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on January 5, 2014
I went to the theater expecting the usual dumb kids movie, and was blown away. I LOVED this film and instantly added the DVD to my wishlist. Honestly, my favorite movies are The Hunt for the Red October, Galaxy Quest, Pixar's Incredibles, Princess Bride, Ponyo, Sound of Music, and Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. I gravitate to no particular genre, but only to what I find are the absolute best movies. Frozen is up there with the best movies I have ever seen. Period.

Why is this film so good?

1. It teaches real love. Love is about putting the other person's needs first. Love is shown in your actions not your words. I am so floored that a kids movie actually taught this and even took the time to point out you never get engaged or married to a guy you just met. WOW... a Disney film not about being swept off your feet by a guy in 3 seconds? Its about time.

2. The side kick characters are not annoying.... seriously!! Its like the difference between Jar Jar Binks and R2D2. These side kicks are more like R2D2 whereas past Disney sidekicks were like Jar Jar Binks. These side-kicks from the reindeer to snow monster were done exactly right. They add humor to the show and dimension without ever getting in the way of the story or you wanting to strangle them. Way to go Disney!!! Any way you can retroactively edit sidekicks in older films?

3. The plot themes are serious yet with enough humor that it doesn't feel too serious AND without the humor taking away from the story line. What a great balance to hit just right. Ok so the story line is a bit simplistic because its a kid movie, but it still has twists and turns. I did not find the story predictable because I was expecting another one of those princesses falling in love movies.. and this was not typical. The story teaches important themes like what love really is, the weight of responsibility, how to use power rightly vs. wrongly, and empathy for others.

4. Great music. The opening song grabs you and whisks you away to another world. Every song helps you connect more deeply to each character... and pulls you deeper into the story. I have never felt so much empathy in a musical since Fiddler on the Roof... and I'm not that emotional of a person.

So if you have daughters, grandchildren, nieces, or work in childcare... get this movie. You will be able to watch it over and over without going insane. The kids will learn what true love really is and what to watch out for in love.... its not what all those other princess movies teach. So you can rest easy.
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on March 30, 2014
I won't be repeating what many have said about the story, all I say is that is a new and different approach to the typical fairy tale.
Inspired by events and characters in Hans Christian Andersen tale The Snow Queen, is a must have in your Disney DVD collection or animated movies collection. With wonderful songs and performances and visually stunning details of snow and ice everywhere is a delight to the ears and eyes.

A true classic and unique story with the usual Disney brand of humor, warmth, BUT a surprising twist and a different kind of happy ending that will delight every member of your family.
The movie's pacing or rhythm is very well done, you and your children won't be bored at all always anticipating what's to come next. It does not have a dull moment.

The DVD includes the animated new Mickey Mouse short Get A Horse, music video of Demi Lovato's version of the Academy Award song Let It Go, as well as the Latin Spanish and Italian versions of it by the actress/singer Martina Stoessel. Also several Disney movies shorts of current and upcoming movies on DVD., and the original teaser short with Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer. DVD settings include French language (Canadian) and Spanish (Latin American)., as well as subtitles in those languages, and of course in English.
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on July 19, 2015
What can I say? The whole family loves it! One of the few kids movies we will watch repeatedly and references such as "do you want to build a snow man" have now become part of our everyday vernacular!
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on August 6, 2015
I got this for my son for Christmas and for the holiday season the shipping was scary fast!

The DVD was an excellent value, I shopped around to all of the major retailers before purchasing and Amazon had the best value! The DVD itself had popped off of the holder inside of the DVD case during shipping but no harm was done to the disk considering it was bobbing around the case for a few days.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase.
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on July 22, 2015
I'm so glad to see another Disney masterpiece because Frozen (2013) is a great movie with an awesome soundtrack. It's one of my favorites!
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on November 29, 2013
I have watched every disney animated film put out by the main Disney animation studios and all the Pixar films. This is by far the best "musical" film since The Lion King. The reason I say musical, is that I believe Wreck It Ralph was also an amazin film, but did not have the musical, classic Disney feel to it.

This is truly Disney at it's finest. A catchy soundtrack, fun characters, especially Olaf the Snowman who stole many of the scenes he was in. This is the first Disney soundtrack that I found myself humming to in a long time. I actually just bought it on iTunes which is very rare for me. Disney somehow continues to manage to put out a quality product after all these years, especially, when you think storylines are just getting rehashed over and over again. I must admit, the marketing for this film had me confused as to the actual plot or story of the film, and I was really worried this would be a flop. What a surprise I was in for.

It is also nice to not have a movie with a main "villain" and actually instead have it being more about a journey between two sisters. This is a speical bond that sisters have and brothers have with each other, and to have this as a theme is quite refreshing.

Disney is truly heading into their second renaissance with Lasseter at the helm. I believe Disney Animation is now surpassing Pixar on a regular basis, or at least two years running. Wreck It Ralph was far superior to Brave, and Frozen crushes Monster's Inc. The streak of films of Bolt (much better than expected), The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, and now Frozen is one of the hottest streaks Disney Animation has been on in a long time, but truly the last two of Wreck It Ralph and Frozen are destined to become classics for all time.

