Customer Reviews: Fossil Men's FS4487 Machine Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Watch with Silicone Band
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on August 21, 2011
Had my eyes set on the identical Fossil watch with a black stainless band. After seeing a friends black stainless Movodo get scratched and show the silver color through, I decided to try on the silicone version. It made the watch so much lighter! I'm much more likely to wear it now! The band has a much more matte finish, which I think is much more masculine than shiny metal (ceramic or black stainless). Wish it was available with more colors as the details in the chronograph, I would have preferred red over blue.

Matte finish
Hard to scratch the band
Cheap to replace the band

A little more sweat builds up behind the band
Cheaper feeling if you touch it
Not sure how long a silicone band lasts
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on October 17, 2013
I guess I would call this a Goldilocks watch, everything about it is "just right". All fossil watches come packaged in a round or, like this watch, square "tin" container filled with a firm dense foam with the watch nestled in a cutout In the foam made to fit the watch. This container was placed in a larger shipping box surrounded by air-pillow padding, so you can rest assured the watch will arrive without damage. When you pop the top off the container there is a small booklet containing instructions for registering the watch w/Fossil and it tells you where to go on Fossil's website for instructions on setting the watch functions, date, time, chronograph use, etc. The website instructions are very good. When you extract the watch from it's "cozy bed" it has the original pricing tag attached to the buckle and a clear thin membrane covering the watch crystal.

The weight of the watch is "just right". It's substantial enough to feel the watch is an excellent quality build yet it's not too heavy. I have worn it everyday since receiving it and, of the many watches I own, it is now the most comfortable watch I own. The 'patterned' silicone strap definitely adds to the watches overall appearance and the silicone used is extremely flexible and actually has a 'softness' to it. I'm always concerned about silicone straps causing my wrist to perspire, and most will, but that has absolutely not been an issue so far with this one.

The size of the watch is "just right". The trend today seems to be toward large watches and, with the case on this measuring 45mm, it is large but even on my thin 7" wrist it doesn't appear overwelming. I have a number of watches 44mm to 50mm and they 'feel' large, this one doesn't. I think the relatively slim, 12mm thick, case is what really makes this watch not 'feel' large and also a big reason it's so comfortable.

Setting this watch is similar to many, that is you pull the stem out 1 position and rotate it till the day prior to the current date appears then pull the stem out to the second position and rotate the hands until the date 'clicks' over to the current date (so you know when the hands hit 12 o'clock your starting at midnight) and continue rotating the hands to the correct time, making sure to go past 12 o'clock again before setting a pm time so the date will always change properly at midnight. Again, compared to other watches I own, this watch is the easiest to manually set. The stem's knob is easy to grasp, the distance you pull and the affirming detent when you 'hit' position 1 is reassuring as it is with movement to position 2. Many watches require pulling the stem out and turning it to see if your in the right position and, if not, pulling or pushing it a little further and rotating until you see the action you want.

The chronograph function is easy to initiate and use and the shiny blue hands on the subdial's are easy to read. The large start/stop and reset buttons are slightly concave, which I think adds to the watches' style, and provides positive tactile feedback when pressed. When the reset button is pressed the hand of the 'seconds' dial rotates counter clockwise one rotation for every minute that was measured until it's returned to it's starting position. I think this is unusual and, depending on the length of time you measured, can take a while.

I guess the styling of this watch is what caught my attention initially, as is usually the case. The machine look with the knurled bezel, the large concave buttons, the layout of the face along with the blue subdial hands and the overall black coloring all caught my attention, and catches the attention of most people who see it. I guarantee you will get compliments from many strangers who feel compelled to comment on it. All of my fossil watches have proven durable, knock on wood, and I've yet to have a single quality issue with any of the three I own. Unfortunately I haven't had as good of luck with the one Relic brand I own which is made by fossil and is a less expensive line. But I recommend fossil highly, and especially this watch.
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on October 1, 2012
Went to buy a Michael Kors all black watch until I saw this watch in person. It also fit my skinny wrists nicely with the adjustable silicone band. The band looks just like a metal band, but feels so comfortable. Definitely a selling point for me. The light blue chrono hands are a nice detail. All black face and different textures of black/matte black make this a great looking watch.
review image review image
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on September 7, 2010
At first I thought the watch would have been too big for my wrist (as they are a bit thin) but it works out quite nicely. The silicone band is great for sporting applications (sweat), while still maintaining its bold black style to the overall finish of class. The white tip of the clock hands look really good. Also, the hands of the left and right chronographs are blue, which adds a great touch. I'm quite happy with Fossil brand watches and this one is no different.
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on October 31, 2013
I love this watch. Water resistant check! Solid weighty metal body CHECK! soft rubber band that doesn't catch arm hair CHECK CHECK CHECK! The watch is great, very stylish, my girlfriend loves it and of course it does all the things that it says it does (timer, watch, soft band etc).
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on June 25, 2015
I'm not much of a watch person to say this is a well built watch. But from what I can see and feel this is a great looking watch. Even better looking in person than these pics. Great quality.
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on June 11, 2011
I ordered this watch here on Amazon. I love it. Its perfect for my job here in afghanistan as it looks nice with my black and white uniform, and the rubber bank gives it a ruggedness about it. The performance so far is perfect. The only complaints are that they face has gotten slightly scratched and the black dial has worn off a little but in places with the silver showing through. I guess this can be expected as I've been wearing this watch everyday for over a year now. I would even consider buying this same watch again in the future when mine is worn out.
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on August 8, 2015
I've had this exact watch (Fossil FS4487 w/ Silicon Band) for a while now, and I hope to give a detailed, unbiased review.


