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I do like this camera, but it does have it's minor flaws. First, and the biggest for me is what you read on some of the other reviews. The maximum upward tilt is not very good. I suspect they should mount the camera further down and put a deeper dome. I have mine mounted way up high on a gabled side of my house and even that isn't high enough to raise the camera as high as I would like. Daytime image is spectacular, night time, not so perfect. It casts strange reflections inside the dome. I think next I will try one of the domeless outdoor cameras. I will say this one is nicely built. Not plastic but appears to be cast aluminum. Ours is hard wired so I cannot comment on the wireless quality.
UPDATE: 12-4-15. I've had this camera since June and it's worked well. I have included a couple of still shots from the camera. The daytime shot is up the driveway early in the morning in one direction and the nighttime facing the street. The IR lights up a pretty bright area. I love that I can log on and move the camera up and down the driveway.
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on October 12, 2016
Despite lack of support from the company on this product, I found I was able to configure and use this camera for the job I had in mind. What's more, is I was told by several vendors around my hometown that a similarly capable camera would cost ten times what this one does. For the DIY installation, this camera can't be beat for it's functionality and price.

A word of caution: the U.S. based company no longer offers phone support nor offers the cloud service for the camera, and setting up the camera by email would be near impossible. Fortunately, the manual is comprehensive and there are many third party sites out there that can be used to capture the images for you. I set up a local FTP server on my internal network instead, which does not give me some of the tools available to sort and browse the pictures and recordings, but is cheaper than the $10/month that third parties charge. Disk space for full-blown capture ran me over 4GB per day, which is actually not bad, considering. By picking and choosing what I wanted, i got that down to 1GB a day, Since disk space is cheap now, and Windows 10, Mac OSX, and Linux all can be configured for a local FTP natively, it is possible to just use a spare PC or laptop with a moderately sized disk to do this work. Attaching the camera to the wired network in a residential house is a bit more work, but well worth it as the camera disables wireless access when hard wired, making it a true CCTV system. I found it difficult to configure my router to allow camera control from outside my network, but that is also a possibility.
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on June 28, 2017
Works great, used Foscam cameras for awhile. Only complaint is that the web interface sucks as it requires you use Internet this 1990 still, update the web interface Foscam.

As for the camera itself, picture quality is really good, zoom works well and the wi-fi connection is strong from the 2nd floor of my house to the AP in my basement. Motion detection works well, but is a bit confusing at first to understand and instructions from Foscam over setting up the features of the camera pretty much suck.

This camera is meant to be up high, but cabling provided by Foscam is only a foot long which makes absolutely no sense. So I bought some low-voltage landscape wire from my local store, cut the power supply and slice in a longer run of 50' to a small outdoor junction box at bought at the same local store. The PS has enough juice to drive it that far, I noticed after the fact that you can also buy extension power cables too here at Amazon.
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on June 24, 2015
If you really need the dome style that can pan/tilt for outdoor use, it's a decent option. At $250, I think it could be much cheaper. You're honestly just getting a dome camera in an outdoor casing with a wall mount. I'd consider a typical dome camera under an eve for weather protection for cheaper.

I'll just add some helpful tips/pros/cons below:
- They need to get it together and release a new updated google chrome plugin. As it stands now, it's "coming soon," but in the meantime you'll have to use IE (which I hate) and have to change some of the browsers settings to allow use of the unsigned/risky plugin. Not cool. Same issue for all my other HD Foscam's.
2) Image quality is crisp. 960p is my preferred viewing resolution. 720p looks zoomed and cuts off a lot of image view.
3) Wifi antenna is in a fixed position. Not good for mounting near the peak or an eve up against a roof line.
- I removed the factory antenna (simply unscrews) and am using a high gain wifi antenna that has a long cable.
- Product here:
4) Out of network (WAN) video quality is OK. A little choppy, as is the case with every other foscam camera I've used lately.
5) IP cam setups are not for a novice that's not computer savvy. They offer a remote installation, but I doubt that works well as I assume you'll need to somehow let them gain control over your web browser or do a screen share perhaps to guide you through the process. Sounds like a painful customer service experience to me.. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU THINK IT'S A PLUG & PLAY FOR REMOTE VIEWING.
6) TIP: Don't mount the plate flush to the wall. I suggest (from another reviewer's video suggestion) to find a way to mount it at some sort of angle so the camera looks like it's pointing slightly upward. This way you'll be able to get higher vision, especially if you plan on zooming on the image.
7) Digital zoom is very clear and not pixelated. Good feature, if you require that.
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on July 9, 2016
I have had it installed for over a month now and am very pleased. There are only a two reasons I did not give it 5 stars. 1. You can only configure the camera with the Windows Internet Explorer Browser or the Foscam app. I.e., if you own only Mac like I do, that presents a challenge. 2. When mounting, you cannot remove the mounting plate from the neck of the camera. Therefore you have to support all of the weight when installing. Technically, I could disconnect the neck, but the wires were not small enough to come out allowing complete removal.

