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on November 17, 2010
I've been searching for the "perfect" collapsible white balance tool for months. And this is it!! You can pay more for single function, name brand white balance/gray cards, but why? And they don't function as a cool 3 panel silver reflector. Initially, I feared that they quality of this item would be marginal, Ha, was I pleasantly surprised! The fabric and the stitching are first class. And it has a nice, soft side carry case. I use this alongside a XRite Color Checker Passport and my photos are "spot on" from the very first exposure. When I purchased the XRite Color Checker Passport I thought it's white balance card would work for me, but it is sooo dinky in size, it was a real pain to use. This Fotodiox white balance, gray card, reflector is man-size, functional and fun. Do yourself a favor a get one or two for that matter. This are fantastic gifts for the photographer in your life...
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on February 7, 2011
This is a very nice little gizmo and it is saving me hours and hours of post production work. I use it on every shoot and I can't say enough about it. I first saw a similar product from Las...... began to investigate how to get one and found out that at the time when I was looking to purchase, they did not import them to the U.S. I looked a little more and found this one at Foto.... I had seen it on ebay and the cost was well above what I paid for it and when she arrived I immediately put it to the test. The gray card accurately measured and gave me a correct reading on all of the shots that followed. I used the Black, White, and Gray side to get the correct White Balance and using the information that I had previously learned, cut my post production time almost in half. Since then, this thing is with me all of the time.

When I was shooting film, I knew that I needed to keep a Gray Card with me and hated it because they would either get wet, wear out or get lost. Now, I just slide it in the case and throw it in the bag and off we go.

I love it!!!!!
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on September 19, 2011
This tri-fold reflector/gray card/white balance combination is a great idea! It is well made. I can see it standing up to a lot of abuse. It folds and then collapses to a compact size. If your camera bag is a littler larger, you might be able to fit it inside the camera bag. If not, there is a loop you could use to attach it to your camera bag. What sold me on this was the varied uses. One side is used for achieving your color goals while the other side can be used as a reflector. The tri-fold aspect makes this handy for filling in light on a subject's face. You can also prop it up easily so it stands on its own. I had been searching for the perfect white balance target. When you are carrying a lot of photography equipment with you, it is a plus to carry things that multi-task. This little thing does just that!
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on April 3, 2013
Disclaimer: I love all Fotodiox products! You can check!

I bought this not for the gray card, but for the tri fold reflector. When I do paramount or buttefly lighting, I need a curved reflector, below the waist to fill in the shadows under the eyes etc. I used to use a white foam board, but that was not good and left a rectangular reflection in the iris.

This is highly reflective. I hung the two sides from a light stands, just below the shoulders. The resulting image was gorgeous and it left a nice curved reflection in the iris that I was looking for. The curved effect also produces even lighting on both sides of the face and under the eyes.

Well worth the money..
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on September 20, 2013
I purchased this product for 2 purposes, as a white card and reflective surface for fill lighting on location.

As a white card it works well to white balance the camera however the reflective surface is just too small to be useful even though there are 3.

The 3 panel design allows for holes in the shot and you either need someone to hold it or you need to build a support for it. I don't have anyone to help with this and right now I have no time to build a support so it will really just be a white card for white balance.
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on August 10, 2012
I purchased this folding reflector/gray card on a whim, just after I picked up a Canon 7D in February of this year. There's not really all that much to say about a tool like this, about the highest compliment I can think to pay a working tool is "It works like it's supposed to." This one definitely does. I use both sides a fair bit since I shoot a lot with on-board indirect flash, the gray card to set my white balance before the shoot, and the silvered reflector side to bounce some of my strobe's light into my subject's off side as needed to reduce shadowing.

The build quality is quite good, especially for an inexpensive imported item, and the zippered case fits it nicely. It's a bit bulky to carry around with my camera, so it typically stays in the shop unless I suspect I am going to particularly need it for a shoot. I'd say this really should be paired with another, smaller gray card for portability, but if you don't have the cash for both, get this one. The versatility is quite good, and it performs well!
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on March 12, 2013
Folding makes it portable
Having 3 targets at the same time is great.
At the beginning of a shoot get a full frame picture of it and i'm done. When editing
i just have the grey pic centered in my histogram, make sure that the white and the black
are not laying to much on the borders then i sync all and i'm done with my white balance.

The form factor is not the same i use in my camera so there is room for other colors to bleed into
my reference shoot

Need someone to handle it makes it less portable than a rectangle with 3 colors
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on July 7, 2012
Works as advertised. Quality is good. The only thing that could make this better (and the reason for giving 4 stars rather than 5) is because you can fold the three sections down to one, but you can't then twist them like other reflectors to get it even smaller. At it's current size, it just barely fits in my Lowepro backpack. But it DOES fit, and so they were careful enough to not make it too large. I wold also prefer "sunlight" mixed silver/gold reflectors rather than the silver reflectors included.
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on September 15, 2013
set your white balance and use as a reflector as well...also I read where people thought this was too large to fit in a camera bag...but if you carry it not in the storage bag can twist this much like any reflector and make it very about the diameter of a large orange...but be carefull because of the spring or wire that frames this is very strong and wiill open with great force...keep away from eyes if you use it in this manner...Nice item at a great price
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on October 26, 2012
It works as described and is very convenient due to the different surfaces. I like that it has loops on each end as I will sometimes hang it on something near my subject so I can back up as far as needed if using a telephoto lens. The reason it didn't receive the 5th star is price. I believe someone is laughing all the way to the bank. (It's like buying that flash diffuser for $15.95 when it is little more than the same disposable plastic we discard without a second thought on a daily basis).

In a nutshell- Even tho I griped about the price, if I lost it- I would purchase the same one at the same price and be happy about it.
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