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on June 30, 2014
I installed some raised-panel wainscoting in our sun room, and wanted to get a quality HVLP to paint the trim in place. After doing a significant amount of research I figured the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 was the best bang for the buck.

I used it to spray Zinsser BIN on all my molding and panels prior to installation, and the Fuji handled the BIN like a champ. But, IMO that's not saying much, since virtually any HVLP can handle BIN just fine.

The real test came when I was spraying Benjamin Moore Impervo Satin, which is extremely thick. I've tried in the past using cheaper HVLP systems (Wagner and such) with Impervo, and the finish quality was horrid. So, yesterday I took a shot with the Fuji. I EVENTUALLY was able to get a good finish, but that was after approximately 2 hours of trial and error out in the garage. In fact, I sprayed about 1.5 cans of Impervo on every piece of scrap MDF I could find (and several old doors I had in the shop).

After much trial and error, here is my procedure for Impervo:

1. Make sure your Impervo is fully mixed;
2. Strain Impervo using old pantyhose into the Fuji cup;
3. Dilute about 15% with paint thinner;
4. Add the appropriate amount of Penetrol based on Penetrol instructions;
5. Test viscosity with included cup until THE ENTIRE CUP runs out in 25 seconds;
6. Assemble Fuji and turn it on;
7. Open air control valve all the way;
8. Turn paint control knob clockwise until it is completely closed;
9. Turn pattern control knob until it is completely vertical;
10. Turn paint control knob counterclockwise 1 full rotation (you can mark it with a sharpie so you have a reference point);
11. Spray a test piece and you'll probably get a fair amount of overspray (and the edges of the pattern won't be fully atomized);
12. Turn pattern control knob about 45 degrees;
13. Spray a test piece, if you are still unhappy with it turn the pattern control knob fully horizontal'
14. You'll probably have to partially close the air control knob at this point.
15. Test again, you should have a fully atomized (albeit pretty small) pattern.

I think having a bigger tip would really help with this application, but I was in a hurry.

I checked my results this morning, and the finish was actually very, very nice. No orange peel, and minimal overspray. The hardest thing for me was seeing where I was painting, since the surface was already white with the BIN.

One note: the small filter that is on the bottom of the metal supply tube (that goes down in the paint) seemed like it was getting clogged as the paint started drying in the can. I seriously considered just taking it off, but after so much trial and error I was reluctant to change anything. But, if you've strained your paint in pantyhose I can't imagine why you'd need a strainer. The strainer is also very hard to get completely clean, since it is not made of metal.

Relatively speaking clean-up is quick with this model. Pour out the paint, fill with some mineral spirits (or whatever is appropriate for your paint), and spray until it runs clear. I did remove the nozzle so I could clean it out properly. Total clean-up time was 5 minutes, tops.

Finally, please be aware of the importance of the paint control knob (which you can think of as the trigger adjustment knob located on the back of the gun). I had it wide open for the first hour or trial and error, and didn't realize that my entire problem was I was feeding too much paint.

Once you've got the settings right for a product do yourself a favor and write them down.

Update 11/11/2014

So I've had this for several months, and have sprayed a ton of water-borne finishes through it (paint, primer, water-borne stains, poly, etc.). I've gotten to where I can set it up, mix the paint (or whatever), paint, and clean-up in about 20 minutes. I painted a bookshelf and kitchen table last weekend in less than 1 hour. This thing really is an excellent value, so I've upped it to 5 stars. Clearly getting some time on it helped quite a bit. IF I HAVE ONE TIP IT IS TO MAKE SURE YOU FULLY CLOSE THE PAINT CONTROL KNOB FULLY BEFORE SPRAYING (when it is close you can't pull the trigger). Then, slowly open it and spray a test piece until you get a nice, wet, smooth finish. I've found I don't need to thin it as much as I used to, and I've found that I typically can get to a perfect patter in less than 1 minute.

One other tip: try to avoid oil-based products if you can. The clean-up takes forever, and honestly I am getting such good results with water-borne paints I don't see the need for oil-based.
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on January 29, 2014
I owned a refinishing company for over 20 years and used a system costing over $1500.00 when I brought it 20 years ago. I retired in 2000 and used the system until it stopped working 3 months ago. I wanted a system I could use as needed without paying a high price. After checking different systems I settled on the Fuji and this system works as well as the $1500.00 one I had. I know it might not hold up for professional work day in and day out but this is a very good system. Glad I brought it.
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on November 16, 2016
It takes a little while to get the unit fine-tuned to your specific techniques/habits, and get the proper pattern that suits your style best...I recommend getting some flat pieces of plywood (hardwood) and place them horizontal and vertical, and spray 2 or three sequential coats, just as if you were finishing them for a project. This will allow you to fine tune the unit, and get a pattern and technique that covers well but doesn't have runs. Practice is the key before jumping into a big project. Overall the unit performs excellently, I have sprayed urethanes, heavy lacquers, and acrylics with it and no problems; cleans up well, too. Be sure to either strain the media while adding to the cup, or have several of the siphon tube strainers on hand to replace, as they clog easily between uses as previous media dries (it is impossible to clean them out completely for reuse very many times)...not an issue if you use good strainers when adding the material to the cup. And either make or get a stand to place the gun/cup on during use, if you have to set it down to turn or adjust a piece, etc., as it will not stand up well on it's own, and if it tips over, you risk fouling the small cup pressure line. I would definitely recommend this for a beginner to moderate user, as it is easy to learn and use, and does an excellent job.
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on May 20, 2017
This will be multi-part review.
Initial thoughts:
Before I even ordered it I spoke with customer service on the phone about which one to get. They were very helpful and left me feeling confident in purchasing from Fuji.
Incredible packaging. No way any of this stuff should ever arrive damaged as they've packaged pretty much everything individually inside one large box.
Very clear and detailed instructions. From technical details to exploded parts views to practical advice, I feel they've done a great job being concise yet answering all my questions.
Everything seems very high quality. The gun feels solid and what plastic parts there are feel strong. The turbine is heavy and solid. The hose feels very strong yet more flexible than I thought it would be.
Without having used the sprayer yet I already feel very impressed with everything.
I'll add to this review after I've actually used the sprayer. But, for now, I'm thoroughly impressed already.

