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on December 30, 2014
I was surprised with this gift not long ago after wanting an Instax for so long. I was super excited and definitely had reason to be.
I didn't expect the 210 to be as big as it is (think smallish dslr, or, as big as a teenage girl's face. Yes, I am serious.) But a big camera means bigger images and that's what I wanted. The images that come out are at least the size of two Instax mini photos, plus maybe half an inch? It's worth it in my opinion. You an fit much more on the film that with a Mini.
So far I have shot indoors at night, indoors at sunrise, and outdoors near noon.
The flash has gone off three out of six times because of a little button you can use to turn off flash. (See image) Many people say you cannot turn the flash off, which is somewhat true in some cases. You press the flash button to turn it on officially and you don't turn it on to get no flash. If your camera feels that there is enough light, it will not fire the flash. If if feels it is too dark, it will fire. So just make sure that you have enough light and it won't fire off.
It has a lighten, darken, and normal button that you press for more customized options. (See image) I've used the lighten and normal options. The lightened image had very vibrant coloring and turned out pretty great with minimal wash out (I used flash on that one and it as my first image).
Some things I want to point out:
The Battery Compartment
The camera's battery compartment was set up strange. All coils were on one side, yet you were supposed to alternate ends, like + - + -. I don't know if they are all like this but mine was. It didn't turn on when I pushed the lower button so it does matter how the batteries are put in.
The closure for the battery compartment is kind of cheap and can't seem to lock in like most battery covers do. So I taped it shut with electrical tape and it works fine.
The film purchased with the camera was easy to put in once you looked at the directions on the foil packaging.
The coloring can be tricky but I have only had it one day so I do have stuff to learn. Most of my images have turned out great.
I recommend checking your camera strap every few minutes as the one that came with the box can slide down and become loose. (Which possibly equals a broken camera if you are on some hard surface like concrete)
This camera is not very heavy while holding on its own but can feel heavy on your neck.
The lighting settings, distance settings, and flash icon can be found on the small oval screen on the side (see image).
I think I covered everything...
review imagereview image
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on May 22, 2016
I have used all the older polaroid type instant cameras made from 1970 on, I recently sold my Land 420 and 440 because fuji killed off the old pack film and the price shot up to 35$ a pack!
I have also used polaroid 600 series cameras with Impossible project film, I am also a photogropher that still uses medium format film to DSLR's.
That said this camera, does a better job than all of my older instant cameras. The film develops very quickly compared to impossible film and is more than half the price. No it doest take photos that look like the 1970's but they are nice, clear, low grain very similar to the FP100c pack film Fuji assassinated. The camera itself is light, plastic, would bust if you drop it, like other cameras so don't drop it! Also the Fuji film doest leak chemicals out onto the rollers that you have to clean.
I won't go into details on operation because its super easy to use, I would like to say that indoors, try setting it to a darker setting because the flash will wash out some details, also in daylight, turn on the flash if your subject is in any shade, it needs the fill flash out to the high F stop coupled with high speed film. Great little wedding, birthday camera. Some call it huge, but they must of never used a real camera, they are not small little crappy point and shoots, my fuji GW690 is larger, my 500cm weighs more and it bigger, my Nikon F4 and D3 is also bigger with the lens attached, so don't let the size bother you. 4 out of 5 due to the fact that I was blackmailed into buying it by fuji killing off fp3000b and fp100c films. I think that was their plan all along.
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on June 18, 2015
This is the best instant camera ever!! The pics come out really great and of good quality. The camera is somewhat big but it has to be to hold the larger size film. If you want the picture to be larger, you have to get the bigger camera. There are smaller instant cameras out there but they produce smaller pictures. I recommend getting yourself a better strap as mine didn't support the bulk of the camera well. The camera does not fit into a small purse. I am very happy with my purchase and everyone LOVES the instant pictures!! The outdoor shots are really the best and can produce a vintage look depending on the lighting.
review imagereview image
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on March 20, 2016
So I wrote a big long review and my phone deleted it while I was trying to find pictures so here goes the second draft with much less detail and effort- sorry!

I'd first like to say that I've had this camera for over two years now and I've had some great experiences with it and some awful ones so now I'm writing to let you know about it!

Relatively cheap, about the same picture quality as the mini camera but a bigger picture, leaves you with some great memories, the low quality lends to a vintage/indie look for all you cool kids.

Cons: a very chunky/unattractive camera, film is expensive, picture quality is by no means spectacular, the flash will go off if the camera feels it's necessary and there's nothing you can do to stop it and that is very frustrating, good luck figuring out how the lighting is going to work out I still haven't after two years (you just sort of hope and pray) so it is very unpredictable, the viewfinder is off on mine and sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's ridiculously misplaced and there is no compensating for it. The flash, the lighting, and the viewfinder problem have led to many instances where I've been left with useless, awful pictures and that can be extremely frustrating because 1. Film costs add up and 2. You're not always in a situation where you can sit around and wait for the picture to develop to see how it turns out so you can't take another and the moment is lost. This is definitely a byproduct of the cheapness of the product. You have to be willing to throw away some film.

