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on June 30, 2011
This is the first summer (2011) I have ridden my motorcycle, I got my endorsement in March (2011). Because I started ridding in March I bought very warm gloves. I replaced them with these, and I couldn't be happier. The leather and the fabric is thick where it needs to be and thin where in should be. The thin fabric and the perforated leather allows the gloves to breath very well.

I have now had the gloves for four summers (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 12,000 miles combined) and they are still working great. There has been almost no wear on them and none of the sewing has come undone. However, after 8,000 miles the glue holding the rubber triangle on my left pointer finger has started to let go. This is a piece on the very end of the finger and is flexed when ever you use the clutch, so I see why after 8,000 miles it is starting to have issues. From my experience, these are very high quality gloves.

I bought a large glove and it fits great. The dimensions on my gloves are: 9 1/2in. from the middle finger to the bottom of the glove. The distance across the knuckles is 4 3/4in. I cannot speak to the dimension of the other sizes.

My only complaints are that sometimes the palm fabric can bunch up under the fingers and there is no protection for my thumbs.

April 2015 update:
These gloves now have about 15,000 miles of riding on them and about 4 years of age. They are now ready to retire. Some of the seams are letting go and some of the mesh fabric is fraying. But, I think 15,000 miles and 4 years is pretty good for a $45 glove. Keep in mind this was street riding, not off road.
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on June 19, 2017
30 days and only 7 short rides they glove have worn out because they bunch up under my fingers where people usually get callouses. It is actually giving me callouses now from the gloves rubbing on that spot. Feel great when you first put them on. Medium is snug which is what I like. But they slip on the throttle while tight on the fingers. Again I like the tight on the fingers part but the palms are mad wrong or material. I think its a design flaw. The white lining on the finger tip is already worn and crumbling away. The gloves look and feel like they are 5 years old after only 30 days. Disappointed. And NO touch screen abilities! Which is a cheap move because a few stitches of conductive thread is all it would have needed. Wish I could return them but I missed the 30 day window.
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on May 27, 2016
These are great gloves - very comfortable on my hands, and the armor on the knuckles and around the wrist is very reassuring. I've taken to wearing these on the street as well as on the trail, as I'm at least as likely to kneed the armor in a crash on a city street. About the sizing - the Fox site is very confusing. I'm normally an 8 or 8.5 in other gloves, but I decided here to go with the letter sizing - M in my case - which is a "9" according to Fox. The gloves were very snug at first, even though I went up a numerical size, but they broke in very quickly and now fit perfectly. Seems that if you're an M or L in other gloves, it may work better to use that as the guide instead of the numerical size.
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on December 22, 2016
I waited and researched a while after I bought some ill fitted tactical gloves from Amazon . They were tight on the knuckle area and really caused me pain on the knuckles so I never wear them. Linked provided: irhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NIR0Y80/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

These on the the other hand, are very nice and fitted well without any issues. I've used these one fall season and they are good so far. The knuckles are solid and the grips on the tips are great for clutch and brakes. I've punched some things with the gloves and did not hurt my hand. These are more spring/summer/fall gloves as they breathe well but too well for winter. They look stylish and match my KTM bike! I recommend these
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on December 14, 2017
I'm very happy with these gloves. I'm usually between a M and L in Fox gloves. Most M's are too tight, but these have a good amount of elasticity in the material so they fit perfectly snug, but not tight. These are the first gloves I've owned that have "hard" protection and I find them very comfortable and don't really notice it at all. The palms give a very good feel for the hand grips. Definitely a summer glove.
Only minor complaint: the velcro on the closure is small and is starting to loose its "stickyness" et the end of one season. Still like them enough that I would buy again.
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on April 20, 2016
Update: after a few summer months of good use & one trip over 700+ miles on a motorcycle, I can say these gloves are great. Feel is solid + the air movement in hot days flows nicely. Be careful though if you get the white as the Black from the palm will start to blend (bleed) outward on the palm. But this is to be expected. Very solid after hand washing in/out a few times. Be sure to air dry.

Disclosure = only had for a few weeks, but look AWESOME & work great. Lots of grip, feel very secure, nice soft close velcro. I don't think the white will stay white forever, but it looks great now.

Cons = White is actually 3 different types of material & is 3 different shades of white, but you can use it to match any white outfit.
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on October 4, 2017
Do not buy from Tillyss they are not authorized to sell fox racing and if you have a problem the warrantee is NOT honored. I had a problem, the glove stitching on the palm came loose on the first ride, Tillyss said they'd reimburse but so far nothing. Glove (at least mine) was not stitched properly.
review image
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on February 27, 2014
Nice deign, comfortable fit and solid construction. Stylish as heck, but not overstated or loud. I have only had one ride with them, as I was so excited I wanted to write my little saga asap. So far, so sweet-any problems I'll let you know!

First off I need to compliment Amazon for the next day delivery on this purchase. How the heck do they do it, I ordered it last night and it arrived tonight, by 6:00 pm.

Next, so I was thinking I would go quasi exotic with a new pair of riding gloves, as my old pair had seen better days. So , where do I go, trusted Amazon. Ordered leather gloves that appeared to be and labeled as high end gloves. First, pair wrong size, next pair ripped after 4th wear. Obviously the seller's fault!

So, here I am wondering why I dared to stray from a time and tested Fox motor-cross glove? Well, I learned the hard way, when you find a great glove by a great company stick with it, silly!!
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on December 31, 2014
I've used these gloves for ~2 years for downhill mountain bike riding in all sorts of different environments. They have kept my hands extremely well protected during a series of crashes, spills, and close calls. The carbon fiber protection on the knuckles goes a long way to protect your hands if you make high speed contact with tree trunks or rocks in tight spots. The palm also provides a lot of protection from vibration from drops, rock gardens, and jumps and is completely unaffected if you put your hand down for protection during a slide out or crash. As you'd expect they are a bit more heavier duty material, so if you like really minimalist gloves for better feel or cooling reasons you might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, I'd say get these, they are well worth the money and hold up very well.
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on March 21, 2015
I had an opportunity to test this exact glove. It will (probably) save your hands from asphalt. It saved mine.

I wore mine for about a year, maybe a year and a half. These gloves are pretty well put together. The knuckle protectors aren't just for show. The grip is good and the fit is tight but right, provided you consult their chart. The velcro at the wrist sucks pretty bad, but I haven't seen a pair that hasn't yet. The stitching held and the fabric endured a little bit of a beating.

Those little rubber parts will peel off over time, but that's okay.
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