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on April 30, 2014
This was one of those films that caught me a little off guard. For months I had heard some minor plot lines from friends and family and then when I finally got around to viewing it, I found myself taken off guard. It didn't seem as though it was the same movie they had seen. I'm not saying that in a bad way, it was just like drinking orange juice while thinking about milk and confusing your mind and taste buds...

Overall, I found the plot refreshing. The idea of magical "wintering" powers was fun - I often wondered if this was the cause behind the my personal non-stop winter wonderland.

The one thing I love about Disney/Pixar movies is the subtly injected "adult humor". It keeps us entertained in the background as the kids are enjoying talking snowmen.

I give this 4 stars because I felt like the plot was a little jerky. Granted, it flowed pretty well and it resolved the major issues, but there were many times where I'd wonder why they chose a certain point in the movie to talk about something versus a different point in the movie. There were some places where answers came too soon or not soon enough. Granted, this is a kids movie and for the most part they probably don't care, but I still think it's important from a writing/entertainment perspective. It was a bit like plot whiplash with no explanation at certain points.

I still highly recommend this as a fun family movie for any time of the year! Though maybe wait until the summer to watch this if you don't want to be completely annoyed by versions of "Let It Go" on the radio right now.
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on April 25, 2017
I was majorly disappointed that Disney did not offer this totally awesome movie in 3-D in the US and I was sceptical about buying from out of the country. But I took the chance and I bought this 3D UK version.

I took a couple of tries to get my 4K DVD player's glasses to work (I was panicking that the disc was defective) but I finally got them to work. wife and I were blown away! The 3D version turned out to be awesome and I could find no issues with the movie. I so loved it and I totally loved the UK version.
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on May 28, 2014
Great movie, fantastic music. Funny and oh-so memorable. We all know this movie. It's great. Cant stop singing the songs even in public. I'm a 6'3 245 lb stay at home dad btw. Not allowed back at the Y for pick up basket ball games anymore until I can control my spontaneous renditions of Olaf's "Summer" song :-/ Here's a fun thing I noticed after watching this movie too many times:

(2 year old son pulls Daughter's hair)

Daughter screams

I say: Let it go!

He does it again

I say Let it go!

He pulls her hair again:

CAAAN'T HOLD ME BACK ANYYYYYMOOOOORE!!!!! fly's out of my mouth without hesitation... I was in the bank at the time.

This movie is fantastic but unfortunately, like all great things, played out.
Delivery was on time and in perfect condition.
One huge minus. You expect some sort of behind the scenes look when paying for the "platinum edition" or whatever this is. The extras are surprisingly empty and unsatisfying. Like eating rice-cakes.
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on December 26, 2014
My 2-1/2 year old grand-daughter, like all children lately, is obsessed with this movie. The first couple of times I watched it, I thought it was adorable -- nice storyline, cute characters (my favorite is Olaf the snowman -- he has the best lines in the movie!) Twenty viewings later, however, and I'm pretty over it. It will take the Jaws of Life to pry that "Let It Go" song out of my head. If you enjoy Disney films and haven't seen it, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the movie, just be aware that some of the music is addictively catchy to kids and unsuspecting adults.
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on April 16, 2014
Truth be told, I think my five year old daughter knew all the songs before we had a chance to watch it. She even had an Elsa doll before watching the movie. The great thing was she, nor my husband and I, were ever at any point disappointed. The animation is beautiful as always, but the story is what drives this movie. It's about love and sacrifice. But it isn't focused on the love in a potential suitor but rather the love of family.
I am by no means one of those that gets their undies all wadded up over a princess movie with a prince and princess falling in love and even has the prince *GASP* rescuing the princess. After all, I don't rely on a movie to teach my daughter self worth. She loves playing as a princess but also loves grabbing her toy sword and slaying the dragon. She enjoyed every bit of "Frozen" and talked about how much Elsa and Anna loved each other. She's an only child but she told me that families will do anything for each other. This is all stuff we have talked about and instilled into her long before the movie came out and it just reiterates that.
The humor is a wonderful balance of those simple things that get the kids rolling as well as the jokes that they are oblivious to, but have the parents looking at each other and laughing. The characters are amazing and are voiced perfectly. Also, look up the "Frozen"/"Tangled" story cross and be prepared to have your mind blown. (There's an Easter egg in Frozen that is a brief cameo of Rapunzel and Flynn that supports the theory). Wonderful movie and well worth the five stars given.
Oh, but here is a warning (and spoiler alert) for those that find a male rescuing a female offensive: Princess Anna does in fact get rescued from a locked room, as she is close to dying, by a male character!!!
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on May 5, 2014
I loved this movie. My college age son loved this movie. Neither of us usually like animated features with lots of songs, but the music and lyrics were actually good, and sometimes wonderful; the story was entertaining, and often funny; and the animation was great. We saw it first in the theater, and my son liked it enough to ask for it as a birthday present.

