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on March 7, 2017
What’s it About? Grace Brooks needs a stable job so that she can start her life over in Lucky Harbor. So she works as a dog walker for ER doctor Josh Scott but when the nanny for Josh’s son doesn’t show up, Grace suddenly finds herself taking care of Josh’s young son and making friends with his disabled sister. Josh doesn’t have time for a personal life and what little time he carves out is for his son and sister and even that isn’t enough but with Grace around, Josh is starting to rethink his busy work schedule.

Yay or Nay? Yay.

Why? Grace is one of my favorite characters in the series. She’s a survivor, a go getter, and sassy to boot. Any woman would be terrified to be in a town she’s never lived in before, alone, and without a job to support herself but not Grace, she had her misgivings but I loved that she just jumped in with both feet and did her best. She gave “fake it til you make it” a new meaning with how persistent she was.

Then there was Josh. I felt bad for the guy, he was a single dad living with some major guilt where his disabled sister was concerned. He was trying his best just like Grace but he was so overwhelmed with work, guilt, and worries that he was doing what he didn’t want to do and that was neglect his family. I don’t think I’ve read a book like this where it’s the guy who is frazzled, overwhelmed, and taking care of his family on his own. Jill Shalvis put a nice spin on that and I loved how Grace kind of swooped in unexpectedly and saved them all without meaning to.

It wasn’t an easy save though, Josh’s disabled sister Anna was carrying around her own baggage and she wasn’t the easiest character to like. On the one hand I totally sympathized with how she felt about her disability but on the other she was a selfish brat who refused to see how hard Josh was working to try and make up for not being the brother she needed back when she got hurt. Grace certainly gave Anna a reality check though and she did it without being cruel just blunt. Grace was good for everyone involved and they were good for her. I loved her chemistry with Josh and how their romance was laced with moments of what a family life between them could be. All in all it was a believable romance and it certainly felt like it developed at a natural pace.

Click It or Skip It: Click It. Forever and a Day is easily the most heartwarming of the Lucky Harbor series so far.
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on February 18, 2016
Grace is a woman at loose ends, trying to rebuild after leaving a job that left much to be desired. A misdialed number throws her in the path of Dr. Josh, a co-worker of one of her friends who has too much on his plate. His sister is having a hard time recovering from a car accident that killed their parents, and his son is at the age where single parenthood is awkward. The doctor quickly hired the former financial manager as his dog-walker and quickly promotes her to nanny when his sister runs off another one.

Grace is quick to get to the bottom of Anna’s issues with being wheelchair bound, and becomes the support that Anna needs to grow and learn how to adapt to her new situation. She is also quick to bond with Josh’s son, not to mention the good doctor. Dr. Josh is a little slow on the uptake when it comes to everything regarding his family, but being overworked between his dad’s practice and the ER shifts at the hospital accounts for that.
His relationship with Grace is reluctant but hot, but is it enough to keep Grace from leaving when she gets a great job offer?
The plot was strong, but I really wish that there was a follow up to Anna’s story in the series, of her finding love of her own. Still, a good read, with nice hints to the next set of three couples.
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on March 5, 2014
This book is a 4-star but the H/h's lives were so freaking chaotic at times, it was stressing me out!

The heroine was Grace Brooks, 3rd member of the chocoholics and her HEA with Emergency Room doctor Josh Scott.
Grace is trying to find a new job in her field (accounting) because she quit her prior job when boss made it known sex was part of his expectations for her job performance. She jumped in her car and ended up driving from CA to the Washington State little town of Lucky Harbor. She befriended Mallory and Amy, and the trio became the chocoholics.

To make ends meet, Grace does everything, flower delivery, modeling, book keeping etc. She answers a call from Dr. Josh Scott who needs a dog walker and she walks into a life more chaotic than her own.
Josh's parents died in a car accident and left his younger sister a paraplegic. On top of that, Josh's baby mama left him with their son Toby. Toby got a little dog named Tank who needed a walker, hence Grace's new job.

