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on August 24, 2012
I purchased this strap recently to provide another carry option for my Canon 7D with 70-200mm L 4 lens. I was concerned after reading several reviews on similar low priced products which showed periodic fastener failure- the horror of losing several thousand dollars of equipment to a faulty part is hard to take. Anyway, after pondering the situation and reading the seller's description, I decided to go with this product. The strap was easy to attach to the camera and seemed sturdy: it wore well, also. I pulled on the fastener to test possible strength, durability and construction quality. No failure noted. So far, all is well. It appears as though the product will live up to its billing of being tested to 150 pounds load capacity - at least enough strength to carry most camera/lens combinations without apparatus failure. I still periodically check the screw to ensure that it is tight, secure, and appropriately placed. The hook is starting to flake but this appears to be cosmetic only. Because of this, I rated the the strap four stars. I can live with this product and be contented as its performance appears to live up to its billing. This is a convenient product that makes carrying a dslr a little easier. It's well worth the price of admission.
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on November 7, 2014
I have used this strap for a couple of weeks, mostly for night club photography, so nothing too extreme. It was great while it lasted, especially the ergonomic shape of the shoulder pad and the second strap that keeps it from sliding towards your neck. Very comfortable to wear, although the strap itself could have been a bit broader. The quality of the strap is very decent for its price, BUT that does not apply to the carabiner/hook. I read that it flakes after some time, which i could have lived with. But what i didn't anticipate was that the catch for the gate (the non-moving part at the opening) would break off, leaving me with a gate that is always open, as i can't even screw the sleeve over the tip of the hook anymore.
It was a great strap while it lasted, but now i don't feel comfortable using it anymore.
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on February 12, 2014
I am an amateur photographer and often shoot out in the field. At my photography club meeting a friend of mine mentioned this strap. I have recently purchased a Canon 70 D and had used the strap that came with it which was uncomfortable especially when walking around.

This is one of those things that you don't know how great it is until you have one. This strap allows you to "wear" the camera on your hip. I can now walk around very easily. Also the strap is not my neck so I expect in the summertime this would be cooler.

I'm sold, this is a solid upgrade to my camera bag for very little money.
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on December 26, 2013
I love this strap! I did a lot of research into which camera strap to buy. I travel a lot and also photograph portrait sessions and weddings. I wanted something that was versatile for my different photography. It was also important to have something sturdy for my $2000+ equipment. I did not want to risk having my camera drop on the ground. I also didn't want something that cost $60+. I am a petite female and was also considering the female specific styles since I figured they would be more comfortable for me. I decided to order the Fotasy and compare it to the more expensive/highly recommended and well-known brand to see which one I liked better. This was the clear winner! First, it was about 1/8 of the price. Second, it is very comfortable. I didn't find any issues with this strap being a non-female-specific design. Third, the screw was very secure. I walked around all day with the camera and it never budged. Fourth, I love the fact that it has that second strap that goes under your armpit for a number of reasons. One reason why I love it is because it keeps the camera really secure. I am active and I also like to climb up on chairs, stools, whatever to get different angles in my photography. This second strap makes sure that it doesn't fall off your arm. I also love it because it gives you another level of security when you are walking in the city. I travel to third world countries and am also conscious of people who might try to steal your camera or drive by on a motorbike and grab it. I really liked the security of the second strap and found that it was comfortable.

The strap also folded up and fit inside my camera bag (lowepro passport sling bag) while it was still attached to the camera. I never had to take the strap off the camera during my trip.

All in all, this was exactly what I was looking for at a bargain price.
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on May 28, 2014
First of all, If you've never tried to use one of these style camera straps, just order it, It's worth it.
Second, I don't know if it's my copy or if they're all like that, but after a day of heavy use, the chrome paint that they used on the rapid fastener started to chip off, and showered my camera in what was effectively glitter; I was furious - what if that junk had gotten in to my camera? Dust is bad but glitter? It's insane that they thought It was remotely ok to use metallic paint on a joint with this for the purpose of being used with optical equipment.

To explain further:
The part that screws in to the camera from what I can tell is actually made of stainless steel, but the hook that connects in to that is apparently just some cheaper metal pained to look like it's stainless steel, the thing that gets to me about that is that it really doesn't matter to me what the hook looks like, as long as it works, and I for one would personally prefer that it looks like scrap metal brown rather than have the paint flake off on to my camera.

How it works:
I can't say this enough, I love how this works, I just hate how one part of it was built (frankly enough to give it a 1star rating if I didn't love it other wise). When you first get it, you will need to take the little metal and rubber screw and twist it in to the bottom of your camera, then you will put the strap on, buckle the anti-slip strap under your arm, clip the hook in to the loop that you screwed in to your camera, then that's it, your camera will hang at your side always at the ready. it makes it feel much lighter, and you can pull your camera up and shoot faster than any other strap I've tried.

And that's what I love about it, It's fast, your camera hangs upside down, and right where your hand falls normally so it's easy to grip and get back to shooting. Unfortunately what makes this a speed demon, also compounds that problem i was talking about earlier, because it's hanging upside down, those little metal flakes fall all over you camera as the 'stainless steel' quick release scrapes it off of the hook.

