Customer Reviews: FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit
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on December 19, 2010
I had the original FoodSaver and used the @$%# out of it. It was great but eventually stopped operating properly; suction was no longer strong enough (always thought it should have worked better) and the seal strip peeled away and became a gluey mess and wouldn't seal properly. It was approximately 5 years old. After reading about all the different models, I chose the FoodSaver Gamesaver as its replacement and couldn't be happier with my decision. This model is almost industrial to our old one. It has a much stronger vacuum and the sealer won't go the same way as the old one by design. The built-in cutter works great too; no more crooked bags and you can use this one without wasting bag material, something the vertical model has a big problem with. One note about the size of the machine: it's much bigger than the old one -wider, which is great for us to reseal some of the reused bags (like from cheese) and heavier, which we like for the big fish filets and large steaks. The old one moved around on the counter when using larger, heavier packages due to its lack of weight. I am very happy with this unit and will recommend this model to others (already have). This model was worth every penny of the extra $20-30.

Update: It's been two years and we are buying bags for this thing like crazy from Costco. Again, this unit is SO MUCH BETTER than our original! If you're serious about buying a food saver, this unit is awesome for the home gardener and quantity meat buyer. I highly recommend it!
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2014
In this review I demonstrate the FoodSaver "GameSaver Deluxe" as well as one of the accessories you can purchase for it, the jar sealer.
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on September 24, 2011
My V2480 has been a 'set and forget' for something more than a half dozen years. Bought my V2480 as a replacement for a earlier model with a long forgotten three digit identifier. Not a day goes by that my FoodSaver doesn't get used at least once, usually several times. With just two of us here, nearly everything one purchases is sold in portions much larger that we should consume at a single setting. For years the FoodSaver has been used to stock our fifteen cubic foot chest freezer with figs and blue berries from the back yard. We buy large quantities of fish and poultry periodicly which is then stored in the freezer in single meal portions. Fresh fruits and vegetables are maintained in our 'spare' refrigerator in vacuum containers long enough for the two of us to periodically finish of a head of lettuce.
Years ago, I bought a spare seal kit, "just in case" it was needed. Finally, it was needed yesterday. Our FoodSaver had been getting tempermental for the past couple weeks. I had decided that it might be time to select a replacement. When I went to the FoodSaver site it appeared that they were pushing the newer vertical and 'automatic' models and I could no longer find a V2480 model. After failing to find a V2480 replacement I began checking local sales locations and on the third stop I found that Bass Pro was selling the model now called the "GameSaver Deluxe" which was precisely the same as my old V2480. Before buying a new FoodSaver, I went home and swapped out the seals in my V2480 and found that it worked as good as new.
Having decided that my V2480 was likely over due permanent failure, I ordered up a new "GameSaver Deluxe" as a "ready reserve" for the day that my trusty old V2480 actually does quit.
Secrets to longevity:*** Keep it clean and dry! It appears that the biggest enemy of the FoodSaver pump is the juices extracted from meat, fish, and poultry. When the food is 'moist', press the 'moist' button. For years, I have pre-frozen my figs, blue berries and prepared peaches by resting them overnight on a cookie sheet in my chest freezer before running them through the FoodSaver. Place your meat, poultry and fish in zip lock bags before placing them in the FoodSaver bags. Doesn't hurt to pre-freeze meats in the smaller bags also. Several portion size small zipped bags can be vacuumed unside a large FoodSaver bag.
Keep the seals clean and dry when the machine is not in use. If you fail to keep the seals clean they will soon fuse to each other and will require replacement. Treat your FoodSaver at least as good as you do your favorite rifle and you should be OK..
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on May 1, 2010
I purchased the original Food Saver years ago and although it still works, time has taken it's toll. I purchased a cheaper model of the Food Saver and was disappointed. It did not have the vacuum power of my original and just wasn't as good. I returned it and purchased the Game Saver from Amazon. Although it is bigger (and a bit bulkier) than my original or subsequent purchase, it works great! It does have more bells and whistles than I need, but the all important vacuum power is great! And the fact that it is quieter than older models is a plus as well. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who loves to buy in bulk, as there is no wait time between vacuuming & the power is excellent!
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on August 3, 2011
First time tried, works as expected.

Has buttons for Speed -- Fast or NORMAL, and Food -- Moist or DRY (default = Normal/Dry); also, Auto Vacuum & Seal (i.e., Start), Canister (for using the hose port), and Manual Seal (no vacuum).

Does NOT allow you to manually vacuum for as long as you want (I thought this might be useful for sealing other types of bags). Will not VACUUM bags which are SMOOTH inside. I bought mylar bags (which I think are polyethlyene inside) because mylar is more impermeable than poly (even super-tiny helium molecules can't get through it).

The bags that came with it are CORRUGATED on the inside of one side. This allows the air to bleed out during the vacuuming process. Smooth bags seal too tightly under the pressure of the clamp bar, and can't be evacuated.

This is not a defect of the machine, but is something you may want to consider if you want to VACUUM seal mylar bags. It does however manually seal the mylar, so for now I will rely on oxygen absorbers in unevacuated bags.