Used for the first time today. Sound is a little loud, but to be expected for a turbine. No issues.
Hose is strong but flexible. I thought I may need the whip cord but I don't. This thing is sufficient as is.
I love the adjustability of the spray pattern and spray volume. I didn't really use the air pressure switch on the hose much but was able to get exactly what I needed. I used the small cone pattern for edges of cabinet doors and the vertical flat for the rest. Loved it.
Everything feels solid and high quality.
I do worry a bit about the filters letting a bit of dust into the turbine but we'll see.

I can't wait to use it more. I'll be spraying a ton of cabinet doors and drawer-fronts soon so we'll see, but I'm confident it's going to perform amazingly. So far worth every cent.
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on December 22, 2017
I have been doing finish work for more than thirty years. In the old days, high pressure and lots of overspray were standard. Then along came HVLP. I used a Wagner system for many years and it was a big improvement, but clogging and gun adjustment were touchy. I heard about Fuji and I decided to try it. Let me tell you, this system is beautiful. Very little overspray. Pattern and flow adjustmet is easy and the gun never seems to clog, even if I forget to flush it after a session. Just blowing air seems to keep the nozzle open (Not recommended - flush the gun!). The turbine housing is sturdy steel and and the long hose and carry handle are a big help on the job site. Well designed and high quality mfg. Highly recommend.
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on January 2, 2018
Tremendous product. My first true HVLP sprayer and what a difference. For years, I've sprayed with every other type of sprayer - including the high pressure hybrids. Nothing compares to this equipment for anything short of painting the outside of a house. Thinning is important... and easy with the enclosed thinning cup and directions. I made a custon fireplace surround over the Christmas break and used this system for three coats of paint (laytex). I've been a diehard user of alkyd paints for the beautiful finish but I'm now transitioned to waterbase paints do to this sprayer. The only atmospheric overspray I observed was really fine (like dust) which I easily remedied by using a plain fan blowing out of a nearby window. I'm totally hooked and now look forward to endgame spraying!
review image
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on September 26, 2017
I am new to spray painting so take this review with a gain of salt.
1. lightweight and portable
2. A good gun and compressor
3. Results are good
1. You get only one air cap, which is not suitable for paints. In additional to the 1.3, a 1.8 air cap, which costs $70, should be included. At the very least you should be able to chose the air cap.
2. One of the tubes gets clogged forcing you to stop painting and clean it. As Fuji documents, this is a "common" problem.
3. It is messy and clean-up is a job. Fuji did try to make the process easier but dry paint is problematic to clean up.
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on September 8, 2015
I used to have a Wagner with their plastic cup that leaked if it tilted over, which meant having to clean the sprayer before you can use it again. I read various reviews as well as the reviews here and they convinced me to purchase Fuji Semi-Pro 2. I was impressed with the metal cup construction as well as the light air pump. The shutoff valve on the air hose was a nice feature so you didn’t have to keep turning on and off the pump. I did purchase a #4 tip for latex paint to spray 22 1x3x8 wood for interior design. It came out beautiful. The sprayer allowed me to tilt it at 90 degrees long as the little hole in the cup was not covered with paint. I will say the bottom cup is nice but the gravity feed seems more intriguing so there will be no left over paint to waist. I gave it a 4 star because I was hoping for the sprayer to draw paint directly from one or five gallon can. Also, it would have been nice to have a sample cleaner to know what to get next time. Did I mention cleanup was a breeze long as you did it right after you are done? Yes, it was. I would recommend it for any weekend warrior looking to do some projects around the house.
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on April 6, 2015
Although I plan to use this sprayer for polyurethane and other clear finishes, my immediate need is to spray semi-gloss latex paint on a furniture piece. I selected this particular sprayer based on excellent customer reviews and reasonable price. The unit appears to be very solidly made. No cheap plastic parts (except the air flow control valve on the air hose, which could have been metal instead of plastic). I first tried it out with plain water, and everything worked very well right out of the box. One real plus was the well-written instruction booklet. Along with the sprayer I ordered a #6 (2.0 mm) nozzle and aircap for spraying heavier materials like latex paint. A #3 (1.3 mm) comes with the unit. I ordered the #6 based on user reviews. However, the instruction booklet recommended a #4 (1.5 mm) or #5 (1.8 mm) for latex, and said that a #6 was for spatter effects. So I tried the #3 with thinned latex (30% water plus 25% floetrol conditioner added to the paint). This actually worked OK, but required several coats because of the thinning. I plan to order a #4 nozzle and will hopefully be able to thin less. I will also probably purchase the gravity feed cup since the unit will not suck up all of the finish from the lower cup. It will take some experimentation to get the viscosity and paint flow adjusted just right but, all in all, this was a good buy.
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on October 11, 2016
This is a great sprayer and very easy to use. I ended up thinning my lacquer and paint more than the viscosity cup and the manual indicated. I feel,this gives me better control over light coats. The only issue I has is that the internal filter repeatedly slid up the intake tube and blocked the flow of the paint. Took a bit to figure this out but the solution was simple, a quick trip to the hardware store for a tight fitting O ring that I use as a stop for the filter to keep it from sliding up the tube. Other than that, I was easily able to get "factory smooth" high quality finishes with a variety of different finishes. All in all a great product.
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