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Fringe: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$24.66+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 4, 2014
How I miss this Series! I looked forward to it every week, and Agent Olivia Dunham and the Bishops never failed to deliver. Excellent acting by the Principals and also the supporting casts as well. Well-written story lines and well above average special effects (for a TV series) made for mesmerizing TV. The alternate universe stuff could have been hard for some to follow, but it was definitely one of the best things about this show. The Blu-Ray sets have perfect sound and perfect picture..................what could be better to enjoy this excellent series over and over again.

JJ Abrams outdid even himself on this show. I had the blues for a couple months when it went off!
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on January 4, 2016
There is a dearth of well-thought out sci-fi/fantasy series on television. By well-thought out, I mean series that have a story arc that stretches well beyond a season. There have been some, Babylon 5 being one of the best with the idea of the final season conceived during the launching of its first episode.

As many other viewers have indicated, this show unfolds slowly. The casting was done well and the main actors provide some powerful performances among its multiple seasons. There are some subtle changes after the first season -- the slight decentralization of Agent Olivia (Anna Torv) to more male voices and perspectives; the weight and perspective on the paranormal as the main story begins to eat up more and more of the episodes. However, this series will not fail you in thoughtful reflection, surprises, and emotional tugs.

I wanted to give this 4.5 stars, but Amazon does not seem to allow half stars. I feel it is just below the ones I think are simply amazing like Friday Night Lights or The Wire, but it is miles ahead of the many sci/fi series you can find on cable or public television.
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on September 19, 2015
Fringe is one of the best science-fiction series ever produced for television.
I'm watching the entire run again and it is actually better than I remembered it. This is JJ Abram's masterpiece. Comedy and tragedy are blended perfectly in this series. The writing is of the same quality as something like The West Wing although the focus is quite different. However, the show has that same level of awareness of politics, psychology, social issues, and pure imagination. Unlike many shows of this type, there is enough scientific awareness in each episode to make the audience believe in the the plausibility of these incredibly fantastic scenarios.
The characters are gold, each one capable of carrying an entire series with their storylines. At the center of it is s great question about the importance of the individual when it comes to the greater good. We see the results of individual choice across multiple universes and multiple timelines. It deals with the consequences of taking the ultimate risk like nothing I have ever seen. Across the series' run, Walter Bishop becomes one of the great classically tragic characters of our time.
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on August 29, 2016
I have watched the show in the past, but never got to see all episodes. The overall theme of secret experiments, types and idea of multiple universes is absolutely fascinating. It is very easy to imagine they could be real.

I enjoy the scientific explanations of the experiments; they lend the concepts more credibility. Viewers really have to pay attention to not miss hidden clues or a tiny moment.
The symbols they show, e.g. the hand, frog, etc. are actually a cypher. Pretty neat. You may find yourself getting sucked in because you want to know what's next.

Love Leonard Nimoy in the role of William Bell. Perfect actor for the character.

I would give it 5 stars, but a few episodes I find a bit cheesy; not really cohesive with the other episodes.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon February 4, 2016
You know you love a series when you watch it so many times you keep getting requests to review it. This is my very favorite series ever. I hate that it didn't continue. I hate that I didn't find it until after the series ended.... This series is very unique! The actors are phenomenal! Each episode draws you in, is in itself unique, not the same old tired thing. I highly recommend this series to others.
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on August 15, 2015
Fringe took over the void left by the X-Files, and did it quite ably. Season 1 is just a windup to what's going to explode in Season 2-3, so the writer's stick to fairly predictable police procedural story lines--albeit highly bizarre ones, which is why we watch. The big difference between Fringe and X-Files is the scope and complexity of the existential dangers hinted at in Season 1, go far beyond X-Files serialized alien abduction scenarios. And, an extremely charming and entertaining cast, in my opinion, surpasses the dynamic duo of Scully and Muldur. With the exception of Episode 11, which was originally cut (for good reason) and then inexplicably re-inserted into the DVD set after Episode 10 when one of the characters who has been killed re-appears as if nothing has happened, the Season marches slowly toward more and more bizarre situations with the cast. The Episode 11 error of programming has suffered a long and continued tongue-lashing by the series' fans--me included, but as you get into Season 3, it's oddly funny that it happened that way...
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on July 23, 2015
I'm wondering am I the only one who suspects that Olivia and her sister are the same actress? I agree that, as has happened too many times in the past, Fox has slowed this show down and lost a lot by doing so. But, I have to say I am not surprised as all we have to do is look at the shows that have season after season and I wouldn't give most of them a one star. Why can't the networks pull their viewers up instead of dumbing down what they put on. It has gotten so bad that if I want to predict what shows won't make it all I have to do is like it. Don"t get me wrong, when it come to the math and science (my degrees are in the liberal arts) I can be led. However, look at the nominations for Golden Globes and Emmys and you find that they take a while, if ever, to get the viewership up and most of what I consider really really 5 star shows don't get the chance. Could there be a connection of what we support intellectually on television and how far down the scale we are worldwide in the quality of a public school education???? I just saying….
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on January 31, 2016
I love this show and the characters. My parents (who have great TV taste) and some of my good friends agree, but my SO thinks it's cheesy. However, he is not into Sci-Fi shows like Doctor Who so can we really trust his opinion?

I tried it because I heard JJ Abrams was involved and I loved Alias years ago, although I never got into Lost. I watched all 5 seasons of Fringe in short order and just started watching again as the first time I watched on a tiny computer. It's at least as good the second time and I am typically not one to re-watch shows or movies.

Yes, you will have to suspend reality to watch, just as with any other sci-fi type show, but it's super enjoyable and engaging if you're not distracted by running commentary from naysayers about the quality of special effects (and as I recall, these do improve as the seasons progress).
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on September 8, 2015
Fringe is good.... No it's great. The parallel universe story is awesome. I love how you just don't expect it then "pow" it comes. I don't love the final season, I think it was a waste of time. It should've ended in the fourth. Sincerely, I watched the finally season skipping and waiting for the end. And because if I didn't finish it then I would've had been wasting my time. Overall, best show I've ever seen. I love all the characters.
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on February 22, 2015
As a substitute (continuation?) of my need for an 'X-Files' fix this show comes pretty close. It seems J.J.Abrams decided to use the X-Files mode of
presentation (diverse yet conjoined plot lines) in such a way that tuning in to the next episode becomes a necessary habit. The story writing in this first season is good but gets better as the characters jell together and the direction of their interaction becomes more natural and nuanced. Solving plot twists with reckless abandon solidifies the group. Their transition into a cohesive force for inquiry and 'case' solving keeps the viewer coming back to see how they handle the riddles.

Overall a very interesting blend of scientific imagination set in a story line where everything makes sense in a way. This was, IMO, what made the X-files likeable and interesting. The 'Fringe' has some writers that have no problem taking leaps into the obscure areas of scientific imagination. How the characters handle these leaps and continue on as if this is a normal world they exist in makes for amusing moments on the watchers part.

Try out at least five episodes before you decide if this series is for you. But beware: once hooked you will be onboard for quite a bumpy and interesting ride.
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