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Front Mission Evolved - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$14.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 31, 2014
Here's the rundown

2171 AD. The struggles between the two global superpowers, the O.C.U. and the U.C.S., have amassed to a cold war. Massive structures called orbital elevators tower above the planet, granting unblinking surveillance as these two nations maintain constant watch on one another. Suspended at the precipice of war, a new enemy will ignite the flames and watch the world burn.

It's a massive fast paced mech game with guns blazing action. Take damage and watch pieces of your mech fly. If too much damage is taken to a limb and that limb will become useless. Fly using jet packs and surf using boosters at high speeds to dispatch your foes with brutal force. Customize your mech with a large array of weapons, attachments and armors. Take the fight online and decimate your friends in a whirlwind of rockets, bullets and heavy metal. If you're into robotic destruction and frantic split second choices. Front Mission Evolved, Tear the enemies a new one.
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on January 7, 2013
This is basically a third person shooter so you are moving through campaigns with a running storyline and destroying everything you see. It reminded me a little of the Transformer games and the Mantis in Halo 4. My son is 13 and normally plays Halo, Transformers, Sonic, and RPG games but absolutely loves this game. Graphics, explosions, and sound effects are superb. Other reviewers have complained about the acting in the vids. While the video actors don't have the intensity and realism as say the Halo vids, that wasn't a problem for us. We just liked the great graphics, gameplay, and blasting other robots.
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on January 9, 2013
Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the Front Mission series. That being said, I was disappointed in the style of gameplay in this release. I was looking forward to the turn based unit strategy but even though I knew this game had changed styles, I had to get it out of love for the franchise (And I don't regret it).

On that note,
-Graphics were very well done and believable, lots of facial expression, bullet damage, impact, etc. were displayed, although some more detailed than others.
-Sound was to par, the soundtrack went with the game very well and helped with immersion at some moments. I never found myself annoyed with the music or sound effects.
-The gameplay was fast paced, responsive, and challenging (on the hardest difficulty) which required some tactical planning before heading in guns blazing. You really need to pay attention to your armor when in combat, enemies will tear through your limbs but luckily the core regenerates, so keep cover close. However, on foot (yes there are foot-soldier missions) it is practically impossible to die, just try not to run out of ammo.
-Probably one of the best things of FM, in my opinion, are customization. Much like Armored Core, you get to build and customize your own Wanzer (Huge Combat Robot, everyone loves giant robots). Though the campaign puts some limitations on your choice of weapon and mobility for some missions to mainly prepare for what's going to happen in the next mission.
-Story and characters were believable, except the protagonist, ANNOYING beyond belief...and slightly comical. The story is relatively short and not too many plot twist or points of extreme interest but the development of the main character is short and sweet, and the rest of the main cast are attractive and likable.

Now the downside; as stated before the gameplay can be challenging on the hardest difficulty but the most annoying thing is getting your legs destroyed to their frames and you can hardly move. After the climax of the story, this will happen constantly! Repair kits become rare/hidden so tactics become more prominent. The story was short and linear, not too much excitement. Don't even think about multiplayer, there likely will never be anyone online and if they are, they are well ahead of you so move on to armored core for multiplayer. Frankly I'm surprised the server is still up. The hidden unlockables (which give you extra credits and the occasional part/skill) were an absolute nightmare to collect and not really worth it, so unless you want every part in the game and a serious access of credits, forget them.

So, my final points:
-If your a fan of Front Mission, give this one a shot, it sticks to lore and is another prospective on an otherwise fantastic series.
-If you just wanna fight with robots, move on to another robot-smashing-game.
-If you're interested in just the story, move on, not much of that here.
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on September 5, 2013
While this game plays well, with good mechanics and, an engaging plot. This is not Front Mission, this is a rip off of armored core plain and simple. Front Mission games have always been the best turn based strategy game featuring mecha's i have played. This isn't .

