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on February 11, 2016
Anker is a wonderful company and their customer service is top notch (from experience and from other reviewers). However, I purchased this wireless mouse based on other reviews and the fact that it's a full size mouse. Some reviewers stated they had connection issues with the mouse, contacted Anker, and received a new product without any issues. I received the mouse with connection issues that I call "zombie like cursor." Yes I know you must click the mouse to "wake it up" but mine had issues while it was already awake. After the mouse was moving properly it would randomly stop, stutter, and move about all "zombie like." I would have to pick up the mouse, shake, or smack it for it to operate properly again. I tried several fresh batteries and mouse pads but I still experienced the "zombie like cursor." I could probably send the product back to Anker for another one but i'm not interested in that. I'll try for another product and go from there.
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on November 11, 2013
I've been using the Logitech M310 and decided it was time to upgrade. I ultimately decided on the Anker because of the price and the positive reviews, which is pretty much how I shop on Amazon.

Compared to the M310, the Anker is large. I would consider the M310 small, so the Anker is a medium sized mouse relative to the entire range. I have normal sized hands, and find the Anker to fit better than the smaller M310.

I have never used a contoured mouse prior to this Anker, and I now know I should have made the switch a long time ago. Because of the size and angle of the top of the mouse, it fits very naturally for my hand. Unlike the M310 which requires me to arch my palm to be able to hit both buttons, I can keep keep a much more natural hand-posture (if that's a thing). The small ledge that supports the thumb is also practical without adding bulk, and further adds to comfort. The main reason I started looking to replace my M310 was cramping/discomfort after 4-5 hours of use. The Anker is much more comfortable, even for long days of 10+ hours.

I really like the responsiveness of the buttons. They are crisp and clean, unlike other mice I've used which sometimes seem mushy. The pressure required to click the two primary buttons and the wheel are very similar, and are at a level that is enough to prevent mis-clicks but not too much to require any significant pressure. It really seems to fall in the Goldilocks range for me. The forward/back buttons on the side are placed well, and are more practical than some models I've used in the past that are placed on top of the mouse. The wheel has a satisfying click to it when spun that seems solid. My M310 makes noise and seems loose, perhaps due to the side-to-side click function built in. The space between notches is slightly smaller than that of my M310 as well which makes scrolling faster.

I work on two monitors, and in the highest resolution can move from end to end in about an inch. It stays pretty consistent at the 50% mark taking twice as far to cover the same space. I find myself most comfortable at the 75% setting which allows me to keep my wrist stable when navigating the desktop. At first I figured the easy top access to the setting was unnecessary, but have found that it is actually convenient to have a quick switch between the 50% and 75% settings when I'm working with spreadsheets where added accuracy is appreciated.

In all, this is a fantastic mouse for $15. The size, shape, and buttons are all very conducive to lengthy sessions at the desk. I have not had a chance to test battery life at length, but at a rate of a battery per week on my M310, I have to think this is going to be better. The auto-off feature is taking a little time to get used to, but I think it will become more natural in a couple more weeks. The built in receiver storage is a nice bonus as well.

Update 6/3/2014 - I just changed the battery for the first time (note I use this for work 9-10 hours per day). As expected, the auto-off feature is nothing I even notice any more. 7 months later I am still very happy with this mouse.
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on October 7, 2013

Got this for my son to go with his new laptop. It worked Ok for a while - there was nothing really outstanding with it from the get-go... no different than a standard wireless mouse. Then after about a month he had trouble with the left click button working - it would work and then it didn't. Then the mouse just stopped working. The red light flashes but nothing happens. Tried it on different machines and it still didn't work. Changed the 18 month battery -that didn't work either. Now it's too late to return - total piece of junk. Skip this one - just too unreliable.

UPDATE: - After I posted this review, I was immediately contacted by the AnkerDirect. They apologized for the problem and offered to send me a replacement immediately. In a matter of days I received the replacement. We just received it so we haven't used it yet but so far I am pleased that they cared enough to contact me and replace the item, especially in such a timely manner. I will update again once we use the product for a while.

UPDATE 2: Have been using the replacement item for a while and it works great. Customer service also excellent - they were quick to send replacement, followed up to make sure it was received and followed up again to make sure it's working. We must have got a lemon the first time

Don't hesitate to purchase this ... if you have a problem, they will fix it.
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on April 6, 2016

Fairly ergonomic although I found my index finger getting a bit uncomfortable after long use because there is no support for this finger like some other mice have.
All buttons are easy to press.
DPI toggle on mouse.
Has a nice feel although the glossy top plate has noticeable prints and you can clearly see whatever else might end up on it.

Connection is terrible. Stuttering will occur often for period of anywhere between 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds with an intermittence of anywhere between 5 seconds to hours. Very unpredictable and has made using the mouse a pain. This behavior will happen whether I'm 12 inches or a few feet away from the receiver. I have tried driver updates, all of my available USB ports, and even messing with power delivery to my USB ports with nothing fixing the issue. A brand new battery did not fix it either.
Battery removal. Good luck getting it out.
No on-board memory meaning that you have to keep unnecessary software running in order to remap buttons.
Swapping between DPI settings can be very slow if you want to press it a few times.

