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on August 19, 2014
I'm a big fan of the Forza series and make it a point to purchase every iteration. Forza 5 is the first time I've ever regretted purchasing a Forza game. If you've played Forza 4, it will be hard not to be let down by Forza 5. The newest, "next-gen" title has less cars, less tracks, and just generally feels like a less finished title than the previous title. That's just the disappointing part of this game though, the downright insulting aspect of it is how much of the game is DLC / microtransaction gated. I find the amount of secondary charges in this game really appalling, and I refuse to participate in it. What's worse, the in-game economy seems to be balanced in a way that encourages you to spend real money, not Forza credits. I feel like this title requires much more "grinding" than any previous Forza game, and in many cases the best cars are DLC that you can't get without paying anyway.
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on December 31, 2015
I bought this game not too long after getting an Xbox One. I also went all out and got the Thrustmaster TX wheel, a Playseat, and over time added in a 3 pedal set and the manual shifter, all which work perfectly in Forza 5. I can get why people didn't like the game due to the lack of content although it wasn't a problem for me as I'm personally going for enjoying certain cars that I want to drive and not needing to drive them all, but it would have been nice if some of the cars I did want to drive weren't paid DLC. The small amount of tracks also gets repetitive quickly especially if you race in every event in the story mode.

Now that Forza 6 has come out it has pretty much corrected all of these issues: tons of cars, many more tracks, rain & night driving, better/more intense force feedback for wheel users, more events, specialty events, and much more. One thing I did like more about Forza 5 though was the Top Gear voice overs were more informative about the car classes and specific cars for the opening of each new series of races in the story mode where in Forza 6 it's just a few rushed tidbits about the cars.

Now that Forza 6 is out I recommend buying it as well but Forza 5 is still worth playing, at least for the achievements and also for those die hard Motorsport fans and sim racers just to have a new story and goals to progress towards and also for someone who is new to the Forza Motorsport series and might just want to try it out by getting the older, cheaper game. I personally never really got into Forza Horizon 2 however I've put hundreds of hours into this game, even though it isn't perfect (and Forza 6 is so much better) what this game did get right were the graphics and pretty good racing physics which allowed me to have lots of fun with my Thrustmaster wheel setup and sparked an interest to want to go a lot further into the world of sim racing.
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on May 18, 2014
The driving mechanics are the most solid out of the series, and the visuals of the cars and environments look fantastic. Also the new tracks are awesome, and the addition of the rumble triggers and drivatars should become standard in racing games. Drivatars not only let you race against friends without them actually playing but drivers all drive different and do not just follow a line. But... alot of awesome stuff from 4 is missing making it feel rushed.

Clubs were awesome because my friends that do not play the game regularly had a garage of cars to choose from and I have a friend who tunes cars that I liked to use, but they are absent from F5. The content is not lacking for a racing game but it is lacking as a Forza game. IMO there is no excuse to have less content, especially fan favorite tracks like Nurburgring. Also for some reason the storefront is gone which IMO stinks and due to this it feels like there are less paint jobs to choose from. Also would it kill Turn 10 to make a DLC bundle or something that does not want to eat my wallet.

Pros: amazing gameplay, visuals, lacks content, drivatars and rumble triggers are a game changer,
Cons:Feels rushed by lacking key features and content from F4, DLC is pricey, no Porshe again

I think this game will lead up to the best Forza yet, hopefully they are not rushed and remove more content. If they are nor I expect Forza 6 to be amazing
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on July 23, 2014
I can't say that I have any complaints about this game. Regardless of what other people say, I'm going to lay it on the line and keep it 100 percent. And I'm not a fanboy by any means.

Yes it has fewer cars and tracks and less content than the previous forza titles. But hey, this is a launch title, it is what it is. (I'm not a fan of publishers rushing half a game into stores and using it as an excuse for selling us the rest of the game) but in this case, look at the circumstances. This is a launch title. And at least the dlc is reasonably priced for the amount of content you get with each dlc pack.

If you've played previous forza games or driving simulation games and you understand my previous points, you'll love this game.

Because it's a simulation game, there is a learning curve but it's surprisingly easy to pick up and play this game. (It isn't need for speed by any means) this is a racing game that takes the sport of driving seriously.

This game is no doubt a must play if you like racing games. Lets face it, there isn't much else to do on Xbox one right now lol. I give it a 4 out of 5 simply because it isn't perfect. In a perfect world, the game would half shipped with 3 times more content than this. But for what it's worth, its a great game.

