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on March 14, 2015
If you're a sci-fi nut like I am you have a wealth of options when picking a film to watch. You have intellectual sci-fi, mainstream sci-fi, monster movies, space operas... and you have b-movie schlock like Forbidden World. I'm not knocking it! Movies like this are entertaining, funny and enjoyable for sometimes all the wrong reasons, but enjoyable they are. When poorly constructed robots chatter like kids and large garbage bag monsters kill someone with urine you know you're in for a good time on the couch.

Forbidden World is, unashamedly, a rip-off of Alien with that Corman style feel. It's probably the height of Corman's boobs and babes era when it comes to science-fiction films, and the snarky male protagonist hams it up like Ron Jermy too. The ploy starts silly and gets even sillier. The way they finally win is just... well, you have to see it to believe it. All the while you get the cheaply but passionately made effects and sets you know and love and sexy, cheesy and gross moments you crave.

More films should embrace our baser desires and entertain us like this. It's a shame blockbusters like Transformers aren't afraid to be stupid, but are afraid to be raunchy.

The blu ray edition of Forbidden World is rather excellent, if you keep in mind what it is. It's not, for example, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Nor is it Star Wars. It's a fun and trash b-movie from 30+ years ago and it looks it. That said the HD master here is remarkably detailed and clean looking, and Shout Factory have included numerous supplements to entertain you. A great making-of is the highlight, as well as the uncut version on a DVD with director commentary (he's dry but entertaining, lots of stories).

If you like cheesy old sci-fi with a raunchy twist you can't go wrong with Forbidden World. If you collect sci-fi like I do it's a very worthwhile disc as well. Recommended for fans.
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on September 13, 2013
The result of combining Alien, The Thing, a lot of boobage and report card of straight Ds. But for bad horror entertainment value I give this an A+! ALTERNATE TITLE: Mutant, which sounds like a much less appropriate title for the Roger Corman Galaxy of Terror follow-up, but is more appropriate given the actual nature of the movie.

This review is of the unrated Director's Cut, which has a running time of 82 minutes (5 minutes longer than the 77 min for the theatrical version). I'm guessing that whatever people saw in theaters, this will just be more of that. As it turns out, in this case, all 5 of those extra unrated minutes are apparently of nudity.

Our story begins with Commander Colby and his robot crewman on a spaceship under attack from some other random spaceship. With lame effects and nothing at stake; it's no Star Wars Tie-fighter dogfight, that's for sure. After surviving this brief mess, his robot dishes out the bad news that mission directives are sending him to some planet instead of home. So they set a course for Xarbia. Is it me, or do a shocking number of sci-fi movie planets seem to have a "z" sound?

Colby travels to an isolated research facility where risky work with genetic engineering is conducted to create a productive new food source for mankind. Colby meets Dr. Hauser, Dr. Barbara Glaser, Tracy, and a few other people who are hardly introduced--probably because they're going to be the first to die...spoiler alert. The female researchers are both inordinately hot, dress in sexy pajamas unbefitting of a space station, they both make passes at Colby and, not surprisingly, we see them both naked. What is surprising is that they made a pass at Colby! I mean, sure, he has the title Commander and a uniform. But he's pretty homely-looking as far as space cadets go...

The researchers introduce Colby to one of their experiments: "Subject 20", a metamorphic mutant that continuously changes its genetic structure as it develops. Hauser and his team of scientists are excited about it and think it's wicked awesome, but the no-nonsense Colby just thinks it should be destroyed. No surprise here, but it turns out Colby was right!

The engineered mutant cocoons itself into a pulsating mess (which actually looks like someone hung a dead facehugger like a Halloween decoration) to transform to its next state--that of a black jellyfish thing--which leaps on some dude's face (again like a facehugger) eats his brain and infects his body with its saliva which keeps the guy alive but brain dead.

The plot plays out a bit like Alien/Aliens (1979/1986) meets The Thing (1981), with members of the crew dying in analogous ways (e.g., the robot, like Bishop, has its torso separated from its lower body). The monster grows rapidly from a football-sized jellyfish to a toothy-mawed abomination and infected human bodies slowly transform into foamy carrion sludgy undying masses as the creature virally exploits and re-appropriates each cell's function. When we finally see a full grown monster, it looks like a hybrid of a giant rubber black widow and an Alien xenomorph.

What separates this Roger Corman cult classic from most others is that it actually has a clever plot element. Whereas the researchers where trying to genetically engineer a productive new food source, Subject 20 (created with the same research) uses its likewise-engineered saliva to synthesize human bodies into protein-farming masses of flesh. But don't take that to mean that this is at all sophisticated or to be taken seriously. I mean, two women taking a completely gratuitous shower together discuss communicating with the monster, which they decide to go do bath robes. This doesn't work out well. The monster uses its Alien xenomorph-like tail to impale Barbara in typical Corman schlocky form.