Of course Toby's nanny quits, Josh's sister Anna couldn't fulfill the responsibilities as she was busy making everyone miserable, so it's Grace to the rescue.

This is the clash of the Girl who won't stop running from her parents expectations and the Guy who is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. It got crowded really fast, but nothing like love to strip away the unnecessary things and make people face the music.

I will admit that I liked Amy and the Ranger's story better. I also liked the 3 sister's story better. However, Jill Shalvis tells a great story, with great characters and just engaging you until the end. I like Grace finally making her stand and I like that Josh finally really accepted help. They were just what the other person needed. This series is one of the best CRs out there!
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on December 31, 2013
Reviewed at Another Look Book Reviews

What a perfect book to end out 2013. Forever and a Day leaves me with warm and fuzzy feelings. I have come to love the town of Lucky Harbor and all of their fabulous residents.

Once again, fantastic characters and the group of townies added to fabulousness of Lucky Harbor. I want to visit this fictional town. Especially since all the male residents seem to be hot and well built.

I loved the way that Josh and Grace came together. It was a slow build up even though the obvious attraction was there from the get go. Grace moved up from dog walker to babysitting duties and with each day the family situation got more and more involved. I felt overwhelmed reading about all of Josh's commitments and I am not sure how he was able to hold out for so long. I felt really sad for all that he was missing with his son. It was fairly obvious that his son was speaking silly dog language for attention. So hard to be a single parent with the hours that he had to keep being a doctor.

Even though Josh's sister had a serious attitude, I liked her. She was dealing with a lot and I felt that way she was handling her situation was really true to life. That is what I love about Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series books; lots of real life tossed into a fictional world.

This quote had me laughing out loud which is a common occurrence when I read this series,

"What makes you think I screwed up?"
"Because you have a penis"

What I loved also about the story is that Grace didn't just walk into the Scott household and take over and fix everything. She was just learning each day herself. Overall Forever and a Day was simply an awesome read. I fell in love with the couple and also his family. I am so happy to end 2013 with reading a 5 star rated book.

Teasers: Tank the dog, "The guy code says you get yours first.", steamy pool scene, FREE GRACE
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on October 19, 2013
4.5 Stars. While coming from very different backgrounds, one of the things I loved was that both Grace and Josh have to come to terms with What My Parents Wanted/Expected Of Me vs. What I Want.

I also loved Josh's paraplegic sister, Anna, and the complications that adds to the normal friction of a brother-sister relationship. Anna is not the "poor, pitiful girl in a wheelchair;" she is sometimes, Hell on Wheels, literally.

The Chocoholics thing felt more forced in this, the third of this series, but still had my mouth watering. Again, I totally want to live in Lucky Harbor and hook up with one of the native hottie men. (Out of curiosity, seems all men there are in the 20's-30's, and then in their 70's-80's - might be nice to have men there in their 40's, 50's, 60's, just sayin'.)

While Grace is a great character, and her age (if not her hot figure) is left fuzzy, she doesn't seem (to me) to have a typical CPA personality. I totally bought Josh as an overworked/workaholic doctor, but even though Grace was uncomfortable being unemployed, she should've been more so, IMO. Loved Lucille and the continued social pressure of FaceBook exposure on the couple finding its way. Tank the obnoxious pug puppy almost steals the show. I got Tank and Toby confused a bit at first, especially since five-year-old (human) Toby likes to bark.

