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on March 10, 2011
I, too, had similar issues with the temperature on the unit. At first, the fridge side started to go up, peaking at 59 degrees! Visit number one, the repairman said that the door wasn't closing all the way. That lasted about ten days and then the unit started doing the same thing, including the drop in temp on the freezer side as well. Visit number two, the diagnosis was that the circuit board was malfunctioning, so they ordered a new one. Visit number three was to install the circuit board. Ten days later, you guessed it. Visit number four, the diagnosis was a cabling harness. Visit number five was to replace the newly ordered harness. Five days later, here we go again! I fought between Frigidaire and the appliance store over the lemon law: three strikes, it's outta here!

At first, Frigidaire said that the appliance store sold me a refurbished unit (WTF???), so when I called the appliance store about it, they denied it and said they were calling Frigidaire right away. An hour later, they called back to say that Frgidaire was wrong, BUT they would be sending a return authorization and I would be getting a brand new fridge. I still think the appliance store was lying, but we'll see.

In the meantime, this is what we get for sending all of our labor to other countries: shoddy products! This unit was built in the good old Mexico! (Nothing against the people of Mexico, but as you can see, I'm not the only one to have the same problem, so I blame Frigidaire). I absolutely cannot recommend this unit to anyone, and for that matter, I'll NEVER buy Frigidaire again!
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VINE VOICEon February 22, 2010
EDITED to add comments after 6 months of use:

People continue to curse at the stupid design of the water dispenser, and continue to spill water all over the place. Reducing the star rating from original 3 stars to 2. I would NOT recommend this unit, especially for the asking price. If you can find one on clearance, maybe, but again, there is NOTHING special about this that qualifies it to be priced above $1K imo.

ONE year warranty people...that should tell you something right there.


Replaced a GE fridge with this model:

Due to my space limitations, I narrowed it down to the similar Kitchenaid model (kind of wish I had gone for this), and the Whirlpool at the same level. Bought online sight unseen fwiw.

Honestly, I don't see why the "PROFESSIONAL" designation on this. Nothing about the quality makes me think it's anything other than a very average refrigerator. Cheap, plastic bins just like every other average unit I have seen.

- Best thing about this is the good looking AND practical stainless steel finish. It's great really - NO smudging (except on the handles) AND it's magnetic (something rare in SS models).

- "theater" lighting...when you open the doors at night, supposedly it doesn't blind you immediately, but rather gradually, as the lights ramp up

- Has a changeable air filter. I like this...no more arm and hammer boxes taking up space and tipping over. OTOH, another filter to replace.

- External, digital temp controls for both sides. I like the idea of this...but in reality, how often are you going to be changing the temperature? If you have to change it a lot, maybe there is a problem with the thermostat?

- this is a small thing, but I really like that some of the side compartments in the fridge have a non slip surface. Very nice touch. Instead of your jars of jelly sliding around and clanking into each other (except when the door closes, see below), things stay nicely in place.

- OMG THE DOOR SLAM. This one kills me, and for such a small thing, makes such a big negative impression because it's EVERY time you deal with the fridge. When you close the door, there is NO "cushion" for lack of a better or more technical word. On my very low end GE (and most every fridge out there for that matter), there is a built in governor I guess that slows the speed of the door so it doesn't just slam closed. I think what happens is that the resistance is just greater as you approach the closed position. Whatever that feature is, WP for some reason decided to leave it out on this fridge (maybe none of theirs have this, no idea). It is sooo annoying. We have gotten used to it more or less, and most of the time we carefully and slowly close the door so it doesn't rattle the whole kitchen. But anybody else (who of course is also used to the normal, slower fridge door behavior) closing the fridge door is always startled and usually jumps when the door SLAMS shut with a huge rattle. This is just piss poor design imo, and is a big negative. I am sure we will eventually get used to it, but shouldn't have to.

- another horrible, non standard design implementation re: water dispener. Unless you have an extremely wide cup (think wide coffee mug or even soup bowl/mug, you can't just push your glass into the unit expecting water to hit. Nooooo. Because of the design, any normal rim sized glass will be overshot by the water squirter, so you have to wrap your hand around the glass and then insert, to make up for the space. Never seen another fridge with this problem, and like the door slam issue, because it's so unusual, every time someone not living in our house goes for water, they end up getting it all over them and the floor. That tells you right there it's not just me being picky. I swear they designed the thing and never actually tested it in a real live situation. Inexcusable imo.

Because these two things have relatively easy workarounds, I am not going to go into below average territory. I doubt there is a perfect fridge out there, but I do wish I had gone for the Kitchenaid. I wonder if their engineers made similar mistakes.

3 stars, barely, and that is assuming that this unit will last many years w/o probs.

