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on April 18, 2013
To be honest when I first got this camera I was ready to ship it back. I was looking for a camera with some manual options that was not as expensive as a dslr. It took me about two and a half hours to figure out why I could not get one decent picture. One thing I found out is that this cameras menu is a little more complex than some of the others I have. Also I realized that although you use AUTO, there are auto defaults that can be changed. In my case some needed to be changed out of the box. I had to change the anti-blur option, remove the toy effect from being the default (I don't know why it would be), and change sharpness. Once that stuff was done I got some decent photos. Some can be viewed in the customer images section of this product page. Again I have only had the camera for 2 days and I am still learning the available options of this camera. I may increase or decrease the rating of this review once I use it a little more. Overall I am happy with this camera. And for those who are curious, this product is made in China.

Update 4/20/13
I have had this camera now for a few days. I have taken about 400+ photos. I own a variety of different cameras; but his is my first Fuji. I have taken inside, outside, low light, bright light, fast moving subjects, macro, landscapes, etc. and the pictures are beautiful. As I get use to this cameras menu and learn the options I am taking much better photos with it. The pictures even at the furthest end of the zoom are excellent! I would highly recommend this camera. The manual zoom, optional manual focus, and creative options makes this camera a lot of fun to use.
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on January 2, 2014
Being a corporate photographer for 20 years, I am pretty familiar with cameras and their operation. I had a fairly expensive Nikon digital camera that took a dump on me. I wanted all the features of a professional camera without the high cost and the high cost of having several lenses to meet my needs. Searching on the net what was available, I came across Fujifilm camera. I purchased a lesser expensive Fuji camera and liked it so well, I wanted to upgrade to a better Fujifilm camera. The HS35 seemed to be about the best deal for the bucks. And now that I have it, I cannot tell you how much I love it. It has all the features and more of my former Nikon. It actually takes better pictures because it is a higher megapixel camera than my former Nikon. And best of all, I don't have to lug several lenses around with me. The built in lens is pretty much flexible enough for all my shooting needs from wide angle to extreme zoom. It IS actually a very professional camera. Great photos and easy to use with the flexibility of full manual over ride if necessary. I especially like the manual zoom over a powered zoom. The lens has accommodations for filters and lens hoods like any professional lens in addition to a hot shoe for flash accessories. What more can you ask for? Another added feature is the electronic viewfinder. In my opinion the prism through the lens viewfinder is obsolete. So an electronics one serves the purpose of composing photos in bright light very well. And it is automatic as it comes on when you look through it. With the EXR feature it is literally impossible to take a bad photo. This camera has a very nice "feel" to it as you hold and use it. I guarantee you will not be unhappy with the camera or the results. About the only thing it lacks is video quality. Even though it shoots in high definition, the video quality is OK, not great. However, I am totally OK with that because I did not purchase this camera for shooting video. I have a high def camcorder for that. So any video you shoot with this camera is an added plus just in case you don't have your camcorder with you. For the average person, the video quality is more than adequate. But if you are into shooting high quality video, you will still want to use a better quality video only camcorder. All in all I'm totally thrilled with my Fujifilm camera and I'm also very happy to be a part of the Fujifilm camera family. You don't have to drop thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment to get great results.
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on June 24, 2013
I was going to the stock car races and was looking for a good camera without going into the DSLR stratosphere. After reading the specs and reviews I settled on the Fujifilm FinePix HS35EXR 16 MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black). To go along with it I bought the Case Logic SLRC-200 SLR Camera Holster (Black),2 Pack Of NP-W126 Batteries for Fujifilm FinePix X-PRO1 X-PRO 1 X-E1 HS30EXR HS33EXR HS50EXR Digital Camera Includes NPW126 Battery + LCD Screen Protectors + Cleaning Cloth, and SanDisk Extreme 16 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDX-016G-AFFP. The camera comes with one battery and I had a 4GB SDLC card so I figure I'm covered for any long racing weekend.

As with any camera, I got it almost a week in advance so I could get a few hundred shots under my belt before they counted. This included a couple sessions by the freeway to practice panning and photographing moving vehicles. My first session seemed fuzzy and I realized I'd been shooting with the wrong scene setting. The HS35EXR is complex enough that getting the setting right is important.

