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on August 29, 2013
The Friday the 13th franchise remains one of the defining film series of the slasher flic genre. As a child I found the concept fascinating, but I wasn't allowed to watch the films. An indestructible, yet not undefeatable killer, Jason Vorhees was the archetype for film killers. An undead murderer with a simple story, an iconic mask which he nearly always removed at some point, and ridiculously risk-taking young victims just looking for a good time, this was almost a sub-category of its own.

As a film series, the story of Jason progressed, and had it's share of ridiculous moments. The low budget FX often take away from the shock value for modern audiences, and the first entry is mired down in hokey dialogue and poor acting, at least in the beginning. However, the best chapters in Jason's story are the first few. The original film finds it's own stride, and has an ending on a par with Psycho. The second chapter, which really gives Jason his due, sets up an even more sinister side of the character. Despite the fact that the iconic hockey mask doesn't get introduced until Friday the 13th part 3, these are the crucial introduction to a character who still sells Halloween masks. As a fan, I love this series, both as a horror enthusiast and as a nostalgia trip. I think the earliest chapters are the best, since the last few installments just go way over the top-ending with Jason in space AFTER supposedly being sent to hell.

Still, if you love horror, know the franchise, or just want to see what does and doesn't work in a serial killer movie, it's worth your time, especially for the first few films. They are a walk down memory lane, and a guilty pleasure.
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on May 12, 2017
This is the one..Probably the film most responsible for kicking the Jason legend and story into the hearts and minds of fans..The campfire scene, who could forget the characters, the backstory and ghost story like atmosphere of that and many other scenes in the film..Great slasher, great effects, not too much but just enough to keep this slasher acut above with a touch of style...Imo the best Friday film tied with The final chapter in the franchise...The characters, the dialogue, the kills, it's all here folks..They don't make them like this anymore..Plus tatersack Jason!
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on September 16, 2014
The characters were likable, the plot was interesting (well, as interesting as the previous one), and Jason's mask was hardcore.

Better than the first, better than all the ones after it, Friday the 13th - Part II was more on-point than any of the other movies in this franchise. The protagonist killed it, using her Chekhov's Skill to delay Jason and make for a killer (ha!) scene. Also, 1/3 of the movie wasn't filled with only 3D effects that you can't see in 3D because you're not in the theaters.

I'll start by going over the cast of characters (SPOILERS will be in this paragraph). In this one, the antagonist has had an upgrade to Jason, but Jason does not have on his famous hockey mask - instead, he sports a sort-of fabric bag over his head, tied loosely at the neck with a rope. This is almost scarier than the hockey mask because it, at first, almost makes his actions (tilting his head; toppling over easily; etc.) seem doglike. His weapon of choice in this movie seems to be an ice pick, though he'll drift into other means if he feels like it. The protagonists in this movie are much more likable than in the previous movie. We start with Sandra and Jeff, a couple; we don't learn much about these two past that, though it's obvious that Sandra's got a hankering for adventure, and Jeff does not. There's also Vickie and Mark. Mark is where the franchise first shows some diversity, putting a character in a wheelchair. These two quickly pair up and Vickie has this amusing scene right before she's killed where she thinks she's getting ready to go down on him (really she's getting ready to be killed) and she truly puts perfume all over her body - they won't need a bed of roses when she's buried, she'll smell like one. Mark is optimistic about his condition, believing he'll get out of the wheelchair before he dies, though the doctors don't agree. He seems very kind, as does Vickie. Terry and Scott are (sort of) a pair, as well. Scott, or, as I like to call him, Pretty Boy Floyd, lusts after Terry to the point of taking her clothes when she goes for a gratuitous midnight skinny dip. Terry resists his moves, but he keeps working it. Terry seems rather quiet, and Pretty Boy is quite the opposite. There's also Muffin. The condition of Muffin is not known. Oh, and Ted! He's the token goofball. His condition remains unknown, as well, though it's assumed he's fine, seeing as he was in town on the night of the massacre. Lucky duck!

(SPOILERS) Finally, our two main protagonists are Paul Holt and Ginny Field. They, too, are obviously coupled up, but they're not just in the movie to have some meat for Jason, unlike the others (most of the others get killed when they're doing something sexual, i.e. having sex). When Paul and Ginny return from the town to check on things, while Ginny finds a pool of blood in a bed, Paul laments about how "the kids smoke better dope" than he does. After they both see the blood, they descend the stairs to meet their doglike serial killer.

Ginny totally slays him.

By using a chainsaw, a kick to the groin, child psychology, and a machete (I think? I can't remember completely what the last weapon was), Ginny kills (ha!) it. Paul distracts Jason when Ginny goes in for the kill, then Paul helps Ginny back. However, after the obligatory nightmare sequence, it's unknown whether Paul really did survive the entire ordeal or not. It's possible that the eyeball that Abel finds in the next movie "with the rest of the corpse" is that of Paul's and has been hinted towards. Feel free to contemplate!