Now the problem. When the DVD arrived, we couldn't play it. Or, more accurately, we couldn't get past the loading screen of the Disney castle. We waited FOR ALMOST AN HOUR and it never got to the menu screen. We tried putting it in and out repeatedly, turning the Blu-ray player on and off, unplugging and plugging in the Blu-ray. I even played another Blu-ray movie I had just purchased to make sure the player wasn't broken. I figured the DVD was defective, and arranged for a return and exchange. Amazon was great about that. But, when the new DVD arrived, THE SAME THING HAPPENED. This time I did research on the internet, and discovered that with certain brands of Blu-ray players, there are often problems with new DISNEY DVDs. I owned one of the brands (Samsung), and the solution was to get updated software for the Blu-ray player. Once we did that, it played just fine. But it would have been nice for someone (Disney, or Amazon) to warn me about this before I went through the whole exchange effort, since apparently it is a common problem.

Finally, I was disappointed in how limited the extra features were. Once of the reasons I get the Blu-ray version of movies I especially like is for the extra features, and there weren't that many. And there was a REALLY stupid "extra feature" called the Making of Frozen, that [SPOILER ALERT -NO WARNING] turned out to be a lengthy musical number of people singing about how they were going to tell you how Frozen was made, and then they don't. Who thought that was a good idea?

But it is still a great movie. And the non-Blu-ray DVD that comes with it is actually nice for playing in computers or on our old DVD player that can't play Blu-ray movies.
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on April 5, 2017
Revised my 2 star to 4. The 3d version does work. The player started prior to my 7.2 home theater receiver. Once I Reload the disc after everything was on all worked as expected.
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on June 13, 2017
My two-year-old is just starting to fall in love with this movie. She sing/yells the main songs and has started to ask for Frozen merchandise -- which I buy. I'm now officially a sellout mom and have given up my plan to raise her without Disney commercialism. Her smile is worth compromising my idealism.
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on March 14, 2017
My 3-year old daughter has loved this since it first came out and can still re-watch it like it was the first time. Except now she knows the songs and can sing and dance along!

While it is a cartoon, I like that I can show my daughter something other than love at first sight/kiss = happily ever after and that we don't have to be perfect.
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on March 23, 2014
Only a shallow consumer of stories could rate this film poorly.

Disney gives us a real treasure with this simple film. It is visually stunning not only in the rendering of characters, backgrounds, and snow (especially the snow) but even more so in the conveyance of emotion through the characters. As for plot, simple does not have to mean bad. Just because a plot does not contain high levels of intrigue, that doesn't mean it can't tell a great story.

Any claim of a lack of character development must simply mean the viewer wasn't paying attention. The amazing work of the actors and animators gives you a perfect sense of who the characters are. In a short timespan, the movie allows us to quickly learn the characters through watching them grow up. The portrayal of how a young, innocent girl is seeded into becoming an "Ice Queen" through chance and good intention is a fantastic performance. This may be a story intended to be easily followed by children, but that does not mean that there are not still less obvious points for adults to contemplate.

I also found the way the reindeer "talked" to be absolutely brilliant. It made the character-duo of man and pet so completely believable (even when the duo itself was absurd - so much more the brilliance!).

One important note is that this movie is lacking any of the innuendo, or "adult-humor" which has become prevalent in many animated films. But the fact that the kids will get every joke doesn't detract anything from the movie. In fact, it may add to it. I believe this may be the big reason why this feels like one of the best "Disney" movies in a long, long time for so many people; well, that and the array of well-crafted musical numbers... that's another big part of the "classic Disney feel" of this movie. It is just one of those films that classifies as good-clean-fun.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes a fun, touching film.
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