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on April 6, 2011
I first started watching FNL on Netflix a few months ago. I was never attracted to it when it first came out on regular TV, but unemployment and the free time that comes with it, tends to open up new possibilities...

FNL quickly became a 'marathon' series to me. Like an excellent book, it was hard to put down.

I just finished watching the DVD for the fifth and final season. Like every previous season, it brought out a wide range of emotions.

I may not have agreed with an individual's religious, political or personal views, but the show no doubt showed me why the characters thought the way they did and behaved the way the way they did. I thought I was so open minded, but I believe I was given a good lesson in the powerful influence of family and local culture in America.

I have never played football, but I have a new found understanding of the hardcore football culture and even though I know it is not like in Texas in my home state of Illinois, as a football fan, I think I now, more that ever, respect what it takes to get to the pros.

From top to bottom in Dillon society, from the lousiest players, to the football stars, coaches, educators, board members, politicians, business people, family, husbands and wives, they showed that us, like them, we have so many problems and ethical decisions to make.

I will surely miss Friday Night Lights. It was hard to watch the end. May it find new fans even as they accidentally discover it as I did.

Thank you to all the cast and people involved with the show. You made a difference in my life.
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I started watching this thinking it was a show about football. Turns out it's a television show about love and loss, growing up, marriage, forgiveness, true friendship, high school, college, small towns, parenting, break-ups, heartbreak....well actually, it's just a show about real life. The characters and actors are amazing (Kyle Chander's emmy win was so deserved), the writing is superb (a second emmy won there), it's LOL funny at times, box of tissue sad at times, cry happy tears joyous at times and so quotable. I've recommended it to a few friends(guys and girls) and no one has been disappointed. Well worth every second spent watching! Texas Forever.
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on August 23, 2011
A great close to a great series. The final season is not without its flaws but most of it is pretty unpredictable which I massively enjoyed. The closing fit deservingly with all of the characters. Granted I wish there was a movie to follow up on the lives of all the characters, it isn't the show's fault for not putting the "20 years later" epilogue, it is my love for the characters.

In truth, I must say that I would give the final season a 4.9 rather than a 5 for the sole reason that they did not bring back all the old stars. I sat the entire season waiting for Lyla Garrity or Smash to come back but not even a cameo. Other than that, it was completely solid and a deserving end to the tale from Dillon Texas.
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on September 19, 2013
Friday Night Lights may have be the greatest TV serial drama of all time. I certainly have it in my top 3 with The Wire and The Shield. One thing that FNL can claim that the other two cannot is that its final season may have been its best.

Eric Taylor is back at East Dillon, but the East Dillon Lions are not a laughingstock anymore. Vince is the real deal, and the rest of the players have benefitted from a year of Coach Taylor's discipline. It's success that the East Dillon players have to learn to deal with now. Dirty Texas high school football politics rears its ugly head, and Vince is pressured by recruiters on one side and his father, fresh out of prison, on the other.

Self-aware that it's in its final season, FNL gives us a victory lap of sorts. Almost all of the departed characters return for at least a cameo, but it's the newer characters that carry the season. Tim Riggins returns after a short stint in prison, but, in the biggest surprise of the season, his older brother Billy Riggins plays a larger role. Becky's and Luke's stories are a strength, and Vince has as much pathos as Saracen ever had. The series end son a satisfying and entirely appropriate note.
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on April 24, 2011
I was really nervous about watching this DVD. I have been an ardent fan of this series since the beginning and I wanted it to end on a strong note. And, for me, it did. It was beautiful. It made me cry and it made me think and it made me smile. It inspired me, just as the four seasons prior had, to strive to be a better person and to be ever more compassionate. There were so many wonderful "reunions" with old favorites and even though I needed plenty of Kleenex in the finale and even though I wish this series could go on and on, I really was satisfied by the ending.

I am so impressed by the way so many of these characters came alive and became so special to me each season. I was amazed at how quickly and how deeply I came to care about the East Dillon Lions in Season 4 and by the end of Season 5, I was such a huge fan and probably equally invested in Becky, Jess, Vince and Luke as I had been and continue to be with Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Smash, and, of course, Landry, Matt, Julie, and Tim (who we get to see relatively ongoingly through the five seasons). And, Coach and Mrs. T remain the amazing heart of this show and should be showered with every accolade and award possible. I could regain a whole lot more respect for the Emmys if they honor this pair this year with Best Actor and Actress.

There are many wonderful and articulate reviews already for this DVD. Count me in as one more loyal and devoted fan who was pleased and thankful to have her favorite show ever end on such a strong note. One person mentioned that the sum is greater than its parts and I think that is true of all the seasons. I am sure if someone pointed out a storyline foible or a wish for X, Y or Z to have appeared more or shown up in the finale, I would not disagree. But that said, it's as close to perfect as I could wish.

I am overwhelmed with the urge to write a giant thank you note and love letter to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who contributed to this show! The actors, the writers, the direction, the beauty of the filming itself, the editing, and all the other roles of which I really don't know not being in this industry. You created something so special!!! What a beautiful and real reflection on living gracefully and with dignity and strength in hard times, and with fortitude when picking one's self up from making a mistake, and for compassion and encouragement for each other when trying to improve. What a wonderful show to depict what a marriage can be--best relationship I have EVER seen depicted anywhere! And what beautiful friendships and mentoring relationships and family dynamics we could see coupled with gritty struggles.
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on September 28, 2012
This was a wonderful series, easily as good as the four before it. I loved the storylines, of course, but the characters are what made these series special. Honestly, it's heart-warming stuff, without ever becoming schmaltzy or too sugary. Yet the characters have an essential decency to them that meant overall, my wife and I remember them with great fondness. There is a strong male character in Coach, a strong wife, a strong marriage - and a strong town, with a lot of good people trying hard to live well. Of course over the five seasons, there is also divorce, drugs, abortion, money troubles, a shooting: all the dangers, twists and upsets of the real world... but that decency shines through even so. Speaking as a Brit, it's a fantastic advert for small-town America and the people who make such places work.

