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on April 26, 2014
I got this camera as a gift for a beginner and it has worked very well. The functions are reasonably easy to use. You do have to have some knowledge of photography to use many of the features but it does have "auto" modes so you can point and click without fidgeting with settings if that's what you want. The picture quality is quite good, even at max zoom. The panoramic setting is really nice and very easy to use. I haven't had the battery issues others discussed in their reviews but haven't had it that long, though.

It's also a great size. Seems pretty small at first but the shape conforms to your hand and is comfortable to handle. The buttons are easy to reach and logically placed (the on/off switch is a little temperamental but a very minor issue). It's not quite as convenient as the simple "square" cameras but will still fit into a purse or even a pocket.

Overall, this is a very inexpensive, good quality camera, perfect for someone looking to get into photography. The more advanced features can be used once they become more familiar with the settings but can also just use basic settings for very nice results.
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on May 31, 2017
First the lens cap must be removed before turning the camera on.. This may not appear as a problem but the fact that the lens jams if you turn on the camera with the lens cap on is a problem. You do not always intend to take a picture when you turn the camera on. In those cases there is no reason other than the lens is poorly designed why you should remove the lens cap. If all you want to do is view pictures or change settings on the camera the lens cap is better left on.

Second the camera can be hard too adjust. I have trouble turning the flash on or off. The controls are to quick to time out and you have to just repeat the same thing until you get it done in time. It should be changed in the menu setting where it would be simple to do.

The shutter is slow. It take a several seconds for the camera to cycle from shutter press and the picture showing on the viewer. The camera also fail to give a positive indication that it has focused on the subject.

The battery compartment latch is also difficult to operate. I have many cameras, dozens, and the latch on this one is by far the worst.

If you are patient with it you can take good pictures. Its lens give a great range of options.
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I am a camera nut, i like to take pictures even though i am just an amateur, thats why this camera works for me, the one great thing i really like in this camera, is that if the subject should move, you still get the shot. i take pictures of my dog a lot, and he wont sit or stand still very long, so i can get the shot of him i want. to me, this is really a plus.
i still have many things to learn about the camera, but so far, i can honestly say, for someone that just does scenery and animal or people pictures just for fun and your own enjoyment of the memories, this camera works.
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on September 4, 2014
The camera is light, easy to use and takes great photos with the resolution that I was expecting. My only real gripe is that the camera allows itself to be turned on when the lens cap is still on, but it must then be shut down, the cap removed and then turned on again. the flash unit seems a bit flimsy, but I don't use it that much. Overall, I'm very pleased with this camera, especially given the purchase price which was very reasonable.

I've now used this camera for quite a bit of landscape photography over the last several months and I've been very pleased. The menu operation is a bit fiddly when wearing gloves and I've found it helps to use a tripod to compose your shots, but once you learn to use the settings and experiment a bit with it, you may also find it to be a real bargain.
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on February 18, 2015
Took this on a two week trip to Southeast Asia where we took thousands of pictures. It was perfect. We caught a gorgeous sunrise, food pictures, motion pictures and animals. This is seriously outperformed what I thought I was getting. We did have a stand that helped in the sunrise and for panoramics. It was lighter than expected which was great for traveling. No technical issues, came as advertised. We did read the manual (you should too) to help in resetting for the sunrise. Very convenient to download the card every night to my laptop and delete it for the next day.

Only teeny complaint: batteries. We went through 3 sets of them in 2 weeks. Although we did have the camera on quite a bit everyday. Overall not an annoyance as long as you have a spare set in your pocket.

Would absolutely recommend. It is not overtly fancy but respectable and the pictures really did turn out fantastic. For the money this is the best one you will find. Hands down. Take some practice shots at different speeds to get familiar and you'll get more than your money's worth.
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on June 25, 2014
This arrived yesterday and I took it out of the box. Purchased a Case Logic case as recommended and it fits perfectly. I also ordered a 32gb memory card, which has not arrived yet. I did have a 16gb memory card already and set up the settings on the camera.

The camera comes with a lens cover, 4 AA batteries, and strap. I was not impressed with the strap and the way is is secured to the camera. It has two little slide things that are suppose to hold the excess strap after fitting it on the camera, but they are so loose they easily slide off. The strap itself is cheaply made and it is not adjustable to beyond the point where it hangs down to my belt. My older HP camera this one will be replacing allows me to adjust the strap so it hangs just below my chest for quick shots.

My old camera only had 2 mega pixels while this one has 16. Also my old camera only had 4x zoom while this one has 30x zoom. I do believe I am going to love using this camera because of that. Also it has many additional features my old camera did not have. I could have taken video with my HP camera, but because it used the older larger compact flash memory I only had 256mb. Not enough to take a good amount of video. I could have purchased a 64gb memory card for my new camera and probably will do so in the future. While this camera is about half the size of my older HP camera it is comfortable to hold. Price was also a factor, because it has many of the same features that the more expense cameras have. The only thing I think might cause me problems is the lack of a view finder. You must use the LCD to frame your shots and I have not used this camera in bright sunlight yet, so I don't know what kind of impact glare will have.
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on January 10, 2015
Very disappointing.

This is my 4th Fuji cameras - I bought it because I liked the previous three. Have an S5000. Liked it a lot, but it was slow to start and I wanted more MP and optical zoom capability.

Bottom Line: It doesn't take very good pictures. I've tried all image qualities and conditions. For such a large file size - using the highest quality setting - its pictures are inferior to all my other cameras. By quite a lot. My old S5000 outshines it 10 to 1 (subjective analysis.) My Canons are much better, but they cost 10X more too.

It didn't help my feelings to see the price drop 50 bucks a few weeks after I bought it. Still have it in the original condition with boxes, etc. and mulling whether to unload it on eBay or just carry on. I paid a lot in $$$ and poor image quality to get a faster boot-up, that's for sure.
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on June 22, 2014
Arrived on time and as decribed. It has more bells and whistles than I really needed, but it's easy to use and takes great pics. I use manual settings and have been able to capture some fantastic images. The macro feature takes killer close up images and the zoom is fantastic as well. It does struggle a little in low light conditions though. The upload and editing software that were included loaded easily and perform well. The editing software is VERY usefull and user friendly.

Look here for some bicycle shots taken by the camera. [...]
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on July 7, 2014
Seems like a great camera. I have only taken a few practice shots, but even without the manual, was able to figure out how to use the various features. I am used to the point and shoot cameras, but wanted one with more zoom, so this camera was priced right. Since it does take four AA batteries instead of two, and with the extended piece in the front, it is somewhat heavier than the camera I had previously used. The company I ordered from sent the camera promptly and in perfect condition. I can only go by the reviews that I have read where people give this camera a great review, since I have used it only for a few practice shots. I feel the improved zoom will be worth the additional weight of the camera. I also like the fact that you can use any AA batteries, including rechargeable ones. I did not want a camera that required a special battery, so this camera fit the bill.
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on May 3, 2014
I got this camera as a birthday gift, and was very excited to see that it advertises a serious zoom! But, upon actually trying to use the zoom- literally, right as I try to zoom even a fraction- it immediately becomes a blur. I don't have a tripod to see if this would remedy the situation, but it seems rather ridiculous to not even focus a little when using the zoom. Other than that, the camera takes great pictures. But I feel like I was bought the camera for the zoom... and I don't have zoom. At all. the camera on my phone zooms, and this does not. I wonder if my camera is faulty?

I love the camera, I really do. But I am disappointed by it.
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