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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
The French Chef With Julia Child 2
Format: DVD|Change
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on November 15, 2014
I love Julia Child and love the French Chef series, I wish there was more than just the few seasons they've put out, but I bought them all and I highly recommend them.

They episodes are teaching you to cook and it is a no nonsense style (if I had nickel for everyone who's mind was blown because I can make hollandaise... I agree with Julia, just do it on the stove and learn how to make an emulsion, practice makes perfect) but her inimitable style makes it fun and interesting. Skip some of the trash on Food network about diners and shows with poor grammar in the titles and by these. You'll love them!
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on April 16, 2015
I just love this DVD. It was so interesting and funny to see the very early episodes and how they pulled them off. Julia absolutely set the standard for todays cooking shows. I definitely recommend them. If you are a Julia Child fan, I also recommend reading her Memoir, 'My Life in France' by Julia Child with Alex Prud' homme her nephew; and 'Dearie, The Remarkable Life of Julia Child' by Bob Spitz. You will really see that Julia's life's purpose was truly to teach us how to cook and develop a love affair with food, as well as the wonderful loving relationship she and Paul Child shared. My own Mother was an excellent cook, and my Father was a chef long before it became fashionable. So my love for cooking comes natural. My fascination with Julia all started while watching the episodes on PBS; and it really took off after I purchased "Mastering the Art of French Cooking a couple of years ago. I have learned so many new techniques from watching this series regardless of the age of them. It just goes to show you that great French cooking techniques that produce amazing food, never ever grows old. Addi E
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VINE VOICEon September 29, 2009
In an era when "inspired" American cooks were using unthickened Campbell's mushroom soup as a sauce, Julia Child was teaching viewers how to make the crayfish butter to bind the sauce for écrevisses à la Nantua.

This wonderful series, only slightly dated by the occasional reference to the difficulty of finding certain ingredients, like shallots, which have now become commonplace, still provides an excellent demonstration of techniques and recipes. And Julia's casual style and enthusiasm are irresistible.

My only complaint with this and the companion volume is that some fool decided to arrange the episodes by type of dish rather than chronologically. Hence, one misses the nostalgia of seeing the development and gradual improvement of all aspects of the show. In spite of that flaw, this a set to treasure.
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2005 my French vocabulary isn't that good, but this DVD sure is something to behold!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this visual Julia library!

I dream of the title of "chef" and there is no greater role model than Ms. Child. She is THE hero upon which all other chefs have made their fame in culinary history. Her style, her incredible deadpan humor, and her encouragement to learn one of the greatest cuisines, make for a thoroughly enjoyable DVD.

The series began in 1962 and initially the public did not know what to make of this rather tall and quirky woman who dared to teach us the culinary world of French cooking. To many, France was the only place that had the ability to cook as such. But Ms. Child removed the mysteries and overwhelming sense of details that one felt was needed to produce French masterpieces.

You feel that you are in her kitchen and that she is speaking just to you. She has no airs about her, no pretensions, just a very earnest interest in showing you the incredibe world of flavor courtesy of our French neighbors.

You also need to take into account that this was the first real TV cooking series and that it was the start of the 60's; so much history was just beginning during that decade. So what was she going to teach us in the midst of this turbulence? Well, an awful lot.

There are 3 dics within this particular DVD. The first section is named "Starters and Side Dishes"; it covers:
1. Vegetable: The French Way
2. Vegetable Adventures
3. Elegance with Eggs
4. More About Potatoes
5. Terrines and Pates
6. The Hollandaise Family

The second section is "Main Courses":
1. French Crepes I
2. Cooking Your Goose
3. Roast Suckling Pig
4. Fish in Monk's Clothing
5. Cheese Souffle
6. Sole Banana Femme

The third section is "Baking, Desserts, and Other Classics":
1. French Crepes II
2. Buche de Noel
3. Croissants
4. Gateau in a Cage (WOW!!)
5. French Bread
6. VIP Cake

Disc number 3 was the best, in my opinion. If you would like to impress friends with desserts, go with this one. The "Gateau in a Cage" looks so beautiful, that her fun and friendly teaching style makes you realize that it is not out of your reach to make this stunning dessert!!