I really wanted to like it, but unfortunately the connectivity really killed it for me.
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on August 1, 2015
After my 3rd logitech trackball wireless mouse went belly up in less than 2 months, I've had enough of their flimsy design regardless of the warranty fullfillment. I had already purchased a Anker programable 6 button weighted mouse and was absolutely delighted with it. I've had that mouse for 2 years and it has seen heavy daily use and is going strong still.

This is about as plug and play as it gets. Putting in the on a Win7 system the drivers were found after about 30 seconds and active. DPI adjustments are quick, easy, and available on the fly right in the middle of a program or even a game. The signal remains steady and strong regardless where in the room I am (roughly 10' from the PC is the limit of my office). The two thumb buttons are forward/back in browsers natively, I didn't have to load any 3rd party programming software or much about in configuring it in either Firefox or Chrome.

It is a little light, but the ergonomics are fairly comfortable and while one might have concern with fatigue given that its not a trackball, the design is good enough to let you work/play for several hours straight without feeling any undue strain. The sensor responds to a variety of surfaces good enough that I personally can't detect any misses, while the scroll wheel is nicely ridged and responsive. Overall, this is a excellent wireless mouse even before you look at the price, with the low price (especially as a Prime member) its a no brainer. The only quibble I have is that it doesn't come with weights, after you've played with a custom weighted mouse you really notice it when you're using a lighter stock weight. Still, solid 4 stars and strongly recommended.
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on June 13, 2016
For the price this is a fantastic mouse! It is a little light, I wish it had a bit more heft to it but some people may enjoy how paper light it is. I've been using it for several months with no problems, haven't had to replace the battery yet. It falls asleep fairly quickly with no use but just click a button and it pops back awake, which is why I guess they didn't put a power button on it. You can't wake it up by just moving it around, so if traveling it won't wake up and burn through a battery, it takes a button click to wake it. I don't have huge hands but mine aren't small either, I wear a large men's glove (if that helps), and the mouse feels fairly comfortable in my hand. I've played a lot of Civilization and done a ton of web surfing with it and it holds up. Like I said for the price point compared to a Logitech that'll run 4x the cost, you can't beat it.
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on October 25, 2016
Worked great for a couple of months, then the scroll wheel quit working. Evidently a disposable item.
Edit: I've sworn off of Anker products. They have a great warranty, and in my experience, you'll need it. If you want something that lasts, find another brand. I've tried this mouse, also recently an Anker ipad keyboard, both lasted only a couple months before they started having problems. The issue really is the time and hassle of going through the return/refund process when you really shouldn't have to with a virtually new item. The fact that Amazon still peddles this junk is worrying.
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on March 5, 2017
After about 7 months or so the cursor kept behaving "zombie-like" as other posters have mentioned. In other words, the mouse just moves haltingly and laggingly around the screen at random times. For the first while I thought it was happening because my batteries were low and probably threw out more good batteries than the mouse itself is worth. Finally, I've realized that it's the mouse itself that's the issue and I'll be contacting Anker for a solution. Hopefully they replace it.

**UPDATE** I bumped my review up from 1 star to 3 stars because Anker was very good at honoring their 18 month warranty and issued a full refund. Although this particular product may be so-so, their customer service is good at least.
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on October 3, 2014
I'm generally happy with this inexpensive mouse from Anker. It works reasonably well, has (so far) decent battery life, and has a good feel. The one major complaint I have about this mouse is that it changes DPI settings all the time, sometimes seemingly on its own! Since I am not a gamer and the lowest DPI setting (the default battery-installed setting) is the one I like best, I disassembled my mouse and cut the trace to the DPI settings button on top of the mouse. After reassembly, my mouse now works great, and doesn't change DPI settings all the time!

One other problem with the mouse is that there is no manual "Off" switch for traveling. I found that before I disabled the DPI setting button, the mouse was constantly flashing away DPI settings changes when carried in my computer bag. A manual "Off" switch or switch integrated into the USB receiver "holster" (turning the mouse off when the USB receiver is "holstered" in the mouse) would solve this problem. I'm not sure if this flashing significantly drained the mouse's single battery, but it was annoying and just meant that when I pulled the mouse out to use it again, the DPI more likely than not needed to be reset.

For the price, this is a reasonably good mouse. If you prefer the lowest DPI setting or often pack up your mouse for travel, this mouse will annoy you unless, like me, you "fix" it by disconnecting its DPI button.

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on December 10, 2016
First off, a quick comment about Amazon delivery. The Amazon drivers do not leave notices on the door of apartments so you need to check tracking info on orders being delivered by Amazon themselves. This has happened each time with them. In one case, I never knew my item was delivered until a few days later. (I was caught up in personal stuff.)

Now for the mouse...

I own two of these mice. One was shipped by Anker after I complained about a different mouse. I requested this model as a replacement.

This mouse has worked very well for several months now. No issues with the mouse movement at all. It works perfectly for me, and it is my favorite mouse. That's why I got 2 of them.

When reviewing their other mouse, the A7811, I commented on rechargeable batteries not fitting in the mouse. This mouse uses one AA battery, and I don't have to fight with the battery cover when using a rechargeable battery.

This wireless mouse has no power switch. After a few minutes, the mouse will go into a standby mode and you have to click a button to wake it up. Some people may find this annoying. I'm used to it now, but it did bug me a little at first. However, I understand this is how it's conserving the battery power.

I love this mouse, and Anker has great customer service.
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