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The Formation Of Damnation
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on August 20, 2009
When I first bought this album not too long after it was released I listened to it pretty regularly for a couple of weeks or so. I thought then as I do now that despite a few issues it was a solid Testament release that I'd enjoy for years to come. So why now over a year after its release do I find myself not able to recall the last time I listened to it?
It's because this record is just another unfortunate victim of what many in and out of the music industry term the loudness wars.

Now in this case I'm not sure if this is totally the fault of the mastering job done here or if the instruments themselves were just recorded too close to zero db. I would guess it's a combination of both. It all adds up to a record that is overly loud with everything at the same volume and just fatiguing to listen to. This just plain sucks because I like the music contained here.

So now you say, hey you idiot this is metal, it's supposed to be loud! What are you, some kind of stupid audio snob? Nobody can even hear what you're talking about!
For an even more current example just take a look at the discussion on the net surrounding the newest Metallica album. You'll find many people giving these same complaints. When metal-heads start to complain about overly loud albums with clipping and distortion, you know something is up.
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on May 4, 2008
TestAmenT is back & THANK GOD is still in top form after a killer album that was 'The Gathering!' This new CD was a long time coming & like I said previously, thankfully TestAmenT is continuing in the same musical form as their last album...brutal songs, well crafted & top notch production! What I like about this album though is that it's more upbeat this time around, not too dark & dreary like the last album tended to be at times. Also, it's nice hearing Alex Skolnick soloing again like in the good ol' days! Thrash fans check it out!
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on April 5, 2009
Finally, after waiting years since the Gathering, Testament returns. With Alex Skolnick and Greg Petersen back, the metal machine is ready to crush. Some of the heaviest stuff I've ever heard with Alex on it period. He's put the jazz fusion behind him, and is back to full on metal mode again. Paul Bostaph is a good fit behind the skins, fresh from an Exodus stint. Ex Exodus (and former Legacy) singer Steve 'Zetro' Souza contibutes some backing vocals here and there. An excellent cd, anyone thinking true metal is dead doesnt know where to look.
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on January 6, 2013
I hadn't listened to them in years but remembered their first album as being one I listened to in High School. They probably sound the same, but I just am having a hard time finding any Metal that I like anymore. Black Label Society is my favorite "new" band, that's sad. I just don't like the sounds of today or the monotony of old bands putting out the same sound. Metallica's Death Magnetic was a pleasant surprise, but it was because they went back in time to more of what made them popular.
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on February 2, 2009
Many people seem to think this album is a Godly return from Testament, which I disagree with, however, that's not to say this isn't a good album. The Formation of Damnation is definitely a good thrash album most definitely in the same vain as the other classic Testament albums. There is literally not much more you could ask for from the band, because they put it all out there on this album, creating some great riffs that received substantial airplay on satellite radio and underground Internet stations. This is well worth the price you'll have to pay for it, especially for classic thrash and Testament fans.
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on April 29, 2008
The guy that posted before me is CLUELESS!! I have been a fan of TestAment since 1989 and this album is one of Testament's best ever. Great vocals, Amazing solos and most important Awesome songwriting. My favorite TestAment albums are The Legacy, Practice What You preach, The Gathering and making the list now is The Formation of Damnation. This album has something for everybody that loves Heavy and Trash Metal. I had an advance copy since last Friday and I swear I listened to this CD over 25 times already and still counting... I Love it!
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on July 16, 2008
I was a big Testament fan when the Legacy came out, and also really liked the New Order and Practice What You Preach. Obviously Alex Skolnick's guitar work was one of the main reasons I listened, and when I heard he was back I had to pick up TFoD. So far I really like it, a few repetive songs that aren't that great, but on the whole this is a solid release, and as mentioned before Testament seems to get heavier the older they get which is awesome. One thing I would mention, Skolnick's scorching guitar seems isn't as pronounced as I would've hoped, I really think a guitarist as incredible as him should be more forward in the mix. Paul Bostaph is an excellent drummer and a welcome addition to the original lineup. Overall, I'll give it 4 stars, one of the best metal records of the last few years.
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on April 21, 2011
What a killer album!! This is their best album [other than "The Gathering"] since "The New Order." They get back to their straight up thrash roots with Alex S. back with the band. Chuck's vocals are mostly clean other than the Title Track, which is one of their most brutal songs ever. I recommend this to any old school thrash fan, or any new kid getting into thrash. Both generations will be pleased..... And don't listen to this KOURKOULOS NIKOS reviewer. He's been bad mouthing all Testament albums. This is someone who rated high on Sepultura's "Roots" and Soulfly's "Primitive". This kid doesn't know anything...
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on June 19, 2008
These guys have given us a very solid listen here. The tunes are very well put together and played to perfecton by a very talented band. The production is sweet as well. Welcome back old friends, we missed you!

P.S. Chuck, you rock man!!
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on September 21, 2008
Since their formation Testament has always delivered and brutal assault of trash to the fans and have yet to compromize their sound which gains great respect along the lines of Slayer. Awesome bands amazing new album!
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