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on August 29, 2009
My 86 year old mom has tried multiple hand held magnifiers over the years, some lighted, some not, in her efforts to keep reading after a diagnosis of dry macular degeneration. We decided to try this lamp due to the combination of LED lights, gooseneck positioning, and the strength of the magnifier.

In the month since the light was delivered my mom's life has expanded. She loves this light. With her hands free, she can work her large-print crosswords puzzles and is even reading magazines again. We are thrilled with the light and are so grateful that her quality of life is better because of it.

Our one wish for improvement with this light would be for a more weighty base for stability.

November 28, 2010

I thought I'd update my original review some 18 months after we originally purchased this terrific light.

Mom still loves her light, in fact, Thanksgiving day I overheard her tell a friend that it was her life saver. We've had no troubles with the light since it was purchased. The weight of the base hasn't been an issue for Mom and that is surprising because she is so wobbly.

I saw that it was on sale today and am thinking of buying it for my husband who also has vision troubles. I truly recommend this light to anyone needing hands-free lighted magnification.

August, 2012

Another update. Mom (now 89) still loves her light and uses it every day. No troubles with the LED lights, the base, or the gooseneck. Everything is still working perfectly. I'm so glad we purchased the light.

September, 2014

Latest on Mom's light. This light is like the ever-ready bunny. I keeps ticking along. Mom, now 91, continues to use the light every day. Still no troubles with the LED lights, the base, the plug, or the gooseneck. This practically perfect light is the best thing I've purchased for Mom.
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on March 8, 2015
I purchased this lamp after purchasing and returning one that should have attached to a table. The table one would not remain secure when moved the 360 degrees described, so I returned it. I found this one and ordered it. It arrived quickly, (on a Friday) but made a hissing, high pitched sound that bothered me, my kids, and our dog. My husband who spends time around computers all day and is deaf in one ear couldn't hear the noise. I attempted to use it Saturday, but became frustrated and stressed by the sound, so I asked for a replacement. It arrived on Sunday. My son suggested we try the AC adapter from the new one rather than unpacking the whole lamp. It worked. Now, there is no more hissing/high pitched sound. It is perfectly quiet. So, I'm returning a brand new lamp that I didn't even need to unpack except for the the AC adapter. I love how quickly the return for the first lamp and the exchange for this one occurred. I also like that each time, the item was picked up at my door. This lamp stays cool and actually feels like it is giving off a little coolness. It is the perfect height for sitting in a recliner and crocheting. I can lower it to look through the magnifier, or raise it up to only use it for the light. The lamp can be held low enough that it does not reflect onto the TV and bother the rest of the family even in a semi-dark room. Yes, the cord is long as others have mentioned. I just folded it on one end and inserted it into the post and then folded another section and inserted in another section. It is a bit tight but works. Also, at the instruction of one of the reviews, I did make sure to screw the post into the foot until it stopped turning. I can lift the entire lamp from the top post to move it and it is light weight enough to easily move, but the foot does keep it stead enough if I keep the larger section in the same direction that the lamp is bent (see the listed photo). I will update this review if I have any problems, but right now it appears to be the perfect lamp for my needs.
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on July 15, 2016
I've found this lighted magnifying glass very helpful in threading tiny needles and for sewing in general.

Some cons:
-It could use more lights
-It's hard to move because the base is not attached to the pole, so you have to lift it by squatting down and hooking your fingers under the base, which is a hassle.
-The pole makes it look very cheap.

If I had it to do over, I'd look in one of fabric stores--my hairdresser bought one at a fabric store(for about the same money) that looks expensive and has lights all the way around.
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on October 21, 2014
This is the second of these LED lamps I have purchased. My wife uses it for her arts and crafts projects. The first stopped working (after 6 months), and my wife just couldn't see properly to do the intricate details. I contacted Amazon, and they made an exception by giving me a full refund and a UPS label to send it back. I was hit with a restocking fee, along with a $10 increased price and sales tax that took some of the joy away (LOL), but my wife is happy again!

Fantastic lamp with bright light and a big magnifying lens!

Amazon is a seriously good customer-service company. I started with Amazon Prime when I ordered the first lamp this past December, and I have not regretted it. Thanks Amazon!

