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on May 1, 2017
I am a homeschooling mom of middle-school aged boys. We watched this as part of our 20th Century Presidents study. It has some bad language and there is a very brief glimpse of the back of a man jumping into the ocean naked. There is implied fornication (word used in the movie) as Frost picks up a woman on a flight and she shares his hotel room over several days/weeks. There is also a moment early in the movie where Frost is sharing a bed with a different woman and you see her bare back in the background as she gets out of bed.. The movie presents a complex picture of both Frost and Nixon as they prepare for the interview and over the course of the interviews. All the actors were excellent in their roles.

It is a good homeschool resource to explain how the Watergate Scandal affected Americans view of the Presidency and how media feeds that view, either for better or for worse, though I wouldn't think it suitable for anyone younger than middle school because of the complexities of the issues presented.
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on May 11, 2013
This is a nice movie showing Nixon's attempt at gaining forgiveness and a positive image after his resignation. He has been in self-imposed exile in California at his family estate, being bored, and generally reviled by the public.

Frost is portrayed as a well liked, well known partying television host from Britain, usually talking to celebrities about frivolous little nothings. Frost wanted to up his game, his career was falling off, and interviewing Nixon would be a coup that would throw him right back up in the limelight. He was not a journalist and so had to spend some time and a considerable amount of charm to secure funding for such an event, not to mention Nixon's agreement in such an enterprise.

Nixon, frankly, was bored, and wanted to pull himself up to higher regard in the public eye. When handed the chance of interviewing Nixon, Nixon's people rejoiced that such a lightweight was their foe and nothing would come of it except that Nixon would look presidential. There was also the chance of making a huge amount of money in doing such an interview, to help cover the large debt he has incurred while fighting the Watergate allegations.

Frost goes on a whirlwind tour of courting money and backers to his enterprise, while recruiting a team to create questions to ask and gather material to educate him. He quickly drew people to his team who wanted to bring Nixon to bear for his transgressions at Watergate, but Frost's partying and his constant absences as his partied to raise money make his team extremely anxious and despairing of anything other than Nixon making Frost look ridiculous, something they were unable to convey to Frost.

Four interviews were scheduled, and in the first three Frost was steam-rolled by Nixon, knocked off guard by remarks before the taping started, talking and not letting Frost have a turn, and definitely controlling all interviews, much to the dismay of Frost's team and the delight of Nixon's. On the eve of the last interview, Frost finally got it, this was his last chance, and managed, with some rushed research from his team, and cramming on his part, and during the interview showing the fortitude to not be pushed around by Nixon, to get the Watergate confessions from Nixon that forever marked his presidency.