All in all, it was a great ride, especially in comparison to the other movies. They sort of lost touch when they got 3D effects - a horror movie doesn't need 30 seconds of yo-yoing and 30 more of juggling.
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on November 6, 2013
I think next to Halloween 2 this is the best horror sequel it has the same ingredients that made the original. Like the original the movie starts out with the killer as a mystery you don't know who it is but this is the first sequel to feature Jason as the killer. But what I like about this one is jason wasn't famous yet he has a sack over his head instead of a hockey mask he stalks new people that come to reopen the camp nit knowing they are being stalked the kills are as creative as the first this has always been a favorite sequel of mine the only flaws I can see is the movie is too short but still it makes up for that and many of the kills sadly have been cut you barely see much blood in some of the kills but still the movie is good now I will also review this about the new deluxe edition of the movie the first eight Friday the 13th movies have been reissued with special features now the flaw of the deluxe edition of part two is there isn't much special features no deleted scenes no commentary like some of the other Friday deluxe editions sadly part two doesn't have much just afew scenes from conventions for the Friday the 13th movies interviews with some of the actors that played Jason. And a interview with the guy who wrote the book called crystal lake memories its very interesting and gives you info on the movie. Part two kinda is left as a mystery I have heard about many of the uncut scenes but nothing has been released. But I enjoy this movie so the lack of special features doesn't ruin the movie for me I would like a commentary or to see some deleted scenes but the movie is a good sequel if you haven't seen it I would recommend it Jason is alittle different in here but he is more human but I like the way he lurks and stalks in this movie I think this is better then the original it's a enjoyable movie.
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on November 8, 2012
If you're looking for the best Friday the 13th film, this is IT!!! I have seen all of them. Over and over and over again! I had the greatest mom who would take me to the local video store every week; and, without fail, I would always rent a Friday the 13th movie. In my opinion, after the first two films, the movies just aren't that scary. Okay, they're not scary AT ALL! But this is about Part 2, so here goes... Like I previously mentioned Friday the 13th Part 2 is the best of the Friday the 13th series! It's the first time we get to see Jason as the infamous killer, not yet in the corny hockey mask, but way more frightening! Like all of the Friday the 13th's, this movie doesn't get a fair trial by critics. Which really upsets me, because I can't find a single complaint with it! I mean, this one actually has a plot! The cast is by far the most interesting, and Amy Steel as Ginny is by far the greatest heroine out of all the Friday the 13th's! Maybe out of all horror films! I wish the later Friday the 13th's had kept Jason the way he is here. Instead of beefing him up into this super-human, hockey mask wearing... whatever you want to call it. This Jason is way more believable and terrifying! I would say more things I like, but out of fear of spoiling this awesome movie for someone out there who has yet to witness it's greatness, I won't. I will say this though, Friday the 13th Part 2 was the only one that actually scared me! I still have trouble going outside after dark, and the woods... FORGET IT! This DVD is the best issue available for this title! I do not regret buying it, and neither will you!
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on January 13, 2017
Friday the 13th Part 2 is slow, dated, and by slasher standards there isn't much show stopping gore. Despite this, the movie remains a classic of the b-movie horror genre and many fans' favorite entry in the series. This is probably due to the affable main counselor Ginny and many of her funny counselor friends. It might also be due to the slasher formula just working. The 1st half, while rather bloodless sets up our characters as enjoyable people you might enjoy being around. If you like Friday the 13th, this film is one of the better ones
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on January 9, 2017
This movie is fine and entertaining. The best circumstance to watch it is with a group of friends looking to have a fun time with a movie marathon. This movie does little to improve on the original's formula, but that's fine. It doesn't try to break any new ground with this entry, just continue the story and frighten the teen audience. Because this movie is several decades old, it is lacking on the authentic-scare side, but if you're looking to be truly frightened, you're looking in the wrong place.
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on March 15, 2012
Friday the 13th Part 2(1981) is the first film in the series where Jason Voorhees starts killing people! It's also a well crafted sequel. An adult Jason Voorhees wears a burlap sack over his head and he kills people at a camp near Crystal Lake.
Alice(Adrienne King) is killed off by Jason after she finds Mrs. Voorhees' severed head in her icebox! Amy Steel is quite good as the new heroine in this film. Harry Manfredini is back with a brand new, suspenseful, nail biter music score. This sequel is directed by Steve Miner and he's humble enough to give director Sean S. Cunningham credit when using his stock footage from the first film. Betsy Palmer makes a cameo in the film as Mrs. Voorhees in a scene where Jason Voorhees is having a delusion.
Friday the 13th Part II is a lot faster paced than the first film. The climax gives you little time to catch your breath.
This film had to be re-edited in order to get an R rating from the MPAA. The scene where Jason stabs a couple in bed was more graphic. Friday the 13th Part 2 is a good sequel.
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on March 5, 2017
this is my son reviewing it. i personally like this one a little better then the first jasons a pretty interesting killer the effects when you can see them are good still not tom savini quality good over all good
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on July 7, 2016
The film is a perfect continuation with the son Jason Voorhees stepping in, to take revenge on those that did and didn't wrong his Mother and him! One of the early titles in the Friday the 13th series, that gets it right in the slasher genre! A lot of fun and bodies offed applenty!
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