Having installed several cameras from several vendors - these issues are out weighed by how well the camera is working.
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on February 20, 2016
When this camera works, it is a good camera but it seemed to take a few days to settle on. When I first mounted this camera, I noticed a small screw inside the dome. When I took it down to examine it I saw two screws. I took off the dome knowing I might have warranty issues but wanted to see what the issue was. Once I got the dome off 6 small screws were laying there loose. It took a minute to figure what they were for. It turns out there is a rubber gasket around the dome to keep it watertight. The six screws are used to keep the gasket in place. I guess the assembler was is a hurry and just threw them inside. Everything worked once I reassembled it properly so I remounted the cam. It was easy for me to set it up as this is my 5th foscam webcam. It worked for a while but keeps disconnecting and hanging while being accessed. If you use the Explorer interface you have control of all the functions. The mobile apps however have issues. The foscam app cannot use the directions but can access the presets most of the time. Sometimes when I use the new foscam app that only works with HD cameras to access it I have to power cycle it. Fortunately I mounted a switch where I could reach it.
It is also annoying that you cannot raise the camera up to 90 degrees - only about 70 degrees. Also like all Foscam cameras you have to connect the camera to an Ethernet cable to update the software. Difficult to do if it is mounted outside on the second floor.
When I can access it it has a sharp picture and the zoom works well. Night vision works well as i can see up to 100 feet (maybe a full moon helped). If only it would stay connected, I could live with it. It seemed to have settled in as I have been able to connect to it for a couple of days.
Lastly this cam does not work with the Chrome browser. Internet Explorer works fine.
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on August 8, 2016
Worked really great! The only downside, but an understandable one is that this is not able to be powered over Ethernet (PoE), however when you think about the power required to move the ptz motor it kinda makes sense. So I did have to install an electrical outlet since I was banking on the possibility of PoE, but was easy enough since I had power nearby the camera location. The setup was mostly painless, most of the trouble was caused by my private and public subnets in my LAN. I hooked this up to my NVR that I got from monoprice and it worked great!
I must say I have some other NVR 720p cameras with night vision (IR) and this camera beats them completely. I can see farther and clearer with the foscam and when a subject comes into frame it adjusts to bring clarity. Some of the advanced features with the foscam I would say are a little vague, but for basic setup it is really easy
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on January 10, 2016
The camera's video performance is pretty good, but the firmware needs some work. A couple of issues I have with it:

1. I can't get TinyCam Pro to work with it at all - I have to use the FOSCAM viewer, which itself is pretty clunky and not very responsive with PTZ controls compared to TinyCam Pro.

2. There are some weird length limitations when trying to configure DDNS settings: Your userid can't be more than 20 characters, so if it's your email address and you have a long last or first name, you're out of luck setting up DDNS. The same limitation applies to DDNS host names when trying to set up multiple cameras in the embedded server - if your host name is over 20 characters it won't take it. Hopefully some updated firmware will fix those limitations.

3. They neglected to do some translation to English on some of the interface controls. For example, if you click the button to take a snapshot, the resulting screen-grab has a control on it with some Chinese text (which is the "save" button).
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on June 17, 2017
I purchased this camera to replace an indoor FOSCAM camera that I was using outside. The indoor camera was under a covering and lasted for four years. I was impressed. The new outdoor camera has excellent video, zoom, and other features. My only complaint is it cannot go much above the horizon, but this is a known attribute of the FOSCAM outdoor cameras. The camera also does not have an internal microphone, but I did some research on line and found that other users have connected the "VideoSecu High Sensitive Preamp Mini Audio Pickup Tiny Spy Microphone with Power Bypass" and have made it work. That microphone is only $7.50 and I did want to capture the outside sounds. I had a little difficulty getting the microphone to initially work because I connected it to the "red" input to the FOSCAM camera, but I chatted with their technical support and they said it needed to be connected to the "yellow" input, when I mad the switch it works great. [not the color convention I was expecting]. I have one more camera to replace and will probably use the same setup. When using Blue Iris the audio source should be "IP Camera Stream".
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on November 14, 2016
I like this camera. Set up was quick and easy (like most Foscam cameras). The camera and enclosure are also very solid, and water tight. I'm pretty sure it will survive almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Picture quality is excellent. Both at night and during the day. The optical zoom is amazing also!

It has 16 powerful LEDs surrounding the lens (four on each side, top, and bottom), which do a great job of illuminating the viewing area. I was skeptical about them being on the camera and inside the enclosure. Usually LEDs inside the glass reflect terribly and blind the camera, but these do not. They shine brightly and illuminate the viewing area perfectly to about 50ft.

There are a couple things I don't like, however. First, it doesn't see anything at night when I just use my external, infrared flood lights. Don't know if it's a wavelength issue, or LUX, but for any night time illumination, the on board lights must be used. Second, the upward viewing angle is a bit shallow. I shimmed the bottom mounting screws so the camera has a slight upward tilt, and now it can view upwards to my liking, as well.

Having only had this camera installed for a week, it seems to be another quality Foscam product. Easy to set up, install, and use. This camera is pricey (maybe a tad overpriced). However, I still recommend it to anyone needing a camera that they may need to mount high on a building for the panoramic view, but can zoom in for great close up surveillance too...

Update: I've had this camera up about a month now. It's working great! Just went through a couple nights where the temperature got down to -15F, and the camera performed flawlessly... Early this morning this is what it recorded:
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