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on March 7, 2015
Ok so I was hesistant to purchase this camera at first due to the popularity of other IP Cameras like DropCam and the Samsung HD, and due to the slightly larger size, but this camera is FANTASTIC! This review will share our thoughts abut the Foscam F19826P (the P2P for $199). It took a few minutes to set it up the way we want it, but the features were great and there are many options available to customize for however you want to use it. Out of the box, you can literally just plug the camera in, connect via ethernet or wifi, scan the QR Code on the bottom of the camera, and login. Immediately, the app connected to the camera and the 960P video quality was amazing. FAR FAR FAR superior to both the DropCam Pro and the Samsung HD (yes, we actually ordered those first and sent them back cause they were medicore/crappy at best). Even the 720P video quality is heads-and-shoulders better than either of the other two competitors. The user can select their frame rate, their resolution (960P, 720P, VGA 640x480, VGA 640x360, QVGA 320x240, and QVGA 320x180), their preferred bit rate, stream type (HD Mode, Equilibrium, Smooth-Mode, or User Defined. The camera also offers a concurrent sub-stream that also has options that can be selected.

We LOVE that we have so many recording options without having to pay a monthly fee to some company just to see our videos. We dropped in a 32Gb MicroSD card and we are golden. This camera also allows you to record locally on PC/Mac (havent tested linux yet), and also has the ability to record to FTP. Bonus! The camera also offers PPOE, DDNS, UPnP, customizable port settings, preferred SMTP mail settings, and more. We didn't use most of these features, but it is good to know they are already in the camera if we ever needed them. the camera also contains its own IP Filtering and blocking rules if you choose to use them. We didn't need that either but its great to know it exists.

The IR Feature in near pitch black is SO BRIGHT that its just ridiculous. We are using the camera in our home and we can see everything, bright and clear. Even the IR detail is fantastic. I keep watching my living room for no apparent reason other than to marvel at how easily I can see everything in the dead of night.

The camera reacts immediately to changes and the video/still photo latency/lag is almost non-existent. The DropCam was anywhere from 2-4+ seconds and the Samsung HD was like 2+ seconds. Although the camera only comes with 3X zoom, it is very clear and the zoom and focus are incredibly fast. When zoomed on the DropCam at 2x, it was so pixelated that it looked like I was looking at circa 1980's video game content and at 3X zoom, the DropCam was unusable for anything better than answering the question "is 'something' in the frame?"

I will admit that the two-way audio is better than the DropCam and the Samsung, but could still use some work. The Fascam is much louder and easier to hear than the other two, but the audio quality needs a bit more work. The only other negative I can say about the audio is that, using my laptop, when I turn on the mic and the audio, there is a vicious feedback loop, but it is probably due to the placement of my mic and speakers. I will test it again tomorrow with a different placement and see if there is a difference.

Let me just mention a few of the other features: email alerts, push-notifications (via the iOS/Android app), customizable motion detection areas (this could be slightly more granular. The user is presented with a 10x10 grid and can select which areas of the grid the camera will alert on motion, but I would like to see the grid resolution increased at some point in the future, but the 10x10 works just fine.), scheduled recording, and more more more... they really did an FANTASTIC job on this camera and its software. One of my favorite parts of the Foscam control software is that we can add additional cameras and view and control up to 9 cameras simultaneously. As mentioned earlier, the software runs as an iOS and Android Mobile App, and also through a browser on a PC/Mac. So far, we found that the browser version runs great on IE and Firefox in Windows but only on Safari on Mac (they lose points for this cause I prefer Firefox).

Tonight, all three of us were logged in via apps and browsers all ovr the house and the system showed almost no difficulty... even with us all trying to control the camera at once. Of course, the camera was doing a funky little dance at the time, but it held up just fine.