Bravo Disney!
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on February 28, 2014
The activation code for the digital copy comes IN the DVD package. Apologies if you are seeing this review on the Instant Video product; Amazon carries the same review across all Frozen movie products, and I wrote this to make sure people saw that they can't buy the DVD and instantly access their digital copy.

Five star movie, one star product delivery. Although this seems like the new normal for DVDs, the description doesn't convey this well enough for those of us that rarely buy DVDs.

Please "like" this review if you found it useful to increase the likelihood others will see it.

Okay, here is my review of the actual movie:

The movie opened in typical Disney fashion, but then completely blew me away. I love the Little Mermaid, Bambi, Dumbo, Cinderella and crew, but the Disney formula is generally pretty set. This movie, Frozen, opened with a beautiful princess, parents dying, a handsome prince...again, I wasn't expecting much.

Then it jumped off of the rails. Completely.

This movie is an amazing experience for young children. Here is why:
1. The first princess learns that having different abilities and yes, even power, isn't something she has to hide, and that keeping a secret hurt. Instead of hiding, she cultivates and learns how to make the most of her power and those that judged her quickly as cast out as the rest of the village celebrates and accepts her.
2. The other princess meets a handsome prince, and within a day wants to marry him. She is told she is nuts, and sure enough, after she spends 15 more minutes getting to know him, she realizes he isn't so great.
3. On the other hand, the nice guy with no money is an absolute catch. She just needed to give him a chance.
4. True love isn't just found in boyfriends, it's found in families. It was the true love between sisters that allowed then to save themselves!
As an added bonus, this movie was fun to watch! The characters are funny and quick, the visuals are amazing, and the Oscar-winning music will be trapped in your head for ages.
All in all, even as I clean out my DVD collection, I'm ordering this one. In DVD, HD, and digital. It's a keeper.
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on April 7, 2015
Totally underwhelming. Really? This is what all the hype was about? The funny is not that funny. The cold sister is downright cold - I mean, I have to say that if you want to have a role model that is completely independent and doesn't need anyone, she fits the bill for part of the show. Just does not deliver. It's showing off the animation and is just too much of a "packaged" deal. Can't believe people pay tons of money for memorabilia from this.
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on April 26, 2014
A household favorite! I let my toddler watch a video at night at before she gets ready for bed. This has been in our DVD player since the day it arrived. She loves it, and so do I. Normally when she's watching a movie, I use that time to pick up around the house. Not with this movie. I get everything done before the movie starts so I can watch it with her.
Keep in mind, it's still a Disney story, so there are the signature elements of fairy tales, princesses, and the quest for love. However, the story line is well written, and much more modern for the times. Disney is maturing in their character growth, subject matter, and tone. This is the epitome of an animated musical. The songs are catchy, my daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves to run all over the house singing "Let it go", and knows the words almost verbatim.
Elsa is the oldest sister, born with the power to freeze what she touches. She and Anna were close in their youth, until one day Elsa struck her with her powers while they were playing. Elsa was isolated from Anna by their parents, and Anna never understood why, and has been trying to reconnect with Elsa from that day forward. Three years after their parents pass away (remember, it's Disney), Elsa becomes queen. After her coronation, that's when the true grit of the movie begins.
Disney really did a wonderful job capturing the attention of all ages in this story. I feel for Elsa, while most think she's the villain...but you'll have to watch and find out for yourself. Anna is lonely growing up in the castle without having much contact with her big sister. She can't wait for her sister's coronation because the gates will finally reopen, and she'll have contact with actual people for the first time in years. The character's introduced later, Kristoff, and his reindeer Sven, Prince Hans, Olaf the snowman, the trolls, and the other minor characters that come and go throughout the movie, make this one of the best Disney films I've ever seen. Disney will always have their classics, like Little Mermaid, Cinderella, etc., but this next generation of Disney films seems to be a power house in the making. This movie was entertaining, compelling, and an easy to story to get lost in. Well done Disney! Looking forward to what lies ahead!
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on April 11, 2016
My daughter LOVES this movie. And I should say, if you have kids, you know how they watch movies they like over and over and over again until the tape wears out or the dvd player gives out. So as a parent, I know what I look for in a movie. Do I want to watch this one billion and a half times. Well, I've watched this twice that much and I'm still ok with it. Am I tired of it? Of course I am. But do I still occasionally laugh at it still and enjoy watching my daughter sing along and dance with it, you bet your icey behind I do. Great movie to own. Period.

This product was provided to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Which means, this opinion is 100% my own and not the result of a head injury or alien mind control. Though I got a great deal, I'm not beholden to anyone to write an awesome review. I was in no way compensated for what you have just read. I pride myself in being as honest and as objective as possible. I want to assure you that I've tested this product out thoroughly and everything I write in my reviews, be it good or bad, is my 100% honest opinion about the product. No animals were harmed in the making of this review. If you like my review, I like you back. If you want me to like you even more or if my review saved your life or your marriage or something cool like that, feel free to click the little button saying my review was helpful. Thank you. @Chyld
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