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on December 4, 2017
Firstly I Really Wanted To Watch This Movie Years Ago When Oprah Mentioned It. Oddly Enough I Found It On YouTube, (with portuguese subtitles).
Couldn't Take My Eyes Of The Screen, It Must Have Been Well After 2am, Powerful, Intense, Raw Emotion, Dramatic, For Me' I Saw Myself In a Few Of The Characters. (yes i am black) Not That' That Means Anything.
All Women (and men for that matter, if you're in a relationship) Need To Watch This Movie, Brought Back Alot Of Memories For Me From The Last 25yrs. Nuff Said.
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on May 19, 2015
I liked this movie. Unlike many of the critics, the interspersal of script with the dialogue from the play didn't bother me. I thought it made the film appear more 'artsy'. And actually, if you haven't read "For Colored Girls", it may even be hard to discern when the characters are going into "play/theatre mode". For example, it took me a while to realize that Macy Gray's character (abortionist) was in play mode; I thought she was just being lofty until I recognized the piece from the play. The movie was a real downer, but of course, how could it be otherwise? - the play was a real downer. The casting and acting was superb. For some of these women, I'd say it was perhaps their strongest role. Even Kerry Washington, who's a facepiece, had a strong ensemble part in which she did quite well. Anika Noni Rose never fails to astound as a superior actor whose Broadway roots always show. Her transition here from a sunflower to a shrinking daisy is one of the strongest assets of the play. (You will note even her brilliance of her "yellow" becomes more and more somber until by the end, she's in such a muted shade that it doesnt even look yellow anymore.) Nobody cries like Kimberly Elise! (Does anyone recall her in a movie where she did NOT cry?) I'm not a Thandi Newton fan, but I've seen her in enough strong roles now that I have to admit that if given the correct role, she's a very good actress. Janet was just beautiful. Red becomes her. And since Whoopi was in the same outfit, you might not have even noticed that she was "White" if you weren't familiar with the play. The addition of Phylicia Rashad and the husbands was well done, and Tyler Perry's screenplay deserves kudos for tackling a very difficult work and making it "work" for the screen. "For Colored Girls..." is a difficult read, and equally difficult as a stage play, but Perry's screenplay did a very good job of keeping the tone and color of the choreoplay. It brought out the stories as reflected in the choreoplay, and updated them to keep the same theme but tackle 21st century issues. The movie LOOKS good. The whole feel of the movie actually reminds me of a play. And the color changes for the women was apt for the movie. (Although the Lady in Purple was actualy the Lady in Yellow in the choreoplay, the charcter assigned to the Lady in Purple was more "regal" and befitting of purple; and Anika N Rose's character in the movie was yellow and full of sunshine.) I applaud Tyler for his courage and vision in attempting this project. "Madear" may be his bread and butter, but Perry has proven with his "Why Did I Get Married" movies, and now "For Colored Girls" that he is capable of so much more. Lovely, lovely movie. (But don't get it confused; it's a serious movie, and not a comedy, or a dramedy, or anything that you might normally associate with Tyler Perry. It's real!)
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on February 5, 2017
Very empowering, inspirational, & informative for us black women. It was sad how those children died, so sad 😭 but I advise all black women to watch this; we have to be strong in all situations that we might face; all that us black women have to go through with these men but loved it🙂
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on March 2, 2016
Emotionally raw-the struggles each woman endures is an issue understood by all women. Any feminist needs to see this movie. Good Job (as always) Mr. Perry!.
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on April 22, 2017
In my opinion, "For Colored Girls" is the top of Tyler Perry's best work. It will be a classic for our day. I highly suggest buying two - keep one, and lend the other to co-workers.
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on April 4, 2017
Deep movie to me. Good though, thats why I ordered it to have on hand.
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on June 8, 2011
I thought that Tyler Perry made such an Incredible movie for Black Women. For Colored Girls showed alot of different situtaions of these different women is rape,abuse,abandonment and abortion. Is the character Crystal played by Kimberly Elise that she was in abusive relationship with her boyfriend Beau Willie that part in the movie was sad when he killed those kids by throwing them out the apartment window! I blame the social worker for this cause she should've did more that she can to protect those kids and to take those kids away from Crystal and definetly away from Beau cause they wasn't safe to be around him. Another scene in the movie I thought it was sad when the Dance Teacher Yasmine got raped by this guy name Bill that she was dating. When I saw this rape scene I couldn't believe he did that to her cause he seemed such a nice and gentleman kind of guy! It goes to show us to be careful of the guys that we date and to trust them. And when Nylah went to get an abortion I was wondering was that abortionist lady drunk cause she was slurring up her words and looked like she was on drugs or!!!! This 1 of Tyler Perry's best dramatic Films he's ever made!!!!!
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on September 12, 2015
I'm grateful Tyler perry took on this celebrated material. It is so mature and exceptional from the light hearted (yet still moving) material that we have come to expect from him in the past, Madea and all. I'll need to take a second and third viewing fully to appreciate this moving work of poetry, the nuances to understand why we as humans are and do what it is we do.
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on August 9, 2014
Very poignant except they make it look like only black girls have self identity self esteem issues and only ones to deal with male abuse -?- These are problems of every race creed and Color!! In fact some countries are far worse thAn black or while women of US because of culture - well done story- I just find offense and feel it misrepresents problems to only black women which is not true - as a college counsellor I deal with higher percentage of non black females who are devastated by their abuse and try to hide it and it affects every area of their life - yet they stay in it for the reasons portrayed in this movie to be a problem indigenous to black girls
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on August 15, 2017
Watched movie and was so good that purchased a copy
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