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on June 27, 2012
I am happy with this camera. I am old enough (49) to have grown up with regular film and Polaroid cameras. We all had one as teenagers and young adults. I still have my Polaroid in my room, and would love to still use it, but real polaroid film is not made anymore, and the "experimental" film is $3.00 a shot. This camera gives me 'polaroid-like' capability for only 75 cents a shot.

So pricewise -- I am quite pleased. Photo quality -- also pleased, it's not a gajillion pixels, so don't expect that, it's different technoloty. As I am old and used old cameras, this camera is not as 'huge' as folks seem to think. I expect it's all relative and if you grew up with cameras that fit in your shirt pocket, then OK, it's huge. But if you grew up with old SLR film cameras, then it's not. The plastic of the camera does seem fragile to me (hence the 4 stars) -- so don't drop it. But at $60 or so, it could be replaced if that does happen. Picture size is decent, I'm glad I didn't get the fuji camera that takes the smaller photo's -- I'd have been disappointed.

I have listened to the advice from others, that this camera doesn't do well in low-light situations, so my first two packs of film have been shot outdoors with great results. It's a wonderful for outdoor photography. I turned the flash on for exactly one photo (my granddaughter underneath a shaded tree) and the flash washed out the shot. I took it again with the shade and no flash, and it came out better in my opinion. I have yet to take indoor photos, so I can not comment on those.

But lets get to the real reason I bought this camera --- instant photography. As I went through my photo albums earlier in the year, I saw a wonderful collection of my family photos from the 1980's through the early 2000's. Then, there was a jarring 6 or 7 year gap, with just a few random photos. They are on the computer, on CD's, on line perhaps, but they are not in my home. They are intangible blips of electrons which require technology and a password to access. They are locked away and will eventually disappear.

I know I could take the time to find them, select the best ones, print them or put them on a flash drive and have them printed out at Costco. But for some unexplicable yet human reason, I haven't done so, and I likely would not do so in the future. It's not laziness --- it's just that there are always more urgent, pressing things to get done as I work and raise a family.

So I decided to purchase this camera, keep it on the fireplace mantel for easy access, use it, and encourage my wife and daughters to also use it as they like. The photos collect on the mantel as well, next to my photo album, which is starting to come to life again.

Each photo is unique --- it's one of a kind that is not shared via a smart phone or computer or Facebook. They are personal, intimate memories of my family and friends, which reside on the bookshelf for life, forever accessible by the real world rather than the digital world.

-Shawn in Oregon

2013-January Update:

After six months or so, this is still my go-to camera for family photos. I have taken a bunch of indoor photos, and while not as vivid as outdoors, they are OK. The foreground (the people) are generally lit up and the background is dark, but such is the nature of this 'Polaroid' camera. I still recommend this camera, it still sits on the mantle where my wife and I grab it frequently. Each time I order a book or other item from Amazon, I throw in a twin pack of film for this camera as well to take advantage of the free shipping.

2014-May Update:

This camera is still working fine and taking good photos. It works as well today as it did when first purchased. I am puzzled by reviews which mention broken cameras and poor pictures. That has not been my experience..

2016-Aug Update:

I just ordered another 100 pack of film from Amazon. This camera is still working well four years later, and sees lots of use. Just thought I'd mention that, in case folks are wondering about durability. I haven't dropped it though, but nothing has jammed or otherwise broken after four years of normal usage.

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on June 10, 2011
After a year and a half of missing Polaroid film, I decided to look for an alternative. I knew the Impossible Project had created film, but it's about $23.00 for eight shots. They're incredibly vivid and look amazing, but my budget couldn't handle the high cost. I was very close to purchasing the Fujifilm Instax 7s, but I was unsure of the small, credit card size of the pictures. After doing a little bit more research, I found that there was the Fujifilm Instax 200 and 210.

Appearance: Yes, it's huge. After spending days looking through size comparisons, I figured it wouldn't be too big. When I received it, I thought the packaging was ridiculously big, but I then realized upon opening the box that I was met with something larger than my face. The plastic is also very flimsy. Looking through the camera, I noticed that one drop could be fatal, so I keep it in a camera bag. I was hoping that I could possibly fit my small point and shoot with it too, but it's impossible. Also, be very careful with removing the plate for changing batteries. I almost broke the little hook that snaps it in place.

