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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 5, 2014
I went to the theater expecting the usual dumb kids movie, and was blown away. I LOVED this film and instantly added the DVD to my wishlist. Honestly, my favorite movies are The Hunt for the Red October, Galaxy Quest, Pixar's Incredibles, Princess Bride, Ponyo, Sound of Music, and Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. I gravitate to no particular genre, but only to what I find are the absolute best movies. Frozen is up there with the best movies I have ever seen. Period.

Why is this film so good?

1. It teaches real love. Love is about putting the other person's needs first. Love is shown in your actions not your words. I am so floored that a kids movie actually taught this and even took the time to point out you never get engaged or married to a guy you just met. WOW... a Disney film not about being swept off your feet by a guy in 3 seconds? Its about time.

2. The side kick characters are not annoying.... seriously!! Its like the difference between Jar Jar Binks and R2D2. These side kicks are more like R2D2 whereas past Disney sidekicks were like Jar Jar Binks. These side-kicks from the reindeer to snow monster were done exactly right. They add humor to the show and dimension without ever getting in the way of the story or you wanting to strangle them. Way to go Disney!!! Any way you can retroactively edit sidekicks in older films?

3. The plot themes are serious yet with enough humor that it doesn't feel too serious AND without the humor taking away from the story line. What a great balance to hit just right. Ok so the story line is a bit simplistic because its a kid movie, but it still has twists and turns. I did not find the story predictable because I was expecting another one of those princesses falling in love movies.. and this was not typical. The story teaches important themes like what love really is, the weight of responsibility, how to use power rightly vs. wrongly, and empathy for others.

4. Great music. The opening song grabs you and whisks you away to another world. Every song helps you connect more deeply to each character... and pulls you deeper into the story. I have never felt so much empathy in a musical since Fiddler on the Roof... and I'm not that emotional of a person.

So if you have daughters, grandchildren, nieces, or work in childcare... get this movie. You will be able to watch it over and over without going insane. The kids will learn what true love really is and what to watch out for in love.... its not what all those other princess movies teach. So you can rest easy.
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on April 26, 2014
A household favorite! I let my toddler watch a video at night at before she gets ready for bed. This has been in our DVD player since the day it arrived. She loves it, and so do I. Normally when she's watching a movie, I use that time to pick up around the house. Not with this movie. I get everything done before the movie starts so I can watch it with her.
Keep in mind, it's still a Disney story, so there are the signature elements of fairy tales, princesses, and the quest for love. However, the story line is well written, and much more modern for the times. Disney is maturing in their character growth, subject matter, and tone. This is the epitome of an animated musical. The songs are catchy, my daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves to run all over the house singing "Let it go", and knows the words almost verbatim.
Elsa is the oldest sister, born with the power to freeze what she touches. She and Anna were close in their youth, until one day Elsa struck her with her powers while they were playing. Elsa was isolated from Anna by their parents, and Anna never understood why, and has been trying to reconnect with Elsa from that day forward. Three years after their parents pass away (remember, it's Disney), Elsa becomes queen. After her coronation, that's when the true grit of the movie begins.
Disney really did a wonderful job capturing the attention of all ages in this story. I feel for Elsa, while most think she's the villain...but you'll have to watch and find out for yourself. Anna is lonely growing up in the castle without having much contact with her big sister. She can't wait for her sister's coronation because the gates will finally reopen, and she'll have contact with actual people for the first time in years. The character's introduced later, Kristoff, and his reindeer Sven, Prince Hans, Olaf the snowman, the trolls, and the other minor characters that come and go throughout the movie, make this one of the best Disney films I've ever seen. Disney will always have their classics, like Little Mermaid, Cinderella, etc., but this next generation of Disney films seems to be a power house in the making. This movie was entertaining, compelling, and an easy to story to get lost in. Well done Disney! Looking forward to what lies ahead!
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No one will likely forget the voice of Idina Menzel, with the flub at the Academy Awards. Her portrayal of Elsa, the princess who became a Queen. The joy of the music in this film is just glorious. It is overpowering at times, but when I hear all the four year olds in my granddaughter's class sing the song, "Let It Go", you realize what an impact this film has on our children.

The age old quest for young children, and, in particular, girls to love and support each other is given first place in this film. Elsa and Anna , sisters,torn apart because of Elsa's strange powers to turn things into ice. It is not until get are adults that they also come to understand that secrets are harmful, and that the love of family is most important.

