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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Frozen [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$22.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 21, 2014
When I heard all the hype about Frozen I was really looking forward to seeing the movie. Circumstances lept me out of the theater, but I pre-ordered the Blu-ray and DVD set from Amazon and watched it when it arrived at my home. The set itself is exactly waht you would expect. . . a nice case with a couple of discs inside. The movie has many of hte hallmarks of a typiucal Disney animated film (I won't spoil the plot here), but I didn't find it to be as moving or poigniant as many have been in the past. All I will say about the plot is that it seems to pick up on three or four common Disney themes (sacrifice for the common good, sibling bonds, ugly duckling love interests where the "rough around the edges" guy turns out to be "the one"), but it doesn't really break any new ground.

The setting is excellent, and the attention to detail in things like clothing, the animations of snow and ice and the aurora borealis make the move really visually stunning at times. The characters range from serious to goofy and there are a good number of puns and gags that made me laugh. The music was also a little disappointing. The excellent song "Let It Go" is featured prominently, but the rest of the songs carry much less intesity and seem to disappear by the midway point of the film. The second half has far fewer songs. I doubt that many people will find themselves humming other songs from the film after a couple of viewings.

Overall, I think four stars is fair based on my view of the excellent technical merit of the animation, which is hampered to some extent by a plot that seemed thin and not overly original and musical content that relies too much on one stand-out song to carry through an entire feature.
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on April 26, 2014
Excellent movie, lots of fun. A slight departure from Disney's normal princess movie...

If you pay attention, you will notice the same theme applies to EVERYTHING in the movie - Elsa's frozen heart is the subject of all of the songs, right from the beginning, the main focal point of the whole movie. Not intended to be a spoiler, but even Olaf and Marshmallow are the personifications of the two opposing sentiments in Elsa's heart..."i like warm hugs" - something she could not do but longed and ached for, and "go away and never come back" - something she felt she had to do to protect everyone else ("go away Anna" in the snowman song).

The interesting hidden part of the movie is that it exposes that Anna had a frozen heart too - which comes out eventually ("why are you always shutting everyone out?"). Her bitterness toward her sister at being shut out is subtle, but visible, and fits very well into the whole movie theme.

I think the movie also gives a balanced view of the parents - loving, caring, unsure of what to do, and fairly exposes that maybe they didn't handle things right, but without making them look like either buffoons or ogres.

I only wish they had an additional 30 seconds, maybe a minute, of interaction between the sisters at the climax near the end of the movie. A few more seconds of Elsa coming to grips with what the meaning of the act of love was, what love really was for that matter, and what that meant for her to be able to let people in again (since they spent so much time showing you how she was scared and kept people out)...just for balance...would have made this movie perfect.
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on September 5, 2015
A great kids film that the parents won't mind sitting through. A nice change from the typical Disney film where the girl gets a boyfriend. For once it is (Idina Menzel) the love of family that saves her. For once the girl is not a damsel in distress but the queen. Born with magical powers of snow and ice Elsa accidentally hurts her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) and fears herself. Loosing her parents when their ship sinks, Else hides who she is when her secret is revealed she turns he kingdom into the Arctic and it is up to her sister to bring her back before her kingdom is stolen. Anna is aided by a reindeer named Sven, Kristoff and everyone's favorite snowman Olaf.
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on April 4, 2014
Frozen is Disney at it's best. It's been a few years and I'm glad to see the studio going back to what works well for them. Why did they stop putting great music into their animated films? I won't go over the plot, many good reviews have already done that. I will say, (especially with my Blu-ray copy), the picture is clear and wonderful to look at. The computer animation is dazzling. The story is a great change of pace. It's the story about the bond between two sisters and the love they have for each other. In addition, these two women aren't your typical Disney "Damsels in Distress." They may make a few poor choices, but in the end, they aren't the victims but actually the heroes. And for once, the message isn't that you have to find your prince, but that you can do whatever you wish to, (with a little hard work) and be who you are. It's a simple message and a great one, all wrapped up in a magical, musical, visually stunning package. Don't worry about the hype, it's a fun movie and a great ride!
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on June 11, 2016
Like most people who will probably buy this movie, I have a 2-year old daughter who will not shut up about Frozen. We ended up renting this movie so many times on Amazon, we could have bought it twice over already, so we finally did. Amazon's streaming quality is more than acceptable, it's easy to access in a flash for parents like us and play over and over and over and over again.