In closing, I have to admit that this camera is extremely impressive, but on video quality and build quality. It feels solid, and is very quiet when being rotated. After comparing the various IP cameras out there, we have to give this one several "thumbs up" and are very pleased.
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on October 8, 2015
I just received the camera today. I was very skeptical about the easy setup; however, it was easy. I ordered it knowing I had a 15 yr old who was tech savvy if I needed him. We have V Tech baby camera and they do not pan tilt or zoom and we had to purchase 3 cameras and one monitor to see the whole room. There is only a small part of the room you cannot see and you can even zoom clearly in the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. I am amazed and so happy. We have a special needs child and this will work great. When I am able, I am going to order more of the cameras to put around the house for when we are gone. She is moving in the picture but it's very clear otherwise. I am not sure how it will upload but thought I would try it. Also you can hear what's going on in the room and talk to the person in the room.
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on April 9, 2015
not a plug and play as advertised ... although i got my android phone to recognize the camera and put it on the device list ... i could not activate it ... after 3 hrs i called customer service and while the wait was not long the representative was not helpful as he had trouble understanding what i was telling him (and i had some problems understanding him) ... tried for another half hour and packed it up and its headed back ... i really needed to work rather quickly and did not have the time to invest in it at this time ... might try again in a few months but i'll have to find someone to assist in setting it up ... i always though plug and play was what apple means
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on September 6, 2015
No longer supports Chrome browser Do not buy if you use Chrome.
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on December 3, 2015
This item only works on your cell phone if you are connected to the Internet via WIFI. I cannot for the life of me get the viewing application to work on my PC either. I would not recommend to a friend for security cameras of any kind.
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on April 22, 2016
I currently own an earlier Foscam model camera. I have been pleased with it, and so I decided to upgrade to something more to what I preferred. If it had worked (operative word there is, 'If' ) , I had planned to buy a couple more. Amazon was, at this time, showing no availability for this model, so I decided to order straight from the company. The first order arrived on time. I tried to install it, but there was a roadblock that I could not get past. I contacted Foscam technical support, and I gave them permission to control my desktop. They tried all they could and even they could not get past something. So they said it was defective, and that they would send a replacement, and that I could keep the defective camera (which I thought was very gracious of them, at the time). It took a week for the replacement to arrive. The box it came in, had obviously been opened, as the power cord was all askew, and parts were missing from the box. I had no problem with that, since they had let me keep the first camera, complete with accessories, and I figured it meant they had tested this camera before shipping. NOT !! When I tried to install it, I came upon another stop sign. Contacted TS. They controlled desktop again and again they could not get it working, so they said they would issue a refund. Which took another 2 weeks to get. All, in all, I am extremely disappointed in cooperate Foscam, as I did better when I bought their first camera via Amazon. As a matter-of-fact, because I am not completely disparaging the company, I expect to receive today, 4-25-16, from Amazon, (which apparently received a new shipment), this same Foscam model camera that came defective twice. 3rd time charm? That remains to be seen. :)

4-26-16 Update to this post. 3rd Time IS charm. I did receive this same camera from Amazon, and it installed without problems. So, yeah, I will try my best to stick to buying from Amazon. ;)
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on February 27, 2016
There are two issues with this camera. One which would effect everyone and the other likely just me. First off you'll need to install a browser 'plugin' for the video to work. This was not even hinted at in the presales information. Secondly, once I got my camera up and running it appears that it can't see GREEN at all making the daytime images look odd as they are not remotely the right color. (adjusting the camera video controls is of no help)

Lastly, purchasing from Amazon kills the great factory warranty/support. I'm not sure it is worth the trouble to box up and ship back to Amazon for the lack of Green in the images.

Outside of the above, the camera delivers some sharp images. The IR range is better than expected and the host of controls and alarms are impressive.
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on November 29, 2015
If you want to ditch Nest's Dropcam because of its inability to do local streaming (ie allow you to connect and view video on your home network WITHOUT needing to pull that video from a remote server), there is a better solution. The Foscam FI9826P.

First, the drawbacks. It's huge compared to the Dropcam. Maybe bulky is a better word. While the dropcam is wafer thin, the Foscam looks like a miniaturized R2D2. It lacks Dropcam's fisheye lens and enhanced video zoom. The worst part, however, is Foscam's ridiculous Web UI that only works with Internet Explorer. Yes, you read that right. I actually needed to dust off a Windows laptop to complete the setup! To make matters worse, the web UI is clunky and unintuitive. The android app isn't much better, nor does it support tablets.

