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on December 27, 2011
My wife has always been a big fan of the old Polaroid film cameras but since the film costs an arm and a leg these days she has gone without for many, many years. I came across this camera while researching instant cameras to see if anyone has produced something comparable to the old Polaroid. The reviews for this camera were overwhelmingly positive and for 60 dollars I thought the price was fantastic so I decided to give it a try. I gave the camera to my wife this Christmas and she LOVES IT!

The camera is VERY large. It looks like a big toy camera but the build quality is actually quite good. I did expect it to be big as all the processing is done in the camera but I was still surprised at just how big it was. This is not a camera that you can easily slip into your purse or pocket so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

The film prices are quite reasonable and it comes out to be about 70 cents per picture. You only get 10 pics per cartridge of film so you want to make each pic count. This has actually made us take better pictures as we are consciously thinking about each pic instead of just clicking away with a digital camera.

The quality of the pictures is actually quite good. I wasn't expecting too much to be honest but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The camera has 3 picture modes which are lighten, normal and darken. It also has flash control but I am not quite sure what that does because whether you turn it on or off the flash ALWAYS goes off. Many people have stated the same thing so it looks like this is how it is supposed to be but always having a flash on can make indoor pictures look a little washed out. I found that for us the best setting for indoor pictures with normal room lighting is to set the picture to darken and turn on the flash. This seems to give is the best results and the pictures don't look washed out at all. In fact the color saturation and detail is quite amazing.

We are very satisfied with the camera and recommend it to anyone looking for an instant film camera.
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on August 10, 2016
It's a pretty swell camera. Reminds me of the original (the size of the film). My biggest quip, this is not an indoor camera especially when you're team melanin. Indoor lighting even with flash is very unflattering, I've tried all angles, it doesn't work well. However, take this bad boy outside on a sunny day, WOW, the pictures come out crisp. I forgot and fanned the photo whilst it was developing so the picture broke, as in there were black blotches in the picture so don't do that. Don't fan your photo, hide it from the sun and give it the needed 30 seconds or so. I would have given this 5 stars but the camera feels super plastic and flimsy. I'm terrified to drop it.
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on October 24, 2014
We've had a blast with this camera. Honestly, it's the best thing we've bought for our family. There's nothing like being able to hand your kids the camera and not having a heart attack if it gets bumped- like our 600 dollar SLR digital one, and to instantly have those memories right there...it's like being a kid again. Everywhere we go with it, folks smile because everyone remembers those great old poloroid photos. I love the options and I'm glad we got the wide format, even though it is bulky, it's no bigger than my Canon Rebel SLR with the lenses and extra battery and junk, and I still haven't downloaded my photos off that SD card. If you have kids, get it, you won't regret it. Let them snap photos of you, have something tangible today because you just never know.
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on July 27, 2016
We had ours for 3 years BUT we only used it on three occasions for a total of about 20 pictures. We used it to take pictures of artists and have them autograph the picture. However, the internal lens cap broke and the camera would no longer push the pictures out either. I sent it in for repair and the estimate with shipping was $52, plus the $10 shipping to send it in. Not worth it considering the price of the camera.
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on January 9, 2016
This camera is awesome. I bought this for my S/O as a Christmas gift since the film for his old Polaroid (that he loved) had become prohibitively expensive. I considered this option and the INSTAX Mini for a while since I know very satisfied owners of the Mini, but decided on this since the size of the pictures it takes is roughly doubled.

The camera itself is A LOT bigger than the Mini, which I didn't anticipate (I knew it'd be larger, but it really is very big), but overall I've found this to be worth it for the larger sized photos. The Mini is very fun to play with but we've come to prefer the wide model a bit more. The film is slightly more expensive when bought from 3rd parties (like ebay sellers) but almost negligible. The quality of the photos is very good, and we love the variety of settings this camera has, since they are a big upgrade over the classic camera we used to use.

I would highly recommend this for a little shot of nostalgia or just something different! We used this at our New Year's party and everyone loved how fun it was getting physical prints since that's so rare anymore. We'll definitely continue to use this, and the camera build feels very solid so we expect it to hold up for some time.

While I haven't used more expensive models of similar products (Lomography, for example) I can't imagine that those models provide enough additional value to justify the price tag. This camera will do everything you want it to do (and a little bit more) to capture that old Polaroid spirit.
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on April 10, 2017
This is a cheap plastic camera. It's fun but low quality, and Fujifilm's poor customer service makes it difficult to know whether or not to get a repair.