IMO, look at the Kitchenaid before buying this one.
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on May 31, 2015
Decent refrigerator, but the ice maker / dispenser is horrendous! It clogs frequently, backing up and creating a logjam, and otherwise it dispenses a few cubes, then whirrs for a few seconds and disgorges about ten cubes at a time -- honestly, it's like a bad comedy routine. Only a fool could have designed something so important this poorly. And the ice drawer itself sits at an angle -- very cheaply constructed. Meanwhile, it has this hi-tech
control panel in the door…. foolish shortcuts to save a few bucks make this a decent refrigerator with some serious deficiencies.
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on January 15, 2010
I bought a Frigidaire FPHC2399KF in November 2009. It has never worked properly. Nor has the replacement unit Frigidaire supplied. That's right, 3 service calls, one entirely new replacement unit, and a new temp sensor later and I still don't have a fridge that works properly. My first unit had a large wave in the side that was noticeable, and even more troublesome both fridges have had awful temperature control. The freezer can not properly control temperature, and drops as low as -14 F several times a day (with a setpoint of 0 F). We were careful not to make any changes to the default settings on the second unit before observing this problem for a while because we were afraid that somehow we had messed it up. Only after watching the unit overcool for several days did we attempt adjusting the setpoint to +3 deg to see if maybe that would work better (it didn't). Not only does this excessive cooling make such things as digging through the bags of painfully cold veggies, or eating ice cream inconvenient (so rock hard that neither my husband or I have a prayer of scooping it straight from the freezer), but it causes some of our fresh food drawers to freeze because some air exchange occurs between the two compartments. Delicate items, like lettuces, have to be carefully positioned in the fridge to prevent damage. Even carrots & celery can't be kept in certain compartments because they got frozen all the way through and totally lost their crispness. To top it all off, the humidity adjuster on one of the drawers totally broke off.

Frigidaire's customer service is equally dissatisfying. I've spent hours on the line with them to be provided with no useful information. Originally they just told me to adjust the humidity control sliderson the drawers, but now they are just telling me to have my local service provider continue replacing the parts he is guessing are bad. They provide NO actual technical assistance from anyone who has any kind of in-depth technical knowledge of how this unit works. No one who might know what part really is defective so that I could talk to the repairman about replacing that part. Just the same routine over and over - they tell you to call your local servicer and continue with the repairs because the unit is fixable. But then my unit never actually gets fixed. I just waste time having parts replaced with no affect on my fridge performance. I've even had them tell me that my first unit didn't have this problem - apparently their rep didn't note that in my file. Fortunately, the service company did document that issue so I can prove that it is a recurring problem. The only helpful person I've spoken to was a corporate lady who was calling to follow up on a survey I filled out giving them horrible customer service marks. She at least sent me a contribution toward my food losses. But even she hasn't fulfilled her promise of having a product technical specialist call me.
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on August 29, 2012
Some of the people that write reviews are sorely lacking in information. For example, this isn't a cheaper grade of stainless steel, it's actually a very good grade. What they do is coat the stainless steel. The coating is what makes it smudge resistant - and since it has a metallic content - a magnet will stick to it. FYI, the stainless in the 60s and 70s wasn't stainless - it was brushed chrome. Might be helpful if you get your facts correct.

As for the door slamming, check to see if the refrigerator is set too far back on the level. When a refrigerator is installed, you typically want a slight tip backward to help the door close. Of course, if it was purchased at some big box place that doesn't use their own delivery staff, you might have the answer right there. If the front leveling legs are set too high, that might be your problem.Personally, I wouldn't mind as long as the doors close, but I'm funny that way - I have a 17 year old and want to make sure the doors are closed (although this has a alarm).

I have no trouble with the size or shape of the ice dispenser. If that sort of thing is important to you - check it out on the various brands. Mine seems fine for me.

My wife wanted this unit. I personally don't like Side by sides, but I know when to keep my mouth shut :).

Overall, very dependable unit. Would highly recommend even if it's a side by side.
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on February 6, 2012
Bought the entire Line from PC Richards in 2010. Microwave died after 2 months requiring PC richards to repair it.

Dishwasher - repalced the motor within 6 months.

Now the refrigierator. It shipped with warpee doors making onside jet out a little more than the other. Told it needs to wear in.
Started noticing Milk going bad approx 4 - 5 months ago. Placed a air temp thermo and a regular thermo in a glass of water. Door temp 35 inside temp never below 44 degrees and varied between 44 - 52F. Paid 1999.98.

Luckily purchased individual warranties on all products from Frididaire. Warranty costs 250.96 for three years.

Repairs started about 2 -3 months ago. Control board, condensor fan motor, temp senors, door alighnments.
Then Had to get a second opinion for a replacement based on lemon law.

Now they are offering the replacement but I have to pay for delivery, removal and installation of the new unit and this cancels my contract. ThHe 250.96 esentially pays for the new unit and I am back to a new unit with a 1 yr warranty.

I shouldnt have to pay anything and at least I should have part of my 3 year warranty refunded since I paid for 3 years of coverage and got 6 months of coverage. It hasnt worked correctly for 6 months and I have lost about 100.00 in food.

