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on September 30, 2012
This screen stops a lot of the glare and provides good protection for the screen. There seems to be some confusion about how to apply the screen as there are no instructions so I will list the procedure I used to apply it.

Firstly, the screen protector actually consists of the screen protector in between two other screens labelled "Step 1" and "Step 2". Three sets are provided as well as a small microfiber cleaning cloth.

1) Use an alcohol pad (or Windex) to lightly wipe away all the oils and dirt from the screen.
2) use a wash cloth to dry and lightly brush away any lint.
3) Look at the screen as you angle it into the light to observe that there are no particles or lint on the screen and remove it lightly by brushing it off with the wash cloth.
4) Peel off the tab and plastic cover that is labelled "Step 1" ensuring that you DO NOT touch the bottom part of the screen only the tab labelled "Step 2"..
5) With "Step 2" up place the bottom part of the screen to the bottom of the tablet. Carefully line it up so it is parallel to the bottom and perpendicular to the sides of the tablet.
6) SLOWLY bend the top of the screen towards you as the bottom of the screen slowly adheres to the tablet. Use the provided microfiber cleaning cloth to lightly press the screen down and wipe from side to side as you progress to the top of the tablet.
7) Keep on SLOWLY laying the screen down from bottom to top and ensure there are no bubbles present.
8) Continue until fully adhered. The screen should line up with the tablet screen and the camera oval cut out should align with the two camera holes.
9) There should be no or very few bubbles. Use the microfiber cloth to push the bubbles towards the sides of the cover to eliminate them.
10) Once you are satisfied there are no bubbles, rub down the entire screen with the microfiber cloth a few times.
11) Pull he "step 2" tab slowly away from the screen to leave the final screen protector in place.
12) The screen protector should have no bubbles but if there are a couple very gently push them out with the cloth.
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on September 24, 2012
The screen protectors do a great job IF you can get them on correctly. To do that, don't follow the written instructions. If you do that the protector will get all messed up and will not go on smoothly- there will be air bubbles everywhere that will not rub out. Go online and watch the video about how to install the protector. The protector is actually 3 layers. A back layer you peel off immediately. A top layer you peel off after installation. That leaves the middle layer to protect your touch screen.
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on January 7, 2014
Screen protector looks good after applied frosty from a distance but no bad when in use.
For anyone that has problems installing a screen protector here a few hints.
-Clean the area you will be installing the protector first and try to remove as much dust and debre from the area.
-Use rubbing alcohol/windex/degreaser to clean the screen first what every you have on hand.
-apply strips of tape around the back of the device with the ends laying flat on the surface you are working on.
Do not remove the protective films leave both front and back intact to fit it first,
-Place the screen protector and find the location it fits best then rap the tape onto the top of the screen protector to hold it in place,
Masking tape works best masking or whatever can work.
-Now like opening the cover of a book, peel protector off the screen, clean once again.
-Without touching the screen peel the back film from the SP and fold it back onto the device everything should line back to the spot you first had it.
-Remove the Tape
-Use a credit card to get the air bubbles out
-peel the top film, tape can come in handy to get the top film off again.
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on September 17, 2012
I use my Samsung galaxy tablet often for reading my Kindle books. It was nearly impossible to use it for reading outdoors due to the reflective glare. This anti-glare screen protector does help reduce the glare. I can read outdoors now ; the glare is not completely gone but it is possible to read especially if you get in a shadowed area and not direct sun. It is not as good as an actual Kindle for outdoor reading but certainly worth the price for what it does.
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on November 16, 2012
Like most others, I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab as an e-reader and on-the-go web browser . Overhead indoor lighting and outdoor sunlight posed a challenge. They have screen protectors at BestBuy for $30 and up, but that's just nuts. The Fosmon protector is priced right and went on smoothly the first time out. It really works. Cuts the glare and gives the tablet screen a nice, subdued matte look.

Some bits of advice, also noted below. Ignore the written "instructions", which are too cryptic and overly complicated. There's a couple of YouTube videos that walk you thru it. As weird as its sounds, it helps a ton to apply it in a bathroom after you've run a hot shower for few minutes. You don't need to create a sauna - just get it to where you can feel the humidity, which takes out the dust in air. Use Windex on the screen and the enclosed cloth to take off smudges and dust.

