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on May 30, 2016
I went to Hawaii last weekend and needed a waterproof camera to take pictures while I was in the water at the beach. The camera works exactly how it's described, and it's very simple to work with. Not a lot of places these days develops films and film cameras; what I did was went to Walmart and they sent out the camera to another place, then brought it back within 3-4 business days. That cost me $10, which is not that bad. I know Costco and CVS does the same thing. If you want to take pictures in water without using your phone or camera with a waterproof case, this is a perfect thing to get!
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on April 17, 2017
We bought this underwater camera to take with us on a cruise to Jamaica. We took an excursion to "snuba". We wanted to be able to take some underwater shots of us and the beautiful fish. We had done this before and was not satisfied with the quality of the pictures that we got. So we decided to try this camera. We were very satisfied with the quality of photos we got. You can see by the photo that the colors come out vividly. We have no complaints about it. It served our purposes well
review image
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on October 20, 2017
Quick story: My girl and I bought this in anticipation of a "Scuba" thing we found on Groupon, so we bought this to take pictures of all the fishies and algae and what have you's. We get to the place for our gear and then head out towards the beach. What we did not anticipate on was 1) how far we would actually have to swim out 2) you never really know the true strength of waves until you try swimming against them and 3) there was no fish we could see at our location.

I basically had this thing around a cheap lanyard we got from the scuba place which was also holding our locker key. After a big wave hit us though, I went tumbling under water and lost the lanyard. However, the camera was right next to me, floating in the water. I was actually pretty joyful about that. We still had film to use after that lame-a** day and they come out fairly well. So if you see it as a deal or just need a cheap underwater camera this one is definitely suitable for any use... just make sure you have something good to hang it off of.

P.S. Walmart is one of the only places they will take this film. Just make sure its dry because you will need to put it in an envelope for it to be sent off for developing.
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on September 9, 2015
I loved this little camera! I ended up purchasing this 4 pack prior to our trip to Hawaii - and good thing too, at the gift shop they were $25 for just one! We attached them to little plastic tags for luggage and kept our ID's and room key in the plastic sleeve the whole trip. The cameras float, so it was the perfect way to keep track of our 'wallet'!

I was pleasantly surprised that the pictures turned out fantastically! And my only notes would be as follows:
Don't worry about water drops on the camera - blowing them off fogs up the lens and the drops don't show on the pictures.
They do need fairly direct sunlight - other reviewers also mention this.
Hold the camera farther away than you normally would - we had a lot of face crops that would have been cute if I'd held the camera back a few more inches.
Buy a few of these packs! Our trip was 4 days and we used about half a roll a day just running around. Many of our pictures weren't in water and they turned out great, so my advice would be to buy more than you need, because as above - they're crazy expensive at the gift shops!
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on August 3, 2016
I used this camera for my snorkeling and sailing vacation. I needed a camera to get some cool underwater shots when I went to Puerto Rico to snorkel and sail. The directions were not clear on how to use the camera but I figured it out. Under the water, the pictures were relatively clear but not the best. I did get some really good pics of "dory" fish and few clown fish. I wasted 3 pictures in the beginning figuring out how to use the camera but besides that, I would recommend for simple underwater shots. I would use again if I ever snorkel again.
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on December 5, 2017
Bought the Safeways water proof case for my iPhone but it would NOT seal so I am thankful I bought a couple of these to snap pics of the GB Reef and fishes and sharks that we got to see while there. Pics came out pretty decent but lighting plays a big role. If you are photographing closer to the surface they will be fine but if the water is cloudy or it's darker, they are not so great. Wish there was a zoom option but no such luck. Overall better to have it than not.
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on November 4, 2012
I snapped up this disposable waterproof camera to get some underwater photos while in the Great Barrier Reef. In hindsight, I later saw someone on my boat with one of the waterproof camera bags, and might try this next time with an older digital camera - but that point being separate, I was pretty satisfied with what I got for what is an $11-12 disposable camera. Considering that I was a couple of hours out into deep ocean, the photos I took of the coral reef and fish turned out pretty good, with at least a handful that were pretty sharp. I was surprised myself since there were pretty rough waves and I couldn't really stay still for more than a second. Of course, being bashed about by waves and trying to take photos, some are definitely not of much use, but I was pretty happy with most of what I got. For $11-12, I hardly expect the quality of a point-and-shoot digital camera, let alone an SLR. Make sure to use to included strap and to wind back the dial to the next exposure if you've never used a disposable before (Yup, that was me learning!)
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on May 31, 2012
Used this camera in a snorkeling escapade where the sun was really, really bright. The photos were taken approximately from depths ranging from above water-3 feet deep. All of the photos lack really good sharpness, clarity and are somewhat fuzzy. If you can remember the 35mm camera taking days you will understand exactly what to expect.

These photos represent that cheaper rolls of 200 speed film that one could buy for their 35mm cameras back then. If you recall the absence of crispness, detail and such...then you know exactly what i am talking about. For that is how all of my photos turned out.

Slightly below average photos. If you were going to take a bunch of photos i would suggest buying a cheaper, compact digital camera and one of the waterproof pouches that allow for taking of pictures underwater. A digital camera that does not have the telescopic lens would be ideal in these type bags.

By the time you purchase 3 of these cameras and have the pictures developed at $10.00 per, you have already spent enough money to purchase a small compact digital camera.

Eastern NC
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on February 16, 2015
We used this underwater camera in Bora Bora. It worked great!

This camera does not have flash, so if you're doing underwater activities like snorkeling and other light water activities, this camera works perfect. In this case the lack of flash doesn't really matter as there's plenty of light at such shallow depths.

But if you're planning on going deep under water, then this is definitely not a good camera for you.

The film needs to be developed the old school way (take it to CVS or Costco). It's not HD and there's no memory stick options. Younger kids these days have no idea what I'm talking about.
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on December 26, 2014
Camera took excellent pics during our last trip to Hawaii earlier this year. We went snorkeling in fairly clear waters - pictures came out great! Easy to use, hardly any were blury...except for fish that darted away too fast. I would say 90% of the pics came out great! Also takes great pics out of the water - waterproof case is sturdy and secure. Word of caution - have airport security hand-check this item since the x-ray machine you put your carry-ons through may disturb the film. Once through wasn't horrible, but the 2nd time around I had them hand-check it because I was told higher speed films are at risk of being damaged by the x-rays. Better to be safe than sorry! Would definitely buy this again.
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