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VINE VOICEon July 3, 2009
This items falls into the 'get what you paid for' category. I agree with the reviewer who said it had an odd smell, and with my iPod Touch 2G in the case, the clasp doesn't reach far enough to engage the magnet. (I see from other reviews that other people didn't have this problem; I suspect it's a quality control issue and I just got unlucky.)

However, it offers great protection for my Touch, and a piece of velcro fixed the clasp problem. I feel much better throwing the Touch into my purse with this case on it than with the metal case I had before that exposed the face. It's also more substantial this way, and less likely to get lost. (I've already thrown the Touch into the trash by accident once with the metal case on.)

Also, I use my Touch to read ebooks, and it's much easier to hold the Touch in this fold-out case while I'm reading.

So I do recommend this product, for the price.
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on August 17, 2011
I purchased two of these. One is absolutely awesome (though nothing to write home about), the other is the total and complete opposite. My only universal complaint is that the power button is covered by a piece of material (whatever this thing is made out of... pleather?) and this is quite irritating. The one that I received that isn't awesome doesn't fit the iPod very well. I have two 2nd gen iPod Touches. This one that doesn't fit... the left side of the iPod is inaccessible because of the strip of material that goes down the front left side. The quality of the material of both cases just isn't great, but on the case that actually works it does serve its purpose. All in all, you really do get what you pay for. If you're careful with your things you probably won't have any problems unless you happen to luck out and get a faulty one like my second one. I guess what I'm saying is if you get a decent one, it isn't going to fall apart by looking at it wrong. Just don't buy one of these thinking you're getting an awesome high quality item for dirt cheap, and go into it knowing there's a 50/50 chance you will get a faulty one.
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on February 21, 2011
My first reaction when I opened it - cheap. Construction is shabby. It feels like made with a regular cardboard inside a synthetic leather (definitely not made with real leather). It was obvious that heat was used to smooth out the corners, but they were done in such a way that the edges and the corners are out of whacked and looks aesthetically bad.

I know it is not for the iPod 4G but I bought it planning to make a hole for the back camera.

What I received does not look like the one pictured above at the date of this review. It does not have the flap. It uses a magnet to snap, not very strong, but just enough to keep it close.

The picture also shows stitches all around the screen which seems to holds a screen protector. The one I received do not have the screen protector or stitches. Lastly, you insert the iPod on top instead on the side which is shown on the pic. My iPod slipped off to the ground (luckily not on concrete but just a few inches on hardwood floor) when my 5-yr old daughter held it on the bottom.
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on September 28, 2012
I ordered one of these along with a bunch of other inexpensive cases for my new iPod Touch 4G. Most of the others are in the scrap pile, but I liked this case so much that I ordered two more, just to have as spares for the future.

This case isn't specifically made for the 4G, so there are a few compromises. The iPod fits into the case just right, but the access to the cable connector and headphone jack is a bit of a squeeze. I don't think you could put the iPod into any docking accessory with the case on, but you can use the cable and headphone jacks with a bit of wiggling of the iPod to plug them in.

There's no rear camera hole, and the front camera is about 50% blocked by the case. I don't use the front camera much, and I can always take the case off if I need the front camera for a video call. The rear (better quality) camera is a different story. The iPod camera is no match for my Nikon Coolpix, and I only use it because I can get to it quickly for those sudden situations where I didn't plan in advance to snap pictures. I'd lose that benefit if I had to take the iPod out of the case to use the camera. I used a hole puncher to make a hole in the back of the case, and that problem is now solved. I was pleased to see that nothing is unraveling or separating around the new hole.

One thing I really found handy with this case is that it has just the right amount of extra space to let me keep a stylus clipped inside the fold of the case, next to the iPod. For apps that require typing (especially for typing passwords, where you can't review and correct your typing) I really need the stylus. I just can't avoid the fat fingering effect when using the iPod touch screen keyboard. With a stylus in the case, I always have it when I need it. None of the other cases I've tried provide this convenience.