Peel off Side 1, place on the Tab and smooth out the air pockets with a credit card as best you can. Don't worry if a there are a couple remaining. They disappear after a couple days. Key is to make sure there's no dust or debris on the screen prior to application. If it's not right the first couple of tries, peel it off and try again. Just touch the edges only.

For the price, it's unbeatable.
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on December 8, 2012
Works exactly as described, great matte finish. I have clammy fingers that stick to glossy screens, but it is much easier to scroll and read now. This does have a small one inch by one eighth inch cut out, presumably for a speaker, which the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 does not have, but it is barely noticeable, and is not on the touch screen part. I had to sacrifice one screen cover due to some invisible dust, but it cleaned the screen perfectly and the second went on easily with no assistance from anyone else and all bubbles disappeared with no issues. I used a paper napkin and my finger to smooth out the few small bubbles instead of the plastic tab it came with. I can attest that this product is of the same quality as the $25 ones, time will tell if these are as durable, but at $5, who can complain? Ive got one left if i ever need it. Very happy with purchase, would definitely recommend this product and seller.
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on May 24, 2013
I had such difficulty putting the screen protector on that I gave up. There were so many air bubbles that I could not see the images on the screen. I followed the instructions on the product packaging, read the reviews of other customers who had purchased this product, watched a youtube video - all to no avail. I even wrote the seller asking for help. I was told, "The best way to eliminate bubbles on the screen is while you work your way laying the screen protector down on the screen. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Screen protectors have been a successful and proven product, and there are millions sold." I tried again and still could not remove the many, many air bubbles. This is not the first time I have applied a screen protector, but it is the first time I have had such trouble. All three proectors that came in the order were tried and none went on smoothly or easily and they now sit in my drawer, where they will stay!
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on January 4, 2016
This screen protector lasted longer than the tablet did. I loved the matte look and feel and the fact that there were never visible fingerprints. Some may not like that matte look because it does look and feel different than other protectors but for me it was a great fit. These are excellent especially for children because when children use tablets there always seems to be a guarantee of lots and lots of smears and fingerprints. When my son had this matte screen protector his tablet seemed so much cleaner and we didn't have to wipe it down twice a day like tablets without these protectors.
Just as another warning like I said the matte finish is a very different look and feel than what we're used to. My husband felt it distorted the pictures on the screen but for me I didn't see it that way. So it seems it will be dependable whether you like the matte finish depending on personal preferences and how worthy it is to you not to deal with fingerprints and smears.
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on April 27, 2013
Just like any screen protector shields, this was not easy to put on, but totally doable if you are patient and follow the instructions. I found another tip from another reviewer elsewhere that said to use sticky tape to pick up tiny bits of lint or dust when you see them stuck on the inside part of the screen protector. Don't use your fingers -- you'd just put fingerprints on it. Another thing I use to make the tablet screen squeaky clean is a lens cleaner.

Once it's on, you can feel (after peeling the top layer - there are 3 layers: a top cover, the screen protector, and a bottom cover) that the screen protector has a very, very slight graininess to it, but not so grainy as to be disturbing. This is what makes it anti-glare and not shiny and reflective. I like it very much. Would like it even more if someone else had done the putting on for me. he he...
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on January 23, 2013
If you are okay with numerous small bubbles mostly caused by miniscule trapped dust particles, this anti-glare screen works okay. They give you three of these because they know you can't possibly get close to bubble-free in just one attempt. In fact, unless you are doing this in a surgical suite with negative air pressure, you cannot achieve bubblelessness because the very act of peeling the inital adhesive ocver off is going to bless you with dust by means of static attraction. In addition, the screen is the size of your entire Tab 2, so if you also can't perfectly square-fit it, the edges will not seal. So for a few bucks, I guess this is okay, as long as you don't mind a few bubbles and can live with the dullness of a smudgy screen that won't clean. Personally, I couldn't and removed it.
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