So, why do I now endorse this IP cam, after clearly starting off on the wrong foot with it? Several reasons... The lack of fisheye lens is compensated for by the Foscam's PTZ feature (pan/tilt/zoom), again, much like the Star Wars droid. Video quality and night vision are both solid. But the killer feature that hooked me, is actually something inadvertent. 3rd party UI developers have hacked the s*** out of this thing. An app named tinyCam Monitor, fully supports the FI9826P. There's an android app and a Chrome app, and they are both 10 times more functional and intuitive than Foscam's crappy software. The android app let's me cast the video stream to my TV (via chromecast) and and and..... wait for it....... my Moto 360 smartwatch! Seriously! Dropcam was super easy to use, but not remotely as flexible. Foscam along with tinyCam Monitor has proven to be a fab combo.
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on April 14, 2015
I **LOVE*** this camera. This is my third IP camera and the most expensive camera of the three I bought (and I gave away the first two), but finally I have one that takes great video and works well with all my software for the control that I need. The still shots are excellent and the zoom feature makes for outstanding video.

"Plug and Play" is, uh, not quite how it goes unless you do computers for a living. For the rest of us there is still a learning curve but it's not bad at all.

Important tip #1: I created a static IP ending in .200 for this camera, following advice I found during Internet searching. You can use the Foscam software to very easily change the last digits on of the IP address of the camera from the two-digit one assigned by default (e.g. .15, .11, .10, .12, whatever), to .200. THEN, I went to my Internet Service Provider (ISP)'s website (that's Optimum for us, Comcast is another famous ISP) and I reserved that particular internet address (ending in .200) for my IP camera only.

This creates a static IP address for the camera, instead of an IP address that changes (AKA dynamic IP). This guarantees that whatever happens (power outages, plugging in/out, and whatever the ISP does when assigning IPs to your devices), your camera can be located and controlled by the camera's software. The three digit ending for the IP address is magic because you can find the camera fast in a long list of your online devices, and our ISP never assigns IP addresses ending in three digits to devices, so that just stopped that confusion problem cold.

Tip #2: I bought two 32 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-1 Card With Adapter. Pushed one into the camera, and when it became full of video, I took it out and put in the second Card. Then I erased the first card so it's ready for a switch in a couple of weeks. To erase you just put it in the Adapter and stick it in almost any computer and erase it as you would a flash stick.

If you're not fairly wifi computer literate expect to spend a couple of hours, or even days, figuring setup out (or calling support). In my case it took about 5 minutes to get the camera to show real time video on my phone and my computer, but that part is always easy. It took me about an hour to get everything else working perfectly.

I do not use real time monitoring at all. Our camera is located indoors, but it looks out through a window onto our apartment unit's private back yard. Our goal is to discourage break-ins or trespassing, day and night, and to have a video record for police should an incident occur.

For my use, especially with the SanDisk SDHC Card, the newest Foscam software is all I need. I no longer need another software package to do everything. Both the Card and my computer record video.

The camera has Outdoor Mode which is essential if you want to monitor a backyard from indoors 24/7. Without this the lighting won't be right and images are too dark to be useful during the day, or at night. I turn off the infrared night vision because we have good night lighting in our setting, and the infrared light causes glare on the window that ruins the images.

If you're brand new to IP cameras, the biggest tip I can give you is to just use an ethernet cable to connect the camera to your router during set up, instead of attempting any kind of wifi set up. Just string the wires all over the floor for a few minutes, and get your camera image on your phone and PC or Mac, you'll save time in the long run.

After you've got the camera going, and have changed the default "admin" user name and blank password to something else--essential to prevent people on other continents from viewing your camera's images, there's a guy in Australia with a website that does exactly this--disconnect the ethernet cable and see if you still have real time monitoring, but wirelessly. If you find you didn't input your wireless SSID name and password correctly, you can fix this while you've still got your router out of the closet and your ethernet cable handy. Then when you unplug your camera and move it to its final desired location, in a few minutes it will connect via wifi and you're good to go.

I really like the size and look of this little camera, even the nice feel of the black case. I bought a black one because it shows up well against our white drapes at night, but is less obvious from inside the house when the drapes are open.
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on August 10, 2016
For the money the Foscam FI9826PB gives a great picture and is one of the few cameras in this price range with a 3X OPTICAL zoom. I would recommend it with one reservation.

If you are intending to use this camera to FTP upload a snapshot on a schedule to use as a webcam, be aware that the software appends the date and time to the filename. That means that the filename will always be changing and you will not know the filename to use in your web page. Additionally, the older files remain on the server and accumulate over time.

Because the picture was so good and I otherwise liked the camera, I went to the trouble to write a short PHP script for the web site that solved the problem by deleting all but the newest file in the snap directory and renaming it to a known filename. This should not be necessary as the problem could easily be solved by Foscam settings providing a check box to indicate whether you want the date and time appended to the filename.
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