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on January 22, 2014
I really love the Fulcrum magnifying lamp! It stands nicely on its weighted base, the light is so bright I didn't even realize that I didn't have my floor lamp on last night, and it has a very large magnifying area with perfect magnification to keep the surface of the lamp a good 7" from my 18-count crosstitch - plenty of room to pull my needle and thread through. (I saw where some reviewers felt the base wasn't heavy enough for stability, but I found it plenty heavy. Sure, you do better to hold the pole while you adjust the neck of the magnifier, but that's no big deal.) The little bifocal lense has come in handy, too.

I like the way the base is designed, so that the pole comes up from one end - I can slip the base under my chair so the neck easily reaches my work area and at the perfect height. The flexible neck works very well for positioning the head perfectly; it feels sturdy and I always handle adjustments gently, so I see no reason it shouldn't last. The shorter poles screw together tightly and don't wobble at the connection points, and the directions were clear enough (it's mostly intuitive anyway, but be careful to follow each step; there is something that you might not think about).

The ONLY thing I'm bummed about is that the LED lights are not replaceable, but at this price, if I get even "just" 50,000 hours (that's almost 6 years of continuous use, so...) from them, it will be worth it - but only if I can find this lamp again when the time comes to replace. Hmm, maybe I should just get another now.

*One warning: be SURE that the head of the lamp is facing down before you turn it on, and don't let it shine directly in your eyes at anytime (led lights are basically small lasers). I didn't notice which way I had it pointing when I set it up and hit the on button, but luckily wasn't looking right at it!
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on January 31, 2015
This is a great product that has enabled my Mom to be able read again!! She is pretty much confined to sitting in a chair and with an advanced macular degeneration condition has really struggled to read. She has been using hand held magnifying glasses but these are clumsy and not that effective. They are also difficult for her to hold for very long at a time due to the sever arthritic condition she has in her hands.

The free movement of the magnifying glass and LED illumination provides magnification and light exactly where she needs it. As an avid reader, this device has given her a little piece of her life back she has really missed. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs illuminated magnification and their hands free.
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on August 27, 2010
I bought this lamp to help my eyes with needlework. I like to sit down and lean back in the sofa or chair when I work. The lamp/magnifier was very carefully packaged and included an AC adapter. The lamp comes in separate pieces that are easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions. The height of the lamp is just right for a seated position but can be somewhat modified by adjusting the angle and tilt of the gooseneck part, but it is not height-adjustable otherwise. The weight of the base is appropriately balanced and the lamp is light enough to carry or move around. The LEDs give off a smooth and strain-less glow. The magnifier is so powerful that I almost don't need my reading glasses. The on/off switch for the LEDs is placed on top of the lamp in a convenient location. I think that the product description provided on the Amazon site doesn't tell you that the LEDs cannot be replaced. However, they are supposed to last 10,000 hours which is plenty. Overall, very good product and excellent value.
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on November 24, 2010
The lamp is lighter weight and less stable than it looks in the picture. It was a little tough to secure the main "post" into the base securely. It is still just a little loose. The lamp itself has a tendency to totter when the magnifier is brought to the lower positions.

This said, the flexible arm is preferable to the hinged ones that are more common in magnifier lamps and the light and mirror are exactly what I need for small craft work. Overall a nice lamp for the price although far from perfect.

Delivery was fast and the packaging traveled well.
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on April 10, 2017
I've had this lamp for a few years and am having to replace it because the connection for the power cord is finally failing beyond my ability to tape it up in just the right position to keep power flowing to the lamp. For close to $100, I expect something like this to last quite a few years. This did not meet my expectations.
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on January 6, 2012
I love to do counted cross stitch. But I need both magnification and a good light on my project. I was using a magnifying glass that hangs around the neck and rests against the chest, but it was awkward and didn't stay in place well. Getting a room lamp to shine in the right place was a hassle too. So based on the good reviews, I ordered this magnifying lamp. It has been a great piece of equipment! Having the light and magnifyer in one unit makes it so much more convenient and I no longer have to hang that bulky dorky magnifyer around my neck. The light shines directly on my work and not into my husband's face like other lamps did. He's even borrowed it to read the fine print on things.

However even though I love it, there are two quibbles I have that would improve it. One, the bottom section of the lamp post fits into the base but does not screw in like the other sections. It just sets in the base If you move the lap by grasping the post, it comes out of the base. If this section screwed in also it would be much sturdier. Two, it would be nice if the flexible neck were a few inches longer which would make it easier to position just where it's needed. But overall, it was a great purchase that I am glad I invested in.
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