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I've been wanting a case for my X100 since I got it last year, but there's no way I would pay what Fuji wants for it. I'd looked at a few alternatives, like the Rainbow Imaging leather case here on Amazon which is about $80-90 I believe. Still a little expensive. I didn't even know this case existed until I happened to come across someone recommending it on a forum. Because it's black I think it's even better looking than the official Fuji one (why would you put a brown case on a black and silver camera?). Upon receiving it I was very happy with the quality, it's very well made, forms to the camera well, and had a nice, rich leathery smell. I half expected it to be of a pleather material for this price, but it really feels like real leather. I have heard that it's just imitation leather, however. Fooled me. I never really cared for the top half of these half-cases, but it does fit over the camera as it should and protects it nice and snugly. I like that this one doesn't screw into the tripod hole at the bottom of the camera but but uses the little leather "arms" to wrap over the neck strap lugs just like the Fuji case. There's a Fujifilm logo on the part that covers the lens that doesn't appear in the picture, as well as an X100 logo on the top part of the case. There are no markings or logos on the inside half on the camera.

One thing I didn't understand when I first put the camera in was why it was sitting so high up in the case, like it couldn't really completely sit into it. I noticed at the bottom of the case there's a little pad or something to keep the bottom protected, but with it in, the focus selection switch couldn't even meet up with the hole for it in the case. The bottom "pad" thing can be easily removed, it's just stuck in there with some mild glue, it's not even sewn in. I took it out and laid some thin felt down to cover the exposed cork or whatever it is and now the camera sits fully into the case and everything is right where it should be.

Overall I'm very happy with the craftsmanship, quality, and added protection and comfort this case adds to the camera.
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on April 13, 2012
This fits my x100 perfectly, and it appears to be real leather, not only from the feel and smell, but from a couple of the edges on the product, where you can see a bit of unblackened, fibrous leather. The case is stylish in a retro way, and nice and stout. Any x100 clad in this will be able to take some pretty significant bumps without showing a mark.

I have the JJC lens hood adapter on the front of my lens, and that, plus the lens cap, still fit inside this case. It'd be extra cool if they made one with a bit wider/longer lens front to accomodate the hood too, but that's probably way too much wishful thinking.

The included strap is also nice, but a bit longer than the original. If you sling around head and arm, that might be helpful. I usually hang the x100 just around my neck, and this is bouncing at belt height on me, and I'm 6'3".
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on May 16, 2013
For the modest price, I can live with it's shortcomings.

First the pros -- it totally fits the overall retro look of the X100 and X100S cameras (both fit fine in this case); the cut outs are clear of all the buttons, dials, levers, and screens, except of course, the battery/memory card compartment (a con). The size also fits over the camera with a filter on the front. No need to keep the lens cap on because the front is protected by the case. Yay.

Now the cons, as others have said, in order to make it fit, the bottom layer inside the case needed to be prised out, no biggie, but still, an odd thing to have to do when the case is supposedly designed for this camera. The battery/memory compartment is covered and so you need to take the case off anytime you want to access this compartment, which is not great. On the other hand, if you've ever sat your camera in an unexpected puddle or wet place, perhaps an opening in the case on the bottom isn't something you'd want!

Overall, I say this is a thumbs up. It works for my needs and looks good too. And it didn't cost an arm and a leg -- having just bought the camera, I can appreciate that ;-)
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on August 1, 2013
Material looks very nice. Camera is a great fit although I needed to get used to the way it attaches to the camera. Is initially a little fiddly but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Really like the magnetic flap on the bottom and the fact it does not have to attach through a tripod screw.

I have a filter adapter and filter + cap. Although it offsets itself a little from the body, it still protects the camera very well, and does not look odd at all.

The case opens very easily.

Some items to consider as well:

JJC LH-JX100 Lens Hood/Adapter Ring
STK's Fuji NP-95 Battery - 2000 mAH for Fujifilm Finepix X100S, X100, F30, X-S1, F31fd, Real 3D W1, NP-95, BC-65
EzFoto 49mm Silver Center Pinch Lens Cap lens cover with lease
AGFA 49mm Digital Multi Coated Ultra Violet (UV) Filter (Protector) APUVF49
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on March 28, 2013
From reading these reviews, I conclude that this product suffers from poor quality control. Some good examples, some not good; and the not good ones seem to be inadequate in varying ways. No matter, exchange it if you have time. Mine sits just fine it the case, and the outer hood goes over the lens WITH the filter and adapter ring mounted. On one side only, the looping strap (or the snap itself) is misplaced and will not snap on properly.

