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on October 2, 2011
When I bought this in late Sept 2011, the picture above is of a relatively tall, narrow stainless thermos, pink base, all-pink lid with purple button. Same size as "fun-tainers" sold at Target and the like, which I think are 12 oz. What I received was a shorter, pudgier cup, wider at the bottom than the top, pink base, pink lid, purple button, but purple plastic stripe at the base of the lid. It's smaller (10 oz) than a fun-tainer. I wanted what is pictured (a "fun-tainer" without the "fun"), as I bought one 5 years ago and we have loved it all that time, but the lid just broke when my daughter dropped it on a cement floor at school. They don't make the plain stainless straw cup with pink lid anymore, as I called Thermos customer service (who are great, by the way) for a replacement lid and could only get a non-matching lid. So I was hoping this was a small store with extra old inventory left. But alas. This is the little kid, little cup with the curvy silouette and smaller capacity. Thermos, if you're listening, please make a "fun-tainer" sized cup without a character on it. We're Hello Kittied out, we're not into iCarly, etc, etc, etc. We will keep this cup, as my Kindergartener still wants to take this to school instead of her Hello Kitty Funtainer cup, I'm just afraid it won't hold enough liquid to get her through the day, especially as she gets bigger. As for quality, we are sold -- these things do keep things cold for a long time and my daughter prefers the straw to other "sports-bottle" style spouts. And we didn't have a breaking issue for several years. We DID have to buy replacement straws a while back, as my daughter tends to chew on them. But they were cheap and arrived fast.
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on May 26, 2012
I bought this pink Foogo to replace a lost blue and yellow one that I previously owned. The blue one was fantastic. Never had a problem with it in the years that I owned it. However, this pink one was awful. The first thing I noticed was that the top seemed to be different. It was a shiny and had a cheap-plastic feel to it. And when I opened the thing up, it would spill drink. It was almost like the contents became pressurized...or maybe it was the way the straw was configured. I'm not sure what, but it was messy to deal with, especially when filled with colored beverages like Koolaid and the such. On a couple of occasions it also leaked. I don't carry carbonated beverages in these things, and the drinks I pour in are the same that I used with the other Foogoo, but it never leaked and this one does. I'm just not at all happy with the look or feel of this thermos and will be purchasing another one to go in my lunch set.
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on December 20, 2007
My 21 months old daughter loves this! She carries it around the house and won't let anyone touch it. I was a little worried about it from other people' reviews, but I wanted something that will keep her milk cold for hours. It actually does keep her drink cold for the entire day. If she does not finish her milk in the morning, she can still drink it in the afternoon because it is still cold. The only downside is that the thermos cup bottle is not spill proof, so when my daughter accidently knocks it over, liquid will spill out. The thermos is only leak proof when the lid is locked on. With that said, I am still giving it a 5 stars because it does work well and unlike the previous reviewers, my daughter does not throw her bottles onto the ground, so there is no problem with breaking pieces or drinks being spilled into the car.

I think it really helped a lot that I showed her how the bottle works when we first got it, and she learned how to lock and unlock the lid right away, and she always locks the lid after she is done using it.

I would not buy this for a child younger than 20 months or a child who throws bottles though, I think you would have a lot of spill problems.


My daughter is 3 1/2 years old now and they still work great! I can't believe that they have lasted this long. Way better than any plastic slippy cups I ever brought her. This is totally worth the investment.

New Update (May 2011).

My daughter is 5 years old now. She is still using these same bottles. I kid you not. She did chew through the top of her straws so I contacted the company and ordered replacements for just the straws. But the bottle are still going strong. I am sure the company would probably love it if I buy more, but they are so well made that I haven't had to buy new ones. My daughter takes her bottles
(filled with milk or juice) for preschool and they stay cold all day long. I never have to worry about spoiled drinks with these.
Seriously some of the best dollars I spent. At this rate, she will still be using them as she goes to grade school and jr. high, lol.

Update (July 2012)

My daughter will be starting first grade in a couple of months and she will be taking these same bottles to school. We had to replace the straws again, but the stainless steel bottles are still going strong. We have had these bottles for almost 5 years now. I just recommended these bottles to some moms of the kids at my daughter's school. Seriously great bottles!
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on February 14, 2013
Great! Solid, easy to open to fill, good straw, good cap, does not leak -- just be careful that if you are looking for the stainless steel version of this product, the pictures of the steel and the clear plastic (this one) look almost the same on-line. Both are great products, I have some of each , just be sure you buy the type you think you are buying.
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on October 17, 2007
As a person concerned about using plastics (pthalates(sp?), BPA, etc), this is a great alternative for a kids straw cup! My daughter loves the fact that it is PINK and has a button to pop up the straw, and I love the fact that the bottle is leak proof. Another benefit is that cold beverages stay cold way longer than with a plastic cup. Good product Thermos!
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on April 10, 2015
My daughters favorite
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on August 15, 2008
Have tried other straw cups w/ my now 19 month old and the cups were mostly frustrating to clean. The best thing about this one is how easy it is to clean! My daughter also loves to drink out of it - and for the most part it doesn't leak.
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on July 30, 2008
I'm very satisfied with this bottle. I use it as a sippy cup for my 19-month old. It's easy to take the parts apart, clean them and put them back together. It does not leak. I would definitely recommend this product to other moms.
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on July 4, 2009
We bought 4 of these Foogo early to be engraved and given as Christmas presents. After Christmas ALL of them worked nicely...FOR ABOUT TWO WEEKS! Thermos would do nothing to correct.
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on July 16, 2011
Great thermos. Keeps ice for hours. Great size for little hands and fits into a purse or diaper bag easily. Now I don't have to share mine with my granddaughter.
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