In terms of graphics, physics, gameplay and overall quality, it's superior to the other forza games. I believe I've said enough lol. Its forza, most people already know what to expect with this game. It won't disappoint. Its just cars and tracks. But it really isn't that bad. Go ahead and buy it. You'll love it.
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on April 2, 2014
this game earned every single star u see!i luv forza horizons&can't wait to see horizons#2 on xbox1.full 1080p/60 fps!?uhhh YES!lol ppl doubting the Xbox1 need2 see this game flow&thats the perfect word for this amazing sim type racer out here till maybe GRAN TURISMO comes out on Ps4 maybe?lol idk,but we will see.turn 10 studios really stepped up there game on this one thats for sure ppl!!can't wait to get deeper into the handle like they look to omg.just happy to have this game&i got a deal used to save $$$looks brand spanking new!someone took excellent care of this disc lol.this games worth every penny.i can't wait to buy car paks on xb live.they give 2x the car count i see too!?bout time.360 only gave u 5-6 cars or so?u get like 10+ etc cars now ea pak?awesome!ha GET THIS GAME THRU AMAZON OK?Have fun on ur Xbx1
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2014
I have played a lot of these games over the years, and my favorites were Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo 4. They had the same thing going for them - a well-done career mode and tons of content. While I didn't play Forza 4, I did get Forza 3 and while I really did not like that game's career mode, I had a great time in the hot lap mode, working on my times and tweaking my cars. So it is with Forza 5. The staid career mode is more than made up by the hot lap mode, called Rivals. If you are into beating times and improving, it's great.

The career mode, while a bit dry, is better than most. I will say the game benefits a lot from the Drivatar system. Normally the AI in these games is just awful. In Gran Turismo they are scripted and stick to the line. In Forza they go from being terrible in one difficulty to perfect speed demons in the next. Here there is a large amount of granularity in difficulty and they drive dynamically and keep you guessing. It works.

Forza 5 is a launch game, as we all know, and to its credit it still feels like a fully-formed game with a lot of content. There is a lot to do in this game. It suffers, though, compared to games on last-ten platforms. Forza 5 has far less content than Forza 4 and still lacks some things in GT5/6. By now I feel that Forza definitely needs a weather system, night tracks, and other types of races.

I hope Forza 6 can really bring it home and blow everyone away. But for now, this is quite a good racing game.
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on April 21, 2014
As everyone else says the game has stunning graphics. It's very realistic and has a wide selection of cars within the quick play mode. However, greed has gotten the best of them this time. Getting more cars costs a fortune, the best deal offered gets you 60 new cars for $50, nearly the price of the whole game new, not to mention other add ons and temporary XP boosts that all costs cash. Unlocking cars in career mode is very painstaking to do the natural way and would require much much more playing than I will ever put into the game. All that aside it's still a pretty awesome game especially if you don't care about the career mode that much as you can just borrow any car for quick play races.
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on September 2, 2014
Well to start it only has 14 or 15 tracks which makes it become very repetitive. Also I personally dont like when you start a new championship in the game they try to get you a preupgraded car. Thats almost half the fun is upgrading the car by yourself! There is also no real music. I also found the "driveatar" system to be less then lackluster it is supposed to take how you drive and copy it so others can race you without racing you HOWEVER all it really did was take away the generic names it had in the past and put real people names instead not to mention I race the same people over and over again. There were also some cars that have been in previous forzas that you are now required to buy with real money after purchasing the game. With all the negative things being said there is still some good. The game looks amazing it sounds great and you can pretty much tune the game so that its never overly difficult or to easy. In the end you know its a forza game but it feel more like forza 4.5 than it does forza 5.
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on January 2, 2014
When purchasing the Xbox One, I chose to buy Forza as the game I would have at the beginning. I've never really played a Forza game before, but the graphics looked great and the reviews seemed to be the highest of the launch titles.

I played a few times and decided it wasn't for me and ultimately sold it.

Positives: Graphics are outstanding. Race controls are great.
Negatives: For me, it was actually kind of boring. In addition, I found myself getting confused navigating menus and figuring out what races I was qualified for, etc.

I guess racing games just may not be for me. I sold Forza and bought Dead Rising 3 instead. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed DR3.
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on October 17, 2014
Physics are awesome, especially RWD (huge improvement). Everything else sucks horribly compared to Forza 4. Forza has basically sold out to the almighty Microsoft way of doing business--release it with tons of faults, inch toward the lowest common denominator, nickle and dime for everything.

My friend and I both bought this console specifically for this game. That's how important the Forza franchise was to us. Wow, we were so let down. To be fair, the console is way more problematic than the game. But still, Forza 4 was basically perfect. I don't even know where to start with this garbage.

I sold the console and game, got an iRacing subscription and bought a Thrustmaster T500RS.
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