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on May 6, 2014
I really enjoyed this film for it's well-developed female leads and it's humor and cute story, but it's not a film I'll buy or run out to see again unless my niece is visiting. Maybe I'm more old school, but I didn't think the music was that memorable or exciting. Beauty & the Beast is the pinnacle of Disney animation to me, in terms of character development, plot and story-telling. I also think it does a better job of using music to push the plot forward than Frozen does. In Frozen, the characters just kind of sing what they're thinking. They sing about a specific moment they're currently involved in. They tell, don't show. In Beauty and the Beast, the characters express their changing emotions while interacting with each other in a way that shows more than tells. That right there makes it better writing, in my opinion. At least in terms of the music.

Still, Frozen is cute. The main characters - both boys and girls - are all 3 dimensional and the fact that it's focused on the love of a family (sisters) more so than romantic love really touched me. It also had a good plot twist I really didn't see coming. So I liked it a lot.
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on March 31, 2014
Disney does animation like no other studio and FROZEN has become the most successful animated film of all time. This delightful film has something for Disney fans of all ages. Family-friendly films are rare these days so kids of all ages can enjoy FROZEN. It has it all--adorable animals, romance, fantastic animation and a story with a heart-warming message about love of all types.
Princess (eventually Queen) Elsa has a terrible secret and must remain hidden away in her palace. She has the power to turn things (and possibly people) into ice. She must stay away from her beloved sister Anna for Anna's safety.

Anna struggles with the isolation and eventually she is the one who has to save Elsa and the kingdom. Princess Anna is the heroine of the film, brave and loveable, in need of true love. Will she find it?

Computer animation has its advantages over traditional animation. Movements and bodies are so lifelike that sometimes you think it's the real thing on screen. Faces still have an "animated" look. Of course, some might more appreciate traditional (and dying) had drawn animation. But for FROZEN, we have an absolutel visual delight that will bring joy to everyone.
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on March 12, 2014
My boy is 3. Cartoon connoisseur (and not just Disney, he appreciates old school Looney Tunes, Transformers, Thundercats, as well). I ordered this on Friday night. Friday night, Saturday multiple times, Sunday multiple times, Monday (school day) once, Tuesday once... On the way into school this morning, I brought up the Youtube video of "Let it go" and we literally listened to it 10 times in a row while he watched on a 35+ minute drive. I too, love "Let it go". I think by this Saturday I'll have watched it 50 times. I have two other records to beat... "Cars" = we had to have watched this 699 (with probably another 300 watchings forgotten/or blended into my memories) times and "Mulan" = at least 500.

Get the movie. It's good. Love the old man with the toupee dancing... my favorite part. LOL...
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on September 17, 2014
Its a good movie, I haven't watched a disney movie in years, so watching this one is refreshing. What I can say is that there is alot of Singing... ALOT You know when its about to go down Lol. but the story takes a different turn from alot of cliche stories.
I would recommend buying it through red box as a day rental, not actually owning the movie honestly. Its good, but it wasn't worth my 20 dollars, and now adays alot of movies aren't worth my 20 dollars. #TheStruggleIsReal
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on March 18, 2014
The movie itself was good however I didn't feel emotional enough to shed a tear like the other Disney movies; Tangled. The music was good and I like the new perspective on gender roles and romance approach. There wasn't enough back story on some of the characters for me to connect in a higher level.

There is a Veronica Mars Easter Egg in the Movie

In The Blue-Ray

The Making of Frozen (can find the exclusive on youtube)
D frosted (a long clip about the inspirations for the film with the directors)
Deleted scenes ( 5 one minute sketches; extremely disappointing with the fact that they weren't completed animated scenes and did not add to the main storyline)
Music Videos (Why were only Spanish, Italian and Malaysian were selected? And the Spanish and Italian was sung by the same singer. Producers couldn't find separate singer to represent each language?)
Mickey Mouse Short (There is a Captain America Easter egg)

In the DVD
Music Video
Mickey Mouse Shorts (There is Captain America Easter Egg)

I would recommended this product to a friend if you can't get your hand on the Target exclusive or Best exclusive.
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on April 20, 2014
I really enjoy watching this with my two daughters. It's not the expected Prince and Princess happily ever after Disney story. The focus is on the sisters which I think is a great message for young girls. The movie is pretty fun for the adults too, there are a few jokes and story lines that entertain the adults and older kids.

From a technical perspective Disney does a great job with their 'digital copy' offering. All the normal Ultraviolet vendors are available as choices, as well as iTunes. There is also an option for the Disney app + iTunes. This is a very convenient and well thought out option that allows for use with Apple devices as well as providing a device agnostic option for households that have both Apple and non Apple devices. At this time no other Studio offers this type of flexibility with their 'digital copy'. In my opinion at this time Disney is the only studio worth purchasing the full Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy version of a movie. I know the other studios have work arounds for Apple devices, but they are a hassle and from my perspective just not worth spending the extra money for the 'digital copy'.
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on May 25, 2017
Great movie, story for all ages, really. My fiancée loves Olaf so much I had to get her a little stuffed one. For a kids' movie it's actually quite snarky and intelligent
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on December 25, 2015
So here's the thing. I have heard The Snow Queen enough to know the basic story line of Frozen. I am not saying the movie isn't good - I just don't think it is anything special.

Why did I give it four stars?

Because I swear, somewhere in this movie, there is a hypnotist hidden. Maybe it's subliminal messaging. Honestly, maybe it's just their stellar soundtrack. But honestly and truly - every child I have met under the age of 9 is OBSESSED with this movie. Literally, obsessed. That counts for a lot, so that is where the star rating comes from. Bottom line.... if you're a grown up, I wouldn't recommend it. For a kid - buy it! You need it in your life.
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on December 27, 2017
Lovely story with a twist. Its not the first in many categories but it came out at a time where it is a first for many in certain values for the current generations.
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on February 23, 2017
It's Disney movie. Of course you will like it.
And it works well as a DVD > just open your player, insert the disc and press play.

Now, if by some chance you have no DVD player. Or a TV to watch this on, then this item is worse than a book.
You can stare at the cover art and have the movie magically play in your head. That would be some weird Jedi mind trick.
Which maybe some day Disney will have? I mean, these are the droids I was looking for...fairly certain. But now I'm not sure...
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