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on March 21, 2015
I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to go with a Fuji Instax Mini camera, or this printer. Mainly my concern for the camera itself was that the images would be twice as bad, as far as image quality, since they were produced by an instant camera and on instant film. In the end I decided that I would go with the printer. I transferred images I took with other cameras to my phone and went from there. It is a lot faster to save them to your phone gallery than to print them from the Social Media option (namely Facebook). It wasn't terribly slow, but it was pretty instant from my phone's gallery. It is easy to load, easy to use and the images are quite good for instant film like this. My girls and I went through a whole pack of film last night and absolutely love them. The black and white images (quite nice) printed better than the color images. But they weren't terrible, just softly washed out. Of course, the bolder the image color you print makes a difference. The images I chose to print were very sharp, and printed nicely. This was a very fun purchase. I would absolutely buy it again if I needed to.
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on February 3, 2015
Really happy with the Instax Share. It's the perfect way to get the retro feel of a poloroid while using modern editing techniques to make sure you get the perfect snapshot. No wasted film and since you can reprint the same image it's great for sharing poloroids with friends or even getting creative with business cards or a photography project. You can also use your own plug-in battery if you have one with the same voltage laying around, they also sell them for about $12 on here so that's a nice little accessory to save on batteries over time. As long as you can deal with the high cost per print (but it's much lower and easier to use than the Impossible lab) this is the perfect little gadget to splurge on! ~ Lisa
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on August 13, 2016
5 stars for ease of use! I didn't realize it was wireless when I purchased it, but all you do is turn on the printer, connect via your wifi setting, open the free app, select the photo to print, then hit the print button. However, 1 star for photo quality. I like that the printer doesn't need ink, but the color in the printed photo was really washed out. The photo material is like the old Polaroid cameras from my childhood, and seems to have the same issues with colors not being very vibrant. I've attached a copy of the original photo and a picture of the printed photo to hopefully show the difference in colors. But, for quick, easy prints from your phone, this printer works fine.
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on March 20, 2016
This is the perfect gift for anyone!

I bought this as a birthday gift for my best friend. I told her that I bought this because we all have the same problem: we have a ton of pictures on our cell phones and we don't do anything with them...until now! She loved it. We tried it out immediately and I was impressed by the quality of the pictures. No, it's not as sharp as a normal picture, but it looks pretty darn good. It looks the way a polaroid picture would look. The printer is tiny and easy to setup (under 5 minutes). The picture is the size of a credit card. So cute. I'll be buying one for myself now.
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on January 9, 2016
I have always had a fascination with the old school Polaroid photos on film. I did the research and this seemed like the best buy out of the various types on smartphone film printers out there. The app is simple to use and very straight forward--cant beat it. When the package arrived I was very excited to dive into it as I have been taking pictures for a wedding project. I printed off various images for a collage and it took a little while and a lot of film but now the whole thing turned out great with this stellar retro look. The printer itself is a very compact and convenient size, the film it prints on is about the size of a credit card. I would say the only cons to this is the expensive, and specific film that it takes, and it does not have the ability of computer connection. Also, while the intrinsic value is awesome, the picture quality is marginal. I would say this was kind of an impulse, project specific purchase. I'll probably still get a good amount of use out of it, but for $150 there isn't much long term value.
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on September 28, 2016
I love journaling and adding pictures in my journals as a little visual memory to some of my entries. So printing pictures right off my phone makes this little gem priceless for me! Not only can I use the pics for my journals, they make great gifts for friends who enjoy my artsy side. I own the Instax mini 90 camera as well and love using it, but printing my pics out is hands down the most convenient of ways for me to be creative even when life gets busy. So glad someone came up the idea to print Polaroids!
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on May 24, 2016
I love my Instax camera, but I still take my photos predominantly on my iPhone 6s Plus. This printer is great for me since I can reprint the same photos to send with snail mail.

In the close up photo of a print, I think the printer still did a good job on a very dark photo. It also added a vintage-like filter to it. Unlike products that use ZINK paper and often oversharpens, the images have a softer look to them.

I like how this printer uses batteries so I don't have to carry another charger with me if I have to bring it on trips. I'm sure this is great for events like parties and weddings too. No regrets on this purchase~
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on January 9, 2016
I love this thing. It's small, and can take it with me to parties and outings. I love having this portable thing that lets me share physical photos. It's cumbersome to try to print as soon as you take the photos, so I find it best to just print your best shots after the matter. You'll spend less than a minute per print. The reprint button is a nice feature to make multiples of the last photo printed.

The drawback is that it gets expensive very quickly. Instant film costs any where from $0.65 - $1.25 a print depending on sales and coupons and bulk. Batteries are also expensive. A pair of CR2 batteries lasts about 60 non-consecutive prints. Fortunately, you can plug it in with an additional power supply ac/dc adapter cord.
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on July 9, 2016
It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time and I feel like it's so worth the money. I am a photographer (mostly digital sometimes film) - I love the look of instant film but I don't love the hit or miss aspect of it since the price per print can get kind of high. That is why I adore this printer. You know almost exactly his it'll print so there no wasted shots. Genius. The one thing to note: it photos print about 1-1.5 stops lighter than you see in your phone. This means that the phone photo is darker than the instax print. Something to maybe adjust for if you have a particularly bright photo. I plan on doing a travel journal with it when I go to Iceland. The possibilities are endless...
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on July 28, 2015
It was either buying this printer or one of the actual instax cameras. The price tag on the printer was definitely higher but my concern with the camera was the issue of wasted film. After reading a bunch of reviews I decided to go with the printer.
I like it because I don't have to worry about carrying a camera wherever I go. If I want to capture a moment but forget to bring the camera, I can always print it out later at home and I can also pick and choose the picture I want to print so I know exactly what I'm getting. I like that I can also edit the photo with filters or print it black/white. It definitely gives me more options to edit how I want the picture to turn out.
Like others have pointed out, the pictures do come out overexposed and the colors more washed out. It's cute if you like that vintage-y Polaroid look. If you don't like that and want it to look closer to the original, after reading other people's experiences, the trick is to download Snapseed and edit the picture there first before printing. It helps if the picture you're printing is originally sharp and bright. The settings I use are -40~-70 brightness and +80~+100 ambience and sometimes ~+60 sharpness.
Overall, it's a good buy for me and what I was looking for. The film can be a bit pricey and also the batteries are a bit expensive. I already had a charger cord at home that was compatible so that wasn't really an issue.
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