So what?

I may exchange to see if I get a better one, but here are my thoughts: It works just fine. And for $20, I could buy 5 of these for the price of the "genuine Fuji".

Let's face it, if you are a collector or a kid with a new toy, get the Fuji case. But if you use your camera to shoot, then you are going to have to have a filter on the lens since Fuji gave us NO protection at all for it (it could not possibly be any more exposed). And Fuji's own case won't close with a filter on it (how's THAT for the "you get what you paid for" theory?). And as we all know, lens caps are not secure.

The side that does not clasp properly on mine will hold anyway. Still, I loop the snap through the O-ring to hold it there. Not perfect, but works fine.

I'll probably buy another, see if it works better, and return the one with the least good fit. For $20, it's worth a trip or two to the post office. Dont' feel, as some have, that if you got a bad one you are then stuck paying $100 for a genuine Fuji. The X100 is a serious camera, and the Fuji case not accepting a filter makes it a failure for serious photographers. By the time you go through 5 of these $20 cases, the camera will be obsolete anyway. YMMV.

****Exchanged this one and the next case fit fine.
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on January 19, 2013
I didn't want to spend the $$$ for the more expensives cases out there, mostly because I don't want to draw attention to myself. But the point and shoot holsters I tried from stores were too small. The best I could do was a soft glove zip pouch because the X100 is kind of in between size for the cases. But then I saw this and was surprised I didn't have to pay a lot for a sturdy, stitched leather holster/case. Has soft felt on the inside, and the magnet snap on the back is nice.

I can flip off the top and still take photos with it half on. Or take it all the way off if really need to -- there are button flaps on each side so the case stays on the shoulder/neck strap. I am not going to use the strap it came with, want something little a more 'point and shoot-ish' that will attach to just one side of the camera. But ideal for keeping the camera handy but not having to worry about mishandling it.
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on April 27, 2013
The camera strap posts that get covered by the small pieces of leather which are supposed to secure the lower half of the camera case and go around the posts. This makes it impossible to use the carry strap. I think I got a really bad one. Also the lens front is too short to use with a filter adapter, filter and lens cover. You can barely get it around the lens if you don't put the lens cap on. The case does look nice just a really bad fit. And just a bit of FYI , these cases do not have tripod screw mounts on the bottom.
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on March 4, 2013
This is a great alternative to the more expensive cases out there. It looks great and you can take the top off and leave it behind or stick it in your pocket or purse. There is a pad in the interior bottom of the case that you need to remove to allow for a better fit. This does not compromise the case or harm the camera. The case will accomodate a filter and a cap on the camera. I have been using it for a couple of months now, exposing it to some pretty harsh weather. It's holding up very well and provides great protection for the camera. I have two small battery holders on my camera strap giving me the ability to carry all the additional equipment I need for a day of shooting. I exchanged the strap clips with spring clips to allow the easy removal of the straps.
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on December 31, 2013
Given the massive price difference this case is well worth it. The leather is not top quality but still looks very nice. Fits the camera well although it does hide a bit of the afs/afc/mf toggle switch which can be annoying if you use that a lot. The only other complaint is given the snaps attach on the bottom of the camera it doesn't sit stable when you rest it upright on a table, which prevents you from taking a picture with the camera on a flat surface unless you remove the case altogether. Definitely worth the price given you can buy almost 5 of these for the same as the fuji official version
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on April 27, 2013
I have the original Fujifilm case for my X100. It is a very well crafted case, and a great fit.

So is this case (now on my X100s) - in fact, the differences are effectively limited to the fact that the Fujifilm case has the name embossed on the front.

Would I like that on this case? Sure.

Is it worth another $60 or $70? Heck, no!

I'll be swapping the cases so the original is on the X100s, but this product is really just as good.
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