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on September 17, 2013
We purchased our first Frigidaire Coffee Maker in 2011. At first it was matched all of our other Frigidaire Professional was good. Then just shy of 1 year it STOPPED making coffee all together. It turned on, but nothing came out. We called Electrolux and their customer service was great. They sent us a new one with no questions asked. I am giving this product 1 star because the replacement coffee maker that they sent has crapped out as well. This time the coffee maker immediately goes into the 120 minute warming mode as soon as you press the brew button as opposed to brewing the coffee first and then going into the warming mode. It also does not differentiate between "Strong" and "Regular" coffee settings. It only brews regular. I like strong coffee, so this is a problem. I am not saying that a coffee maker should last forever, but to start breaking before 1 year is pathetic. Needless to say, I called Electrolux to see what they could do and they stated that there is no warranty for the replacement and there is nothing they could do. Apparently, the replacement is under the same warranty as the first purchase. If you are going to stand behind your product then do it, don't keep sending out products that are just going to break again. NO MORE ELECTROLUX OR FRIGIDAIRE!!
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Top Contributor: Campingon November 29, 2014
Like many other reviews on here, mine worked well until suddenly dying in less than 2 years. I used it once every 2-3 days on the average. The writing on the buttons also wears off fairly quickly, so you better memorize what each one does! I sent an email to the support address that was mentioned in the message from the company representative in a reply to one of these reviews here, and no answer now, a week later. Otherwise, it has a nice appearance, works well, but had a problem with the replaceable water filters it takes as well. I got the warning to change it, and it never turned off after changing the filter. I'll not be replacing it with another one of these.
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on December 30, 2011
Let me first say that I do not drink coffee at all so all opinions expressed are those of my future in-laws to whom I gave this coffee maker as a x-mas gift. They love it. They didn't bother with doing a "dry" run to flush out nasty flavors so the first pot was less than stellar. Every pot after that received high marks. They do not drink good coffee (Folgers) so who knows how it brews with fresh ground beans for coffee aficionados. I do live is Seattle and my coffee fanatic fiancée didn't have any complaints about it.

The Good:
-Looks very nice
-Feels well constructed
-Large and easy to read/operate real buttons
-Easy to get the water into the tank even though the tank is in the back
-Clear area of tank so you can see how much water there is in there
-Nice solid carafe
-Keeps coffee nice and hot for 120 minutes after brewing
-Speed was good but probably not as fast as the ridiculous energy wasting (also fire hazard) ones that keep water hot all the time

The Bad
-Can't change any settings once you start brewing so if you start it on strong then you can't change to to regular
-Quite tall and the lid needs to swing up for filling so don't buy it if you are going to stick it under low cabinets

Overall I'm quite impressed with Frigidaire's foray small appliances and have already added a Frigidaire convection oven onto our wedding registry.

Update: The heating element just died. Still looks nice in the trashcan. Save your money and avoid this POS.
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on January 13, 2012
10/29/12 - Disregard the wonderful review below. This coffee maker will not last. It did work great in the beginning but faded fast. Quickly started losing it's ability to keep the coffee super hot which was not too much of a big deal until it completely died this morning. Thank goodness we kept the Cuisinart we replaced as a backup. Not a superior product at all. The lettering even started rubbing off of the buttons after several weeks of use. Very disappointed.

What a wonderful coffee maker! I replaced a Cuisinart Grind & Brew that I thought was pretty good until I used this coffee maker. The Cuisinart does not even compare. This coffee maker brews the coffee so hot & so tasty! I did not know that a home coffee maker could even brew coffee so hot. The option of brewing either regular or strong coffee is nice too because you can really save on the amount you need to use & still get amazing flavor. Brewing on strong does take quite a bit longer though.

I almost did not make this purchase due to the dimensions listed on Amazon. I thought that it would be really big & chunky and I did not want it to take up a lot of counter space. Thank goodness I took a chance & purchased. The unit actually only measures about 14"H x 8"W x 8.5" D. Not overpowering on the counter at all.

