Customer Reviews: Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 27 exp. 35mm Camera 800 film
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on September 10, 2001
On a recent trip to Tahiti I believe I have tried about every kind of one-time use underwater camera on the market (i.e., Kodak Max Sport; Kodak Max Wet, and Konica Waterproof Camera and the Fuji). All of the cameras worked fine snorkeling, although I found the Konica and the Kodak Max Wet to be more difficult to use. [The Konica was a little difficult to see through the view finder with a mask on, and the Kodak Max Wet, most annoyingly had the strap and the photo button on opposite sides of the camera! A real disadvantage to a right handed person. As a result you essentially had to use two hands to take a photo, one to hold the camera and the other to depress the button. Any of these cameras will work fine for snorkeling, however the best were the Fuji and Kodak Sport. Keep in mind that all underwater photos will look a bit blue, however, snorkeling in the lagoon in Tahiti the blue was not really noticeable.
Here's the part I really like, now I admit, contrary to manufacturer recommendations, I did take both the Fuji camera and the Kodak Max Wet camera with me Scuba Diving. According to manufacturer directions the Fuji camera's recommended depth is 17 feet [which is the deepest of any one-time use camera on the market]. On my dives we never went deeper than about 22 feet. The problem with diving with these cameras is the pressure - you can take a photo just fine, but due to the pressure you will be unable to wind the film. However, I used the Fuji camera without any problems -- I was always able to wind the film and the photos came out wonderfully -- although they were blue. The Kodak Max Wet camera continually would freeze up, thus in order to take a photo you would have to snap the picture, go up several feet, wind the film then go back down -- not very convenient and as a result I took very few photos. Although the photos I did take with this camera came out well, although they too were blue. The other benefit to the Fuji camera is that it is easier to use in the water, the button to take a photo is much easier to handle and there is a very large knob for winding the film, which is especially handy if you are wearing gloves.
The knob is a real drawback for both the Kodak Max Wet and the Konica cameras -- I found those two cameras to be much more difficult to wind and may be near impossible if you are wearing dive gloves. Also with the Fuji and the Kodak Max Sport, the strap, the button and winder are all on the right side, which makes this camera very easy to use for a right-handed person.
In summary, if you go snorkeling I would recommend the Fuji camera or the Kodak Max Sport. ... And, if you do plan to go Scuba diving, give the Fuji a try.
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on April 18, 2002
This is a great little camera for taking pictures both in and out of the water. Not surprisingly, it delivers best underwater on a sunny day, but even on overcast days, it produces crisp pictures with great detail.
On land, it is much less particular about lighting, and produces pictures with beautiful colour in light or shadow, or both.
Since it takes such nice pictures out of the water, a first time user might want to practice with it on land. The lever action feels a lot different from the push-button action of regular throw-away cameras, and since you don't hear the click of the shutter underwater, you might be uncertain whether anything happened. A couple of test shots (without the urgency of a sea turtle swimming by or a beautiful school of fish) should increase the photographer's confidence in the camera when underwater.
The big wheel that advances the film works very well; it's easy to find by touch, so getting another snap of something before it swims away isn't difficult.
There's also a little strap to keep it on your wrist, although it's a good idea to keep a firm hold on the camera anyway while swimming.
The simple operation made it a hit with the kids; they were able to make their own special souvenirs of the underwater world.
Excellent value.
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on August 27, 2015
This camera is soo awesome! We took our children to Aquatica for their birthdays and although we have an actually waterproof camera I wanted one for each kid so when I had the opportunity to I receive this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review I jumped at the fact! This pairs so well with their camera straps(  ) and my kids had a blast being able to take their own pictures! Very easy to use and we can't wait to see what all pictures they took!! I highly recommend it for a day of fun for cheap without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a waterproof non disposable! it held up really well all day is great quality!!
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on June 5, 2005
I purchased 3 of these little wonders for use on a Western Caribbean cruise in which I intended to climb Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, and snorkel in George Town, Grand Cayman among other water sports.

I am very particular about my photographs and for dry events use a very expensive 6mp digital SLR which I am unwilling to trust to any underwater housing.

My reservations on using an inexpensive point and shoot were not warranted in this case.

This camera produced fabulous shots both above and below the surface. It's lever is just the right size for using in the underwater environment, it wound remarkably easy with wet water logged fingers, and it's large gripping rubber band safety string kept it at fingers reach and safe for the duration of my excursions.