Would I recommend this to a friend?
I'd probably just loan them mine, so they can get a feel as to if they like the style of this strap before recommending that they buy a from a different brand with higher build standards. Would I recommend you buy it? I mean it's a great design I'm just not sure if the risk of getting glitter in your camera is worth the cost savings, I would say think about it, and if you do get it, buy some sand paper at the same time, and fix this one big glittering flaw.

In short, I would rate this camera strap 5 Stars for design, but 1 Star for showering my camera in glitter.
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on March 20, 2016
This is a great way to carry a camera especially if you use a heavy 400 mm lens. However, the slip joint on the clasp that attaches to the camera will fail after you have begun to trust it. The head of the rotating part wears enough that it pulls through leaving the D-ring on the strap and your camera and expensive lens on the ground. The separation happened to me a month ago and today, the same happened to my friend who had come to love and trust the sling. The screw-down lock on the hasp gives you assurance that your photo equipment is safe but no chain is stronger than the weakest link because the rotating joint, not the normal hook opening fails. It is not possible to inspect the part to detect imminent failure because the joint isn't visible. Perhaps putting a lubricant on the rotating joint would prevent wear from enlarging the opening enough to cause the failure I have described.
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on July 22, 2014
I bought this strap for my three week trip to Europe. Everyone had positive reviews, and the price was right. Unfortunately, the carabiniere that holds the camera broke apart on Day 2 of my trip. Fortunately I noticed the failure as I was just about to let go of the camera and caught it. The strap itself is great, fits my very comfortably, but the defect in the fastener is really really scary. Had I not noticed that it came apart, I would have dropped my 60D with a 24-105mm f/4L straight on to the concrete in front of Vittorio Emanuele II monument in Rome. I reinserted the two pieces back together, but now they just come apart freely.

Now I'm stuck with a broken strap for the rest of my trip which is really disappointing. My attempts to hack the fastener back together have just made me more frustrated as the strap relies on the camera to be hanging perfectly centered. Without the original fastener, a regular carabiniere just twists the strap and makes it very frustrating to use.

I understand the motto of "you get what you pay for", but I didn't expect it to last 1 day. Waste of money. Will be contacting the seller for a refund.
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on October 31, 2014
This strap is great and it's not like some of the cheaper ones that are out there. I posted a more in-depth review on Nikonites.

- Remarkably well made. The heavy stitching on the main strap is secure.
- The D ring and camera attachment are solid and have a screw lock
- Plastic clips on the strap are heavy and solid
- There are clips that keep the extra strap slack tucked away.
- The under arm attachment is stretchy in one part to accommodate for movement.

Update 12/18/2015: After a year of light use the D ring has broken off. My camera isn't that heavy and there's really no reason it should have broken. The only explanation is it's really cheap metal.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 20, 2015
I recently got a Canon 6D as a gift and couldn't believe how much heavier it was compared to my T2i. That's what you get when the body is no longer made of plastic, right? Anyways, the lens that I use with the 6D was also longer than I was used to, so I had a few problems:

1. My neck was freaking killing me after wearing a traditional neck strap. I have lower back pain normally, so anything to add to it is a big no-no.
2. My lens was protruding out from my body and was the first thing to get whacked. I also started to lead on the lens because it was just "there" and in my way.

This strap is my favorite thing in the entire world. Well, it's up there in the top 10. Why do I love it?

1. It's comfortable to wear. The weight of the camera hangs at my hip, and not on my abdomen. The pulling that was once in my neck/back is moved to my shoulder. (And my shoulder is used to carrying weight from carrying a purse.)
2. It protects my camera. Because my camera is hanging down, the lens is safe from bumps and whacks. I'm able to easily protect it whether I'm carrying a child, walking through a crowd or shooting.
3. I want to wear it, meaning my camera is always at my fingertips. This strap allows me to easily grab and "drop" my camera whenever I need it. I can move around, jump around, climb on things, and not need to worry about my camera. I ESPECIALLY love the under-arm strap, which provides extra security, and makes me feel like a special agent.
4. It is stylish and fits me. I'm a lady human, and I come in at merely 5ft tall. This strap is adjustable, so it fits me perfectly. I saw a few straps made especially for women, but I was blessed with ample upper lady parts and find no need to buy a strap made specifically for women. This fits the bill (well, boobs).

Also, if you hate the stupid white name tag, just cut it off like another reviewer said. I hated it, and cut it off within 5 minutes. Now I'm a super fashionable photographer.
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on August 10, 2013
Although it's essentially a Black Rapid knock-off the construction is still top notch. The screw-mount for the camera is solid metal with a rubber washer. Although the carabiner isn't climbing quality, it's solid and has a screw lock. The shoulder pad is comfortable and contoured to fit the shoulder. The under-the-arm retainer helps remove a lot of pressure from the shoulder, which makes it easy to carry all day. My only complaint is that the sling is designed to be used on the left shoulder and because the buckles and straps are all attached on the top side of the shoulder pad, it makes it where it can't comfortably be flipped over to be used on right shoulder.
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