One more thing: When it does vacuum seal a bag (e.g. dry navy beans) the package seals up hard as a rock. This meant we were unable to get the beans into a plastic jar intended for easy stacking on a shelf. Plan ahead!

Tip: Seal bags at the end (leave a gap), not up tight against the food, if you want to be able to open and reseal the bag later.

If anything changes this review after we get more use out of the unit, I will add updates.

8/31/11 UPDATE: After using the unit for a full hour (22 heat-seals), it had to cool down (heat seal light flashing). No big deal--just an indication of what kind of duty cycle you can expect.

Also, found this video on YouTube: "How to Vacuum seal Mylar bags in a FoodSaver" (versions 1 and 2)--Both excellent suggestions for sealing mylar bags.

After watching his videos, I am glad I got the Gamesaver, because it evacuates more quickly, and can heat seal without running the pump (for additional seals)!

Sealed only about a dozen bags so far.

3/10/12 UPDATE:

Sealed dozens of bags so far and it still works great.

Gave up on triple-sealing bags, but I do still double-seal them, just in case something gets in the seal area and compromises the seal. Cutting back on the triple sealing allows me to seal pretty much continuously, though it does overheat occasionally. I use a damp cloth to cool the heating strip if it overheats. Not an issue often.

The video I mentioned seems like a good way to seal mylar bags, but I found it difficult to execute (the strips of vacuum seal bag material are more difficult to hold in place than you might think). I gave up on this idea, but I am still hopeful that some mylar bag-makers will start offering vacuum-sealable bags.
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on November 11, 2010
I have used other sealers in the past, so I thought I knew what I was getting. This sealer is head and shoulders above anything I've ever used. Seals quick, without any effort on your part. "Recovers" in 20 seconds, which is great if you are doing large jobs. I tested this out on some flour and, after it finished, I had to run around showing my family the 'brick' it made - it was fantastic! For the price, I don't think you could find a better sealer.
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on February 28, 2010
Product is everything I hoped it would be. It is much better than the previous FoodSaver I owned, as I wear them out about every two years. I would recommend this product to anyone that hunts and fishes, as well as wanting to save food from the grocery.
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on April 16, 2012
This is the second purchase of this product. I do massive amounts of canning and freezing of food - as well as dividing up family packs of meats. And very soon will be freezing beef that we are raising here - at our place.

First time we purchased this product was based upon a stranger's opinion. She canned food - as well. She told us that her first FoodSaver had been well worth it - lasted a little over a year. I can only imagine she must have put up enough frozen food to store in a double-car garage full of freezers. Because we bought our first FoodSaver in April, 2007. After 4 years of heavy food preservation and busting up meat packages... I think we got our money's worth! This new unit works like a champ. Having a sense of now knowing about how long we'll be able to use this one leaves us with a really strong opinion in favor of keeping a FoodSaver in our kitchen. What I love most about this product... being able to measure out my own needed lengths of bags with the rolls. I hope the manufacturer is wise enough to stick with the rolls!
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on November 12, 2012
My wife and I purchased one of these after moving to a small farm in Oregon early this year, and we have worked this thing hard! We've vacuum-sealed and frozen two freezers full of vegetables from our garden, gallons of wild blackberries, blueberries from a u-pick farm nearby, salmon, steelhead, trout (the latter two from the river than runs behind our farm), and venison. It's very simple to use, and so far has been completely reliable. It does help, with some kinds of foods, to at least partially pre-freeze them before vacuum-sealing them. We pre-froze the very ripe blackberries and blueberries on cookie sheets, for example, so that when the vacuum-sealed bags would later be opened for use, the berries would not all be frozen together. And for meats, like the venison, salmon fillets, etc., it helps to pre-freeze portions just enough, before vacuum-sealing them, so that their juices will not run--if that happens, sometimes the liquid can prevent a bag from sealing properly.
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on July 23, 2014
I've had mine almost a year now and wish I'd bought one sooner. This unit is great. I have little to add to the previous reviews, but would suggest purchasing one of the silicon mini loaf pans when you order the vacuum sealer. The reason is that any liquid or semi-liquid is much easier to vacuum seal if it is frozen. Soups, beans, stews, etc. will bleed any moisture into the vacuum channel of the machine if not frozen solid. Messy to clean up and may even damage the machine if too much liquid is sucked out of the bag as the air is evacuated. I use this one and it works very well.

The silicone construction allows you to easily remove the frozen food and no oiling of the silicon mold is necessary. Just pick up and flex the mold until the frozen block pops out. Many sizes of these molds (loaf pans) are available, but I find the one I've mentioned above is the one I use most. It holds about a pint of food in each of the four cavities.

For what its worth, I've had very mixed results trying to thaw the frozen bags in boiling water. I know some of the bags advertise that they can be reheated in boiling water, but my experience indicates that this is a somewhat chancy method. On those that fail while boiling, the failure is at the seal. Perhaps some foods release gas when reheated and the resulting pressure inside the bag pushes the hot (212 F) seal open. I now thaw in hot water straight from the kitchen faucet while in the bag, or remove from the bag and thaw in the microwave.
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