The special effects are charming. The gore is deliciously overdone and super-abundant, the spaceships look abundantly fake, the monsters are cheap but entertaining, and then there's even more gore. What major sci-fi releases focus on-for example, character development, logical plots driven by character actions, and elaborately staged set pieces-Forbidden World throws right out of the window to give viewers a briskly paced 80-minute grindhouse experience. Enjoy the ride.
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on June 4, 2017
Great corman sci-fi.An astronaut specialling in trouble shooting is sent to a far away desolete planet where scientist are working on gene splicing.there is the usual sex with good looking women scientist,not overdone.After investigation the troublshooter finds the genes of the monster were mixed with a human scientist.There is the usual we have to communicate with the monster and as we all know this doesn't go well when they find out the monster is using them for his food supply.The ending is the coolest i have ever seen in a science fiction picture so i won't give it away.everything you want in a sci-fy movie,good looking babes,great looking monsters and a great ending
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on November 9, 2012
It all started with that one word.... Alien, and now it has come down to its best rip off, two words, Forbidden World! I dug the living hell out of this movie, IMO it was much more entertaining and gruesome that Galaxy of Terror ever was, it also fits more as a rip-off than Galaxy of Terror could've ever wanted to be!

Plot: An easygoing and uncaring man has a new mission on his agenda that involves him going to a scientific lab on a planet to take care of a minor problem, but when he arrives there, that minor problem gradually turns bigger as the time goes on, soon there is a vicious parasite wiping out the entire scientific crew and soon, that easygoing/uncaring man will have to give a damn!

Review: I can't even describe how much fun I had with this movie, with all of its crazy flashy edits, the that annoying screaming girl who has a quite-type voice until she nearly pisses her pants while screaming every time she is in fear (which is a lot), and it's awesome monster, It alone gave way to many more movies like it involving genetic mutations and scientific experiments gone wrong! The special effects were not the only thing awesome in this movie, it was ridiculously cheesy but it also had something I didn't expect.... it had heart, the heart wasn't really put into the special effects but more towards how the characters felt about each other, they were obviously cautious o new faces (somewhat like said in the film), it obviously took very little time for our main hero to adapt but when he did, he managed to fit in making out with one of the chicks and almost making it to second base with the other, the dude's a rabbit I know but he was still fun to watch... not the sexy stuff but I meant his character... oh never mind. I especially found it funny that one of the girl's boyfriends just died and she's off to seducing our hero, ah this movie was gloriously cheesy!

Acting: I had a fun time with these characters, more so than in galaxy of terror. They acted like they were so scarred after one of them was killed but then, at most ten minutes later they act like they never existed. The acting wasn't that great but the characters were totally awesome!

Gore: an immense amount of gory, gruesome and bloody dead bodies, an impalement resulting in massive blood spray from the exit wound which we unfortunately never get to see, lots of blood splatter, a graphic tumor removal scene and plenty more!

Bottom Line: One of the best "Alien" rip-offs I've ever scene, it is better than Galaxy of Terror and The Terror Within (which is basically a serious "Alien" rip-off) It has everything I was hoping for, to tell you the truth I always thought Galaxy of Terror looked more fun, but now I definitely look more towards putting "Forbidden World" on that pedestal.

Suggested MPAA: Rated R for horror violence and gore, disturbing images, and some sexuality/nudity

Is it worth the Buy on a scale of 1-10: 8
For the Movie itself on a scale of 1-5: 5
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on January 8, 2017
I love 80's movies and I love Roger Corman. This is a good Corman film. Not great. The flash frame editing in various parts totally detracts from the film. I'm not really sure why they did it but they did. The picture quality is fantastic. The audio is clear. A little hissy on the S's but hey it's a low budget film what do you expect. Random nudity of hot 80's girls is always a plus. The monster is great. The set's are low budget sweetness. The walls are lined with painted styrofoam take out containers and egg cartons. The soundtrack is surprisingly good as well. it's just that editing which makes it a good film and not great.Final thoughts: It's a fun film to watch and I will definitely watch it again.
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on August 3, 2013
The synopsis on the back of the Blu-ray case:

On the planet Xarbia, an experimental life-form known as "Subject 20" has been created by an elite group of scientists in hopes of preventing a major galactic food crisis. However, instead of prolonging life, Subject 20 is destroying it, and the man-eating organism poses a double threat because it constantly changes its genetic structure. Bounty hunter Mike Colby is called in to investigate but soon suspects that the scientists are keeping something from him, and he discovers why...Subject 20 is half-human!

