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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2009
I've worked with 3 different Franklin electronic dictionaries over the last 15 years including an older Language Master and a Bookman unit that supports book cards. Compared to these units, the SCD-2100 was quite a departure in terms of form factor but the basic interface remains familiar and intuitive. The first thing that jumps out at me is just how tiny it is! The pictures don't do a good job representing the size...the unit is only about 4 inches wide. Despite the small size, however, the keys don't really feel any smaller and the screen is actually much larger and higher-resolution than the old 3-line display models. Also, compared to the old versions, the SCD-2100 is also very speedy when it comes to spelling corrections and normal operations.

Unfortunately, the fit and finish feels cheap and it takes considerable effort to even put the battery cover on properly. (If you don't put in on just right, it will interfere with the opening and closing of the screen past vertical.) I also noticed that the plastic casing doesn't feel very rigid, so I wonder how long it will survive in a backpack. Considering how much this thing costs, it's disappointing that the old units appear to be better in this respect. My final complaint is that the speaker isn't particularly loud, though there is a headphone jack.

The SCD-2100 has a very long feature-list and a few surprises that I did not expect. The main reason I bought this was for the Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, which in my opinion, provides vastly richer definitions for many more words compared to lesser models. (Instead of generic single-word definitions, the Collegiate version enables me to appreciate the nuances between similar words.)

It appears that in an effort to slap on as many features as possible, this device has now become pretty travel friendly. In addition to its small size and basic 5-language translator (English/Spanish/Italian/French/German), the unit also performs basic unit conversions (temperature/weight/liquid volume/lengths) and has calculator that can do currency conversions. (There's also functionality for inverses and square roots...) The only annoyance with so many operating modes is that more button presses are required to get to where you want to be. For example, to look up a word, you need to first power up the unit and then select the dictionary from the menu (which is thankfully at the top). Franklin has made an effort to alleviate this however, with the use of 5 function keys that allow you to switch between modes without going to the menu, though you cannot program the keys.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the device. Performance is much improved compared to previous models and is several times faster than using the Collegiate Dictionary on a book-card. Also, the new small form factor doesn't really compromise on screen-size or quality.

No Book-man Card Slot
Won't dictate bad words, but they're in the dictionary
No speech support for 5-language translator
Organizer appears to be able to hold about 300 entries. Entries were retained during a battery change (~30 seconds).
Keys are rubber and make distinct clicks when pressed
Uses 2x AAA
review image
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on May 22, 2014
The dictionary is very cool to use. The buttons are large enough for me to press and type without making many errors. It actually saves me time, for the reason that in research or projects, instead of having to heave a heavy dictionary onto my desk and flip through the pages, I can just search and type in the word I am looking for. Typically, if I read a book, I may run into some words that I don’t understand. Similarly, if u choose to turn the feature on, you can have a word-learning feature that will teach you a new word every time you turn the device on. It is very useful. Also, it is very convenient. It has games, a calendar, time, and even an address book. Hence, if you are trying to save time searching up words instead of flipping through big dictionaries, This is the BEST.
I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality Dictionary.
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on July 20, 2009
I've owned a Franklin LM-6000 when it first came out, and it was a great tool. I recently got a Franklin SCD-2100 for my kids, and it is so much smaller and lighter.

Features that I think would improve the product are: backlighting, simple definition mode for children to use, and higher resolution LCD screen. I'd give a 5-star rating, if the device has these features.

This device has 2-zone clocks, calculator, 5-language translator, games, guide to punctuation and style, signs, symbols and tables, thesaurus, concise English Usage guide, and more. The font size can be adjusted in 3 different sizes. Pretty useful features, in my opinion.

This device is a keeper. Hopefully it won't get lost/misplaced too easily due to its very small size.
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Enthusiast: Coloringon February 13, 2013
I have had an older version of the Franklin Speaking dictionary and about wore it out. I have used it for years. Because it speaks the words, it has been a big help for my husband because English is his second language. However, for me, it is also a big help because sometimes you are not sure how to pronounce a word.

Franklin has greatly improved their product. It now contains 9 books. I am so impressed. I love the new style and the keyboard is large and the way it closes to protect the screen. I can carry this in my purse or briefcase.

I highly recommend this product. I saw some other reviews which complained about the quality. I don't have a problem with quality. In fact, I think the quality is just great.
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on December 15, 2010
I have had this dictionary for 6+ months now, and it is one of the few gadgets that have been so valuable that I am compelled to write a review. That alone speaks great praise. I take this e-dictionary everywhere. Few are the times I forgot to carry it with me. I am a college student, and an avid writer/recorder/reader. Thus far I have failed to find a word that this dictionary doesn't contain, and I have run across some very obscure literature from a very diverse origins. I use it daily. The thesaurus is invaluable in writing your own pieces. My favorite feature is the ability to look up words from within definitions. Every word that is contained in the dictionary, thesaurus, or any other book herein, is an active link to the definition of that word. You simply press `enter' and arrow down to the word within the text, and you are taken to the dictionary entry.
Battery life is outstanding. I have yet to replace the first set of batteries and still have a full bar.
Boot-up is very quick which makes pausing from your book to look up a word quick and easy.
The ability to create your own vocabulary list is great if you have a word fetish like me.
I realize this is a bit pricey gadget, but it is definitely worth every penny. Especially if you read a lot of tough literature or just want to increase your vocabulary - it's worth it!