The exterior feel of the case is nice, like glove leather (although I believe it's some synthetic material), with a bit of cushioning to protect the iPod if it's dropped. It looks nice, with good stitching, and it seems to be holding up well. I have about one month's use behind me now, and there are no signs of seams loosening or other premature wear. Based on what I've seen so far, I'd expect at least a year or two of service before I switch to one of the spare cases I bought. The case might even outlive the iPod it carries.
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on May 15, 2014
I had looked around for a case for my iPod touch (2nd gen), and came across this one. It ended up being a decent case, and worked well on flights to watch movies without having to hold the iPod. I would stick the "flap" in the tray/seat in front of me and let the iPod dangle out sideways in front of me, perfect for watching a movie in flight.

The harder case also did well to protect the device. Very sturdy, and would 'slap shut' with its magnetic flap. I am old school tech, and the thought of magnets next to computing devices like this made me worry. However after years of use, I can say the magnet didn't affect anything bad in the iPod.

The only gripe, is over the 5 years of use, the binder developed 'leather crack' on the inside. Not very bad, or noticeable, but it started too. Then I was given the latest iPod touch, and that device doesn't fit in this case, so I have retired the case.
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on February 25, 2012
Alright, so I'll start with what I like about it. It looks nice, it seems to be real leather, and it will protect the iPod from being scratched up. So that's great. What is awful about it, though, is the fact that you can't hold your ipod sidewise with the left side facing down, or the iPod falls out. I think that most people who buy this product are going to play games on their iPod, because you bought the touch other than the classic. Many games won't let you reorient the screen, and want you to hold it the other way. this means you have one of two options.

1.) let the ipod fall out of the case and break

2.) play without the case

3.) take the ipod out of the case, turn it upside down, and put it back in the wrong way up.

Now, in my opinion, none of those are good options. I ordered this case roundabout two months ago, and have replaced it. By the way, I replaced it with the infinitely better and much cheaper Speck Pixelskin. Seriously, get that instead. Prime eligible and about $4. Also, the leather is held together by a plastic frame under it, which snapped in many places. Maybe that was my fault for messing with it, but I use my iPod for at least 3 hours a day (I play with it at school constantly, and at home while watching TV or lying in bed) so I really put it through it's paces. Well, all these little tiny fractures under the leather made a point where it could bend, so after a while it's like some sort of leather accordion with sharp pieces of thin plastic jutting out all over.

One of the best things about the iPod touch is the form factor. It, even without a case, is a perfect size to put in your hand. In my opinion, cases are for making your device A.) protected better and B.) more grippy. Now, I suppose for what it is this case does a fine job protecting it. The back won't get as scratched up, though seriously, that back was a lost cause from the start. It attracts scratches and every one I've seen that the owner has had for more than two weeks looks like a piece of abstract art titled 'the deconstruction of the mirror'. I would like to throw out there, though, that the back did get worse while in this case. It slides around and small pieces of dust get behind it. Not good. I would like to point out though, that because of the way this case is, the metal on the bottom, top, and left side is exposed while in use. But on to the grip. I never once knew what I was supposed to do with the little flap that comes out and covers the screen. I guessed I was meant to fold it and put it behind it, so that's what I did. This destroys the grip of the iPod, even worse than the slip and slide that is the mirrored, exposed back, as what you are holding onto is a floppy sheet of plastic wrapped in leather. The only time it 'worked' was on a plane watching a movie, as you can use the flap as a sort of stand on your tray table to angle it at your face. Terrible everywhere else.

Also, the iPod never really sits right in the case, the home button is always partially obscured by the leather (which is to say, fragile plastic wrapped in leather). See in the picture how below the home button the material gets really thin? That was the first thing to snap, causing it to stab me in the thumb whenever I used the home button. Which is to say, after I shook the iPod into being in the right position to make the button reachable.

