a great deal of effort to initially remove (as in I was afraid I'd either snap off the plug inside the unit or worse, break the unit itself). They seem to be releasing ok after several inserts/removals as if the jacks loosened up slightly with use, but having never used one of these combo jacks before I'm unsure if that's normal on first use, or I just managed to get some incredibly evil inputs on mine.
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on January 3, 2015
Fantastic piece of equipment. Connects my electric guitars to the digital world incredibly well. On my unit all features worked perfectly as claimed. Most satisfying is that the sound quality is Superb! And I mean Superb. If you have ever used a "direct box" for guitar you know how crappy that can sound. Well direct in with the Scarlett is amazing. Smooth, natural, and with a believable sense of space. And that is Before applying any effects... As an output device for auditioning your finished songs on a stereo power amp and speakers this can't be beat. Again the sound quality is killer. It's the Focusrite preamps that really do have an excellent sound.
I'm somewhat new to using a Digital Audio Workstation but the included Ableton Live Lite (9), so far, has my full approval. It comes with a fairly generous array of optional downloads that I would really recommend, especially the Drumdrops drum kit available on the Ableton website as a free download for Live 9 Lite owners. I hesitated for several months about buying this but after using it for a month now I know I couldn't record without it. If mine went away I would definitely buy another. For my needs this was money very well spent. b.
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