It's completely flat on the side you put your face too which is rare, and yet essential for taking shots underwater with a mask on.

Also, it's big enough to be useful yet still small enough to fit easily in the pockets of your swimtrunks.

With this camera I did not waste a single shot.

I saw many people struggling with their waterproof cameras, and talked to others who had them developed on board with very sad results.

This is a wonderful product and I recommened it without any reservations, or qualifications.
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on March 9, 2006
The quick snap camera was very good. My husband and I took it snorkeling and cave tubing. It was great for snorkeling because we went on a sunny day, but if the clouds passed over or we were in a shady spot under the water, it wasn't so great. About half of our pictures came out really nice. It was not so good on the cave tubing trip because we were in a cave and needed a flash. If you use it on a sunny day, you will love it. Otherwise, try to get one with a flash.
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on July 27, 2005
Like others I have compared it in a SCUBA diving trip to the Kodak Max Sport and this one had a few advantages:

1. Film winded at greater depth.

2. The pictures came out clearer - not grainy and with better colors.

Don't expect too much of it at depths below 8 meters since light won't be enough (I used it on a bright summer day in the red sea). Even at shallower depths colors turn blue/green without use of flash.

I have taken it down to depth of 35 meters and the camera was fine, but wouldn't take pictures at depths below 20 meters.

The pictures I took at shallow depth came out excellent.
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on March 25, 2008
I went snorkeling in Bermuda, used two of these, and they worked great. Easy to use, simple point and shoot camera. Waterproof, easy to shoot and wind in sandy water. Out of the water the pictures were alive and balanced with color. Underwater the pictures were good on a rainy day, focus was ok. To get better pictures get an underwater case for your digital camera. For it's ease of use and being disposable, I recommend this! I checked out the reviews of the other camera's out there and this is a clear leader. It has a large rubber band to help keep the unit at hand. Also note this is a waterproof case around a standard disposable camera.

If you like to save money, you can remove the 35mm film to develop as a standard roll. You can, as I did pry the case open, pry the camera open and viola! - Develop and enjoy
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It's just about the only camera I needed for a vacation to Maui. I hauled along my digital camera, my "real" 35mm camera and a handful of dry-land disposables, and this underwater camera KICKED BUTT as far as quality of shots, quality of hardware, ease of use and general cool/fun vortex rating, plus, it's almost indestructible and weighs next to nothing!
YES the prints are a bit "dark" when printed without correction -- so CORRECT them! This is a Fuji-Kodak thing, I think, so ASK your processor to print them a bit lighter. The colors are outrageously rich, even the deeper-underwater shots have very good colors throughout. You have GOT to have one of these on your wrist while you snorkel!
Really an excellent little product - the next time I need a dry-land disposable, I'm going to give Fuji a try based on how great this underwater Fuji was to use!
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on November 20, 2014
This underwater camera was a big disappointment. I took it to take pictures under water on a cruise. The operation was very simple. You wind a knob, you take the picture. We stuck this thing in the water to take pictures of different fish and after we got them developed almost every picture was blurry or unrecognizable. The camera remained water proof but just didn't take good pictures, not even recognizable. The water clarity was in the caribbean and very clear as well, so I do not believe that was a factor. Go with another brand.
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on March 12, 2011
I bought one of these cameras for a recent trip to Maui. I hoped to see some green sea turtles while snorkeling and wanted to capture the experience on film. I did not have high expectations for a camera costing less than $10, but I figured that any image would be better than no image. As it turned out, we saw lots of sea turtles and the camera far exceeded my expectations. It took some amazing underwater photos. See for yourself. I have posted some of them in the customer images. I don't know what happened with the people who gave this camera a low rating. My photos were excellent. If I'd known how good they were going to turn out, I would have bought more than one. It's true that the colors in the images were originally shifted toward the blue, but that is typically the case for underwater photos unless the camera has a special filter that compensates for it. However, it is easy to fix. I had the photos developed and put on a CD at Costco for less than $5. (I only got the negatives and the CD, no prints). I then transferred the digital images from the CD onto my computer where color correction could be made. I use Photoshop Elements and it has an Auto Levels feature that corrects the color, brightness and contrast with one click of the mouse. The posted images were adjusted using that process. After adjustment, the digital photos that are keepers can be made into prints. I will definitely get another one of these for the next snorkeling trip. BTW, if you look at the customer images, although the user name is similar, FroggyM is a different person. Their images show the blue color shift that mine had before I corrected them.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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