If I had to change anything about it there would only be two things (that are not deal breakers for me) ... the water reservoir that you pour the water into is quite narrow, so you have to be careful when filling ... and the unit does not give you the option to change the temperature that the coffee is maintained at after brewing, so if you have it set on High and maybe want to change it back to medium you cannot. A little more expensive than some but to me it was worth every penny.
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on December 22, 2011
We love our coffee, our old Bunn NHBB was starting to leak, and lets face it, it's an expensive unit too run having a water heater that runs 24/7. So the search began for it's replacement....after much reading and research we ordered the Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central, later that day a friend told me that her's almost caught on fire!!! back to the internet, searched for that model and fire and surprise, surprise....seems the Cuisinart company has had many an issue with smoking/fire...UPS took that one back!! So back to the drawing board, while picking up a laptop that was being repaired at Bestbuy I spied this little beauty, I know the company well, we have several of their products, never any issues. Let's start from the beginning, the unboxing, it is packed really well, after a quick reading of the instructions we ran the initial cleaning run through..and onto the COFFEE!! We were both really impressed with the temperature of the coffee, it is spot on, for a unit without a 24/7 heater it is truely impressive. The carafe heater has two options, regular and hi, we use high and up too two hours later we have hot coffee.
The only negative I can think of is the area where you pour your water in, it is a bit on the small side and fully emptying the carafe can be difficult, but with that being said I will be buying this unit again if and when this unit fails. brew ten cups it takes about 8-9 minutes at regular brew strength (nice option) and you can go do other things while you wait, it beeps three time to let you know it's COFFEE TIME !!!

You'll have too excuse me...I'm off to get another cup of coffee....
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on March 24, 2014
Bought July 2012; dead March 2014. A year and some months. Great coffee maker for that short period of time it was any use to me, kind of like beer or other things like beer are of use for a short time and then not. But the difference is beer is relatively cheap, and is usually consumed with friends. And it's not expeted to last long. Coffee on the other hand is consumed at the beginning of the day, in that cold, dark lonely hour when things are dark and ugly. But upon drinking it, you think, "Yay, coffee! Coffee makes the whole day better and I and I feel like buying people flowers and baking cookies for co-workers (and even gluten-free ones for my gluten-averse coworkers, becuause, hey, they're people too!) and going to the shelter to pet the little animals who have been abused and neglected and then volunteering in my daughter's school (and also, bringing cookies) and picking up trash down at the rivier! Yes! That sounds AMAZING. And at night, when you go to bed having set your coffee maker to bring you up to happy times in the morning, you have all that joy to look forward to. EXCEPT WHEN THE THING QUITS. Then there are no flowers, no cookies, certianly no gluten-free cookies, no visits to the shelter, and the river stays laden with TRASH. Seriously, how complicated is a coffee maker? Wait, my brother the engineer weighs in: "Not very." Yes, I am sure they have been making and impiroving on these things since the dinosaurs, who I am told loved their coffee. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to wash down a lizard with. So come on, Fridgidaire. Make something--your "professional" line, no less--last longer than a year and some months. It can't be that hard.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 13, 2013
I have had 2 of these. When i received the first one and used it, i fell in love! I love the ability to pick my strength and even the "warming" temp. I really enjoyed the taste. I don't know how long i had it--a good while--it just died. I set up my coffee and turned it on and nothing. I hadn't had it long enough that i would expect it to stay giving me problems. Anyway, like others, it lit up but nothing else. Ok, i thought it was a fluke, especially since the ratings were great. So, i ordered another one. Same thing, great coffee until i woke up today and it didn't start. Now i know it's not a fluke, esp after seeing all the reviews addressing the same problem. Wow. Well, bye bye Frigidaire. I'm sorry to see you go but i will not make this mistake again.
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on May 13, 2012
Our home coffee maker developed a water leak while it perked so we needed a new one. After quite a bit of research, I decided this one had the correct feature/cost mix, so I ordered it.