I have no idea what I am going to do about this situation but would not recomend their products. I would also recomend looking into their warrenties against other providers for the best coverage.

THis was horrible time consuming experience.
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on July 8, 2016
My first unit had a glitch with the freezer light and had to be replaced within the first week. The replacement unit is now 6 years old and the freezer compartment ices over (A LOT!). The repair person told me that it was a manufacturer defect and that there was nothing he could do to fix it. Frigidaire is unwilling to assist - they recommended I replace my unit. I think these things should last a lot longer than 6 years and will not be purchasing another Frigidaire when it does come time to replace the unit.
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on February 23, 2010
The refrigerator stopped working a week after arrival. After spending hours with customer service they gave me the phone number of the local service provider. The technician arrived and fixed the loose temperature sensor contacts and at the same time tore off the water supply, which resulted in flood in the kitchen. The Frigidaire customer service refused to discuss the damage. Keep away from them!

More info tho share after using the appliance for three years. The control panel broke just a couple of weeks before the warranty expired. It took them more than a month to ship the replacement - first they sent a wrong part, then it was out of stock. The temperature in the refrigeration chamber is uneven - the bottom freezes, the top is warm. After two years the freezer chamber drain got clogged - another flood, albeit smaller than before.

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on May 30, 2011
We bought this unit with the matching stove, dishwasher, & microwave 6 months ago at the end of November, 2010. There was a promotion by Frigidaire to sell them, if you buy the stove and fridge they throw in the dishwasher and microwave at no cost. That should have told me something!

I won't go into the ridiculous water dispenser that makes it nearly impossible to hit the glass since others have already described it in detail here. Our 6 month old refrigerator just died completely! We heard warning beeps and the display showed temperature numbers that were going up and down. The refrigerator seemed to be holding a steady temp of 37 degrees, while the freezer went from what appeared to be zero or less, to higher than the refrigerator temp.

As it turns out, the whole unit had actually died, leaking water all over our new hardwood kitchen floors during the night and ruining them! We tried to call the toll-free Frigidaire help desk and only got the call back later message, it is only open business hours on weekdays. We will have to deal with getting this thing repaired and new floors installed with less than 2 weeks until we have over 50 guests here for a party. I couldn't be more disappointed and frustrated with a major appliance. I thought they would have figured out how to make a unit that ran and kept a steady temperature, growing up our basic fridge lasted my whole childhood. I only hope that our repair jobs are better than others have experienced, it seems the nightmare has just begun...

Part 2 of the story - Our refrigerator was repaired two weeks ago today. I was worried about an 8 month old refrigerator that needed so much work and so many parts replaced, but the service tech got it running...for a while. Less than two weeks from the repair date, and the morning of my wedding, the fridge died again!

It acted the same as before, warning beeps, temperature rising in freezer and refrigerator, resetting did nothing to make it cool. I called the repairman back who said he could come early in the afternoon, the only problem was that I WAS GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING CLOSE TO 50 GUESTS OVER TO MY HOUSE!!!!

We went to the ceremony and reception, then all of the guests arrived afterwards and were welcomed by warm beer, warm wine, no ice, and smelly warm food. As for the tradition of saving a piece of cake in the freezer for the one-year anniversary, that's been denied us by Frigidaire! We had to run out for ice during the party and find containers for makeshift ice buckets.

I called the local appliance store where I bought it (not amazon unfortunately) and got the same runaround as before. It only has a one year repair warranty, so you have to call Frigidaire. The service company (recommended by Frigidaire for warranty work) who worked on it 2 weeks ago still hasn't sent in their paperwork, so there's no record it was fixed once already!!! Frigidaire also gave me the same runaround as before when I called them.

I can't stress enough to avoid Frigidaire products. This pathetic excuse for a refrigerator in my kitchen is about 8 months old and has completely died twice already. I'm sure they will want to keep fixing it until the 12 month warranty expires then tell me tough luck for the last time. They have ruined two full fridge-loads of groceries, my kitchen floor from water leakage, my wedding and party afterwards, and my anniversary since I won't be eating frozen wedding cake! It doesn't get any worse than this!
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on March 7, 2012
We've had this model for two years. On New Year's Eve 2011 it stopped cooling and our first call to repair went in to a service center that we had an extended warranty through. It's now March and four service calls later-- it's been determined to be un-fixable. Luckily it's been cold enough outside that we can keep our food outside. Had I know all the bad reviews on this model, I never would've bought it. From the begining we had problems keeping food from freezing in the special bins--all of my vegetable froze and many times soda and beer froze in the fridge drawers and exploded. We've also had problems with freezer temp inconsistencies as well. It's very frustrating to know that you can buy a brand new, beautiful refrigerator, only to have it die on you within such a short time.
I will never purchase a Frigidaire product again.
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