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on September 2, 2008
It's unbelievable that you can now get a 10 Megapixel camera with 12x optical zoom for just over $200. Some surprising features include:

- the ability to do in-camera panoramas. The camera helps you position the 2nd and 3rd shots to match up correctly, but even when I do it hand-held, the result is amazingly seamless.

- exposure bracketing with several choices up to -1 to +1 EV.

- several white balance modes, and of course you can preview what the WB will look like before you take the shot.


- small, lightweight (smallest of the super-zooms, from what I've read)

- ranges from a simple point & shoot to a versatile, customizable camera.

- Anything you need to learn about photography before you progress to DSLRs can be learned on this camera (manual exposure, aperture priority, white balance, etc.)

- rich colors in Chroma mode, over-saturated but OK.

- you can pre-set any of several custom modes in an easily accessible way.

- Surprisingly low noise results at ISO 64. Personally I would avoid anything over 100, so it's best in bright light or with flash.

- I never have to change a lens or worry about dust on the sensor chip.

- Fun and easy to use, with lots of features to play with.

- The in-camera 3-photo panorama stitching is impressive.

- For about 1/2 the price, I get twice the camera I could 3 years ago. - A great value.

- you can review your shot with histogram exposure information, if you like.


- It has even more shutter lag than my old Fujifilm S5100 from 2005. You generally get the moment AFTER the moment you were trying to capture.

- very noisy and high color fringing at higher ISOs.
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on November 23, 2013
I have had a S1000fd for last 5 years. I bought it used and this camera has been man handled and borrowed by four teens and numerous adults. It has been world wide. I actually bought this used camera to fix the one that has been abused. My Son fixed the old one with a little ingenuity and now I have two camera that work great. This camera has landscape, beach, night , and portrait settings. It is not impossible to use either. My wife can not use a camera at all but she can point, shoot and take a good picture on automatic with this one. It takes good movie which can be down load by memory card to a computer, and with sound. You need a 4-8Gig SD card for this, for movies of any longer length of time . 4 gig SD card will get you approximately 800 pictures. I recently was given a new S8200 camera but I still grab one of these for trips or work. I investigate industrial accidents and this camera works great.
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on February 21, 2013
Let me start off by saying that I am not a photographer. I took one class in college and the whole aperature, f-stop, etc. went completely over my head. I am for sure a point and shoot type person. I might zoom in or out sometimes but that's pretty much it. This camera takes fantastic pictures with out me having to know much at all. I leave most of my shots in the auto setting or the natural light setting (which turns off the flash.) The first thing I like about this camera is that I did not notice as much shutter lag as I did with other cameras. The moment you're shooting is or is pretty close to the moment you get in the picture. Secondly, the auto focus does very well with close up and zoomed in shots. Other cameras I've owned, once you get too close or get past a certain closeness of the zoom, forget about focusing. Third, I also like what it can do with low light and natural light. I usually only use the flash when taking traditional portrait or group type pictures. Lastly, the panoramic shots came out great (once I figured out how to line them up correctly. The bad ones I got were mostly due to user error.) I can't say how this measures up to other cameras though because I'd never tried a panoramic before this one. Another thing I like about this camera that I didn't realize until recently is that it can use either SD or XD cards which is nice if you already have one or the other from other cameras. I found the user menus easy to use but I might not be the most reliable person for that since I'm so used to them and maybe don't remember what it was like to learn them. It seems like I figured it out pretty quick though.

Just for a reference point, other cameras I've used are:
-Kodak easy share 6.1 mp: not a bad camera but 6.1mp is low these days and the camera is old
-Olympus Stylus 770sw: not a terrible camera and I like the slim design but shutter lag was my biggest complaint with this one. This however is a waterproof digital camera so I use it mostly for that. The Finepix is better for the above mentioned reasons.
-GE x500(?) 16mp: Not entirely sure about the model but I bought it because it looks similar to the finepix and I thought it might be one of those instances where, though the products were from different companies, the manufacturer might be the same so I assumed performance would be similar. Plus, more mp. Not so much. Not a bad camera but the zoom/close up focus was poor and I never got shots near as good as with the finepix. Still haven't figured out the menus either.

