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Fragrant World
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$14.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 2, 2016
This album was the straw that broke me from being a Yeasayer fan into deciding they were my favorite band. It DEFINITELY took several listens for me to appreciate it, but then...I couldn't stop. I honestly thought this would be my least favorite after listening to all four albums on Spotify first, plus seeing the backlash they got in that one magazine review, but somehow, THIS ended up being my favorite! This album is seriously underrated. It's genius. And once I had listened to it a few times (not as background music, but actually listening to it loud enough to pay attention) I did not find it inaccessible at all. Quite the opposite! There are lots of really catchy songs on here with fantastic beats and harmonies that are truly addictive. I honestly don't dislike a single song on this album, which is really, REALLY rare for me. I tried to write a list for y'all of my absolutely-can't-stop-listening, top favorite songs from this album, and I literally ended up listing over half of the songs on the album, haha. So I will force myself to pick my top 4:

Reagan's Skeleton (knockout hit)
1st half of Henrietta + 1st half of Demon Road (that counts as one, right? right??)
Glass of the Microscope (listen to this at a decently high volume; took a while for me to appreciate!)
Fingers Never Bleed

Ok, yeah, I cheated. And listing these songs makes it seem like the others aren't as good, which isn't true at all. I do not skip any of the songs (odd for me), I just immediately press rewind a bit more often on some more than others. Trust me and do what I did - take the leap, buy it, and play it a few times before writing it off. Soon you'll have trouble stopping yourself from pressing rewind, too! (I'm hoping this will happen to me with the new album, but it hasn't grabbed me quite as dramatically as this one yet. Maybe it just needs more listens, too.)
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on October 30, 2012
This album is...
Let me start over. First, I should say that "Odd Blood" was a strange surprise for me. I liked a lot of what Yeasayer did with "All Hour Cymbals", but I never really listened to that album thoroughly. I never expected the next album to keep so much play in my rotation. "Odd Blood" had elements that I wouldn't have thought I would like, such as weird throwbacks to 1980's synth pop. But, for some reason, it really hooked me. Now, knowing the steps that Yeasayer took from their first album to the second, I was expecting another incremental evolution for this third album. "Fragrant World" takes the same sense of discovery in a new direction. I can still hear the echoes of "Odd Blood" here and there, whether that's because of my mental filter of expectation or maybe just Yeasayer as a group finding a tangible theme that over-arcs their entire oeuvre.
The bottom line is that I found this new album to be a deeper, more complex, and somehow more melodic album, even though a lot of the songs aren't quite as catchy as, say, 'Madder Red', or 'O.N.E.', for example. The opening track sets the perfect tone for what to expect on your journey through the remaining 10 songs. I feel that this album is more palatable, and more approachable than "Odd Blood", though this is not to say that it is dumbed-down or diluted in any way. It is instead more refined (much like a fine wine), with the subtle layered textures and hints of oak, earth, and chocolate apparent to any with a developed taste for more Yeasayer.
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on February 1, 2013
It took 3 listens, at least, for me to get into this album. On the surface all the songs don't seem to fit together and sometimes I just wanted to go to the next song rather than listen to something that didn't sound right. I got over that. It's a great album. I don't know why more people didn't give it 5 stars! I started with Oddblood, and was already a huge fan by the time I listened to All Hour Cymbals, so that may be why I like the "different-ness" of the whole thing? At any rate, after the first few listens it all started to come together, I began picking up on songs I really, really liked (Reagan's Skeleton was the first one I suddenly found my toes tapping to) and then I suddenly liked the whole thing. Except Henrietta. I think I might like it more if I could understand the damn words. I know what it's about and that really is a fascinatingly sad story and maybe that's why I would really like to know what the heck the song is saying. I won't hold one song against an otherwise really great album.
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on October 13, 2012
I am very impressed with this album. There are 11 songs on it and I truly enjoy at least 9. My personal favorites are "Reagan's Skeleton", "Fingers Never Bleed", "Glass of the Microscopes", and "Longevity". I do not know another band that is as creative as they are yet catchy enough to grab me when I am multitasking.

One thing I can say is that unlike the other two albums, there isn't just one song that jumps out as the epitome of greatness of the album. For me those songs are "2080" and "Madder Red" on "All Hour Cymbals" and "Odd Blood" respectively. This album is more consistent and for all 48 minutes I am rocking out.
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on August 5, 2013
These are very well written songs. Yeasayer evolving from previous albums. Fragrant World is filled more with synth, electronic beats, and hard bass. Very mature music. You could either dance all night long to it or chill in a lounge and listen to the whole album. This is an album where you just simply put the cd on and every next track is a song you really like. I have somewhere around two thousand real cds and this one is one of my best. You can stop reading reviews and get the lp. You will not be disappointed.
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on May 17, 2017
Poor pressing. Hole not centered. Hole not opened enough (wouldn't fit). Lots of surface noise - even after cleaning and using a de-static brush.
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on September 25, 2015
Yeasayer doesn't disappoint!
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on October 30, 2012
I found this album to be quite consistent compared to their first two albums. Every song pulls it own weight, mixing complicated beats over smooth vocals. This album definitely benefits from repeated listens. There are no slow spots in the album, which I feel is a major improvement, especially compared to "All Hour Cymbals."

My favorite tracks are: "Reagan's Skeleton" "Demon Road" and "Henrietta," but they're all good.
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on December 27, 2012
Wasn't as versatile as I'd hoped but there are some tracks worth getting. I think that Yeasayer shied away from some of their wily selves, some of what made me listen to their music in the first place with tracks like "Ambling Alp". This is very linear and as a whole I felt like I was let down.
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on August 22, 2015
Yeasayer is one of my all time favorite bands so I would be hard pressed not to like an album they put out.
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