If that doesn't sound like pure B-Movie fun then I would suggest looking to other films for entertainment and ignore this review completely.

It seems most films these days are out to be as emotionally dramatic as possible all whilst seeking out those lovely Oscars; now films like that are perfectly fine but in a world today full of questionable times and events, turning to a film like this really hits the spot. I saw a trailer for this film online and I had little to no hesitation on shelling out the 18 dollars to have the pleasure of seeing Forbidden World. The movie is basically Roger Corman and company ripping off other films; two obvious franchises that were "inspiration" were Alien and Star Wars. What the bigger brother films focus on (Deep character development, logical plot/character actions, and elaborately staged action set pieces etc.) Forbidden World throws right out of the window and gives viewers a rather briskly paced 70-something minute Grindhouse/exploitation film experience.

For a relatively low budget flick the special effects aren't half bad. The intro has a space battle between two ships and is quite impressive for being made way cheaper than the original Star Wars films; though a bigger budget, production and effects team does yield better results. Things are gooey and detailed when need to be; you can't really get much better than practical effects. The set pieces, though not of the highest quality and from what I have read they are recycled from another Roger Corman production "Galaxy of Terror", do have charm to them. The acting is what you would expect from a picture like this; it's bad for the most part but you can tell the cast is having fun and as a result it comes back to you the viewer. My personal favorite character is Dr. Cal Timbergen. He hams up the overly passionate scientist image and always has coughing fits yet lights up a cigarette after doing so. I surely laughed more than once at his performance. The hero in this picture, Mike Colby, comes across as a mix between Han Solo and every character Kurt Russell has played. This being an exploitation type movie there is plenty of "doesn't benefit the narrative of the film at all" nudity and sex to be had and while it comes across as a soft core porno once or twice it does add to the overall experience. The lead women are honestly quite beautiful (even when fully clothed) and unlike most Hollywood royalty today they look all natural from head to toe, a rarity I know...

I could go on about the film but I think it's time to what I thought about the overall Blu-Ray package and let you be on your merry.

Like I said I paid roughly $18 (normally costs more) for this Blu-ray combo pack and while you may think spending so much on an old movie is bad here is my rule of thumb on that subject. These movies usually have a cult following, that means they are only appreciated by a select group of folks. There are smaller-independent companies out there that are taking the time and effort restoring these hard to find gems and for their passion and dedication to fans I have no issues spending 20+ dollars to own these types of films if they are handled with love.

Shout Factory is one of those studios that try to give fans as much as possible in terms of content and solid Blu-ray specs and I highly recommend looking them up for more products.

When popping the disk into my player I knew I was going to get a respectable video transfer from the folks at Shout Factory and after watching the movie I was happy with the quality. Forbidden World is presented in 1080p 16x9 aspect ratio and housed on a 25GB Blu-ray disk; any more would have been overkill in my opinion. The movie is never going to look like a brand new production but this transfer is the best it will ever look I feel. I give the video 3.5 out of 5.

The Audio is a hit and miss however. It does what it needs to do to get you through the movie but has a couple issues to boot. The audio is encoded under a DTS-HD MA 2.0 lossless soundtrack which means it won't rock your 5.1 set-up. During one scene in the movie when Dr. Cal Timbergen is talking the audio gets slightly distorted and crackles a little bit as if the master recording was damaged beyond restoration; when this happens some things, for me at least, were hard to make out. It wasn't a deal breaker and was easy to look (or listen) past. If you can go into this Blu-ray knowing the movie was made on a slim budget and didn't have the best equipment around, you will be satisfied. Audio is 3 out of 5.

I haven't had much time to view the special features but they are there and the couple that I did see were interesting. My favorite is, of course, the brief Interview With Roger Corman. Aside from the special features housed on the Blu-ray the set also comes with a DVD copy of Mutant (another name for Forbidden World) and to make the deal sweeter it is the Directors Cut running at roughly 82 minutes in length. I did pop this in for a few minutes to see what it was like and I must warn you to set your quality expectations to low. Mutant didn't get any restoration and is locked into a 4:3 aspect ratio. To make matters worse (depending on how you look at it) Mutant is a simple port from VHS to DVD, which means you don't even get DVD quality picture. This could sound horrible but it's also fun in some ways because it looks and feels like a true B-movie film instead of being cleaned up and restored for the modern age. From the bonus features that I have seen I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Also if you own this or look to own it, Shout Factory was nice enough to give the slip cover two sides. The factory shipped side is Forbidden World and if you flip it around it is Mutant. Always cool to have.

