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on August 12, 2014
Had to buy the set due to netflix not having the last season and even though it was for episodes 53-64, I am glad I did. Now I will have to get the 1st set of movies to have the complete set. Shipping was fast and everything was in excellent condition
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on December 22, 2012
By now if you like anime and even live under a rock you've heard of this series and probably have an opinion of your own about it. In short for those just now returning from the moon, the series itself is fantastic. I truly don't believe there's a character you won't enjoy, and even friends of mine who don't like anime have gotten hooked on this series.

Even the overall pacing is pretty balanced, especially for Japanese storytelling. It's not until close to the end that I want them to skip showing everyone's opinion on a matter, but that's because there are so many characters who come together in the last battle and my personal rabid desire for them to get to the ass whopping.

What is really worth knowing is that the Blu-ray IS worth owning over the DVD version. I've streamed it, owned the first three DVD sets before I purchased a Blu-ray player, and now I own this. I'm not a big tech fanatic, but there really is no comparison. Side by side the visuals and audio are noticeably better.

Many anime series are not worth getting on Blu-ray because of the original level of film quality, but this series is truly fantastic on the newer media. If you already own it on DVD and are waffling over upgrading, I say do it when the price is right for you. You won't regret it.
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on January 21, 2013
I'm a selective person when it comes to what I watch and this definitive exceeds my expectations. For an animated series it's really well-thought out and has a lot of themes and great plots. A lot of what is going on doesn't make sense at first but it will all come together. It's an INTERCONNECTED type of story, not the linear type where a single event before hand is affecting the next, but rather multiple interconnected events coming together. Character development is great too. The animation is superb. To me, even some of the small and short scenes contribute greatly to the overall story, if not the small details just adds to the flavor of the story for those that enjoy seeing the small things.

I've watched it at least 3x now, caught stuff I didn't pick up the first or 2nd time around. Love this. I even bought a copy for my friend!
I would say this anime is better than a lot of movies and shows nowadays. Very, very good, but it's a bit slow the first dozen eps but after that it starts to pick up. Ep 1 won't make any sense and it just seems like a random ice-breaker ep but by the end of the series (or before that), you'll realize what the meaning of that ep is.
Strongly recommend this to anyone remotely interested in any sort of philosophy, life, humanity, and military warfare
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on January 21, 2015
Ok so I wasn't a fan of this show before I bought these blu rays I never watched the original show. Which if you're wondering right now, you do not have to have any other prior experience with it to enjoy this one. Apparently where the original show strayed from the manga this one stays true to it. So while I do fully intend to go back and watch the original simply to see the alternate version of this perfect story you can see this and you will be more than fine. This show was amazing, the intros, the characters, the animation. I literally watched every episode in a couple of days because I could not stop. I hope i help anyone on the fence thinking about buying this get off of it because I am so Happy I have this in my blu ray collection now.
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on March 2, 2014
Not much to say about this series other than praise.
The animation is near perfection (save for the over exaggeration that comes with humor, which honestly puts me off a bit), the voice acting is superb (there is a hilarious extra of the voice actors making jokes or reading wrong lines), and the story is sheer genius.
If you are a casual anime fan, watch the series.
If you are a faithful anime fan, why are you reading this review? You should already own this collection.
If you are in any way a fan of action, comedy, or sheer epicness, GIVE THIS SHOW A WATCH. Even my brother, who is not really a fan of anime, enjoyed watching this series from start to finish.
Watch it, own it, love it.
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on January 30, 2013
I can't express how much I love this show in words. Everything works out so great, the things all interconnected. Thought of by the creator since the very beginning. In the second half of the epic saga, things begin to get much darker. As Ed and Al go North to meet with some crazy (possibly slightly psychopathic) military greats, including Major Armstrong's older sister, General Armstrong. Along the way we get introduced to two final Homunculi, Sloth and Pride. Interesting events unfold and the showdown that we've all been waiting for is put smack dab in the center, Central City.

When i began watching this show, it was in the original japanese with english subtitles. When they actually started dubbing it, I was a little nervous that I would not like the new voice actors. Turns out they're fantastic. If you're a fan of the 2003 Anime dub, most everyone retains their voices from that series.

All in all, one of the best shows I've ever watched in my life. I would recommend it highly to everyone. I know most people do not like watching animes and I this show is one of two that I've ever watched. It ends on a highly promising note, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Elric Brothers ever showed up again in some new adventure.
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on February 5, 2014
I'm far from being an anime enthusiast and throughout the years have only found a a few anime series that I truly enjoyed. Above all of them is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I also watched the original Fullmetal Alchemist series and enjoyed it, but found it confusing and a little at ends with itself. All of this was remedied by Brotherhood, why the original series even exists I can't really say, you'd be doing yourself a favor by ignoring it completely and sticking with the series as it was meant to be.
I'ts still anime, which means there is a certain level of silliness that goes along with it, so if exaggerated emotions, puppy faces, and people falling down for no reason annoy you then you won't be escaping them here. If you are familiar with anime and are looking for a good series then I can't recommend any others more than this one.
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on March 10, 2013
A few years ago I vaguely followed the story of Full Metal Alchemist and watched the old series pretty often. I was leaked the ending from a douche friend of mine, and to say the least the original series ending pissed me off I thought it was so stupid I stopped following it entirely.

This year I heard of brotherhood and was assured that the entire second half, and yes the ending, was different than the first. Willing to give it a shot, I bought collection one and two.

Brotherhood is amazing. You laugh, you get choked up with tears, and you get into the fight sequences too. It is a really satisfying remake that made me love the series again.

I'm barely a fan of anime, this is probably the only one I have watched in its entirety and I love it. The new ending is much much more satisfying than the original series, and made a lot more sense. It gave me chills.

I highly recommend this to anyone, especially non-fans of anime, if any anime will get you hooked it is this one.

Collections one and two worth every penny.
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on January 4, 2014
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is one of the greatest anime's in the world. The whole story is an amazing pieces of visual literature. The anime deserves a five star rating and thats why I decided to support the anime by buying it. I watched the whole anime on tv and because it had such an influence on me I bought it. I barely started watching the bluray but so far its been amazing. I would recommend this to people who enjoy philosophizing. Some other of my favorite animes are death note, trigun, fooly cooly, ghost in the shell, Naoki Urasawa's monster, cowboy bebop, bleach and the original naruto. If you enjoy any of these you should definitely try fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. and if you enjoy any of these I recommend that if its possible and your doing well financially support the industry by buying! And definitely express your love for the animes!
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on April 29, 2014
The absolute best anime ever made.
I may sound extremist but there's a reason: Characters - Each one makes a difference within the plot and none are just simply there to fill in space and at times they are so well constructed that they steal the spot light and you feel for each one of them as you see who they are, why they are there and where they come from. Plot - It has a beginning a middle and an end. And I'm only saying this because when you think of other never ending animes you can see this one was clearly planned which makes the plot solid and meaningful. And the quality of image and sound just makes it complete. Once again ... Perfect
(And I'm a huge fan of animes and mangas so It's not like i've only seen this one)
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