Solid story, appealing characters, works as stand-alone, plenty of smexy scenes and chocolate - one of my favorite Lucky Harbor novels.
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on April 22, 2016
Grace and Josh are meant for each other. Josh is a busy doctor raising his young son and providing a home for his sister who was paralyzed in a car accident years earlier, the addition of a new puppy means they need help, immediately. Grace has never had a dog but she needs a job and responds to an add for a dog walker. From there these two characters take a journey to discover what they really want out of life. For Grace it might not be the perfect job, and for Josh it means having to release his father's dreams and find his own instead. Jill Shalvis once again writes a gem. You'll love Lucky Harbor and all of its residents.
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VINE VOICEon August 6, 2012
I got up early on Sunday morning to finish this book - could not put it down. This is the story of Grace (unemployed accountant ) and Josh Scott (Handsome single Doctor). Grace found herself unemployed in Lucky Harbor doing odd jobs , when she gets a call from Dr. Scott to be his dog walker. While Grace is trying to be a dog walker she falls for Josh and his wonderful chaotic family. I loved this characters and the author weaved all the past Lucky Harbor couples into this novel. This book can stand alone but Jill Shalvis novels are always a automatic pre-order. Just pre-ordered Rescue My Heart (An Animal Magnetism Novel) Adam's story from Animal Magnetism series (Book Three).

If you enjoy this genre I would also suggest;Dream Lake (Friday Harbor) ,Can't Buy Me Love,Black Ties and Lullabies and The Fireman Who Loved Me: A Bachelor Firemen Novel.
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on July 29, 2014
I waited so much for Dr. McHottie's story that I couldn't wait to start reading 'Forever and a Day' and luckily, it didn't disappoint.

This book has a different feeling. It wasn't just the love story between Josh and Mallory, it was her learning to let go of other people's expectations and fulfilling her own. It was Josh taking care of his son and fixing his relationship with his sister. Different kinds of love coming together in this book. I really liked it.

My only complaint (with this and the previous two books) is that we didn't get to know more about the first three couples (Maddie and Jax, Tara and Ford, Chloe and Sawyer) which would've made this new series perfect for me. But in spite of that, I really liked meeting the chocoholics. Hopefully, Jill and Lucky Harbor have more stories to tell.
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2012
Grace never thought she'd be starting her life over from scratch, and certainly not in Lucky Harbor. Her various jobs in the coastal town are not what she dreamed up, but they have brought her in contact with the hot Dr. Josh Scott. With so many depending on him, Josh has no time for anything else. Except when the beautiful Grace gets past his resolve, he starts wanting to make time and rearrange his life.

I've loved these Lucky Harbor novels from page one. This is book 6, and didn't disappoint. If you haven't followed them, these are stand alone reads, but I recommend reading them all in order. I think of all the heroes, Josh takes the cake in deserving happiness. He raised his disabled sister after his parents died, and is a single dad now that his wife deserted them. Plus, a doctor who takes care of everyone but himself. This book was not without Shalvis' usual hilarity, but this held more of an emotional punch than the others. And as always, the secondary characters, setting, and romance were spot on. Not to be missed!
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on September 2, 2012
Forever And A Day by Jill Shalvis is another witty and sensational story of love and its power to heal.

Grace Brooks came to Lucky Harbor to have a fresh start on her life. Her last job didn't pan out like she thought and just drove till she ran out of gas. Grace landed in Lucky Harbor and soon became friends with Mallory and Amy. As much as Grace enjoys having good friends she needs a full time job not just these odd and end jobs she has found around town. Somehow she stumbles onto a dog walking job for the hunky ER doc, Josh Scott. Her first day doesn't go so well when she thinks she has lost the dog.

Dr. Josh Scott has a lot on his plate, beside running his late fathers practice, he has shifts in the ER to handle. Added to that mix is his five year old son and the caring of his disabled sister Anna. To say the list Josh's life is spiraling out of control. Rather he likes it or not he needs help and it seems Grace is the only one able to put some control back into his life.

Josh offers Grace the nanny job for his family and to live in his guest house. But having Grace so close is sending his much needed control to its breaking point. Will Josh realize that he needs Grace in his life before she finds employment out of town?

Lucky Harbor series is a heart warming, fun and sexy tales that will stay in your heart for a long time. Each book is a keeper and a must very every romance reader to cherish.
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