The Finepix s1000fd I'm buying off Amazon is actually the second one I bought. The first one I got used off ebay and worked great until I dropped it... twice. The first time was on a hard basement floor. The only damage it showed was that one of the prongs that held the battery door shut broke off. It didn't quite close all the way but the battery door still made contact and the camera still worked fine. The screen was fine and the lens didn't get knocked out of place. The second time I dropped it the other prong broke off so now the camera won't stay on. I bought the GE as a replacement but it wasn't as good so I'm going back to the finepix. I will be posting some pictures that I was able to take with the camera. Not sure how many Amazon will let me post but I'll label them with my user name.
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on April 20, 2008
I love the feel and the size of the camera. The ability to choose the settings most used and save them is nice also. Low light pictures are very good. The quality of the pictures so far is great.Can't beat this ZOOM either.
The larger size Lcd is also nice and the fact that you can turn it off and use the viewfinder, or lower the brightness is very much a help at conserving battery life.
Speaking of batteries the best part about them is they are available Everywhere.
So if your rechargeable AA goes dead you can pop in a store bought AA battery in a pinch.
Bottom line very very happy with my purchase.
After using now for a while here is an update..The camera is light weight has a powerful zoom and flash.Tripod may be needed if zoomed all the way out.
I have owned a fuji camera prior to this one and it had manual focus this does not . Poor judgement in my opinion camera would be much better with it.
The pictures I have taken for the most part were fantastic but there are ones that I could not get to focus and these were missed opportunities of some great wild life pictures.
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on June 14, 2017
I love this camera. It is light weight and takes stunning pictures.I bought it to replace a sony cybershot and I couldn't be more pleased. Great zoom and takes wonderful low light photos too. You can't go wrong with it.
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on January 18, 2009
I purchased this after giving my daughter my old Canon Powershot and needed a new one to replace it. A very good (and knowledgeable) friend recommended this one to me and so I bought it.

There are plenty of reviews here that go into the specs and technical details about this camera but I am going to do a review from a lay-person's perspective.

I have been so pleased with this camera! It fits the hand perfectly (good ergonomics) is the perfect weight and the controls are placed for easy access and use. The view screen on the back is nice and big, much bigger than the last camera I had and I find it easier to use the view screen than the view finder.

I also really like that it comes with a good solid strap and a lens cap with a good tether. The shoulder strap adjusts to nearly any length and is comfortable around the neck. The lens cap and tether will keep the lens clean and scratch free.

The manuals are easy to read and quite thorough. The full user's manual comes on a CD, was easy to install and had all the information you'll need to learn how to use the features of this camera.

The only thing that was a little disappointing was the fact that you can't add filters to the lens.

Overall I love this camera and would recommend this for beginners and more advanced folks as well. I was reluctant to give up my old Pentax SLR film camera but the images I get with this camera have sold me.
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on August 1, 2008
The Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd is a great camera for the money. I must clarify by stating that this camera shoots great photos if you know how to use the manual settings. Most of the images I have taken with the auto presets haven't been that great. Using the manual settings allows you the same quality you would expect from higher end cameras. The close-ups are crisp, the color is very clean. The zoom is really good. For those of you who are considering getting into photography seriously or semi-seriously, this is a wonderful starter camera. The fact that you can't change lenses or filters is the only things standing in the way of this camera competing with some of the middle to higher end jobs. If you are looking for a point and shoot, this may not be the best bang for the buck. There are easier to use cameras for less money that will compete with the auto settings on this camera. It is really more for people who can use the manual settings to get very crisp clean images. I would advise getting a tripod. It will make your shots come out a lot clearer.
review image
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on September 12, 2009
This camera was purchased for my wife after her old camera bit the dust after taking pictures in a haunted building.(True)
Out of the Box this camera has performed flawlessly, the automatic function is wonderful for those quick shots, which by the way are beautiful in focus with correct light balance. It also has the capability to manually set up for specific shots for the purist. My wife takes lots of pictures and the 2gb SD card included allows one to shoot all day. She has filled the card once with close to 800 pictures on the highest definition. Many more could be taken at the two lower settings, but she likes to play with the photoes in Picassa, and Photoshop. The high definition allows her to do almost anything she wants. Additionally the back view screen is wonderfully bright even in low light, the use of the view finder is almost never necessary. In Low light situations it will take a very nice pic with ambient lighting. Admittedly, the flash is needed in dark conditions and for shadow fill outdoors, (under trees for example).

Would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to take great pictures. It has great value to price paid, due to the many functions built in. When my existing camera goes belly up this camera or current version will be the one I look for.
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on February 24, 2009
I used to have a BenQ 10 MP digital cameral, very simple to use, with lots of features even for a newbie like me. but it only had a 3x optical zoom, and after a series of continued pictures, camera would overheat and turned off on it's own, precisely in the moments when picture WAS perfect to shoot. Still have very good pictures from that unit. But the FUJIFILM is a superior camera in all senses. Optical zoom is way much better, the LCD panel on the back is clearer, larger, and has more definition. You can also switch off the LCD to save batteries and use like a conventional camera. You can program the settings for landscapes and many types of outdoor situations. Has a continious shooting option with manual/automatic shutter, up to 15 consecutive images, perfect for motion photos. Panoramic pictures are amazingly easy to take, and images are incredibly crisp and clear. Even the video option allows you to film with considerably good definition and sound. Very happy about the choice I made with this camera. Would fully recommend to anyone out there.
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on August 25, 2013
I've had this camera over 10 years, and it works well as my work camera. Whether it's leisure photography, or criminal investigation, this has been one dependable camera. It is what it is.

However, I do not like the digital zoom mechanism at all, because you can never figure out beforehand how the actual zoom pictures will turn out. But its a camera that doesn't cost 10 bills either, so if something breaks, and can't be repaired (not my experience at all), a replacement would be cheap enough!
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