Shutter action is good, but not SLR good. Continuous and multi-shot modes can make up for some of that, but I didn't do any at the raceway. Focus at full zoom is better than I expected, with some shots nice-and-crisp and most with only minor issues. I was able to capture great action shots in the corners.

The first battery lasted for 421 shots. Out of the 483 pictures, 361 made the first round cut, where I eliminate the nose, tail and blank road pictures. Having 75% pass the first round is great!

The camera says the 16GB SD card holds over 2400 images at the highest detail. Everything I take is at the highest resolution and the 361 images have an average size on disk of 5.66MB. The new SD card is notably faster than my old 4GB card.

The Case Logic SLRC-200 SLR Camera Holster (Black) is a little large for the camera, but it protects it well, is light and easy to carry. I like it.

The batteries are working as expected so far...

I am pleased with my purchase.
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on August 25, 2014
I have a Nikon D5100 DSLR, which I dearly love. Problem is, the body and lens combined set me back over $1200. Not the camera I want to take with me on Boy Scout camping trips and the like.

Enter the HS35EXR. Everything about this camera screams DSLR expect for the non-interchangeable lenses and the price. With the focal length range on this camera, you don't really need to worry about interchangeable lenses. At this price, I don't mind taking it camping.

A friend of mine wanted to buy a Canon DSLR. Knowing my friend as I do, and how she would use the camera, I offered her the use of my FinePix for a couple of days. She fell in love with it and didn't want to give it back! When she finally relinquished control of it, I told her how much it cost. She was flabbergasted, having been convinced it would be almost as expensive as any DSLR.

Needless to say, she ordered on that day, and has mentioned many times how much she loves it, and thanked me for saving her a ton of money.

To be honest, I use my FinePix more than my Nikon. In fact, had I known about this camera when I purchased my Nikon, I likely would have never purchased the DSLR. It's really that good.

Two things set this bridge camera apart from the others:
- The zoom on the lens is operated by twisting a ring on the lens, just like a DSLR lens. Almost all other bridge cameras have an in/out switch, which drives a motor. The motor requires power, the zoom is relatively slow, and at best there are only 64 increments between full out and full in. With the twist ring, you can zoom in/out as fast as you can twist, it requires no battery power, and there are no increments between full out and full in.
- The lens has real threads for real filters, just like a DSLR lens. None of this adapter nightmare. It takes standard 58mm diameter lenses. That was huge for me.

Other comments:
- The camera is small, but is not light. You can tell you have something in your hand, just like a DSLR. It's not as heavy as a DSLR, though. That's good. Lugging around a DSLR with an 18-300 zoom lens will wear you out.
- It has a viewfinder which activates when you bring the camera up to your eye. How cool is that? That feature is adjustable, too.
- It has a hot shoe--not many do. Yes, you need a Fuji flash, but almost every camera maker is doing that these days.
- The screen has lower resolution than Nikon, but unless you're doing a side by side comparison, you can't tell.
- The screen also tilts up and down for high and low shots. A nice feature. If you want a tilt/swivel screen, upgrade to the HS50EXR.
- The popup flash is manual. If you're in low light, the camera won't automatically open the flash. Not a big deal, unless you need that.
- The camera has more modes and features than I can list. I don't even know what they're for. There's a setting for taking pictures of dogs, and one for cats. Really? I'm allergic, so it doesn't matter to me. I found that odd, though.
- The lens cap is kind of big and thick. Fortunately, any 58mm diameter lens cap will fit, so if you don't like the stock cap, find another.
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on September 13, 2014
Be prepared to experiment with all of the modes - LOTS to learn.

As noted elsewhere, the manual zoom lens "feel" is not perfectly smooth as you turn the lens. That's about my only knock against the camera. But the fact that you can properly hold the camera in a two-handed stable grip pretty well offsets the minor stickiness of the mechanism.

Love the proper viewfinder [with the option to have the large rear LCD screen automatically turn off when your eye approaches viewfinder] - a lifesaver in bright sunny conditions.

Understand going in that this camera type has some compromises, but with [say] a Nikon SLR costing 10x as much, I can guarantee that you'll have much more than 1/10th the experience/fun/picture quality.

Combine high-end feature i.e. the auto-switching viewfinder, tilting main LCD, flash hot shoe, manual zoom, lens quality, pretty intelligent automatic modes and more, it's hard to beat at the price.

