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on January 4, 2015
I have 3 of the old 8910 models and they work okay if I keep the contrast and brightness down. Pictures are fuzzy. I thought the new 9826 with higher resolution and zoom would be great and indeed the resolution is fantastic and the zoom is very nice. As another reviewer mentioned, the zoom doesn't seem like 3x but rather 2x but maybe my understanding of zoom measurements is incorrect. What you get at max zoom is a picture that is half the width and half the height of the zoomed out picture so it's like taking the center "half" of the frame. It does this very well--the picture is very crisp and the colors are rich.
Initially I was very disappointed with the brightness level of the 9826 since I have all my cameras sitting on window sills pointing outside, and while the old cameras do just fine all day long, the 9826 was 95% white-out until about one hour before sunset or on dark, cloudy days. I put the 9826 right next to an 8910 to compare. The 8910's picture was normal while the 9826 was practically all white even with brightness turned down to 0. Then, thanks to Amazon's reviews/comments, someone commented on my old 3-star review and gave me a 1-click solution to my problem: use "outdoor" mode. That made all the difference; the picture now is absolutely perfect even on the brightest days and I've changed my review to 5 stars.
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on January 9, 2015
This is the 4th unit I have purchased so far. Many reviews will state Foscam are entry level and considering the price, they are. I have seen some so-so reviews on their outdoor products but these indoor units get rave reviews. They work very well for my interior and have a very clear picture. I have mine hooked up to a full time server using Blue Iris software and can access remotely. I do not use the SD card for any recording. I let Blue Iris do the live streaming and motion detection recording.
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on January 5, 2015
I have 2 Foscam units. I have a older one and this new one. These cameras are great. They can be a challenge at times to set up, but customer support is excellent. Do not hesitate to buy, or call customer support if you need help. I want to thank the gentleman that helped me this morning at foscam support. I had a bad phone connection and could not get your name clear or it would be posted as i appreciated you excellent assistance with a problem that was my fault.
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on March 20, 2015
We use this as a baby monitor (video and audio) and for that it generally works very well. I liked the prospect of the zoom feature, but to be honest I keep it zoomed all the way in 99% of the time. It required a little tweaking, but overall I'm happy with it.

- The resolution is way better than my last cam.
- H.264 encoding means the impact on my WiFi network is minimized
- It supports HTTPS connections, so you're not sending your password over the network in clear text.
- The pan/tilt is quiet and smooth, a huge improvement over my previous foscam camera.
- It's compatible with lots of good software like Blue Iris on the PC and TinyCam on Android.

- The white model gets significant IR glare off of the white housing when pointed downward at night. This was a huge problem, as we kept the camera on a high shelf to look into the crib. Once you get close to the bottom of the viewing range, the picture loses all contrast. You can tip the camera forward but a better, more stable solution is to cover up some of the white housing. I taped some black tape that doesn't glow in the infrared over the bottom parts of the housing in front of the lens and that fixed the problem. But I shouldn't have had to do that.
- The picture could be a bit clearer for an HD camera. I'm wondering if the zoom lens was set just a tiny bit out of focus. It's not terrible, but I feel like it could be just a little better if I could just focus it a bit.
- There is a network LED that blinks on the back... constantly. I put some electrical tape over it because there's no way to disable it with the software interface.
- Pan/tilt control over HTTPS can be a bit laggy depending on the software you use.
- Foscam's free PC software leaves a lot to be desired. Configuration is tricky and there is no indicator for if you've got the audio on or off. Fortunately you don't need to use their software as the cam is compatible with other software.

I'd buy another Foscam camera but this particular model could use some revisions.
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on April 15, 2015
Been living with this camera for while now and feel that I know it fairly well. It's very good for the price, but overall I consider it "It's OK" at best. It's fine if you want a baby cam or a basic "is someone in that room?" type of camera but if you want details it's not going to deliver as you'd hoped.

- Pan/Tilt is smooth and quiet
- Night vision / IR is excellent
- Wi-Fi/Web interface are reliable, no crashes
- Uploading to FTP works reliably