The ONLY downside to this device is its durability. It does feel somewhat cheaply made, but I have dropped it a couple of times, and it still functions the same. If you are one to take care of the things you own then this dictionary will last. Absolutely recommended!
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on November 5, 2013
This electronic dictionary is the bomb! It does every thing it claims to and I think even more. Many times I want more info from a word look up in the dictionary. I can get additional info above and beyond correct spelling and usage without having to worry about accidentally doing something to lose what I am writing, when looking up a word.on my computer. And, oh by the way, it's completely portable! No power cable to keep track of and add to the mess on my desk or in my bag. It is small enough to be easily transportable yet big enough to be able to read the screen (an important feature that only us older guys would understand!). It is rare that you can find a product very reasonably priced (a lot less dollars than many others) and still be so useful. I would recommend this product to anybody, even if you don't think you'll use it, trust me, you will.
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on July 25, 2017
This product is pretty small, light-weight and simple to use. I like the keyboard arrangement. It has a SAT word list and also a custom word list. The custom one can only contain around 40 words. Don't expect the material used for the device is fancy. It's very basic, but it serves the purpose of being an electronic dictionary. The sound it produces for words gives you the idea of how we should say the word, but it is not like real human voice.
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on June 9, 2012

I'm changing this review from 3 stars to 4 stars because the Sharp unit I mention below started having problems. Namely, lines on the screen which made it unusable. My review of this Franklin device was at first glance. Now that I have used it for quite a while, I really like the definitions better than those on the Sharp. This Franklin unit also has more definitions and thesaurus than the Sharp unit. This Franklin unit is quite a find. I encourage those looking at the Sharp unit to reconsider because at some point, the unit will get the horizontal lines on the screen making it unreadable.

Original Review
I'm going to compare this unit to another electronic dictionary offered by Amazon, the Sharp PW-E550. It can be found here: Sharp Electronics PW-E550 Electronic Dictionary.

I've had the Sharp PW-E550 for about 5 years. Thinking a newer electronic dictionary would be of even more use to me, I recently (April 2011) ordered a newer electronic dictionary. Boy was I wrong - big mistake on my part. I ordered this unit, the Franklin Speaking Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition (SCD-2100) Although the Franklin unit has 250,00 more base definitions and 150,000 more thesaurus entries, the Sharp PW-E550 is still a far superior unit. The definitions in the Franklin unit literally used variations of a defined word in providing the definition of the word. For me, such a "definition" is useless. If I don't know the meaning of a particular word, I certainly won't understand a definition that uses a variation of the word I don't understand. I returned the Franklin unit to Amazon.com after a few days of using the unit side-by-side with the Sharp PW-E550. The definitions in the PW-E550 are concise, and the unit isE550 much easier to use than the Franklin unit.

I did give the Franklin unit 3 stars for its larger number of Dictionary & Thesaurus entries. It also has a larger screen than the Sharp. Finally, the Franklin unit is a speaking dictionary, something the Sharp does not have as a feature.
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on November 25, 2011
The dictionary itself is very good(you know how merriam websters are like), and thesaurus is very handy, the best I've seen so far. (as a foreign student I've had over 5)
However, it makes clicking noise when you press buttons which is slightly getting annoying and it doesn't turn on instantly on the first time after leaving it turned off for some time.(takes about 8 sec. After that it turns on in less than 2 seconds though).
In addition it takes some time to load definitions and you can't add more than 100 words on the words list.
Also the design of the interior is horrific, not just the looks but the alignment of function keys don't really match what shows on the screen because of the menu button and it's a bit confusing (you're bound to press menu key instead of f1 or f1 instead of f2 but you'll get used to it eventually)
Back to the pros, it has an outstanding battery life, very compact size (but with a sufficient screen size) and additionally, fabulous exterior design.
Though I am not 100% satisfied, I'll strongly recommend this to everyone who needs an electronic dictionary.
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on February 21, 2013
I have had this product almost a year. It is not the product I had expected it to be. I have an old Franklin Bookman Dictionary and Thesaurus that works much better than this one. The Construction is very good, but that is about all I can say good about it. The screen is very difficult to read, actually impossible most of the time.. It has a five language translator, but I could rarely find a definition for German words I was looking for. The same is so for the English dictionary. When I can't find a word in this dictionary, I look for it in the Bookman and I almost always find it. After my experience with the Bookman, I expected that this dictionary would be an improvement. If Franklin would backlight it and improve the dictionary, they would have a good product, otherwise I don't recommend it.
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