Features: The ability to turn flash off or on made it for me. The lens that comes with it for portraits is also a great feature. I decided to take a picture with and without the lens, and it's definitely noticeable. However, I tried doing a double exposure, and I found it to be impossible. If I find a way to do so, I will definitely update. I generally leave the settings on normal with 3m~infinity, and it takes great pictures.

Sound: You know the sound of a Polaroid once you take the picture? It's loud and impossible to bring to small gatherings or quiet venues. I was surprised that once I took the picture, I heard a very low motor noise and nothing else.

Pictures: They really are beautiful. I've mostly used them indoors, and I'm very impressed with the quality. I'm really loving the wide screen photographs as well. As usual, I spend the first ten photographs just to learn how the settings work. I would recommend this product more for outdoor shots, whether a little overcast or sunny. There's something about the way the pictures are that makes them seem almost surreal. I say this because whenever I take a picture indoors and I have to use flash, the images turn out flat.

Price: The camera on its own is roughly $65.00. It's a bit steep considering early models of point and shoot digital cameras are the same price. But if you're purchasing this camera, you're doing it because you miss or want to learn about instant film. There's something magical about a picture being produced before your eyes. It's something tangible, one of a kind, and you almost feel like you're able to grasp moments of your own life. It's sentimental yet functional. I was very surprised by the price of the film. If you buy ten pack, you will spend about $85.00. Each shot is roughly $0.85, a steal considering you're getting a large photograph. I remember paying $25.00 for a double pack for 600 film. It still isn't cheap, but it's a major difference.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

After a very happy year with my camera, it died from water damage. I purchased another one for a friend, and his died from dropping. So beware, these are very fragile. While I wish they would make a sturdier camera, it would increase the price, and I like the price point it's at right now. I am definitely going to buy another one (I have at least fifteen packs left).

I LOVE the macro lens it comes with as well. The flash can be a little too much, so I just use a couple pieces of tape to diffuse the light.

While I do love this camera and film, I did purchase some Impossible Project film for my SX-70 and 680. The film (from 2011 - mid 2012) is really tricky sometimes. However, the quality is a lot different than the Instax film. In some ways better, because pictures come out so dreamy. In some ways worse, because I have gone through a lot of film with horrible results. It all depends on what you have the patience (and money) for. I love this camera and film and will continue to use it in the future.
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on June 9, 2010
-this is my mother's account and she bought this camera for me for my graduation/birthday gift-

If you're looking for an instant camera, this is definitely the one to get. The price is definitely reasonable since it comes with batteries, close-up lens, strap, and 100 wide-format exposures. The body of the camera is strong and not too fragile, but of course with any other camera, you have to be careful with how you handle it. So far, it has not given me any technical problems. The photos are bright and sharp, much like a digital but with a vintage touch. :) The photos taken outside are amazing. The only thing I don't like is that you cannot turn the flash off. It doesn't really seem to wash out photos, but when trying to photograph against a reflective surface, you want to be careful about the positioning of the camera so the flash doesn't reflect off the mirror/glass.

Other than that, it's practically perfect. It's really easy to put the film in and then you're ready to shoot. The size of the camera is probably bigger than you'd expect but it doesn't really matter that much, since it isn't too heavy and not too tiring to carry around. It's close to 6" long and 5" tall.

I have to say it's definitely a worthwhile purchase. I absolutely love it and cannot put it down, and I'm waiting to try it out on my trip to Hawaii! :) So seriously, if you're in the market for an instant camera, get this one! I recommend it 100%.
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on January 31, 2014
Since Polaroid dropped out in 2008???

The instant photo market was left with a vacuum, Though Polaroid had several products to attempt to fill the gap I used the Z240 and loved the idea f having a digital file to make additional prints, however the process is slow and defeats the exclusivity of a "one of a kind" print. Often preferred for discrete or intimate purposes. People often prefer a photo of themselves or with another special person that no one else has access too.