In five seasons, the makers have explored the importance of 'moulding men' - of choosing the right path and sticking to it, despite the cost. It is joyous, inspirational television and I'd like to thank everyone involved for creating it. If I had this in my resume, I'd be incredibly proud.

Conn Iggulden
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on June 8, 2011
Before I bring up Season 5 itself, I have to say the finale episode is right up there with my favorite finale's of other shows, probably as moving as the way the show Six Feet Under ended.

But, wheeww, this Season just rocked, possibly more than any other season of F.N.T. I think it's because when you've grown to be more familiar to each character - especially due to the almost perfect quality of character development you have with FNT - each episode is just that much more realistic and entertaining. Or you just care that much more about the way the storyline progresses, because you like all the characters that much more at this point of the show.

I can say for sure, that there was no feeling of this show's slacking off the quality of writing and of acting just because they knew this show was ending at the beginning of S5.

The show's Creators so consistently accomplished tying up the loose ends with the stories behihnd Vince, Coach Taylor, Riggins, Cafferty, Jess, Becky etc.., and the effort put into how powerfully they want you to be moved by these characters, and their storylines, really made this show more watchable with each episode!
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on April 17, 2011
Can you say FNL Season 5 Marathon? There were only 13 Episodes, (at about 43 mins each, except for the last episode which did run just slightly over the hour mark to have the show culminate in, what I think, everyone who really liked this show, a satisfying end. I Watched the entire Season 5 (which just started airing on NBC Last week) But I watched it over the course of 2 days.

I am happy this show did get 5 Seasons, the show was cast perfectly and the writers have just this spot on way to create realistic and touching dialouge that goes straight to emotion and becomes life learning. With watching these characters, Julie, Tim, Tyra, Matt, Landry, and esp Coach and his wife just grow as people over the years and struggle, yet always stay true to themselves and you are almost going thru their struggles and achievements right along with them, if the writers were going for that and ever read this, You Absolutely Succeeded.

I am sad that such a great show like this that stays true and can be a Family Show wasn't recogonized and given more the credit it truly deserves. For those of you who are FNL Fans, you will not be dissappointed in this Final Season. It brings back some of the characters that may not have been regulars last season, we saw Jason Street, and Tyra came back for some of the later episodes this season. I absolutely love the dynamic true to life relationship between Eric and Tammy, their FNL Marriage and how they make decisions, especially a monumental decision they must make as a couple as the Series draws to a close.

The new characters introduced last season, Luke, Vince, Becky and Jess, at first took a while to warm up to, almost like they were invading our older characters who had already won a place in our hearts, but seeing them again, and how they deal with their own issues, especially Vince, who has to deal with his father being released from prison, and Vince having to see where his loyalities lie and who is really looking out for his best interests as his Father doesn't think Coach has his sons best interests, so that was a good storyline.

The Becky storyline was really nice, as she, after a not so warming welcome from Mindy (Riggins) found a family that proved to truly care about her, which is what in reality, a young girl her character age really needed.

Julie Taylor has a major bad decision on her part with something, but she, in Taylor fashion works thru it, learns from it, and makes a better, appropriate decision later.

The music is wonderful as always, even mostly at the times the instrumentals hit at just the right time to catch that perfect moment in the show to bring things together.

Just a brilliant show, please buy it, support the show, I am glad to see some of the other actors have already gotten parts in new series (Vince is on Parenthood which is an NBC Show Mondays, and Luke I think is on an ABC show, as well as Matt.) So i'm sad to see the show end, but happy to have these actors recoginized and put in, what seem to be good series shows that are airing now.

Wish I could give this Ten Stars, because it truly deserves it.
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on April 25, 2011
When the first season began I wouldn't even watch because I had seen the movie. I figured that it was a a case of TV Execs who had run out of ideas, and we would be treated to more retreads. I started watching two or three episodes in to the first season. I am glad to report that I was so wrong in my estimates. This turned out to be one of my all time favorite TV series, if not my favorite. It was so well written with character development that you don't see very often. This series will hook you. You will really care about the characters. The actors are so natural that you forget that they are acting. I never understood why the ratings never picked up more than they did. I am so happy that it lasted for 5 years. I only wish that we had gotten a few more episodes. I am glad that it was written so that the last season gave us some closure, even though it made me sad to say good by to people that I felt that I had come to know. As I watched the final moments unfold I did so with a lump in my throat. I purchased the full 5 seasons to watch again in the future. It is that good. By the way, this series is not about football. It is so much more than that. I cannot recommend this series highly enough. With all of the garbage that passes for entertainment on TV nowadays, this was a real find, a real gem.
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on February 21, 2011
I think that most people assumed this was just another "O.C." or 90210 type drama... but it's so far from that. I'm not going to bash those other cliche shows 'cause I find myself watching them often, especially when nothing else is on, but trust me, FNL is different. From the very first episode, you can tell. For one thing, there aren't wealthy snobby rich kids. The show takes place in Dillon, Texas, where the only money comes from the owner of the car dealership. Everyone else lives like normal people do. The main characters have a small one story home in the heart of the small town. I actually felt like the characters were somewhat real...and manu of the events were pretty darn realistic, unlike most shows today. The only thing that may seem unrealistic about this show is that the many of the high school actors appear much older than actual high schoolers. But shows kinda have to do that, so its understandable. Overall a really great show! You must watch! Highly recommended!!!

Oh also, it's not just about football. Please don't let that turn you away..
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