All that being said, I love my clunky camera. For two plus years I've gathered many beautiful moments and cute photos and is just a super fun thing for me to have. I do get super frustrated with it but in the end the pictures that do turn out are worth it for me and that's something for you to decide!
review image
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on January 9, 2016
This camera is awesome. I bought this for my S/O as a Christmas gift since the film for his old Polaroid (that he loved) had become prohibitively expensive. I considered this option and the INSTAX Mini for a while since I know very satisfied owners of the Mini, but decided on this since the size of the pictures it takes is roughly doubled.

The camera itself is A LOT bigger than the Mini, which I didn't anticipate (I knew it'd be larger, but it really is very big), but overall I've found this to be worth it for the larger sized photos. The Mini is very fun to play with but we've come to prefer the wide model a bit more. The film is slightly more expensive when bought from 3rd parties (like ebay sellers) but almost negligible. The quality of the photos is very good, and we love the variety of settings this camera has, since they are a big upgrade over the classic camera we used to use.

I would highly recommend this for a little shot of nostalgia or just something different! We used this at our New Year's party and everyone loved how fun it was getting physical prints since that's so rare anymore. We'll definitely continue to use this, and the camera build feels very solid so we expect it to hold up for some time.

While I haven't used more expensive models of similar products (Lomography, for example) I can't imagine that those models provide enough additional value to justify the price tag. This camera will do everything you want it to do (and a little bit more) to capture that old Polaroid spirit.
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on November 23, 2016
I'm in love. I have been wanting a Polaroid camera for years. It's great to bring on trips and family or friend events. I like the mini's but I'd rather have a full sized Polaroid to really make things feel like a memory and not some cute fad. It is pretty big though (which can never be helped), that's only if you don't mind hauling it around. I myself don't mind that. Normally have it in a backpack so it's no worries.

In the package are the camera, close-up attachment, 4 AA batteries and camera strap. Sadly there's no film that comes with it. You're gonna have to buy that separately. The film to buy hat's widely used is the Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film Twin Pack film. Also, it's been almost 2 years since I've had mind and have not changed the batteries so that good it last a loooong time. It's always a hassle having to constantly buy batteries.

Some issues I have is the flash is always on. There's no way of turning it off unless you put tape or something to cover it. The film cartridges are only in packs of 10 so you go through film fast, especially if it doesn't come out right the first few times (sigh).

All in all I'm quite happy with it. It's alays nice to have tangible photos instead of just on your phone or having to go to a store to print them out. I have gotten a few friends to buy it and they love it too. Fuji keep up the good work. Bringing back old school.
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on February 11, 2014
I bought this as a gift for my roommate along with the film. I did some research into the different types of Polaroid cameras and after much consideration I decided to get this because of the bigger size of the film, excellent reviews and the fact that the film is still being made popularly. It came in the mail yesterday along with batteries. I expected it to be large because of the size of the film as well as the fact that it is a Polaroid camera. Although it's bulky, it is not very heavy at all.

The camera comes with a strap and what I call a "selfie mirror" which is a little add on to the lens that allows the subject to see themselves. Loading the film was perhaps the easiest thing I've done with technology. It was so simple that I doubted it and looked up a video just to confirm that it was simply "slide in".

The only thing to keep in mind is that the viewfinder is to one side of the camera and you need to adjust for it, in order to center the subject. The darken and lighten features are fairly useful too, although most photos look perfect with normal settings. The flash is automatic and I don't think it can be turned off. However you can work around it by using the darken and lighten settings.

The quality of Image is EXCELLENT. The clarity is great and the photo is crisp. All the colors are vibrant and because of the wide size, you can actually see the photo well. It takes about 5 minutes for the film to develop completely. The photos have a nice retro-modern look.

My roommate loves the gift and so do I. I might purchase one for myself too! Highly recommended.
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on July 27, 2016
We had ours for 3 years BUT we only used it on three occasions for a total of about 20 pictures. We used it to take pictures of artists and have them autograph the picture. However, the internal lens cap broke and the camera would no longer push the pictures out either. I sent it in for repair and the estimate with shipping was $52, plus the $10 shipping to send it in. Not worth it considering the price of the camera.
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on April 10, 2017
This is a cheap plastic camera. It's fun but low quality, and Fujifilm's poor customer service makes it difficult to know whether or not to get a repair.

The shutter button (which is three pieces) broke off of the camera, and now it doesn't work. I didn't drop it or anything -- I was just carrying it around in my bag. I called Fujifilm's customer service to see what a repair would cost (there is only one customer service center in the country), and they wouldn't tell me over the phone. They kept insisting I could send the camera in for a "free" estimate, but of course if I have to mail the camera in, the estimate isn't free to me. When I asked point blank if they estimated that the repair would cost more or less than buying a new camera, they wouldn't tell me. I would be happy to send the camera in and pay for repair, I just want to know if doing so is ultimately going to cost me more than just buying a new camera.
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on October 24, 2014
We've had a blast with this camera. Honestly, it's the best thing we've bought for our family. There's nothing like being able to hand your kids the camera and not having a heart attack if it gets bumped- like our 600 dollar SLR digital one, and to instantly have those memories right there...it's like being a kid again. Everywhere we go with it, folks smile because everyone remembers those great old poloroid photos. I love the options and I'm glad we got the wide format, even though it is bulky, it's no bigger than my Canon Rebel SLR with the lenses and extra battery and junk, and I still haven't downloaded my photos off that SD card. If you have kids, get it, you won't regret it. Let them snap photos of you, have something tangible today because you just never know.
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