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Freud 8 In. Super Stacked Dado (SD508)
Style: Freud SD508|Change
Price:$199.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 13, 2014
I usually use a router to make dado cuts, but there are some uses like lap joints that are better to do with a dado head. The Freud 508 set is less expensive than Forrest's Dado King, but it got a good review in Fine Woodworking, so I ordered it. It's been several years since I've used a dado set, and now I remember why -- setting up is a bit of a pain. But... I tried making lap joints once on a router and had to interrupt the work with a trip the emergency room for a few stitches. To get reacquainted with dado sets, I made some 3/4" wide x 1/4" deep cuts with the Freud set in some scrap walnut, in melamine-clad particle board and in cherry plywood. The cuts were perfectly smooth, with a perfectly flat profile and no tear-out at the exit. Very impressive that it can handle such different materials.

The set comes in a plastic case with very thin plastic spacers to separate the chippers and blades. I don't think these will hold up very well, but it will be easy enough to make substitutes. There's a useful DVD behind the foam in the upper section of the case, along with a chart showing how to combine the blades and chippers for various widths.

This is one of several Freud dado sets. Less expensive sets than this one use chippers that use two pairs of cutters rather than four, and that may result in less smooth cuts. The next step up (SD608) uses a device that offers an additional width -- 7/32" -- and uses an adjustable insert to eliminate the need for shims and reduce the amount of shuffling of chippers and that you need to do to change widths. But unless you need to change widths frequently during each session, this set (SD508) is an excellent choice. It will definitely give you a good range of widths and clean, accurate cuts.
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on May 11, 2017
I know the case is worth about a quarter, but the product inside has already exceeded my expectations, and I have used it for one morning only. With all my previous saw sets, fitting the dado to the proper width took a whole morning! It could be that I am simply too stupid to set the shims exactly right, but the results were always less than perfect--and I have always purchased Freud sets. All I had to to do to this set was change it to a left tilting setting--took about five minutes. The results were exceptional--bottoms flat, sides ninety degrees, a nice fit using the very helpful chart to determine how may "clicks" on the dial for a particular dado width. I had switched to pocket screws for most of my cabinet building, but now that I have the Freud, I'm back to rabbets and dados. My only complaint is that I had to buy a one inch socket, because the cheap included one does not fit my arbor screw. My purchase included a video, which was mostly helpful. Even with the case being crap and the socket wrench not fitting, I still give the tool itself my highest rating
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on March 25, 2014
I will qualify this review by saying that I've only had the Freud SD508 Dado stack for a few weeks. In that time, I've used it to make dado cuts in Baltic birch plywood, HD 'sand ply' plywood, hard maple, yellow birch, poplar, MDF and MDF with laminate. In all of these materials, I was impressed with the flatness of the bottom of the dado and the clean edges at the top of the cut. The outside blades do leave a light scoring mark in the bottom of the cut, but that's about it to my eye.

I made some dados that were wider than the maximum stack, requiring multiple passes to get the width. Even with these dados, the only visible-to-the-naked-eye marks were the light scoring of the outside blades.

I am very happy that this set includes a 3/32" chipper. Cutting dados to fit 'standard' plywood thicknesses is much easier. I also like having perfectly sized steel spacers in increments of 0.004". Much better than using paper or plastic shims. The first thing I did was to mark the thickness on each shim and chipper with a sharpie. I can be a bit dyslexic at times, so I also marked the 2 outside blades with an L and R. Makes it much quicker to set up a stack.

I was particularly impressed when I cut a 1 1/4" wide X 1/2" deep dado for an INCRA Miter Channel - 32" in a 27" x 36" router table top. I made the top from a double thickness of 3/4" MDF edged with 3/4" poplar and with 1/16" laminate glued to it. I checked the surface flatness of the laminate with a straightedge and feeler gauges before I made the cut and it was flat within 0.010". The cut with the Freud dado stack produced no chipping of the laminate at all; the edges were sharp and clean. I want to qualify that a bit because I did take some precautions with these cuts. I used a zero clearance insert on my table saw, and cut the exact slot width with the cutters I was using. I also used a sacrificial board clamped against the exit side of the dado to prevent any blow out of the poplar or laminate. And of course the dado stack was quite sharp, being relatively new. I also took the precaution of running the first 3/4" wide cut down the center of the slot, checking the edges, and then enlarging the slot in both directions. After that first cut, I ran a piece of blue tape across the corner of the exit end, for extra insurance. It all worked and the bottom of the dado was very smooth, with 2 light score marks. From end to end, the width of the slot varied by 0.004".