- Picture is very blurry. My screen shot is of a candy thermometer located approx. 3' from the camera, it's completely unreadable. In general the picture is worse than most other cameras I've used including cheap logitech USB webcam
- Zoom is basically worthless, you do get a tighter view, but the picture is poor even though it's optical
- You must install plug-in's in your browser to view the camera
- You must buy a app to view on your phone, and the apps out there are not the greatest
- Sometimes there is significant lag when viewing which is frustrating if you're using the PTZ features
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on May 11, 2014
We loved our first camera so much, we bought another one immediately. Even though the second camera was the same model, but in white color, it did not have an in-focus picture. I called Foscam service, who directed me to just do a factory reset, and now it is as wonderful as our first camera. Easy set up and a great picture. Now we can see what our kitties are doing when we are not home. My husband wants to watch the cameras during his breaks at work--we might need to buy more!
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on July 8, 2017
I cannot express enough how disappointed I am that I purchased 3 of these cameras. The infrared (night time illumination) LEDs have burned out on all of them to varying degrees causing flickering of night videos. Also, I am unable to access any of the cameras with ANY modern browser to change or update their settings. I purchased Hikvision cameras at the same time, and all of those cameras have worked perfectly and are still accessible via Internet Explorer. I have both the outside and indoor Hikvision HD cameras and all have offered virtually no issues using them with a Synology NAS Surveillance system. Don't purchase any Foscam products. They are extremely poorly designed and will fail with little or no support from Foscam. I had to throw out many hundreds of dollars of these cameras because of their eventual failure or inability to update them with a browser.
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on October 13, 2015
not too bad if you get it on sale from an approved vendor to ensure you can return or replace the device within a YEAR direct from Foscam.

I used to have Trendnet but the software was terrible. with Foscam the video quality is somewhat grainy with IR and without as proven by the attached pics. you're not going to get TV quality with these toys but it's good enough to get a decent face shot if someone is standing within 6-9 ft. day or night. This camera works best in very dark areas at night or in bright sunlight. Any lighting at night causes flares as shown in my landscaping lighting.

The free Foscam software is very easy to find, setup and good enough to get camera going. I also tried the Blue Iris software but the only impressive function is motion detect files are stored right on the interface so you can very easily review all captured motion capture files on a local laptop and the cameras and app rarely crash.

I like the built in ftp function without the need to run an external server to dump 24/7 of video to Godaddy. The software is so light I can also run and record several cameras on a local netbook while I do other normal tasks, and dump to godaddy. I like the wireless networking to send and view video but your camera has to be pretty close to keep the fps at a decent rate.

I also bought the FI9831P it is pretty much the same camera. Be aware HD video means nothing.

Sidenote, I found youtube videos to turn these cameras into PoE devices to reduce bulky injectors or power adapters so that is a plus. I started with this very cheap device on 60 ft runs: WS-POE-8-ENC Multi Port Passive POE Injector for 8 devices and an old 5v trendnet injector.

The reason I am writing this review because it's a hassle to find a decent camera to record home perimeter video 24/7 to local and cloud. Although this camera is not amazing the functions to send ftp video to Godaddy and my laptop, and take snapshots on my Droid phone at the same time make up for the poor to fair video quality.

Soon I'll try to get the built in DDNS working so I can view live video at work...
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on June 17, 2015
Night vision does not work. It's a completely blurry image and you can't make anything out at all. But what's worse - and more of an indication of the manufacturer as a company - are the directions they give you to "fix the problem", verbatim:

1. Please go to to upgrade the firmware from 1 to 3, kindly follow the upgrade guide to finish the upgrading, do not skip upgrade.
2. Please use a strong magnet to take a couple of sweeps over the dome. After that,
please check if you can hear a perceptible/distinctive click sound when restart your camera.

Seriously??? Use a strong magnet to take a couple of sweeps over the dome? Then check if I hear a click sound? Am I your hardware testing facility?? Maybe you should sell your piece of crap along with a strong magnet.

Stay away from this product...
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on July 11, 2015
Nice sharp picture, both in day light and at night, but for advanced users only. This is one of the few IP cams in that price range with a real optical zoom, though the zoom motor is very noisy. The web interface is extremely clunky, requires a plug-in, without which settings are not accessible (bad). The free official Foscam iPad / iPhone app is stuck in the last decade, but at least it's there for the novice user. Better options are available from third parties. Also, the email policy of Foscam is dishonest. One can sign-up for email notifications of firmware updates (good!), but then Foscam uses that agreement to spam you with weekly or more sales emails (bad!). For all practical purposes, one needs to unsubscribe from their email list and check manually for updates. The firmware version syntax is also very confusing - and a higher number doesn't necessarily mean a newer version. Firmware updates are done manually by downloading the zip files, unzipping, and uploading the package to the camera. No automatic updates from within the camera interface (bad!). All in all, the hardware is good, the rest - software and customer service policies - are reminiscent of experimental technologies from the early 1990s. I would not recommend Foscam to people who do not know their way around networks and IP cams. It's not plug and play as the product box claims to be. If you know what you are doing, however, and are comfortable setting up networks or basic servers, and you know what NAT and DHCP is, then this shouldn't present any problems, and you'll enjoy good hardware.
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