To be honest, I'm surprised the suggested pairings to this movie aren't a pair of earplugs. Don't get me wrong, it's a great story. We've just seen it about 5,000 times now. But...the toddler digs it and it doesn't drive my 8-year old son crazy. Win-win. If we had bought stock in this movie, I probably could have retired comfortably this year just from our rentals alone...
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2013
***Mild, unintentional spoilers always possible when rambling, ranting, or raving***

Since it's snowing furiously outside, I guess it's a good time to review this movie.
Poster art: 3 stars - slightly misleading since it's really the story Elsa and Anna's story and the poster features Olaf (the snowman) a central spot.
Story: 4 stars
Story twists: 5 stars
Animation: 5 stars
Voice Cast: 5 stars (Idina Menzel does a wonderful job voicing Elsa, but so does the rest of the cast in their roles. Incidentally, as one of my friends pointed out, there are parallels between Elsa and Elphaba - from Wicked)
Character development: 3.5 stars
Characters: Princess Elsa (5 Stars), Princess Anna (5 Stars), Prince Hans (4 stars), Kristoff (sorry, not sure about spelling 4 stars), Olaf (3.5 stars, he's goffy comic relief), Sven (the reindeer, 4.5 stars)
Songs: Most of the songs were just all right, but "Let it Go" was amazing and I liked how they used the "Do you want to build a snowman" song to cover the passage of time as the girls grow up.

Story synopsis: Princess Elsa and Princess Anna were once best buddies, but a tragic, childhood accident forces Elsa to shut her sister out of her life for fear of hurting her again. When their parents die Disney style, both sisters suffer the loss feeling more alone. Three years later, after the coronation ceremony, a dispute/ misunderstanding leads Elsa to run away, inadvertently plunging the kingdom into a never-ending winter. Now it's up to Anna to find her sister and beg her to bring back summer weather.

Short review: Overall, it's a wonderful modern Disney movie. You're going to get some wonderful songs as well as some weird, awkward, uncessary songs - they're thankfully relatively short. The animation of the demonstration of Elsa's powers was suitably amazing.

(As with all things, you could totally read more into it. It's actually not a great movie for parenting advice. Elsa's got this amazing ability to turn things into snow and ice and they're answer is to hide the ability and basiclaly lock the kid away for years. Ignore all that and just enjoy the show for what it is.)

Who would enjoy this movie?: It's a great movie to see with your sister. If you don't have a sister, grab some girlfriends or borrow a kid to treat to the show. Kids of all ages (even kids at heart) will likely enjoy the movie. Although the "those who love it" group will likely be more female than male, I can easily see guys who like Disney movies in general also liking this. It's made by creators of Tangled so there's definitely some of that feel to it.
Conclusion: Go see it in theaters. Buy the dvd or bluray :-)

Update: As you can see, I actually bought the bluray. Since most of you are strangers and don't know how incredibly frugal/ stingy I can be it won't have that big of an impact, but this is the first Disney movie I'm actually buying in my adult life.
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on April 14, 2017
I rented this movie through Amazon Prime to watch while I was sick. It was easy to rent and watch, and I had 24 hours after playing it to watch it again and again.
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on January 14, 2016
Just the Facts: The story of a girl coming to terms with a magical power of having everything she touches turning to ice and snow that she can't control.

Pros: It's Frozen, every child in the world is in love with it and for good reason. Great songs, adorable characters, sure to be a classic.

Cons: If you're an adult you will have to endure this movie played again and again with your child singing along :)

Would I recommend this: For the young at heart - yes, wholeheartedly.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to answer them!
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on March 29, 2014
So I have been hearing the music from Frozen for months, with my 5 and 8 year old daughters belting out some song from the movie every few minutes. I knew there was snow in the movie, and that a strange snowman would be in it somewhere. I didn't see it in theaters when they went, so I couldn't wait to watch the movie on Blu-Ray.

Seriously though, I finally saw the movie, and I am impressed overall. I can see how it became an instant classic. I like that the story isn't about princes and true love (although there is romance in this - it's Disney after all). I was not surprised that once again the parents die...that happens in almost every movie this studio puts out, it seems. It's rare to have two parents for sure.

I will say that the plot works for kids, but it jumps quickly from point to point as far as an adult goes - this is geared towards kids after all. But, I was glad to finally see the movie and highly recommend it. This movie has not scared either of our girls who are sometimes scared by movies.

Now I have to go work on my lip sync routine for family Frozen night...
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on April 30, 2014
This was one of those films that caught me a little off guard. For months I had heard some minor plot lines from friends and family and then when I finally got around to viewing it, I found myself taken off guard. It didn't seem as though it was the same movie they had seen. I'm not saying that in a bad way, it was just like drinking orange juice while thinking about milk and confusing your mind and taste buds...

Overall, I found the plot refreshing. The idea of magical "wintering" powers was fun - I often wondered if this was the cause behind the my personal non-stop winter wonderland.

The one thing I love about Disney/Pixar movies is the subtly injected "adult humor". It keeps us entertained in the background as the kids are enjoying talking snowmen.

I give this 4 stars because I felt like the plot was a little jerky. Granted, it flowed pretty well and it resolved the major issues, but there were many times where I'd wonder why they chose a certain point in the movie to talk about something versus a different point in the movie. There were some places where answers came too soon or not soon enough. Granted, this is a kids movie and for the most part they probably don't care, but I still think it's important from a writing/entertainment perspective. It was a bit like plot whiplash with no explanation at certain points.

I still highly recommend this as a fun family movie for any time of the year! Though maybe wait until the summer to watch this if you don't want to be completely annoyed by versions of "Let It Go" on the radio right now.
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