The acting by Frank Langella and Michael Sheen is excellent, and the supporting cast was also top notch. This movie will be of interest to you if you are interested in that period of history, or movies that are concerned with characters. I do recommend it.
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on September 19, 2013
I remember this interview very well. This account also shows the human side of Nixon. At one point I thought I had misjudged him. His huge failing involved allowing his worst instincts to be supported by loyalists. It's not just that Watergate happened, but that, given Nixon's personality, it was inevitable. David Frost was able to discern that, bring it out, and still be fair. There was a little too much emphasis on Nixon's crazier moments, probably because they were so dramatic. However, if you can look behind the drama you will see two human beings, accurately portrayed.
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on November 10, 2015
Terrific performances bring what ordinarily would not be a dynamic screenplay to life. Film captures historical essence of the events leading to this historic set of interviews. Although Nixon playing mind games with Frost seems a bit far fetched, it did make for good drama.
As much as I liked Sir Anthony Hopkins as Nixon, Frank Langella gives an outstanding performance.
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on September 5, 2016
Couldn't ask for a better script or performance of this film. It embodied the facets of Nixon & Frost so eloquently. Loved otđź‘Ť
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on October 29, 2016
Excellent adaption of original interviews
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on December 12, 2014
Frost Nixon is a movie that basically paints a story that former President Nixon went to the reporter (David Frost) that this movie is based on in hopes of rehabilitating his reputation. Frank Langella is listed on the back of the dvd to have played Nixon, while Martin Sheen played the role of David Frost. Here are some of the facts that were included at the end of the movie: David Frost continues to work as a TV presenter and news interviewer. Today his (David Frost’s) annual summer party is a firm fixture on the British social calendar. The Nixon interviews remain the most successful program of his career. Richard Nixon published his 1,000 page memoirs in 1978, but never escaped controversy. He (Richard Nixon) traveled again to China and Russia though only as a private citizen. Richard Nixon remained largely absent from official state functions until his death of a stroke in 1994. The bonus features of this dvd: deleted scenes, the making of Frost/Nixon, The Real Interview, The Nixon Library, and Feature Commentary with Director Ron Howard. The movie trailers included in this dvd: Harvey Milk, Changeling, and Flash of Genius. There is then the promotional for focus feature films and the following actors/actresses are credited with this dvd: Frank Langella, Micheal Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall, Toby Jones, Matthew McFadden, Oliver Platt, Sam Rockwell.
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on October 5, 2009
This historic drama based on the famous interviews by David Frost and former President Nixon is excellent in every way. The acting is superb with Frank Langella performing the part of a lifetime. The film dramatizes the 1977 interviews with most of the film devoted to the behind the scenes strategizing for advantage. Exceptional actors, intelligent script, suspenseful and beautifully edited direction all go to make a fine film. However, this film moves beyond that for it moves into a psychological analysis of Nixon in the first years of his disgrace and reveals that he was aware of his misdeeds and that he must take responsibility for his actions and the political philosophy that he nourished within his heart throughout his political career and which tainted the White House staff and their approach to governance.
Richard Nixon was the only president to resign while in office rather than face a certain impeachment by the House of Representatives. He was soon pardoned by President Jerald Ford and moved into retirement at this compound in San Clemente California. Thus, a popular television talk show host, David Frost, was not seen as a threat and Nixon was willing to participate in the interviews because he thought he could out maneuver the playboy television personality and he also was paid $500,000 for the 4 interviews (2 hours each). Michael Sheen plays David Frost and he captures the complexity of Frost's personality and ambitions and eventual insight into Richard Nixon that lead to the outstanding admission by Nixon that he had conducted activities that were probably criminal and that he had let the people of the United States down in his conduct as President.
Frost believed that the words of admission and sorrow from the President would be a healing message and that it was possible to bring the President to this admission. But President Nixon was a brilliant strategist with the ability to turn any question into an opportunity to appear wise, Presidential, strategic, victimized, intelligent, insightful, considerate, and kind. He was a master at turning a negative question into a 15 minute response that showed him in his best light. The film is excellent at capturing the tension and suspense as each interview is totally dominated by President Nixon and David Frost is continually left licking his wounds, never penetrating beyond the facade presented by President Nixon.

The film is also about Frost's desire to recharge his career after having his talk show dropped by a major network but he soon finds that he personally must finance much of the production costs of the interviews. The contract between Frost and Nixon stipulated that Nixon would not be given the questions in advance and would have no editing authority. But Nixon was an absolute master in the art of staying on message, turning any hostile question into an opportunity to look Presidential. He may have accepted the conditions because he knows Frost to be a woman chasing playboy celebrity and not know as a political journalist. This would allow Nixon to shape history to his own liking. Yet, the underlying issue for Frost was healing and not blame, and this may have been his greatest strength in dealing with the President and in the end it is this theme that touches Nixon's core and in so doing, reveals something about the President that is grand.
Ron Howard was brilliant to emphasize this theme. For if Frost had interviewed Nixon with the outrageous bully strategies that is so often seen on television today, Nixon would have been an able fighter and the American public would have gone away thinking that the battle was a draw and that this was politics as usual. It was the strategy of seeking admission of misdeeds and then moving the President to state that he had let himself, the office of the Presidency, and the American people down that changed the equation. It is to the President's credit that he becomes a willing participant in this strategy for it took incredible strength of character to abandon every self protective instinct and to rise to a healing apology that was so needed by the nation.
The film is excellent, for it reveals that underneath political battles and strategies lies vulnerability and that fear of revealing that vulnerability can lead to great misjudgments but that moving beyond and through the vulnerability is healing. There may be those who think I overly praise Richard Nixon, but I don't. I only say that the man was capable of growth and insight even in his dark defeat and his instinctual connection with the American people guided his voluntary decision to admit he had let himself and the American people down.
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on November 14, 2016
A great movie that had me in genuine suspense. This finally put the true story behind the reference (that had me in extreme curiosity) in the histarical movie, "The Interview".
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on February 16, 2016
Better than I thought.
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