While I was researching, ordering, waiting for this to arrive, my wife got the very inexpensive one in our RV to use while we waited for this one to arrive.

Strange, we actually both liked the coffee that brewed out of the cheap coffee maker as much, or perhaps even more than this one.

This maker has multiple features the cheaper ones don't. I'm sure if you are looking to purchase this, you already know about them. Gold permanent filter, multiple temperature and timer settings, 3 brewing settings, etc...

We really had to pay attention when we initially set this one up, for it to work as we intended. Not that it doesn't work right - there's just some room for operator error in the settings. They aren't difficult, but I wouldn't call them intuitive either.

We both ended up thinking, "maybe we should have just gotten a simpler/cheaper one and just bought a permanent filter extra???" Oh well, this one works like it's supposed to - I'm just not sure well enough to justify the extra expense.

I am editing this review - changing from 3 stars to 1 star. Two days ago (Dec 2012) this coffee pot quit working - I assume because the burner is open. It doesn't matter, I'm going to replace it with a sub-$20 pot from a local retailer. The reasons - well it quit after only 6 months, it was WAY to difficult to program to begin with, and from the beginning we've liked the coffee from the cheap maker we keep in our RV as much or better than this one. If I'm going to get dubious reliability, I might as well get that from one that cost me a lot less. BTW, the one in the RV is 2 or 3 years old and still works like it's supposed to.
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on June 24, 2014
Purchased on 8-1-2012. Worked very well. Tasty coffee with good control of strength and temperature the coffee was hotter then other coffee maker I have used. After using it daily, it died on 6-3-2014 (Front panel lights up and the clock still works. But no brewing or heating. flashing cup) The only comment I could find troubleshooting said the heating element was burnt out. I called Fridgidaire was told theirs nothing they can do since no longer under warranty. All I wanted was a diagnosis as to what the flashing cup symbol meant, as that would tell me where the problem was and whether or not it warranted me having it repaired. Couldn't tell me. Another reviewer commented that Fridgidaire is aware of the problem and made updates in 2012. Well mine is a 2012 model, but the problem I have with customer service is in not telling me what the icon means. Should be so simple since they made it to do that as some type of warning signal.

I really experienced none of the problems cited by others. And I am only seeing one other review here reporting the same issue.
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on April 22, 2013
I purchased this coffee maker 13 months ago (of course the warranty is for 12 months). It recently started having problems with the clock, programming, etc. One of the main functions I wanted was to have my coffee ready when I got up in the morning, but that didn't work. After that the coffee maker simply died. I originally went to the Frigidaire website and tried to send them an email explaining the problems. The first section of contacting them is a dropdown labeled "category". Unfortunately, the dropdown doesn't drop down, so I went on to explain my problems. When I tried to submit, I was told that I had to fill in the "category" section, which doesn't work. Thus, I couldn't submit my complaint. This was just the beginning of my frustrations.

I then went to Amazon, where I purchased the coffee maker. I started reading all of the bad reviews, and saw that Frigidaire had responded after several of the reviews telling the customer to contact them. I thought to myself, "At least they recognize that there is a problem and will fix or replace my coffee maker." I sent an email to the address listed under several of the reviews and got a response within the day to call them. When I called, the customer service representative asked me to unplug the coffee maker and plug it back in. When nothing happened, he said, "Sorry, we can't help you. Your coffee maker is out of warranty." I was burning by then. I told him that yet another bad review will show up on Amazon's website, but he didn't seem to care.

So here I am writing a bad review. All I can hope for is that NO ONE buys this coffee maker. When it breaks down, you will get no help from Frigidaire. In fact I will NEVER purchase a Frigidaire or Electrolux product of any kind.

I've now just purchased yet another coffee maker. I went back to a Cuisinart because the one I had lasted a little longer than the others. I think this makes 4 coffee makers in the past 2 or 3 years.
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