I could go on and on about the film, the specs, the quality, and things of the like but I hope this has given you enough information to possibly give Forbidden World a try. This movie could also make for a very interesting experience if you watched it with a group of friends. Don't take the movie serious at all, enjoy it's stupidity, glaring flaws, beautiful women, slimy creatures, poor acting and hopefully you have as much fun as I did watching it.
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on December 16, 2013
You have to be a fan of low budget B movies to appreciate this sci-fi/ horror from Roger Corman’s New World pictures. If you are, sit back and enjoy all the cheezy SPFX, nudity, sex and gore this fun and strangely stylish Alien inspired horror has to offer. Let’s not forget the slimy, nasty space monster that’s the cause of all the bloodletting. And if that’s not enough, the nubile Playboy bunny scientists that are responsible for all the nudity. Forbidden World is filmed by director Allan Holzman with an almost psychedelic music video style as it tells the story of a soldier, Mike Colby (Jesse Vint) sent to an isolated research station on the remote planet Xarbia to deal with a genetic experiment that has gotten out of control. Colby not only has to battle a growing and hungry genetic mutant but, handle not one, but, two hot and very horny female scientists (Dawn Dunlap and June Chadwick). The type of B movie they just don’t make anymore. One of the last of it’s kind. Crack a few beers and enjoy! Scream Factory's blu-ray print is beautiful and has a lot of fun extras that treat the material with the respect it deserves!
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on June 20, 2013
No, not better than most movies, read on;

This is a 'B' popcorn movie--not Casablanca. Despite most SF type movies having an over abundance of sluts and cussing and swearing nowadays this one is different. I didn't realize what it was unit I saw the original directors' version. I watched the 'remastered' version under this title earlier today. I have to get up early and wound up staying up all night. So I put in the other version by the title of Mutant.

It's the writing. Yep, that's's the writing. Out of all the crap gollywood produces today and yesteryear Corman actually managed to snag a script written by someone having a clue on how to write dialogue.

When you get this movie I want you to pay close attention to what is said as well as done. THEN I want you to apply this same 'small' standard to the rest of the SF movies you watch now and yesteryear. I think you'll understand by the end of the movie why Oldtechno says "Most of the movies today are written by HACKS!"

This writer had a clue (albeit a small clue) on how to write dialogue.

So what's that to you? (you might ask yourself)...well, you pay the same price for a movie written by Robert A Heinlein as you do for some nameless HACK.----Isn't it better to at least have a writer with a clue on 'how to write' creative fiction?

See my point?
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on October 7, 2012
In the distant future, humankind had conquered space; flight between the stars was a piece of cake. But in spite of civilization's technical advances, it was still bedeviled by a shortage of decent food for its Galactic citizens. The Federation was desperate for a solution and believed it may have found one on a remote planet. . . .

Planet Xarbia has a benign orbit around a pair of tranquil stars; it's a harsh planet, but some lifeforms manage to survive on its forbidding surface; one indigenous specimen is prolific with a prodigious rate of growth. Fortunately, this protozoan is similar to Earth life; perhaps it can be genetically combined with food stocks to create a new, abundant food supply. A new research facility was commissioned. The Xarbia research facility was staffed with doctors Hauser, Glaser, and Tinbergen; along with Techs: Brian, Tracy, Jimmy, Earl, and Annie; eight personnel in all.

The first nineteen animal experiments were encouraging, but the twentieth experiment had nothing to do with creating food; its result: mayhem in the biohazard-lab. Upon receiving the report of the accident, the Federation sent their top troubleshooter. When Commander Colby arrives to investigate the accident, there were only seven personnel; whatever happened to Annie? . . .

Warnings for: (your eyes) strobing scenes; (your ears) full-throated screaming; (your sensibility) nudity and sex; (your nose) real rotting animal carcasses; and (your stomach) lots of slop and glop (even on the dinner table.)

"Forbidden World" Picture (DVD - disc 1): 3 to 3.5. Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1. Subtitles: none. Special Features: The Making of Forbidden World, Interviews, Galleries, & Trailers.

"Mutant" Picture (disc 2): 3, a very thin line of distortion at the bottom, occasionally other defects. Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1. Subtitles: none. Audio Setup: Commentary only. Differences between these two films: not noticeable.
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on December 15, 2015
Blu-ray of Science Fiction horror tale has many extras and a fine transfer, even if the film itself is awful(though contains two gorgeous leading ladies in Dawn Dunlap and June Chadwick.)
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