The film work is spectacular and gorgeous. The music an extravaganza do sound. The animated characters come alive, and my gap favorite is Olaf. The storyline is superb, and this film is certainly one of Disneys best. My 4 year liked granddaughter and I just loved it.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 07-12-14
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon August 9, 2015
We purchased Frozen as soon as it came out on DVD and immediately LOVED it! My husband and I have watched a lot of Disney movies over the years and this is one of our favorites. Our 2 1/2 year old twins also love it and most movies don't hold their interest but this is the only one that has so far. We have also watched it with some of our adult family members and they have immensely enjoyed it as well! Disney really outdid themselves with Frozen as it teaches many lessons such as love and friendship along with providing a TON of laughs! Unlike most other Disney movies, Frozen doesn't have a super scary, evil villain. Of course, there is a villain but I don't believe him to be scary enough to really frighten young children which is why we felt comfortable having our toddlers watch this movie. Frozen is an excellent movie for people of all ages and very family-friendly. We have watched this movie a lot and it never gets boring. We HIGHLY recommend this movie for everyone!
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on February 22, 2017
I thought I was going to love it more since I've always loved the story of the Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Anderson. Sadly it's just ok for me. The music is great in the first half, but stops by the end. And the story really needed a moment for Anna to learn the truth about their childhood. It's never resolved. Great animation though...
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on June 17, 2014
There are some flavors of social/emotional suffering that I have a hard time sitting through (RomComs will actually physically force me out of a room after about 5 minutes) and Frozen contains some of them, so keep in mind that this is a bit like Superman's review of Kryptonite Kornflakes.

The movie is beautifully animated, and the voice acting is excellent. I'm not a huge fan of the soundtrack, but that's a matter of personal taste.

I've got three main reservations:

1) Elsa's problems are pretty clearly caused by emotional repression and fear, but not only doesn't the story touch on this, everyone from the trolls to her parents seem oblivious to the fact that locking her up and emphasizing how horrible she is/was didn't exactly improve the situation.

2) The subversion of the usual Disney trope of 'meet guy, fall instantly in Perfect Love, live happily ever after once defeating the Obvious Villain' was nice, but they then turned around and just had her fall for a different guy. He may not have been the thing that saved her, but that aspect of the plot could safely have been jettisoned.

3) There are enough scenes and story components that feel out of place that I suspect they either left a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor or that they're intentionally leaving opportunities for "Frozen 2" and/or "Frozen: a Troll Story" open and denting the flow of the plot in the process.

Decent rental, don't buy it unless you've got kids who will watch it 80 times. Maybe not then either. =P
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on April 30, 2014
After years of trying to get the magic back, Disney started to get it again with "Tangled" and now we have this new twist on the classic princess story. Between fun and heartfelt characters, some amazing songs and messages of true empowerment this does feel like it's confirming that we are in Disney's third golden age.

The only thing keeping me from giving this a perfect rating is that honestly the special features are sorely lacking. Given the exhaustive and fascinating behind the scenes material available on so many other Disney releases, the fact that this doesn't even really have a proper "making of" featurette is frankly puzzling. There's a fun bonus song, and the one behind the scenes segment is interesting but it feels very superficial for a film that had a very long gestation period.
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on April 2, 2015
I was disappointed in the movie especially after hearing all the hype. There is no character development at all in the first part of the movie. All you know is that the older sister has this power to freeze and create ice. When the younger sister is injured, the king and queen take her to the trolls to have her healed. Next is just a series of scenes of locked doors with the younger sister wanting to play with the older sister who stays behind locked doors. The parents die at sea in a storm and next the new queen is to be crowned which is the older sister. The audience has no idea of how the daughter got her powers, where the trolls come into the story and why, there is no interaction between the parents and the daughters. The daughters just grow up. They just closed the doors and locked all the town out and the family in. Then you have the good/bad prince that you think is the perfect guy until the sister comes back looking for her true love to save her. Then all of the sudden he's evil. Not a very convincing character. Like I said, no character development. I really felt no connection to any of the characters. I did like the ice castle and song portion and I liked when the younger sister went looking for her sister. There was some character development there. For the most part the movie could have been much better. I love "Shrek" and "How to Train Your Dragon" much better.
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on June 24, 2016
After seeing this movie in theaters about 9 times with my then 3yr old it seems like the right thing to do since she loved it so much was buy it. The characters are make you laugh from the beginning. The story line was great. It shows what a true bond between sisters really is. I appreciate the fact that it was empowering to little girls. We laughed, we worried and we cried for some characters. The sound track although out played still gets people singing the songs. Overall i would give it more stars if i could.
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on April 30, 2015
With all the hype I expected this to be spectacular but it lacked depth. There wasn't a lot of history of the sisters and the family established which would have made more anticipation for the plot. The parents of the girls completely disappear w/o any known reason- they simply are written out?
Don't waste money purchasing.
Rent for under $4 instead.

2 stars only go for fantasy and Elsa's blue dress...
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