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on October 20, 2014
I bought this camera primarily to take indoor sports pictures. I needed faster shutter speeds to reduce the blurring. I have been using ASA 800 with pretty good results, so far. I also figured the zoom would help get into the action though honestly I need to balance between close zoom and being able to frame the picture given the fast pace of action. I find myself using only about 3x zoom so far, nowhere near close to the limits of this camera. BTW my unit also showed up with a significant "drag" in the manual zoom action around 4-5x. However with some exercising of the lense it seems to have gone away. Still not quite as silky smooth as the Fuji X-S1 tester I looked at but I am hopeful, given progress so far. I like the manual zoom. I tried a Nikon L830 but found the the motor driven zoom twitchy, and combined with the aggressive power saver feature on that model, found myself having to power back on and rezoom too frequently. With the Fuji I can just power down and leave the zoom as is. Also all the zoom action on the Nikon may have contributed to it's battery appetite. I thought the manual focus on this model might prove useful but not so much at this point, as some have pointed out it is fly by wire and not absolute, and frankly the auto-focus is so accurate and fast you really don't need it. Maybe if I was taking some ultra picky set-up shot. Battery life has been good; though, I will likely invest in a second battery to back me up. Once the indicator shows 2/3 the end is fast approaching. I think I will grow into this camera with all its features. I feel like I've only scratched the surface of it's capability so far. Oh and I like the size and feel in my hands. I have pretty big mitts and many of the more compact units (Nikon L830, Canon SX500) felt a bit cramped for hand placement.
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on October 20, 2014
Very satisfied so far. IMO this camera is a better choice than the popular Canon SX50HS, which is considerably more expensive and not as capable in some areas. I encourage you to download manuals and read both the specs and operating procedures before buying any camera. I almost bought the Fuji HS50EXR instead, not because of the higher zoom (which I doubt will be usable without a tripod, which I don't want to carry), but because of its lightening fast autofocus (.05 sec!), as I will hopefully be using this to shoot a lot of my kid's hockey games. I don't think I can both zoom and manually focus through an EVR fast enough to catch a lot of that action. Contrary to what you'll find at, the manual for this model tells me that it does NOT use phase detection autofocus (like the HS50EXR), which is the only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars. It still has pretty fast contrast detection autofocus (I found a quote of .16 sec), so I figured the HS50EXR wasn't worth the significant added cost for me. I'm hoping I don't regret that decision. Both models use autofocus only on the first frame in burst mode anyway. Bottom line, this is a very good relatively unheralded camera, especially for the price, which seems to have been pushed down due to the popularity of similar Canon models. Take advantage of that.
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on July 5, 2014
Way before I got this camera I did a ton of research just because of the fact that I was not too sure about Fujifilm I was focusing on canon and Nikon. I wanted an dslr but being that I had never had a camera before I wanted to get something that was more advanced, but not too advanced. I am really into photography and wish to be a photographer when I get older. This defiantly will help. I am very amazed at how well this camera performs. I get amazing pictures out of this camera. To anyone thinking about getting this camera get it ! its awesome, I will also be posting sample pictures.
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on November 21, 2014
So far I have received 2 of these cameras, both of which exhibited a rough, almost grinding feel of the zoom lens around the 105 - 135 mm setting. The rest of the range (before and after the 105-135 setting) is smooth as would be expected. I talked with a Fujifilm technician, and he said this is not normal - he had one in his hands and stated the lens felt smooth thru the entire range of motion. I like the features of this camera - I have ordered a 3rd one of this model, and since the return process is very easy and efficient, will continue to return and re-order 'til I get a good one. One thing that did 'irk' me a little was the fact that while tryiing to get a good unit, the price has increased by $15 - I gave this camera only 3 stars because of the problem I've experienced, but I think it may be worthy of at least 4 if not 5 stars.
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on March 1, 2015
The closest you can get to a digital SLR without getting one. It's 1/2 the price of a DSLR with 95% of the features. This is the 4th Fujifilm FinePix camera I have purchased. This is the first one I have purchased that uses a proprietary battery. (The others used AA batteries, a big plus in the field.) If the battery holds a charge for a long period and lots of shots, it should be a fine camera as well. One big plus with the Fujifilm cameras is that they have glass, instead of plastic, lenses which give far better clarity. I recommend a UV filter be purchased with the camera. Other than that and an extra battery, the camera is ready to go for some great photography. The accompanying photo was taken with my HS35EXR.
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