Another enjoyable aspect contained within this DVD is in part her self-effacing, deadpan humor. She doesn't worry about that she has spilled anything or that something is not releasing itself from the pan just right. Mistakes and problems happen and she lets you know that it happens to everyone, including herself. That's the beauty and comfort that is her secret. Just to give an example, who would think of using a sword to talk about cutting poultry? Why would ANYONE use a sword to talk about cutting poultry? Julia did.

Also contained on the jacket are photos of how the show had to be taped in that people had to be positioned just so on the set so that they could help her with certain segments but remain out of sight of the cameras lens.

I truly hope that they continue to make all the episodes from all her shows available as that would make quite a cherished DVD collection for anyone who loves to cook and/or bake.

To borrow from my queen: "Bon appetit!".

Addendum: A very, very grateful THANK YOU to a reader who asked whether there were printable recipes included and YES (!) there are; at the end of each disc are the recipes which can be downloaded; my deepest apologies for forgetting such an important section. These are the recipes that are included in the discs: (disc 1) eggs baked in ramekins/ molded eggs/ shirred eggs/ sliced potatoes baked in butter (disc 2) rolled crepes w/ shellfish stuffing/ shellfish crepes gratineed in a wine and cheese sauce/ braised goose (disc 3) Buche de Noel and croissants.
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on November 22, 2009
This is a humble collection of America's chef of all times, Julia Child. It contains 3 dvds with a random (there must have been a key but for a fresh viewer, it looks like random) selection of 18 episodes of her TV cooking show presented on TV in the 60s and 70s.

Though the espisodes were recorded and televized over 40 years ago, and most of them are just black-and-white, you would certainly not have a feeling that they are outdated. Well, the art of cooking is universal and timeless and if we speak of French cuisine, of which we should in this context, it is a classic view that Julia presents.

Julia Child shows you how to prepare vegetables, a roast goose, French savory crepes and even how to bake a piglet. You will see the very classic approach to cuisine, maybe with a little bit too much butter and too little olive oil, but maybe it is just the north-France approach where they cook with butter not olive oil :) Anyway, it is a new face of American cuisine inspired the French way by Julia Child.

A must-have for a fan of good cooking.
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on April 12, 2016
Fun and informative, as one would expect from a great teacher like Julia Child! Highly recommended for content, quality, and entertainment!
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on April 12, 2011
I would recommend this Dvd if you are an aspiring Cook or an experienced one. There is a lot of valuable information on Julia's French Chef TV Series. A small portion of it may seem a little outdated, as most folks are not cooking Tripe these days, especially a WHOLE one, but still, it is amazing to see her knowledge and fearlessness in handling all such foods and methods. She truly did Master the Art of French Cooking and through this ground-breaking PBS series, bright it home to the American kitchen. She is so friendly and real- without pretension that she truly instills the confidence that "if she can do it- YOU Can do it too". There is a mixture of 18 Black & White and early Color episodes going back more than 40 years. The basics of good cooking techniques never change, except perhaps for the handling of a few vegetables.
This is part 2 of a Video Record of how she won her way into the hearts of millions of fans and followers, for nearly 50 yrs now. Thank you dear Julia- we still and always will love you!
"The French Chef" Dvds are enjoyable, educational and a must for any Julia devotee.
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on September 12, 2017
Amazing. Thank you.
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on August 16, 2013
This is a cooking school on DVD. She was such great fun, and she lasted so many years. the course starts in black and white and after a while goes to early color. She was really funny and its great to see so much ad lib without all the smooth production. She was just a real person teaching how to cook like the French. We work on a boat and have to cook for guests all the time, so when we get a call for something special we look it up on her DVD selection, watch the half hour show, and get to cooking. Great stuff.
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on January 22, 2011
--cooking instruction on television, that is. It is interesting to compare the episodes of _The French Chef_ with the present-day productions of the cable television networks. My, things have changed: some things for the better and others not so much so. One thing that really stands out is that these episodes are preserved as their original, live presentations. There are no retakes, even when the recipe does not turn out as intended, or Julia loses her train of thought or makes mistakes. You don't see that kind of real life cooking today, but I think that adds to her charm. For me, it makes her seem more authentic; that you are seeing her as she really is (or was).

I own both this DVD set and the first. It seems that not all of the episodes are present; perhaps some have been lost. I would very much like to see that one that Julia mentions where she demonstrates how to make pate-a-choux.
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