It takes awhile to get used to this "skinny" format, in therms of composition! Otherwise I love it and the consistency it provides!
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on December 17, 2016
I always buy all my instant film needs on Amazon, I find they have the best price for film. This camera is very bulky and there is a newer, "smaller" (but still a bit bulky) version than this one. Be careful with this camera too, because if you accidentally bump it on something it will likely break. It's cheaper to buy the camera again instead of fixing it, so buy a carrying case! There is a wide version and small, wallet size film version that Fujifilm makes. They develop fast and the wide film size is fun! Everybody loves a 'polaroid' for the vintage look and feel. I would also recommend an album for these photos because the film stacks take up some room and you don't want to lose any!
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on May 12, 2015
We bought a few of these cameras to use at our wedding. We had them available for guests to take pictures of themselves upon arrival in lieu of a traditional guest book. The cameras are great and the photo quality is stellar (for an instant camera - obviously, this isn't going to give you high quality digital images). I would've given this 5 stars, but....these cameras seem to be a bit delicate. We bought five of them and, although they made it through the wedding unscathed, 4 of the 5 broke shortly thereafter. They were lightly handled, so it's not like they were being abused. That said, they were a huge hit and multiple people asked where they could buy one. One other thing - the film is expensive.
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on December 10, 2013
I ordered this so I could take it to the Veterans Administration hospital for a Christmas event for the vets. It arrived 1 hr before I had to leave. I quickly unpacked it and read the instructions. Then got in the car and took it with me. The kit came with 100 prints. After 3 hours, I used 90 prints. The vets were surprised and happy to have photos of themselves. Part of our Ladies Auxiliary group used the embossed card set (also bought on amazon) to adhere the prints onto the cards, and helped them by providing stickers and pens so they could write Christmas messages on it. Many of the vets were sending the cards to their Mothers, who I am sure were delighted. The 5 stars is because I got the camera, it produced 90 clear and clean prints, and the camera didn't stop working in the 3 hours. I told the vets - Fuji claims the prints will last 100 years but I don't think we'll be around to claim if it doesn't. And they all laughed. They liked that the prints developed in 45 seconds - and the older vets were glad that the prints were not wet and smelly (like the original Polaroid ones). Only complaint is that the strap is difficult to use and to secure. Make sure you get it right or you risk losing the camera!
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on July 3, 2014
I had been playing around with the idea of getting an instant camera for a while, even considering getting a used polaroid and the Impossible Project film. However, the Instax seemed like a better option, both from a price and quality standpoint.I debated between the mini and the 210 for a while, eventually going with the 210, if anything for the more original Polaroid look of the pictures. I have to say I could not be happier about my choice.
I just got back from a three week vacation, where I got to use the Instax 210 a lot.
It definitely is a learning experience, as many other reviewers have stated. It takes a few photos to really figure out what range and settings work best for different photos in different lighting. However, this is all part of the fun of the Instax 210. The colors are great, and the images are very high quality, yet both aspects of the photo do still maintain a somewhat vintage feel, often creating the sort of hipster-ish images which you would see on Tumblr or We Heart It. It is exactly what I was looking for.
A lot of the people mentioned the size, and the camera is definitely as big, if not bigger, than the reviews make it sound. It definitely did get some laughs at times, but I mean... who really cares when you own this awesome camera!
Definitely worth a buy, and I would recommend buying with the 5 twin packs of film, especially if you are going to be put in a situation where you could use the Instax a lot (aka going on vacation).
Absolutely incredible camera! If you have been considering getting it, don't think twice about it!
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on July 17, 2016
It's big, chunky and ridiculously simple to use, just like old Polaroids. This was a pretty decent deal with the included film. I don't know anyone else with a camera like this, so it's great to have mementos to give/send to friends and family. As for reliability, I've been using this for a few years now without complaint: just turn it on, point and shoot, and you've got a great picture to stick up on the wall. Kids are amazed watching the photos develop!
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on July 16, 2014
My daughter had the idea to set up a table where people would adorn props and take instant photos to be put in a book and write comments in while at her wedding. This camera was perfect for that. From the photos, you can see how much people enjoyed putting on the props and hamming it up for the camera. She now has a book filled with snaps and well wishes that she and her husband can look at with loving memories. Although the image quality is not the greatest in this digital day and age, it does give you a sense of nostalgia and the fun you would expect from an instant photo camera. The camera is quick, easy to use, and a lot of fun for all. People loved seeing themselves as the image would appear before their eyes and then placed in a book where they would leave their comments on the facing page. I would recommend this for any wedding or gathering just for the fun of it.
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