The shutter button (which is three pieces) broke off of the camera, and now it doesn't work. I didn't drop it or anything -- I was just carrying it around in my bag. I called Fujifilm's customer service to see what a repair would cost (there is only one customer service center in the country), and they wouldn't tell me over the phone. They kept insisting I could send the camera in for a "free" estimate, but of course if I have to mail the camera in, the estimate isn't free to me. When I asked point blank if they estimated that the repair would cost more or less than buying a new camera, they wouldn't tell me. I would be happy to send the camera in and pay for repair, I just want to know if doing so is ultimately going to cost me more than just buying a new camera.
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on February 11, 2016
This camera is awesome! We use it at our hunting cabin to capture our wild game. It's much larger than I anticipated but for what we use it for, that wasn't an issue. It's not getting used on the go. The camera is very user friendly. We also purchased the Fujifilm Instax Wide Film Twin Pack and they work perfectly together. It's just like your old fashioned polaroid camera! Instant pictures. There are a few settings that can be adjusted depending on your surroundings but that was easy to manage. Small button on the side of the camera. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking to have something able to take instant pictures and isn't concerned about being able to lug it around.
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on December 11, 2014
I like it, but after all the hassle of researching and wondering whether or not I should get it, I actually don't use it all that much. People warned me that once you get used to digital it's hard to go back to one time shots... the film is to expensive to just throw it away if you mess up so this made me freak out a lot when taking pictures. Also, I wanted to use it for traveling but didn't realize the x ray machines mess up the film and all that... way too much stress. But do not let my personal experience deter you from getting a chance to own one of these. All I'm saying is that it's not all that convenient and ends up costing you with all the film. But it can still be fun if you're not worried about perfect photos and if you are willing to pay for the film. Also, the camera is BIG... really big... and that can be a turn off as well... I wish they had a smaller one with larger film.... to me it wasn't worth getting the small film... it's your decision and you will have fun with it either way. Just letting you know the things I went through with it so at least you have a realistic idea of what it's like owning this. There was nothing that was going to stop me from getting this camera, but typical of me I have to learn the hard way :)

***Since writing this review, I accidentally put two unopened film boxes through an x-ray machine without realizing they were in the bag. When I went to use it, there was a barely milky white thing in my picture which was very unnoticeable which I was grateful because I was so upset for having forgotten to take it out. This is what I meant by a little stressful lol But thank God, the film was OK... I have also since this review bought more film and just have to make sure to remember to bring it with me because it really is nice. If you decide to purchase, pay attention to the film which EXPIRES at a certain date. Film is expensive so just letting you know ;)
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on February 11, 2014
I bought this as a gift for my roommate along with the film. I did some research into the different types of Polaroid cameras and after much consideration I decided to get this because of the bigger size of the film, excellent reviews and the fact that the film is still being made popularly. It came in the mail yesterday along with batteries. I expected it to be large because of the size of the film as well as the fact that it is a Polaroid camera. Although it's bulky, it is not very heavy at all.

The camera comes with a strap and what I call a "selfie mirror" which is a little add on to the lens that allows the subject to see themselves. Loading the film was perhaps the easiest thing I've done with technology. It was so simple that I doubted it and looked up a video just to confirm that it was simply "slide in".

The only thing to keep in mind is that the viewfinder is to one side of the camera and you need to adjust for it, in order to center the subject. The darken and lighten features are fairly useful too, although most photos look perfect with normal settings. The flash is automatic and I don't think it can be turned off. However you can work around it by using the darken and lighten settings.

The quality of Image is EXCELLENT. The clarity is great and the photo is crisp. All the colors are vibrant and because of the wide size, you can actually see the photo well. It takes about 5 minutes for the film to develop completely. The photos have a nice retro-modern look.

My roommate loves the gift and so do I. I might purchase one for myself too! Highly recommended.
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on September 5, 2016
The first time I ordered the camera, when I opened the package, the contents of the box that the camera was held in spilled out. It seemed like it had been opened/used before. When I put in a new pack of film and tried to take a picture, you can hear the camera working but the pictures wouldn't come out and the pack of film got jammed inside of the camera. I ruined a pack of film and had to return the camera and was very unhappy. I really wanted to give it another try so I bought the camera again from a different seller, M Z Photos and this time the camera came perfectly packaged. It worked perfectly and the pictures are awesome. So I'm giving the product five stars because when it worked, it worked great and the pictures are crisp and beautifully colored. Just be careful of which seller you buy from.
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