You may have noticed that I have given not one, which my review sounds a bit like it is saying, but two stars. Well, that's because it isn't the worst thing in the world. Well, it may be the worst iPod case, but not the worst 'object' I've ever seen. The leather on the big flat front and back does feel very nice. It has a bit of some sort of cushion under it, which makes it feel very nice to push with your fingers. It fits in your pocket nicely, and will make you look like quite the professional when you pull it out like a PDA. I imagine a businessman who uses his iTouch for only music, making notes, and writing an email every now and then would be fine with it. However, if you are a heavy user who plays games constantly, or even someone who web surfs constantly (which I also am, it's just as annoying then) absolutely do not buy this product. Take a look at the Speck Pixelskin. I got it two days ago and it is a world better. Feels like my iPod is suddenly 80% more user friendly.

Tl;dr - This sucks, don't buy it.
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on April 2, 2010
When I got my ipod touch (3rd gen), I almost instantly started looking for a case for it because no matter how careful I am with sometime, I tend to accidentally drop it or something. Anyway, I was looking everywhere for a case. I didn't want one of those silicon or hard cases because they don't cover the front, and I didn't want my ipod getting scratched up or anything.
This case was just perfect for it. It was pretty cheap. It fits my ipod perfectly. And I don't hesitate to put my ipod in my bag or pocket because it's protected on all sides. There are holes for the power button, the ear phone jack, and for the charger, so it can charge while in the case. The volume controls are covered, though, but since the ipod earphones have a remote for volume on them, its no big deal for me.
Also, I've read a review or two about the magnet affecting the ipod, but it doesn't do anything for mine. It works fine in the case. And because of the magnetic closer, I can roll up the earphones and keep it locked in place. And I've been doing a lot of research on it because I didn't want to ruin my ipod. The magnets in the case are no where near strong enough to do anything.
So in short, I love this item.
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on June 19, 2011
I purchased this shortly after purchasing an iPod and found that the back plate scratches way to easily when storing it in a bag, or even just setting it on a table.

I've found it great for taking my iPod on the go. It folds up and stores away in my bag quite nicely and without worry that the iPod will get damaged by anything else I may be carrying.

When it comes to the functionality of the iPod when in the case it does have a limiting effect. When I'm just using my iPod for music playback, or watching a movie there are no issues. However, when playing a game, especially those that require you to tap or swipe close to the edges of the screen it's very much a hassle to keep the iPod in the case. For me I just remove it from the case when I am going to play a game as there is no harm of damage when I'm just tilting and swiping.

When looking at this as a less than $6 investment to protect my $250 device it was and still is a no brainer.
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on August 19, 2011
I just received my case to replace my Dlo case that is falling apart (the belt clip is broken, leaving a sharp edge). After taking it out of the case i found it fits my Gen 3 touch perfectly. The case itself feels like vinyl but is suede on the inside. It probably won't go the distance like my Dlo which is almost 2 years old. It does look nice but the price should have said something about the level of quality. It does smell but all leather and vinyl products do. Reviewer who complained about the smell throw it away return it or get over it!! The smell goes away with time. Bottom line: it is fine for 2.90 but the end quality is just not present. Buy a Dlo or another reputable brand and stay away. Also this doesn't fit the 4th Gen touch so pay attention when ordering. Also I guess i have good luck but i can see how the touch would not fit because there is a definite quality issue and the product is misrepresented by claiming it is leather when it should be described as pleather!!! Also lacks a belt clip.
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on March 20, 2011
I needed a carrying case for my iPod. Although I have a hard case and a screen protector on it (see also my reviews for those), I don't like the idea of using the bulky Apple case it came in, or leaving it in my purse where accidents like broken eye shadow cases are bound to happen. I then ordered this leather carrying case. I thought, perfect. It is a black, leather soft case. It looked roomy on the image display. However, I had a difficult time sliding my iPod touch into the iPod touch-compatible case. Keep in mind that I do have a hard case on it but it is thin and does not take up that much room. I took hard case off, to see if it would fit better in this soft really made no difference and was an overly snug fit. To this product's credit, it looks good. Looks, however, are not everything. It is so hard to slide the iPod in and out of this case. The soft case creators should also keep in mind that most people encase their iPods (as well as their phones) in hard cases, mostly due to self-expression. Therefore, I rate this product as just "okay".
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