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on June 15, 2015
Absolutely awesome, took this to Africa, and was so nice to give something like a photo instead of them it!! This woman in Samburu village had never really seen herself..beautiful...she's holding the photo I took with this camera!
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on February 23, 2016
Tips for Taking Photos with Instax Mini!

1. take good care of the camera i.e it shouldn’t be jostled or dropped because THE LENS circle thing WILL FALL OFF. You can stick it back on but there’s always a little risk involved, the first time the lens fell off I nearly got a heart attack.
2. never, ever take a photo in sucky lighting (ex. Our house which is lighted purely by incandescent lamps) In fact limit indoor photos unless it’s an extremely special/candid moment that can’t be replaced. Don’t lie to yourself and think “it’ll turn out good anyway” Nuh uh
3. Always pay attention to the dial and turn it. I’ve had photos come out as yellowish blanks because someone forgot to turn the dial
4. do not play around with the dial and think you can judge what setting is best for the weather…the camera really is most accurate.
5. Try to wear light colored clothing. Not white because the flash will react badly. Not dark/black clothing because the background of the picture (ESPECIALLY if indoors) darkens naturally and you can “Fade” into the background.
6. Selfies are always best with natural light. If not, and you’re taking a selfie with a friend, remember that the person holding the camera (and therefore closest to it) is more likely to get a little bit whited out (not a lot, but a little) than the other person.
7. The lens can hold a surprising amount of space/number of people in one photo. This means that if for example, you’re taking a photo of a big group of people, you don’t have to back up as much as you think. If you do their faces will have less focus. Don’t be afraid to close up a little bit. (referring here to horizontal photos of course)
8. The camera can take very nice photos both vertically and horizontally. Vertically is better for portraits and closeups and is very flexible. Horizontal, however, can get you a beautiful “slice of life” feel, when you want to focus not only on the people but the background and scenery.
9. The paper/material the photo is printed on is thick, white, and has a little space under the photo itself for you to write something. ALWAYS write with a thin pen Sharpie. Normal pens, ballpens, ink pens whatever bleed and smudge and look plain nasty.

So maybe now you’re wondering….wow, this camera has a lot of limitations. Should I seriously get it?? And my answer….YES! Yes you should. The photos just feel so incredibly real. It’s like holding that moment in your hand. It’s so different from digital photos or even printing at Walgreens. You can look at a photo over and over again, and every time notice something good and different. It’s hard to explain, but these photos are so old timey and vivid, every one of these is like a breath of fresh air. And another thing…EVERYONE loves instant cameras….I met my cousins for the first time this winter, and I honestly feel like we really bonded over this. Every time you take a new photo, everybody hovering around like “how’d it turn out??” and you get to watch it develop (extremely interesting.) It only takes a minute for the photo to develop, but a few more for the colors to really pop.
So yes….Get it. Make sure to watch a couple YouTube tips/reviews/demo vids and be sparing with the pictures, they ARE pricey!!
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on April 12, 2015
Love my camera ... Easy to use, perfect for capturing any moment worth remembering. Very cute color... Overall a great product
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on October 12, 2016
This camera worked as describe. I couldn't wait to use it as soon as it arrived. it has a very sleek and modern look. My photos came out absolutely gorgeous and stunning. On the camera there are different modes with different icons. If shooting indoors I pick the one with the little house and if its a cloudy day outside there is a setting icon for that too. This camera is very reliable so far. I find it very efficient that after I take a picture the photo cames sliding out of the top of the camera. It takes about 60 seconds for the colors to developed. It works best used outdoors. When indoor it can be a little tricky depending on the range you are shooting from. There were a couple of pictures I took in Vegas indoor trying to capture a water fountain in the background with my gf but since I shot it so far away; the background of the picture came out dark. Although you can still tell it is us in the photo.

When we took a photo of ourselves outside during daylight, it captured as much details as it needed too. Overall I am a very satisfied customer. I know our smart phones can capture photos too but I like the idea that as soon as a photo is snapped, it is instantly developed. I can not even remember the last time I went out of my way going through my photos on my phone to pick out ones I want to go developed and print.

The cons of this camera that I would have to say is the the film can be a bit expensive. But you can not really put a price on the memories you cherish, especially if I have a phone full of photos and one day I lose that phone. I can never retrieve those photos again. Which has happened to me before.

The camera comes with a strap, and 2 double A batteries. You won't regret buying this camera.
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on November 3, 2016
I got this for our wedding photo guest book! It worked great and was super user friendly! Everyone loved using it!

Please let me know if this was helpful!
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on August 7, 2015
I love the camera, just like how imagine it would be and it came wayyyyyyy fast. Arrived at the same time my case arrived.
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on April 4, 2016
I love these little cameras! I have gifted two of them already to some friends, and they are equally as in love with them!

The blue color displayed in the photos is identical to the actual color of the camera. So far, my friends have had no complaints regarding how well the cameras work. Mine is a different color, but since that's just a cosmetic difference, I'll give my personal opinion of my camera.

Ease of Use: 4/5 This camera is SO easy to use. While the gist of it is "point and shoot", you may find that your photos are slightly un-centered and off to the left if you solely rely on viewing through the viewfinder. A helpful tip I've mentioned to my girlfriends is that when you think your photo is centered perfectly, adjust your camera ever so slightly to the right, and they will turn out beautifully! Also, make sure to adjust the lighting settings to whatever the camera prompts you to select. If you forget to do this, your photos will almost definitely turn out too dark, or overexposed - and film is NOT cheap!

Set Up: 5/5 Super easy to set up. Literally all you do is insert the included batteries. Reading the instructions is very helpful when you're inserting your film for the first time, so make sure you don't throw them away!

Price for Quality: 5/5 This camera is worth every penny. It's the cheapest by far on Amazon. While it's also sold at Michael's and Urban Outfitters, they'll charge you upwards of $100/$200, when you can easily buy it online for less. This camera is an investment. Buying film will be the most costly part of owning it, but if you hunt around and compare prices, you can easily find packs of film that save you a few bucks.

I adore this camera. Since owning it, I've found that I'm much more selective when taking photos. I won't just take pictures of random things anymore since the film only comes in packs of 10 sheets. I love that the photos print right away, and they're so easy to display and give to people. My camera is always a hit at parties and when we're on vacations. It saves me from having to use up my phone battery while constantly taking pictures, which is definitely a plus! It's very small, and not at all a nuisance to carry around. I purchased a case for it, and have purchased the same cases as an included gift with their cameras. I definitely recommend buying yourself a case and an attachable selfie mirror to go along with this camera!
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on May 25, 2015
Love the camera! If you are thinking about getting it- then get it. It as so worth the price.
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on March 29, 2017
I wanted this camera so badly and when I finally got the money to get it, I jumped right on the opportunity. I can talk all day about the camera and how it looks, but for those of you just getting the camera, I am going to tell you how to use it. The instructions aren't exactly clear so I am going to tell you how to work it so you don't end up with blanks.

You need to take the picture 2-8 feet away from what you are pointing at or else it wont work at all. Also, where the little light is on your camera, click to it unless you are indoors. If you are inside I suggest using the High Key option rather than the house button. Trust your camera and the senses because you'll take great pictures every time.
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on August 14, 2016
Wasted a pack of 60 films with this camera, tried everything, it just wont develop!
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