- Looks. It looks better in person than in the photo. Super elegant, yet modern and casual. In my opinion, it's a perfect hybrid for professional and casual wear. This is by far the greatest reason why I bought the watch and why I'm keeping it. It's just a beautifully simple, high class watch.
- Accuracy. This is very important to me. I always set my watches to match my iPhone to the second. If you trust the iPhone time, this watch is very accurate over time. Still synced up to the second, and I've never had to readjust it.
- Size. This is just my opinion, of course, but it's a perfect size. Large enough to fit a man's style, yet not over-sized and obnoxious like many modern men's watches.
- Simplicity. Again, opinion - it has three subdials, a small date window, and nothing else. I do not like the busyness of Casio G-Shock watches, but I don't want a watch to be nothing but an analog clock as well. Perfect medium. The left and bottom sub dials are the minute and second hands for the chronograph respectively, and the right subdial is the current hour in military time.
- Silicon Band. Lighter than a metal band and more comfortable in my opinion. The watch head is decently heavy on its own, so a lighter band is great. It feels similar to rubber, but smooth, and it won't catch on arm hair. Also, the style imitates a metal "link" band, and doesn't suffer in looks whatsoever. I definitely recommend the silicon band if you aren't the keenest on metal. Plus, no re-sizing is ever necessary. (Cons on the silicon band below.)
- Glow in the dark hands. This isn't as awesome as it sounds, but the tips of the hour and minute hands (the parts that are white in the picture) do glow in the dark. It's not nearly as useful as a backlight, but it does allow you to see the general position of the hands. Keep in mind, you can only see the hand positions in the dark - not the entire dial.
Durability. The crystal glass seems very durable and scratch resistant. I've banged it a few times on various objects and it's never retained even a tiny scratch.


- Silicon Band. Two disadvantages. 1) Potentially makes you sweat if you wear it snug, more than a metal band would. Although, I sweat very easily, and it doesn't make me sweat at all because I wear it relatively loose. 2) It attracts dust and whatnot. When I get out of the shower, the particles from my towel are sort of attracted to it, and it looks a bit like powdered sugar on the band. Not a big deal at all, because it easily comes off with water, but it's still a bit annoying.
- Lacks practicality. If you come from an the Iron Man watch series or similar sports watches like I do, this one can feel a bit limited. My old watch displayed the day of the week, month (abbreviated), and the date. I've gotten used to just the date pretty quickly (I never have trouble remembering what day of the week it is), but it was pretty handy to have the full info. Also, of course, it doesn't have a full chronograph with laps, timer, occasion reminders, alarms, etc. like a lot of multi-functional watches do.
- Limited Chronograph. I've found that the chronograph is next to useless for a few reasons. 1) The subdials are so small that it's difficult to tell the exact second or minute that you're currently on. The numbers are in intervals of five, so if you stopped the stop watch on 2 or 3, it's not completely clear what it actually is on. 2) Like I said before, you can't track laps, you can only track a total amount of time. 3) The chronograph has to fully rewind like an old school VHS tape when you reset it. It's actually kind of cool to watch, but if you just timed something that took 30 minutes, it'll be a good 3-5 minutes before it resets. Conclusion - the chronograph is good for simple activities in which exact accuracy is not necessary.
- Military subdial. The military time subdial is a bit frivolous in my opinion. It just points to the current hour with a subdial that counts to 24 instead of 12. If it does anything useful for me, it gives a visual representation of how far throughout the day it's been, so to speak. Since a full rotation of the hand means one full day. Even so, I could do without it.
- Resetting the date. On months with only 30 days (and February) you have to manually reset the date to the 1st on the following month. Very small disadvantage, but some people could be bothered by that.

One other thing - I've attached a photo from the Fossil manual that came with this watch, and it suggests that 5 ATM watches like this one should not be used for swimming, even though it rates it at 50 meters (165 ft.). Sort of a conflicting thought. Not sure how to take it.

Conclusion - The pro's heavily outweigh the cons and I would recommend this watch to anyone. All of the cons are very minor, and the sheer beauty of this watch makes it worth the investment. Simple and beautiful.
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on January 29, 2013
I love the look and feel of the silicone band. The dial is very good looking up close but sometimes glancing down at the watch on my wrist it's hard to tell the time. The hands get lost in the background. But I do like wearing it.
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on October 11, 2012
I wanted a watch I could wear throughout the day, one that wasn't TOO flashy, but exuded a sort of silent power...

-beautiful, bold, not too gaudy/flashy, matches well with almost everything
-silicone band makes it much gentler on your wrists than stainless steel bands
-not too heavy, watch face is big and easy to read
-easily adjustable length, should fit most sized wrists

-somewhat on the expensive side, should buy it if looking for more permanent watch
-ticking can be a little loud sometimes

in the end, this watch seemed too nice to be used casually, and too casual to be used at classy events (weddings, etc.), some people could probably pull it off, wearing it to a white collar job seems perfect

ENDNOTE: If I had to describe this watch using a power animal, I'd say it was like a panther... quiet, deadly... black...
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