Other reviewers have dinged this set because of the low quality of the box it comes in. I agree that it is poor quality, particularly the red, blow molded insert, which arrived cracked and a bit shredded, but still useable. Personally, I would prefer to have Freud put their money into the dado stack, not the box. These things are expensive enough; I don't really want to pay even more for a better box. If it really bothers me in the future, I might make my own *really beautiful* box, but I probably won't.
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on October 22, 2014
Dial-a-width.....Great concept but I was a little disappointed in a couple areas.
1. It comes standard for a right tilting saw. Surprising these days with the popularity of left tilting saws. Anyhow should have been easy job to change over as per instructions, but one of the three screws that had to be removed just would not budge. Ending up stripping the head. Had no choice but to drill out and replace the screw with another 4M C/S head. Anyhow no biggy issue just annoying. Freud where quick to offer to send out the screws but no need as I found some locally.
2. With the stack mounted in the saw you need the supplied box spanner to be able to access the arbor bolt nut. This is fine except that spanner did not fit my arbor nut. Had to grind the nut down to fit.
3. The cut although crisp did not leave a flat bottom, but with slight ridges.
These are not deal breakers. The dial a width makes up for it.
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on May 19, 2014
I received my Freud Super Dado blade set and had the need to use it right away. The blades worked just fine. I was able to stack the whole set on my Delta Contractor's saw but the outer shim had to be left off as per the saw instructions. Nice smooth and sharp cuts, sure beats multiple passes with the single blade I was doing. As others have mentioned the case is a flimsy light weight plastic outer case with an unsure snap latch, I carry it from underneath and not by the handle since it seems like it will come undone easily. The inside cushioning is blow molded plastic film and will easily be cut by the blades. For this investment I expected more than a $1.25 case. I do not expect the case to last as long - I plan on having to build a good wooden case for this blade set. You will not be disappointed in the blade set - just the carrying case.
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on May 9, 2017
I purchased a table saw that could handle a Dado stack set and having looked around settled on this Freud 12" model. The packaging is excellent, a black plastic box with foam inserts to keep your blades safe and secure. The cut quality of the blades is excellent.

I do have one criticism. The spacers are very thin and allow for micro-adjustment of the final cut width. However, in my work I prefer to have larger spacers and so had to send this job to my local blade and bit manufacturer who produced a set of thicker spacers. Now I can quickly assemble a stack to any desired width but with overlap of the adjacent blades to prevent ugly lines in your work.

If you want a quality set of Dadoes, get this one. Be prepared to get some thicker shims however to make it ultimately useful.
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on May 19, 2017
Good dado set but the case is laughable. Can't believe Freud packs a $250 Dado set in a $2.50 case. The plastic is shredded and the case is flimsy at best.
review image review image
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on August 14, 2017
I much prefer to stack the dadoes than use dial-up versions. This set cuts smooth, accurate dadoes. Nearly infinite widths. Great chart for selecting the correct components for specific widths. The chippers cut cleanly. Worth the price. Highest quality. Recommended.
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on September 18, 2017
Quality of blade set is very good but Freud packs them in a plastic inner support and a nicer plastic outer case. The first one I rec'd had a broken inner plastic support due to weight of blade set and improper packing. I sent back and advised that these blades require better outer packing.
The second one also had a broken inner plastic support due to improper packing. I thought about contacting Freud directly to get an unbroken inner support for storing blades, but gave up.
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on October 9, 2015
I give the blade set 5 stars, but I was extremely disappointed with the Freud packaging. It's cheap. It falls way below the quality I've come to expect from Freud. When I opened the case, the blades had been jostled around during shipping and the blades were no longer fixed into position. The teeth of some of the blades where in contact with each other. I checked for any nicks on the blade teeth, but fortunately found none.
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