If you want a third person action pew pew shooter with customizable mechs do yourself a favor and just get an armored core game
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on March 15, 2017
Definitely would buy again gameplay is crisp and responsive. Love the wanzer (seriously?) customization system.
review image
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on October 29, 2015
Item showed up with scratches all over the back. Never seen a game in that kind of condition. Put it in to play, surprise it did not work.
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on November 17, 2012
Square Enix games can be bought on Amazon for incredibly great prices! Despite offering a multitude of genres one can always sense the Square Enix spirit in their games, this can give you a warm feeling of familiarity but on occasion can make you yearn for something totally different. I try not to play Square Enix games consecutively to stay fresh. This game is a challenging turn based game and totally worth the purchase.
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on October 3, 2010
I am personally an avid FM fan and had this pre-oredered for the Xbox 360 for quite a while, and as of this review I have completed the game on Normal and Hard, and I am a Staff Sergeant 2 in Multiplayer.

Story/Characters/Cutscenes 2/5

The story (about 10 hours in length), though cliched, is truly weakened by how forced it feels--a little more exposition and well-placed dialogue explaining some of the under-lying themes/plot holes would have improved the otherwise average story I felt like I was watching a new addition to the Gundam series with no fight choreography. However, since Motomu Toriyama, the lead writer for Final Fantasy XIII wrote the story, it should come to no surprise that it has all the same issues as FFXIII's story; that being a lack of exposition manifested in unspoken themes and massive plot-holes. Additionally, The Character development was predictable, but the voice-acting, produced by Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, wasn't too bad. However, the dialogue provided to record was terrible--thank you Toriyama. The Cutscenes, also outsourced to Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, were quite good and went a long way to enjoying the otherwise below-average story.

Gameplay 4/5

Gameplay mechanics are tight, (Double-Helix did a great job) and the additional modes: On foot infiltration and Gunship Defense are well thought out and fairly fun (except on hard in which case they're a nuisance). I was very pleased to find no bugs in either of my two playthroughs, and quite frankly, a little shocked. It was quite refreshing as it has been too long since I have been able to say that. The gameplay, though not anything revolutionary, is the highlight of the game and makes the game worth buying for Hardcore FM fans and Hardcore Mech fans alike.

Customization 3/5

Customization mirrors that of FM, FM2, and FM4, so fans of the more open upgrade driven advancement in FM3 and FM5 will be disappointed. At different campaign levels and cash milestones more parts are available, and these new parts will yield the old parts obsolete (in most cases these new parts are upgrades to the previously purchased Wanzers). This doesn't bother me much, but I know this will be a concern to some FM fans and AC fans. An issue I have with the customization is the lack of strategy involved in the campaign and multiplayer as a result of customization restraints. For instance in FM4 and Evolved a Ballistics Wanzer could use a Recon Wanzers sensor backpack to extend the Ballistic Wanzers Range, and though the repair backpack makes a come-back, it comes at the cost of mobility as the roller-skating ability, though still accessible, is less maneuverable without the A.G.I.L.I.T.Y backpack. It feels like the strategic component is overall lacking in a series that has ever emphasized strategy.

Overall 3.5/5
For all its faults it was better than I expected. The story was written by Square-Enix, The voice acting and Cutscenes by Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, and the gameplay by Double-Helix, and despite this, the overall cohesion of the product is exceptional and exceeded my expectations. I truly enjoyed the full experience of it all despite it's shortcomings, so I recommend this for the true die-hard fan of the FM series and die-hard Mech Fans starved for more robotic slaughter, but everyone else should consider renting first.

-Tommy Race
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on December 30, 2012
i heard pretty much bad everything about this game,but i actually think it was put together well. customization isnt much,but im glad they added the option for your mech.. im sure if theres a part 2 it will be much better. i think for the price u can buy it for now is well worth it.
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on January 24, 2016
Worth the play but unlike the first games. It kills the fun.
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